Monday, January 21, 2013

Late Night At The Office

As a special treat to help get us in the mood for Valentine`s Day and our super special Tantalyzing Tryst`s giveaway, I have a romantic M/M one-shot just for you, my faithful Tryst readers.


Late Night at the Office


V.L. Locey


                Lucas stares at the pile of work on his desk with a curling lip. Rolling back from the mound of tax returns and shoe boxes full of receipts, he unfolds himself from his office chair to stretch. Left, then right, then back and front. His body pops and moans and complains about the long hours spent sitting.  Not that he should complain about being busy.

God knows he had worked his ass off for ten years to get Taylor & Yan Tax Counselors up and running. Well, he and Andrew both had worked their asses off. He wonders how his partner is faring in the office across from his. Despite the gluttony of work pressure he opts to check in on Andrew. Taking a minute to flatten down his finger-tousled sandy blond hair, Luke reflects on how lucky he is to work with the man he loves. Ever since they had met and fallen for each other back at Ashford University they had been inseparable. So far they`ve not throttled each other so he has high hopes that they`ll not kill each other over the years to come.

                Ignoring the darkness outside and the fact that the calendar hanging beside the door shows it to be February 14th, Luke pads into the corridor. The small building is quiet. Jill, their effervescent receptionist, had gone home hours ago. Now it was just him and his partner, shuffling returns, crunching numbers and trying to save their clients some cash. Fist lingering on his lower lumbar he moves past the water cooler in stealth mode, hoping to catch Andrew fast asleep at his desk.

                Instead what he finds is his partner`s office door locked. Eyebrows furrowed, he jiggles the knob furiously, as if he could shake the lock open. Feeling foolish after a moment Luke releases the doorknob, one hand dropping to his side and the other massaging the back of his neck. The office was entirely too quiet. He slips down the hall to the reception area. Nothing there but a tidy desk with a computer, flowers that arrived today from Jill`s hubby Mark, and a picture frame holding a shot of the newlyweds on Grand Cayman three years ago.

                “Andrew?” he calls timorously then chides himself for being silly. “Andrew, if this is another one of your jump scare tricks, I am not amused!”
                Nothing but a cold February wind responds. Luke squares his shoulders as he stalks past Jill`s desk. The flooring creaks under him. He climbs two stairs then flings a door open. The filing room is small – perhaps fifty feet by fifty feet – and packed solid with filing cabinets.

                “Guess who!” Andrew shouts, slapping his hands over his lover`s narrowed eyes. Lucas leaps in fright, a vile curse flying from him.

                “You. Are. An. Asshole.” Lucas snarls, ripping free from the Oriental man behind him then turning to glare down at his love. Andrew raises a shoulder then places his lips over Luke`s firm ones. The shorter man pulls back when the taller one`s mouth stays set.

                “You`re so cute when your terrified,” Andrew cajoles, slipping around Luke. “You look very nice,” he adds, slipping around Luke.

                “I`m wearing the same thing I was this morning except now it`s wrinkled and my tie has coffee stains,” Lucas sniffs, letting Andy take his hand in his. “Stop trying to – where the hell are we going?”

                Andrew says nothing, just tugs on his arm. They weave through cabinets and boxes stacked precariously in the aisle. The heater blows stale warm air over their heads.

                “There`s nothing back here but the janitor`s closet, Andy.”

                “Yeah, I know, just stop being so Lucas, okay?” the man counters as he opens the door to the closet. Andrew turns sideways then waves at the small table and two folding chairs crammed into the cleaning cubby. Four tapered candles flicker and dance atop a crimson and white tablecloth. Champagne is chilling in a silver urn, goblets twinkle in the candlelight, each tall glass filled with delicately wrapped chocolates.

                “What – When did you – it`s beautiful,” Luke whispers, raising Andrew`s knuckles to his lips.

                “Well, I knew we`d be here until midnight or later so I figured we`d do something for Valentine`s Day here. I know it`s not dinner at Darby`s Pub like we had wanted, but….”

                “It`s even better than Darby`s,” Luke smiles, pulling Andrew into his arms. His lover comes willingly, his dark head dropping to Luke`s shoulder. “I adore you, you are aware of that?”

                “I know,” Andrew hugs his man close then slides from his lover`s arms. “I`m kind of crazy about you as well,” he says with a quirky smile. “I don`t know about you, but I`m ready for you to pop that cork and feed me candy.”

                “Your wish is my command,” Lucas bows elegantly as Andrew squeezes past a mop and large yellow bucket. Andrew wrinkles his tiny nose as he passes the cleaning equipment.

                “Darby`s Pub wouldn`t have smelled like bleach,” he frowns, kicking a bottle of ammonia over as he tries to get his leg over his chair.

                “No, it would have smelled like drunken women and lonely men. I think I`d much rather smell a little bit of bleach instead of that.”
“Okay, but if I pass out, don`t ravage me without waking me up first. I don`t want to miss being ravaged,” Andrew jokes, his back flat against a metal shelf with glass cleaner and rolls of paper towels and toilet paper.

“No worries, if I decide to have my way with you I`ll make sure you`re awake. It wouldn`t be the same without those delightful little sounds you make.”

Andrew rolls his brown eyes. “Just open the bubbly and get me drunk. I want to break in my new desk.”

Luke`s face splits in a wicked grin as he reaches for the champagne. “I think I might start implementing mandatory late nights at the office.”



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