Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Love Amid the Azalea - Issue #4

Hello all! My name is V.L. Locey.  I am a self-published and traditionally published author that lives in the mountains of Pennsylvania with my husband of over twenty-one years, my seventeen year old daughter, a herd of dairy goats, chickens, geese, ducks, turkeys, two dogs, two cats, and a partridge in a pear tree. For more info about me and contact links, check out the author bio tab up above.

Today we`ll be wrapping up my M/M mini-series about new love blooming in a nursery. Just for a challenge for myself, I`m going to try to keep each issue under a thousand words, which should be daunting for Madame Wordy here.


Love Amid The Azaleas


V.L. Locey

Issue # 4


                “Walk with me,” I said, pushing from the Dodge`s sun-warmed front panel. Was I avoiding? Oh you bet your sweet balls I was! Bryan trudged along at my side as we slowly made the rounds of the immediate grounds. Winter had been unkind to the flowerbeds and trees. Mulching all the beds would take weeks, for the landscaping wasn`t confined to the mansion and it close environs. Mrs. Miller had acres of gardens laid out in striking patterns with lush foliage and flowers imported from every corner of the world. What she couldn`t winter over she fussed with in a greenhouse that made this nurseryman drool.
                “This woman either has too much time on her hands or she`s trying to rival the National Botanic Garden In Belgium,” Bryan commented as we stepped onto a roaming stone path that wound through some three hundred azalea bushes.
                “You`ve been?” I asked while taking mental notes of what this garden would need. Hands crammed into my front pockets, I ambled along, trying not to let my long legs trip me up every time Bryan`s bare forearm scrubbed against mine. He was hairy and natural, which which was a decided turn-on for me.
                “A few years ago,” he stopped to drop down and inspect a sad looking bush with a fat gnome sitting beside it. “This looks like bark scale,” he ran his finger over a white cottony mass on a fork in a branch. I crouched down beside him.
                “Yeah,” I exhaled, “I`ve been trying to save it with some horticultural oil but it`s not working. We`ll have to pull it out and destroy it before it spreads to the rest of them. So do you have family in Belgium?” I asked as I examined the bush closely.
                “No, my ex did. He was a pretty boy like you, only he had no interest whatsoever in plants aside from smoking them.”
                We both straightened. “So . . . you`re gay then?” I asked, although why I asked is beyond me.
                “What was your first clue? The way I`ve been pawing you, the kiss, the confession that I`ve wanted to feel your lips under mine, or the subtle way that I keep brushing against you?”
                I chuckled in a low, self-deprecating way, rubbing the back of my neck. “Okay, yes, I know you must think I`m a bit of a dullard.”
                “No, not a dullard, just maybe a bit overly cautious, but it`s cool. You`ve got a business to run and a professional decorum to uphold. I get it,” Bryan smiled stepping closer until our chests were so close sliding a slip of paper between us would have been tricky. His blue eyes were alive with wicked secrets that I suddenly had to unlock.
                I glanced at the mansion. All I could see was a corner of the eastern wing. Thankfully no windows or nosy rich bats peering out them. When I returned my sight to Bryan there was no mistaking the question in his eyes. I replied in the only way that made sense to me at the moment. With both hands I grabbed his head and jerked him flush against me then plundered his tempting mouth. It was the singular most unprofessional thing I had ever done. Visions of sexual harassment lawsuits nearly made me release him. Then his arms slid around my waist and he kissed me back with fire. How long we stood amid the azaleas I couldn’t say. When the kiss ended we both were breathless, hard, and trembling like newborn colts.
                “The burning question on my mind is what the hell is part two of this erotic employee training session if part one is that?” Bryan teased, his hands resting on my ass.
                “Hopefully it doesn`t involve litigators,” I said then tasted his mouth again.

Thankfully, it didn`t. It did involve a steak dinner that night, followed by a few beers, a Yankees game on the TV, and the most moving and life-altering sex either of us have ever had. That was three years ago and to this day whenever we`re at the Miller Estate on business, Bryan tugs me into the azalea garden for a memorial make-out session.

The End


I hope you enjoyed this tale of budding romance. I am a sucker for the happy ever after. *sighs*


  1. I loved it!! But No it cant I end NO NO NO !! Throws a Hissy fit for more. But wasn't this budding sweet romance month fun!!

  2. Many thanks for reading along, Cathy. The budding spring romance month was great fun!