Saturday, June 29, 2013

Wind in White Birch - Issue # 26

Hello all! My name is V.L. Locey.  I am a self-published and traditionally published author that lives in the mountains of Pennsylvania with my husband of over twenty-one years, my seventeen year old daughter, a herd of dairy goats, chickens, geese, ducks, turkeys, two dogs, two cats, and a partridge in a pear tree. For more info about me and contact links, check out the author bio tab up above.

Enough about me, let`s get back to Wind in White Birch and our lovers Jonah and Dana.

Wind in White Birch


V.L. Locey

Issue Twenty-Six


                Waking up took some time. It wasn`t that I didn`t want to come awake, it was that I was so exhausted that my eyes couldn`t manage to flutter open. Even with a tall, toasty warm, very aroused and wantonly naked Jonah Big Deer flush against my back sleep was being persistent. He murmured something. I groaned in that half-sleep state. His hand skimmed over my belly making the flesh twitch uncontrollably.

                “Dana?” he whispered, rubbing the rim of my belly button with his index finger.

                “Mmm,” seemed to be the only sound I could make anymore, which was fine really. It was a perfect expression of how I felt after making love all night.

                “Are you awake?” he asked, flattening his hand over my abdomen, his pinkie finger resting in my womanly curls. God, he was long and hard already.

                “I`m not sure . . .” I paused to wet my lips then tried again, “I`m not sure I`m up to another round right now, Jonah.”

                He made a contented man sound, sort of similar to the sound of a rooster puffing up his breast feathers.  I wanted to roll my eyes but even they were too tired to move.

                “Some cougar you are,” he teased, nipping me lightly along my bicep with white teeth. His hair slid over my back and arm and right breast. The nipple perked up. Obviously there was at least one part of my body that was looking for more action, the hussy. “I`ll be good and let the old lady rest.”

                For that he got a heated F-Bomb dropped on him.

                “You kiss your grandmother with that mouth?” he asked, placing soft pecks to my arm, shoulder and neck until his lips were at my ear. “I wanted you to hear it from me now, before we leave this bed and have to face my family and all their bullshit.”

                I scrunched my eyes closed and tried not to see the dislike on Julia`s face. “Will there be bullshit?”

                He moved behind me slightly. I rolled tighter to his chest. I liked being here a lot.

                “Probably, but it`s just that. It`s bullshit. My family can`t tell me who to love, and I do love you, Dana. That`s what I want you to hear. I don`t think I said it last night.”

                I wriggled around like a butterfly wrestling about inside its chrysalis so I could see his face. He was intent on my reaction, his head resting in his hand.

                “You said it every way possible,” I told him.

                “I want to say it this way,” he argued gently then told me again. A rush of emotion blossomed inside me, easing my aches and pains. I wrapped my fingers around his manhood and squeezed. Jonah groaned and I began to grow slick. Okay, so a few other parts were waking up and wanted more apparently.

                “Can you tell me a different way as well?”

                “I thought you said . . .”

“Don`t argue with someone older than you.”

With a rumbling moan he captured my mouth and kissed me until I was undulating against him. His weight shifted once more. I embraced him as he slid over and into me. Soft, tender words tumbled from both of us while the bedding enveloped us. Words of love, devotion, caring, passion, and need filled my heart, just as Jonah did.


Sometime later we stumbled from bed. Okay, I stumbled from bed. Jonah seemed to be less done in by the nighttime calisthenics than me.  He had already showered and was downstairs making breakfast when I was tenderly scrubbing the signs of our love making from my body. The hot water pelting my tired back and thigh muscles felt fabulous. As I was drying off I wondered what this early spring day would bring.

The sun was shining brightly when I walked into the huge kitchen. I stopped, smiled widely, and eyed Jonah`s ass as he flipped flapjacks on a smoky griddle. Even with a frilly apron tied around his waist, he was one hundred percent male.

“Nothing I like better than a man in an apron,” I teased, strolling over to stand beside him. He waggled a dark eyebrow and grabbed a fast kiss.

“I thought about wearing just the apron but I didn`t want to burn any important parts.”

“Thank god for denim,” I said, patted that delicious backside of his, and then scurried around to get out the milk and syrup from the massive fridge. “This is one hell of a kitchen,” I noted as we sat down at a long table made to seat a slew of guests. Jonah threw his hair over his shoulder as he passed the platter heaped with pancakes to me.

“Yeah, it`s a big one. I`ll need to find a cook too, and a bookkeeper. I hate doing paperwork, I`m more the outside guy, you know?”

I nodded. “I noticed that,” I said slathering my pancake with butter then drowning it with syrup. I was famished. He chuckled and dove into his food with gusto. “Work up an appetite?” I asked innocently. The look I got made my heart rate spike.

“Didn`t you?” he inquired, ebony eyes caressing me as he chewed. I should have come up with something witty but I was just too well loved to do so.

“You`re an amazing lover, did you know that?” I said, lowering my fork to my plate. That seemed to knock him off his blocks a bit. Jonah blinked then smiled. “I`m not just saying that to make you feel good, it`s true.”

“You inspire me,” he said, reaching around the coffee cups to grab my hand. I glanced from our fingers to him.

“Did I mention how much I love you?” I asked my voice a mere whisper that nearly got lost amid the wind whistling through the white birch trees.

“A time or two,” Jonah lifted my fingers and kissed my knuckles. “We better eat before we end up having sex right here on the table.”

“You say that as if it would be a bad thing,” I murmured as I slid my hand from his. His laugh was short and warm. I wanted nothing more from life than to sit across from Jonah every morning so I could hear him laugh and talk.

“Damn Dana, what would your priest say?” he teased, flipping a few more flapjacks onto his plate. “I love you too, Gano: da.”

“Night Song,” I said, rolling the endearment over my tongue until it was embedded in my psyche for eternity. He was about to say something when we heard car doors slamming.

Jonah exhaled then stabbed at his pancakes violently. “And so the bullshit begins,” he grumbled. It wasn`t a minute later Julia`s voice bounced throughout the lodge.

I washed down my last bite of food with some of the industrial strength coffee Jonah had brewed. I would need to be wide awake and running on all eight cylinders to deal with what was to come I feared.