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Blue and Silver Bows

Hello all! My name is V.L. Locey. I generally write romantic/comedies but for this special outing we`ll have a straight up contemporary romance. We`ll be doing a two-part holiday tale starring Jonah and Dana, the new couple that you met in White Moon, Yellow Leaves.

I am a self-published and traditionally published author that lives in the mountains of Pennsylvania with my husband of over twenty-one years, my daughter who is sixteen, a herd of dairy goats, chickens, geese, ducks, turkeys, three dogs, two cats, and a partridge in a pear tree.

Enough about me now, let`s dive into some holiday romance, shall we?



Blue and Silver Bows


V.L. Locey

Pittsburgh, PA

                 “I don`t know what to do,” I admitted, staring drunkenly at the cheesecake wedged between my boobs. Jonah lowered the fork then folded his arms over the tabletop.

                The rest of the club erupted in laughter at something the woman comic on stage had said. “You can do one of two things,” he told me and raised a long finger. “One is fish it out and two,” another finger rose, “Is leave it there and let someone else fish it out. Personally, I`d vote for number two but….”

                I stood up. The club tilted weirdly. “I can`t let you get it out. You`ll smash it all into my boobs. Be right back I`ll be,” I said then fell into fits of hysterical laughter at how Yoda I sounded. Jonah got to his feet and being the gentleman he is - or because he could tell I was really soused - he escorted me to the ladies room. I blew him a kiss, snorted loudly, and then stumbled into the bathroom.

                “I`m here with a twenty-six year old and I think I`m thirty-six!” I told the brunette washing her hands.

                “Good for you sister,” she smiled and rapped my knuckles before drying her hands and exiting.

                “Damn Skippy good for me!” I grinned then dug into my bra for the cheesecake. It smeared all over my right breast and bra. The clean up was slightly less than fastidious I`ll admit. Thank God I was wearing black. The water mark on my bra wouldn’t show hopefully. I staggered out the door and ran into Jonah. “You`re so nice to me wait for,” I sighed and patted his smooth cheek.

                “And you are one cheap date,” he chuckled then took me back to our table. Our waitress came over and asked if we wanted another round. Jonah politely thanked her but declined for both of us.

                “I think I wanted some more stage sex,” I frowned, prodding at the crushed ice in my fancy glass with a straw.

“I think you`ve had enough for one night, I`d like you to remember what happens after this,” the man said. The bill was brought and Jonah paid, refusing my help with the tab or the tip. Stepping out into the winter air helped sober me up slightly. It also made that wet spot on my bra freeze. I turned from Jonah to try to rearrange the ice patch so it wasn`t scrubbing on my nipple. Someone`s warm breath on my neck made me jump.

“It`s not what it looks like,” I quickly said as I battled to get the setting on my favorite QVC ring loosened from my lacy bra.

“If you say so,” he chortled, stepping around me then tugging the top of my coat open.

“It`s really not,” I insisted, my eyes growing round when he slid his hand into the deep V of my little black dress.

His fingers were chilly against my breasts. I lifted my eyes to look at him as he tried to pry my ring free from my underwire. His gaze moved from where his fingertips rested deeply in my cleavage to my slightly-parted mouth. That was all it took. He leaned in to kiss me, the backs of his fingers brushing against the warm sides of my breasts. My ring was still stuck. My left hand was free though and it found its way to the back of his head. There it lingered, slipping into the thick black mass as he delved deeply into my mouth. I inhaled across his teeth when he wiggled those long warm fingers.

“Uhm,” he said a moment later. I couldn`t speak. A combination of having Jonah Big Deer`s hand down my dress and two servings of vodka no doubt causing the verbal brick wall. Since I couldn`t speak I wanted more kissing. He seemed happy to oblige but the door to the club opening and the raucous laughter skipping into the bitter air brought us to our senses.

“You got everything in hand, Sir?” the doorman asked.

“Almost,” Jonah replied. It was a perfect rim-shot and I fell into Muttley mode again. Giving the doorman a kindly wave my date jerked my hand free. I studied the empty setting with bewilderment. “Do you want me to call you a cab or do you want me to drive you home?”

“I want my ruby,” I said shoving my hand back into my bra. Hey, it might be a fake ruby but I still made four payments of nineteen ninety-nine on it. That`s a lot of cash when you work in a bookstore.

“We can`t stand out here all night while you search for Dana Prescott`s hidden treasure,” he snapped. I snorted at his expression.

“You`re pretty cute when you`re getting snippy,” I giggled. My fingers searching under my left boob found nothing. 

“Chihuahuas get snippy, not men,” he huffed clearly having enough of my shenanigans. “Why don`t I drive you home. Can you get a ride to pick up your car tomorrow?”

“Oh sure, my grandmother can run me over,” I gestured with my left hand, “She lives in Clairton.”

“Yippee for Clairton,” he mumbled, steering me down the curb as if I were Aunt Jo-Jo. We crossed the parking lot. My ears were cold and my breath hung in front of my face in a cloud that didn`t understand personal space.

“Nice truck,” I said and meant it. Jonah Big Deer drove one of those big trucks with all the shiny chrome and horses under the engine. “What`s it get? Four miles per gallon?” I tittered. Jonah opened the door and lifted me up into the cab. That is no small feat because I am no size two.

“It gets six if I don`t drag my feet,” he countered smoothly, patted my bare knee than closed the door in my face. I watched him walk around the front of the massive green truck, blowing into my hands to warm them. He filled his seat. Jonah was a big boy. I think I was leering. Damned vodka! The engine rolled over and cold air blew out of the vents. “It`ll take just a minute to get warm. I`ll need directions to your – are you okay? If you`re going to get sick I`d-”

“I`m not sick. I`m just really happy I said yes to you back by the lake.” Oh. God. Who the hell told the booze it could take over the conversation?! Shit. Shit. Shit. Oh, okay, a kiss is nice. I leaned over the console for a longer smooch. Jonah stroked my cheek then tipped my head to the left. The kiss grew deeper, longer, and incredibly hotter. His hand moved to the base of my neck. His tongue was sliding over mine. Someone pounded on the window. I jumped. Jonah cursed. I spun to the right and rolled the window down.

“You folks are going to have to take this home. You`ve been here fifteen minutes and that`s technically loitering,” Joe Doorman informed us. I blushed all the way to the end of my toes. Even my ears grew scarlet. I vowed we`d leave and the window crept up slowly. I peeked over at Jonah and saw him tapping his tongue with his finger to check for blood. I blew out a long, sad breath.

“I`m so sorry,” I opened with. He shook his head. “I didn`t mean to bite you or get you a warning about loitering or ruin the night for you. You drove for perhaps ten hours or something and-”

“It was only a little over four hours and you haven`t ruined anything,” he said, cupping my chin gently and finding my rational voice deep within my eyes. “I`d drive down again tomorrow if I could spend another night with you. “

“Take a right and cross over the bridge,” I smiled. Jonah looked like he wanted to kiss me but he didn`t. That was probably a wise call since we couldn`t seem to stop once we started. Traffic was pretty light and we arrived in front of my apartment complex a little after midnight. I had myself under control a bit better when he opened my door and took my hand so I could slide down to the ground. We took the stairs to the second floor, conversation drifting off into the always awkward saying goodbye zone.

I found my keys and got the three locks opened. Jonah was behind me, his big frame blocking the wind that whips up into the vestibule. I didn`t want him to go yet. I looked up from the ball of keys, key fobs made by childish hands, and a Spider-Man lanyard my son won at a school fair.

“You could come in and see the place,” I mumbled, wondering where the vodka-fueled cougar had fled to. This was a little church mouse inviting the cat in for tea, not some young, man-hungry wild cat. “Or I mean I – It`s late and you have a long drive so- I shouldn`t have done that because yeah...I`m a pretty poor cougar,” I admitted, finding the light over his head incredibly fascinating.

Jonah`s short burst of laughter surprised me. “I`d really like to see your place.”

I stepped inside and held the door open for him. “You`re letting all the heat out,” I smiled, leaning on the door casually. Jonah nodded, walked inside, and closed the door with my back. I had lunged at him with rabid intent and he had countered perfectly.

 My coat slithered down off my arms. His did the same. His mouth roamed over mine, his hands slid down my ribs then back up. My fingers found the strip of rawhide holding his hair and I pulled that puppy out roughly. Jonah hissed at the lost hair. I had his bolo tie off in no time. He had his hands on my thighs, his mouth on my jugular and his groin plastered against my hip. There was no mistaking that he wanted me. I twitched and shuddered as his fingers roamed over my upper thigh. My high heel fell to the floor when Jonah jerked my leg up above his hip.

My head rolled backwards and met the door with a sharp crack. I inhaled then started to giggle. The more I laughed the less erotic the moment was. Jonah picked his head up and stared down at me.  Fanning my face with my hand I tried to get myself back on the lust train. Sadly it seemed to have pulled out of the station.

Jonah blew out a long warm breath that fluttered over my flushed neck and face. “Yeah, okay, so I think I should probably go.”

“You never got coffee,” I pointed out, very relaxed in his arms. So relaxed as a matter that I ran my fingers over his jaw and teased his ear lobe, my eyes hooded and sultry I hoped. The man sucked in a shaky breath, released my leg and tugged the hem of my dress down.

“I`ll grab some on the way home. If I don`t leave now we both know where this will end up,” he said tucking a wild strand of yellow behind my ear. “And it is not that I don`t want to go there with you. I don`t want any regrets or doubts that it was the booze that made you want to be with me. So, next time no vodka, okay?”

“Cross my heart,” I said then did. “You can`t go yet! We have a present for you.” I wobbled over to the four foot faker in the corner of my little apartment. I found his gift, kicked my remaining shoe free then presented the gift to him.

He smiled sheepishly. “I`ll be right back,” he said then blew out the door like the devil was after him. He reappeared a moment later. I began to shake my head when he placed the box wrapped in blue and topped with a silver and blue bow in my shaking hands.

“Wow,” I turned the box over, “What are the odds we`d choose the same paper and bows?”

“Goes to show you how our minds run along a similar path,” he tore the paper from his gift. His eyebrows rose in surprise. “I thought this would be that romance book Andy had talked about,” he took a moment to read the back of the anthology of Seneca legends. When he looked up his ebony eyes told me things that made my ears red again. “Thank you,” he placed the book over his heart.” And thank Rhett too.”

“I will,” I said awkwardly holding the large box. He motioned at the gift with his head. I sat on the couch and patted the cushion next to me. Jonah eagerly plastered his rump next to mine.

“It`s for both of you,” he said as I removed one baseball mitt than another. “I know you`re lost right, but hear me out,” he explained to my quizzical look. “Every guy needs someone to toss a ball too. It`s more than just about playing baseball. We talk better when we`re sporting it. You be his catching buddy and he`ll talk to you about everything.”

“Thank you,” I choked out and placed a kiss to his cheek. His skin was so warm beneath my lips. I wanted more but he was already getting to his feet. Deep down I knew he was right. It would be better to wait. That didn`t mean my libido had to like the verdict though. He took my hand. We walked to the door where he turned.

“I`ll call and we can do something in the New Year, yes?”

I nodded like a bobble-head doll. Another chaste kiss and he headed out into the cold.

“Hey!” I shouted, hugging myself tightly when I stepped out onto my battered welcome mat, “You were supposed to teach me a Seneca word.”

The wind lashed up into the vestibule, slinging his long hair around his face. The man stopped about five steps down.

“Nia`gwai’,” he stuffed his book into his coat. “That means bear. Teach it to Rhett.”

I repeated the word. Jonah grimaced. I raised a shoulder. “Guess you`ll have to come back and teach him yourself.”

“That I can do,” he responded, one corner of his mouth twitching upward, “Until next year, Dana.”

“Until next year.”


                I hope you enjoyed this holiday two-issue present from me to you. We`ll see more of Jonah and Dana soon, no worries. As a matter of fact, you can look for their ongoing series Wind in White Birch beginning January 5, 2013.

               I`m very happy to announce that I`ll be the regular Saturday writer here at Storytime Trysts beginning in January. I`m thrilled to be part of this great group of romance and erotic writers! I`ll see you on the first Saturday in January. Have a very happy holiday and a joyous New Year!

Yours in romance and laughter,

V.L. Locey

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