Monday, March 11, 2013

Liquid Seduction by Cecily Hardy


Sara leaned back in the tub, dipping her hair into the water and allowing the warmth to seep into her skin after a long days work. The bubbles popped occasionally against her skin as she stretched gently, first one leg, then the other. She sighed, flicked the radio on, closed her eyes and allowed herself to relax and drifted into a comfortable daydream. As her mind wandered she never noticed the door slide open a crack.

The eyes that peered through the gap were at first tired from work, but on meeting the image softened into a smile. Leigh’s expression quickly turned to playful mischievousness as her partner stretched and relaxed. Pulling the door to, but not quite shutting it, she slipped into the bedroom, tossing her coat into the wardrobe without a thought. Her scarf and shoes found their ways to the floor and her hat was tossed in a direction that she knew she’d regret not remembering later but at that moment, really, really didn’t care.
Leigh flew down the stairs, swinging around the end post with a practiced ease, ungracefully dodging the bag she’d dumped in the hallway as she bounded towards the kitchen, snatching two wine glasses and a favourite red from the sideboard. Spinning around she swiped up the box of chocolates she had bought for a friend’s party that weekend and attempted to take the first two steps together, before stumbling and catching herself awkwardly with her shoulder. Breathing a sigh of relief she took the stairs the rest of the way carefully, hesitating at the door to the bathroom. She looked down at the bottle in her hand and then caught her reflection in the mirror. Glancing at the door for the second time she returned to their room, dumping the bottle, glasses and chocolates on the bed and swiftly undressing. Now she was ready. Now she had a purpose.

Sara vaguely registered that someone had entered the house. Sara vaguely recollected hearing a thump and the sound of someone stumbling and cursing in the hallway. Sara vaguely remembered snorting at that fact. Right now however she was in heaven and really couldn’t give a crap.

Leigh snuck into the bathroom, the door gently clicked shut behind her. Her bare feet moved quietly the few feet across the room and the wine bottle found the window sill overlooking the tub. The wine glasses quickly followed. Opening the box of chocolates she popped one into her mouth and resting one of her hands on the edge of the bath she used the other to snake around the back of Sara’s neck, drawing her into a deep, passionate kiss.

Sara’s brain exploded with pleasure as she was kissed. It was a mix of chocolate and mint and coffee that was intoxicating. She felt a foot touch her leg and the kisser slowly sink down into the bath with her, pressing their body into hers.

Leigh knew there was hardly any room in the bath to move and her knee found the gap between her partner’s legs, draping herself over Sara’s right side as she kissed her. Sara’s eyes fluttered open, dazed, a silly smile spreading across her face.

“Hi.” She purred softly.
“Hi.” Leigh grinned, trailing her fingers up and down Sara’s chest.
“Why not?”
Sara shrugged and drew Leigh into a deep kiss.
“Wine?” Leigh smirked and shook the bottle gently.
“I love you.”
“I know sweetie.”
Leigh’s grin only widened as she poured the burgundy liquid into one of the glasses.


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