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Forbidden Crush - Part 3

Forbidden Crush, Part 3
By Samantha Kay

Pacing around anxiously in Jamie’s office, Darren hoped he hadn’t fucked up too badly.
Jamie started it; Jamie definitely started it with the flirting.
But he’s supposed to be straight? Why would he be flirtatious in any way?
Fuck, what am I playing at?
His chest was throbbing and his skin became clammy as his stomach churned.
Darren couldn’t help questioning the situation, trying to shift the blame.
Maybe what happened wasn’t entirely my fault, maybe Jamie did lead me on, did start-off the flirting?
I need to stop this. Yeah, ok, I guess I have to admit I fancy him, but I can’t act on it. I can’t be suggestive, can’t check him out.  I’m his work colleague for fucks sake.
Even if Jamie did initiate things, he clearly isn’t interested in actually following it through.
The office door opened Darren tensed, as he watched Jamie walk in quietly, looking wide-eyed, before starting to apologise.
“Look, Jamie, I shouldn’t have done that, I was just having a laugh.” He said dismissing the idea that he’d done it because of the chemistry he felt between them.
“It’s ok, honestly Darren. I’m sorry; I just freaked out a little.” Jamie blushed.

Fuck he looks cute when he blushes -no Darren, stop it.
“You sure? Everything’s cool?”
Jamie nodded in reply before going back to sit down at his desk.


They continued to work steadily for another hour. The attraction between them was evident, alongside the tension that filled the room, fuelled by their unexpected -and unvoiced- desire for one another.
“I’ll be back in a minute, just off to take a piss,” Jamie said as he got up and left the room.

Darren closed the project folder, and the other folder they’d created for the final decisions they’d made, before standing to his feet.
He stretched his arms out in front of him as he yawned. He was getting tired. He wasn’t used to staying behind after work.
He turned around when he heard Jamie enter the room, and couldn’t resist chuckling when he saw the state he was in.
“What happened to you?” Darren grinned.
“The tap!” Jamie laughed. “Loads of water just came gushing out and splashed me. It’s gotten me soaked!”
Darren laughed, while admiring the gorgeous smile that lit up Jamie’s pretty face.
Jamie went back behind his desk as he took off his suit jacket, chucking it on the back of his chair. He then started to unbutton his wet-through shirt.
“Whoa, what you doing?” Darren exclaimed, clearly alarmed. His heart giving out a quick punch in his chest.
“I’m getting changed, obviously! I’ve got a spare top in my gym bag.”
Jamie shed his shirt, revealing his smooth back.
“Errr.” Darren muttered, a lump suddenly filling his throat, snatching away his ability to speak.

The shallow contours of Jamie’s shoulders were emphasised by the soft lighting in the room, making them look sexy and defined.
Jamie’s body was utterly beautiful. His skin held a gentle glow as he slipped the wet fabric down his arms, exposing the small of his back -which Darren somehow managed to find looked ‘cute’.
Jamie wasn’t aware of the full extent of Darren’s emotions right then, but he enjoyed the idea of turning him on, toying with the fact Darren was gay.
Jamie didn’t need to change his top, but he wanted to. He wanted Darren’s attention, he couldn’t quite understand why -or more importantly was refusing to consider why- ignoring the idea he may actually be attracted to him.
He couldn’t stop himself, deep down he knew full well he was leading him on, but deep down he wanted to.
“Holy fuck, what are you trying to do to me?” Darren murmured under his breath, awed at the sight before him. He was too dazed to even try and cover up the hard-on bulging against his trousers.
Jamie turned around, not quite sure if he’d heard Darren correctly.
“What did you just say?” He said, his tone had now dropped and softened.
Darren didn’t say anything. He slowly approached Jamie, their eyes remaining fixed on each other.
Jamie gulped as Darren got nearer, his body becoming hot and tense.
His breath then caught; as Darren came up so close he could feel the heat radiating off his body. They continued to stare into one another’s eyes, studying the evident underlying passion in each of them.
Jamie could smell the soft fading cologne Darren’s skin was dressed with, and see the sexy rough stubble on his face.
He let his gaze wonder back up to look at Darren; their breathing now becoming more and more staggered, but still quiet and gentle.
Jamie was scaring himself; he’d gone from attempting to flirt to now being so close to Darren they were almost kissing.
What the hell am I doing…I need to say no. I need to say no. Why the hell can’t I tell him to stop?
Jamie unconsciously leant into Darren. Darren brought his fingers up and carefully swept away the few stray hairs flowing across Jamie’s eye.

Jamie then allowed Darren to bring his lips in closer, the sweet-smelling aroma of coffee on Darren’s breath tingling his lips.
Holy Fuck, what am I doing…

Their minds then emptied of any questions, any doubts, once Darren suddenly pressed his lips into Jamie’s.
Jamie’s bare arms flooded with goosebumps, as he allowed himself to kiss Darren back, accepting the underlying truth that he badly craved the man. His stomach churned lightly; the nausea a sign of his nerves mixed with anticipation.
They both forced their mouths even closer, kissing each other hungrily as though they couldn’t get enough of the taste of one another, and the feeling of their hot lips colliding.
Jamie wasted no time in opening his mouth, allowing Darren’s tongue to play inside; the first touch of the foreign wetness sending a jolt into his boxers.

Their hands simultaneously reached up to hold one another’s faces, and to run their fingers through each other’s head of hair. Jamie tugged Darren’s hair as the passion in him overpowered him.
Load eager moans escaped their kiss, and Jamie pulled at Darren’s suit jacket, needing to feel the flesh underneath the clothing.  
Darren got the message, and shuffled to get it off, without leaving Jamie’s lips. Darren then quickly unbuttoned his shirt and slipped it off, leaving it to fall onto the floor, revealing the taut skin which formed his masculine chest and pressing it up against Jamie’s.
Jamie literally gasped, relishing in the smoothness of Darren’s skin against his own, liking how hard it felt –hard, firm and hot.
“Fuck I want you so bad.” Jamie panted into Darren’s mouth, their lips becoming tenderer as they kissed mercilessly. Why do I want you so badly?
Darren replied with a moan; barely able to form words as Jamie pushed his crotch into him, showing him he wasn’t the only one with a raging hard-on.
Darren let his hands explore Jamie’s body; caressing his arms, rubbing his smooth chest and grabbing eagerly at his hips. He loved how warm his skin felt, and how he –unusually- enjoyed not feeling any hair beneath his fingertips as he stroked at Jamie’s body.
Darren then took a firm hold of Jamie’s ass, using his grasp to pull him in closer; forcing their crotches together.
“Oh fuck Jamie.” Darren murmured. He could feel the blood pumping through the veins in his cock as his mind jumped way ahead of the game. He couldn’t help but picture sliding his cock into Jamie, imagining Jamie’s face as he would overwhelm him with a feeling of fullness and intimacy.
Darren carefully stepped back, taking Jamie with him, and sat down on Jamie’s desk chair. Their lips still locked together as Jamie slid a leg down each side of Darren on the chair, so his bulging hard-on could be easily rubbed against Darren’s.
Darren’s hands wondered again, and began to rub Jamie’s nipples.
Jamie moaned as the fingertips tugged and played with his sensitive flesh.
Their lips had become red and puffy from kissing, and Jamie enjoyed the feel of Darren’s hard stubble rub against his face. He revelled in the soreness the friction had created.
Darren’s hands then slid down Jamie’s torso, reaching down to unfasten his trousers, unleashing the rock-hard cock that was begging to be touched.
“Oh fuck.” Jamie moaned as Darren took a firm grip of him, relishing in sensations he’d not felt in a long time.
He buried his face in Darren’s neck, as he started to get stroked, his body squirming in ecstasy. To try and control his moaning he then bit and sucked at the skin, savouring the flavour and the roughness of it against his soft lips. “Oh Darren.”
Jamie’s hands slowly –and shakily- reached down to grab at Darren’s fly, the nerves starting to really kick in now, realising that for the first time, he was going to be attempting to pleasure a man. He obviously had a good idea of what a man would like, but it was still daunting.
He gulped as he unfastened the button, and gently dragged down the zip, before reaching into Darren’s boxers and taking a hold of his dick.
“Oh my God.” He panted. He immediately found he liked the warmth and smoothness of it.
Nonetheless he still managed to freeze, his hand rigid as he began to panic slightly, unsure of how to continue.
Darren sensed Jamie’s fear, and nuzzled his nose into his ear to get him to pull away from his neck. When Jamie did as he wanted Darren started kissing him as a way to reassure him.
 Darren then wrapped a hand around Jamie’s, and moved it in a stroking motion, prompting him. As he did Jamie gasped into their kiss, and Darren’s body trembled for a moment.
Jamie’s confidence grew as he heard Darren moan deeply while he continued to stroke him.
Stopping once to rub his thumb over the tip of his cock and spread the leaking precum down the shaft.
“Fuck that’s good,” Darren mumbled, tightening his grip of Jamie and stroking faster.
Jamie shuddered as he found himself on the verge of exploding.
“I’m not gonna last much longer,” He panted, “I’m so close.”
Darren’s body began to tense, telling him he wasn’t far off either.
“Me too.” Darren gasped as he put an arm around Jamie and pulled him in tightly.
Jamie responded by pushing his lips onto Darren’s harder, their tongues crashing passionately as they moaned loudly. Both breathless and eager to give in to their pending orgasms.
“Oh God, Darren,” Jamie said as he pulled away from the kiss and went back to biting at his neck.
Jamie’s body was the first to surrender, as cum suddenly fired from his cock. He shuddered and bit aggressively at Darren’s neck to repress his loads groans, as his body rode through the amazing sensations making him lose full control of his body.
“Oh God, Darren.” He whimpered, his body shaking and his lips now tasting the distinct taste of fresh blood.
Darren’s cock squirted cum as he heard Jamie call his name, which was enough to take him over the edge. He gripped firmly as he groaned loudly, joining Jamie in that place of pure ecstasy.
They gradually loosened their grip of each other as their bodies calmed down and they caught their breaths.
When Jamie’s mind began to clear, he started to take in what he’d done.
He couldn’t control the alarm that radiated through him. He quickly pulled away from Darren and stood up. He fumbled with his trousers to fasten them back up and grabbed his shirt off the floor.
“You ok?” Darren asked as he picked up his own shirt, and looked at the panic-stricken Jamie pacing around.
“What the fuck am I doing?” Jamie barked at himself angrily. “This was so fucked up.”
“Hey“, Darren attempted to try and reassure, while reaching out to take a hold of Jamie’s arm, but Jamie jerked it away and headed towards the door.
 “Jamie-“ Darren called, but the door was slammed shut.
He quickly followed him out into the corridor, but there was no sign of him, he was already long gone.

To be continued…

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