Saturday, March 31, 2012

Free Stories start soon!

Woohoo everybody--Just two days and the Storytime starts !!

I am not sure what all the others have planned for today but-- I am looking for a Vampire name- Yes you get to  name my male lad vampire-- All i can tell you is of course he is Tall dark and handsome of course-- Your name will determine his age and where he is from-- So lets get origianal and have fun!! comment here-Pm me on FB or leave it on the storytime page link above.. then  watch friday to see if I chose yours!! ill be looking-- also  the question for Friday will be Powers for a new female vampire-- what would you like her gifts to be-- and overall  pick a title for me!!

Others to look for Tuesday is  a Lesbian love triangle pretty steamy by Anjie Harrte-more details on that monday--and she may be leaving you some fun things today!!

Wednesday will be Emmy Grayshun with a story about a tragic Lost love do to wrongful death--will he get over his loss? Will he heal? Will he find new love? Check out Emmys pages today in here - there may be surprises!

And Thursday will be a fun filled romance with Malora J Braveheart-A Libriarian play Scrabble with Friends online one word leads to another- and another and lots off hot cybersex-- will it lead to  more?? She wont tell me so go read!!

 See ya there!!!

Friday, March 30, 2012

Cathy's interview with Joe McCoubrey

Check out Cathy's interview with Joe McCourbey at the following link:

Interview with Joe McCoubrey

And don't forget to mark your calenders and save the date, Monday April 1, we are starting with Jonz Victor Stoneroad's Dangerous Illusions . . . a great story about two friends who discover a connection between them that draws them closer with every episode until . . . .well I wont spoil it for you, just check back here every Monday to find out what Jonz have in store for you in this M/M romance that saves you a sneak peek into his work in progress - A Dangerous Tango . . .wow that name alone grabs me....someone say goosebumps!!!