Monday, January 28, 2013

All I Want Pt 1

This next little bit is from Cathy Brockman.  Sometimes reality is a far cry from our fantasies.  Sometimes, I think she hits a little too close to home as well.  While I grab my pillow for the guest room, you  enjoy Cathy's tryst.

All I want is…..Part one
Cathy Brockman
I toss and turn, not being able to sleep again. The bedside lamp on the other side of the bed flips on.
“Do you want me to get you a sleeping pill?” Jerry’s sleepy voice barely hides a hint of gruffness.
“No!” I answer shortly.
“How about a half of one?” He shoves the cover aside, cursing as he stumbles over his pile of clothes lying in the floor.
“If I am bothering you I can go to the guest room.” I grab my kindle and sling my legs over the side of the bed.
“You’re not bothering me. I’m just concerned. You haven’t slept much the past couple weeks.” He steps in front of me holding out the pill and a glass of water.
I take the glass, set it back down and put the pill in the small dish by my alarm along with the last three he handed me.
“Come on Teri, a half of a pill every now and then won’t hurt you.” He looks at the dish and frowns.
“Let me guess. You’re not taking your antidepressant either are you?” He frowns, and then shrugs stomping off towards the bathroom.
I sit there trying to decide if I want to just lie back down and read or go to the guest room.
“No Jerry, I’m not taking those either. I told you when the doctor subscribed them I wasn’t”
“How do you expect to get better if you don’t take the medicine and get some rest?” He tosses the hand towel on the pile of clothes as he rolls back into the bed shuts off the light and turns his back to me.
“The medicine makes me groggy and I have so much to do. “
“Yeah, decorating cakes at the bakery, shopping, and making candy is such hard work.”
The sarcastic tone in his voice irritates me to no end. I grab the kindle, my mp3 player and head to the guest room, resisting the urge to take my pillow and press it over his head and suffocate him.

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