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Faere Warrior: Passion's Price

This week begins a new story.  I hope you enjoyed the heat between Stephanie and Rob in Love Notes.  This is a little different tale, one from a current WIP series. I think you'll find the same level of heat and passion, if not a little more with the added elements of danger. Enjoy!

Faere Warrior: Passion's Price

Ellie Mack

Keegan pushed through the crowd to the bar. It had been a rough flight getting here, there were problems with his rental, and the hotel staff had given away his suite. When assignments began this way, he knew he was in for a rough ride. He ordered himself a beer and spied a table in the corner with two open chairs. It was only a matter of time before that worthless Faery Lee showed up.
Lee was the contact from the Light Court of the Faery Realm that upheld the contract between the mortal and Fae Realm. Keegan and his brother Kyle were chosen for the responsibility to defend the portals into the humans world, because their clan’s land held two of the portals, one of them being the standing stones near the old castle ruins near Dunbarton, and their father was the merlin. Keegan had no knack for wizardry, but he was a fierce warrior.  
The Light Court monitored things from their side, while several humans monitored the human realm. Each of the royal houses of Faery were in charge of certain regions where portals connected the two realms. Leevander, being first prince to the house of Euthoria, had a vast range of portals that he monitored.  All Euthorians were telepaths. It was one of their special talents. They were very sensual beings, sexually heightened and often sought pleasure with whatever human they chose.  Lee was an arrogant fuck on his best days, a worthless piece of shite on all the rest. 
Keegan moved to the small table, his back against the wall assessing the room. As he scanned, he noticed most were college aged. There were a few that more than likely were under aged on fake ids, but that wasn’t his concern. There were so many bodies gyrating on the floor, it was hard to make much distinction.
The hard driving beat of the band reverberated through the floor, pulsing through the chair. Dark Horizons was a great band, better than most he’d heard recently. The lead guitarist rocked, and the vocals were exceptional. The woman that belted out “Break me out of this hell” would be gorgeous, if she’d cut back on her stage makeup. The male singer wore more black eyeliner than she did, and he looked as though he hadn’t seen daylight his entire life.
Keegan drained his beer, just as a server walked by. He motioned her for another. When the girl returned, she gave him a sly grin and sat a napkin down with her number on it. Option 1 for the evening. He grinned as he put the napkin in his shirt pocket.
“She’s hot.”
Keegan nearly choked as Lee appeared beside him. “Dibs, she gave me her number, not you fuckwad.”
“I could easily persuade her.” He shot Keegan an arrogant look knowing it was no challenge.
“Sure. Sad that you have to trick ‘em.” He waved his fingers in front of Lee as if performing some magical spell.
“I wouldn’t have to use glamour. She’d be mine if I chose it.”
Keegan took another swig of his beer. The arrogant prick. He was probably right, without using glamour it seemed women threw themselves at Fae. They must emit some base pheromones or something. “Yeah? Well why don’t you shut off your emitters as well. That pixie dust or whatever the hell it is and see how far it gets you.”
Lee leveled him with a glare. “Jealous?”
“Of you? Pfffft. That’ll be the day.” He took the napkin out of his pocket and tossed it to Lee. “’Ere. She’s no my type anyway.” He took a swig scanning the females in the room. “I prefer the dark haired beauties myself, and one a bit taller than my waist.”
Lee swirled his glass of yellow liquid before chugging it. Another magically appeared in front of him.
“Damn, man. The least you could do is cover mine since I’m risking my own bloody neck for ya.” Keegan said as he stared at the glass.
“Fine. Typical mortal, whiny little girl.” He waved his hand and a new bottle of Bud light sat in front of Keegan.
“Girl eh? So even girls can kick your sorry arse.” He downed the second beer. “Pro’ly a wee bairne lassie culd.” He chuckled, remembering his sister biting Lee’s leg at the age of 3. She latched on like a pit bull and brought the man to his knees, literally. “Aye, Bridgi got the best of ya, di’nt she?”
Lee slammed the glass down. “Enough mortal swine.” His jaw was clenched, anger roiled off him like a heat blast. “We’ve business to discuss.”
“Aye. ‘Bout time you got round to it.”
“The portal’s been breached.”
“Isn’t it always.” He took a swig as he turned towards the stage and noticed a dark haired woman in a slim black skirt, and a ruffled multicolored blouse. He held the beer to his lips but didn’t drink. He just sat there staring at her for a few seconds. As she danced, she turned so he could see her face.
“Business, then I’ll see that you have your chance with her.”
"I don’t need any Fae help.” He set the beer down. “The portal’s breached, somehow it got opened and I have to send them back. Same song, same steps, different club. I know the routine.” He slid down from the chair.
Lee grabbed his arm. “There’s more. Whatever is going on the Dark Prince is furious, and threatens war.”
“He’s always threatening war. Really he needs to grow a pair.”
“Keegan. This is serious business.”
He looked at Lee’s fingers clasped on his arm. “I’ve got this. I send them back we seal the portal. Same dance steps. Really, it’s getting old. But I see a real challenge right over there. I’ll catch up with you later.”
He walked towards the woman as the song ended. She walked off the opposite side of the dance floor. Keegan kept her in his sight. He wove through the crowd, straining to keep her in his sights. She stopped at one of the small tables and slammed the rest of her glass down, then hugged her friend and turned to leave. He had to move quick. He hastened his steps as he moved towards her, and nearly knocked her over as he bumped into her ‘accidentally’.
“I’m sorry lass, I di’nt see ya there as I was headin’ out.” He clasped his hands around her firm slim arms. “Are you alright? I din’t hurt you did I?”
“No, I’m alright. It’s OK.” She looked up into his eyes irritated.
“Can I buy you a drink? Make it up to you?”
“I was leaving.” She replied expressionless.
“Can I buy you a coffee? I was just leaving myself. Got a busy day tomorrow, and weel, I havena hit it off with anyone all night. Then I nearly knock you over. What you say lass, humor a visitor and let me buy you a cup of coffee?”
She crossed her arms. “Well actually I was going to go get a bite to eat. I came with my friends straight from work.”
“Great! Where would you like to eat lass?”
“Denny’s has great omelets.”
“Perfect. I love breakfast foods.” He pushed the door open to allow her to go first. “Are you OK with riding my bike?”
“Sure. Not a problem if you have an extra helmet.”
The “breakfast” was shared, sampled between the two meals, with both ordering orange juice. They conversed easily and soon were touching, sharing a light kiss. They held hands as they left, leaving over half their food behind.
Keegan mounted his bike, then pulled Salena into his arms, half laid across the front of his Dukati. Their kiss deepened, as Keegan slid his hand over her breast. Salena moaned into his mouth.
“Come home with me.” He whispered hoarsely.
“OK.” She kissed him back aggressively, biting his lip, then holding it between her teeth, pulling back before releasing. She slid out of his arms and straddled the bike behind him. Her arms wrapped around his waist. “Let’s go.”

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Welcome to my newest story.  This is going to be something of an experiment for me, as I'm going to write this as it needs to be written every week, and not work it as I would my other projects.  It'll be interesting, if nothing else.

That said, this is always a first draft, and if I missed something in editing, don't beat me up too bad.  Remember:  you get what you pay for.


Part One

It isn't necessary to know me, or to know my name.  All you need know, for now, are my motives.  And my actions.

All else is irrelevant.

You could say I'm obsessive about everything.  I'm that way with my life; I'm that way with my work.  I tend to plan things out so there are no surprises, no questions about why something happened.  So when I saw Craig Linkston for the first time, two things happened.  One, I wanted to be with him.  Two, I couldn't get him out of my mind.

Like it or not, he became something I obsessed over.  Again and again.

You'd be surprised to know I've had affairs before.  I'm not one of these geeks girls who spends all her time in the lab, thinking about science and formulas, and how I can bring about a breakthrough in my work.  No, I've actually been with men.  I've been on dates.  I've been in love.  I'm not a virgin, either:  I've enjoyed physical love as much as any other woman.

But something has always been missing.  A connection, a lack of empathy between me and whomever I was with at the time.  Take Ernie.  He was a great guy, with a great sense of humor.  He loved me, he really did.  He desired me like few people ever did, and told me every day that he loved me like no other.

He also had genitals . . . oh, god.  It was like being screwed by an adult film actor.  The first time he entered me, I could feel him as if he'd penetrated me all the way to my stomach.  He was huge.  He filled and stretched me like I was a teen having sex for the first time.  I screamed when he ejaculated, as I felt him pump away inside me . . .

The sex was great.  But I felt nothing for him beyond that.  He was a fuck toy to me, just another friend with benefits, but nothing else.

I needed more.  I needed to feel more than a large penis inside me.

I needed to feel love.

I felt that with Craig.  The second I saw him, standing in the corridor outside my office, my heart connected to him, and I knew he was mine.  He was my soul mate.  He was the one who owned my heart.

There was a problem, however.  That problem's name was Olivia D'avana.

Olivia was my supervisor.  Well, not really.  I reported to her, but she really didn't know my work, not the way my assistant knows it, or I know it.  But she was a member of the Executive Staff for Bio-Futrara, so as the head of my section, I gave her my reports, and met with her every week.

She was gorgeous.  She was a tall woman, with long, shapely legs, and very toned arms.  She wasn't a hard body, though; she carried a bit more weight than needed in her hips and butt, but because she had broad shoulders, her silhouette was more of a marvelous hourglass than a pear.

But her skin tone . . . she'd told me her father had been a British architect, and an amateur body builder, and her mother was an accountant from Jamaica who'd met her father when they worked on a project together in Seattle.  She'd remarked that she'd come away with her father's physique, her mother's skin tone, and the intelligence of both.

Craig was seeing Olivia.  I knew this.  I'd seen them together a few times, in the office, in the hallway.  I saw how they looked at each other.  I noticed how Craig softened around her, the way his fingers lightly touched her hand as he drew away after handing her a file.

They were together.  It wasn't fair, because he was my soul mate, and for them to be together was wrong.

Craig needed to understand that she was completely wrong for him.

As I said, I'm a bit obsessive.  I plan, because I desire a particular outcome, and I don't like to be blindsided by surprises.  So, for weeks, I planed out how to get Craig away from Olivia.  How to get him to notice me.  How to show him that I was his soul mate, and that he need never look anywhere for anyone else.

When I finally realized what was needed to make this all come true, I was surprised I didn't come to the conclusion sooner:

All I had to do was take over Olivia's life.

Fortunately, I knew exactly how to make that happen . . .

Read Part Two Here

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See you next week.

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not the main event but half the fun is the journey

by Ben Hannigan   
                             My hands cupping the heel of your shoe as I stare at you reverently, undoing the small leather and brass strap around your ankle. I slide the four inch stiletto off your dainty foot and present a series of searing yet gentle kisses as you giggle at the feel of my tongue on your stocking covered arch.  Your now shoeless foot caressing my cock through my leather boxers I move to the second shoe repeating the process massaging your arches and heel, sucking gently on your toe as you gasp, feeling me stiffen.   I move now to your calves rubbing, caressing, and stroking my hands tracing the curve of your toned legs till I reach your garter belt, this small delicate strip of white lace, the sole nod to purity and innocence on my Laura’s thigh. My hands trembling as I slide it down, my tongue following its path down your skin until it hangs daintily off your toes, the second follows the first. Gently as I undo the fasteners, you moaned slightly as my hot breath tickled your cloth covered centre. Your stockings almost rolling themselves down your thighs as I slide them off you, watching as more and more of your bare flesh previously covered by black lace is revealed to me, my eyes devouring you, ravishing you. The material pooling at my knees as you rub faster, with my licks eliciting little moans from your lips. I move and slide myself up your willing body kissing and nibbling as I go, your shirt in front of me tight on you; silk and oh so very sexy. With one hand I undo each button, my skin touching yours, me worshipping each inch of newly exposed skin with kisses.  I slide it off your arms and pull it from under you whilst thrusting into your mouth, rough, hard and fast. One hand on the shirt, the other in your hair leaving you bare breasted and breathless. My fingers stroking each nipple to hardness your C cup boobs perky and sexy as I dip my head to taste them, worshiping you and feeling each whimper of desire as my shaft is pressed against you. My hand moving down to cup your arse, slipping under your panties as we stand in the moonlight. My tongue still swirling in your mouth as you rip my boxers in your need to have me nude. Stood with you near nude, I finger you faster and faster, first one finger sinking into your wet depths, then two, then three stretching to fill all of you as I bite your throat, your body sinking into my arms. Your knickers falling down your thighs to your feet as I spin you pinning you against cool stone wall. The slight rough finish teasing your clit and nipples, my mouth on your neck, my hand muffling your gasp as I enter you my love, from behind. You cease to say a word as you and I are overcome by the feelings, other than turning to me, kissing me and whispering with a flick of your tongue in my ear that “yes baby I do.” I moan hard and thrust further rougher, slipping your tight ring of muscle onto my length as my hand slides the small silver band onto your hand. As we lose ourselves in each other the cool air on hot sweaty bodies entangled as one sexual being, together like some renaissance painting. Where you end and I begin who knows, we don’t care, we are joined.

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Fatal Indiscretions Finale

Fatal Indiscretions finale
by Anjie Harrte

In the last episode Sherry found out the real reason why there is an audit at her company run by her husband as she meets with the private auditor. This week the story jumps from there to the night she dies. From here the story is supposed to take another turn, for this is supposed to be halfway of the book. The other half is going to be presented from the point of view of the female detective on the case and as she gathers information in hope of solving the mystery. It is there you will find out what happened between the day in Sherry’s office and this scene that unfolds here. I hope you enjoyed the story.

I will be taking a break from the blog to finish my edits of An Unexpected Desire and hopefully, this story. You can visit my blog and subscribe to it so you can know when the two stories are being published. Thanks for reading and return for wonderful new stories and new authors next month.

Episode 8

What actually transpired in that office that day spiraled a string of events that led to me walking through the Gardens late at night about a week later. Did I know who I was going to see? Had I thought through how dangerous it was being in such a deserted place so late at night? That I don’t remember. However, I do remember the sound of grass crunching as my I walked, the hoots and croaks coming from the darkness, the swishing of the water in the pond when a manatee squirted to the top and the blackness of night as it swallowed me the further and further I walked into it. Sure, the moon was up but the thickness of the tress in that part of the gardens kept the light from shinning on me. I moved the branches apart and stepped into the little cave, the same cave where I committed my first indiscretion. I was early; whoever I was meeting wasn’t there as yet.

Did I plan to come first? I don’t remember, but I do remember walking all the way to the back and stopping where the marsh began and watching the moonlight shine on top of the pond to the back of the cave. The reflection of the majestic moon sent a long stream glistening over the pond. Something moved in the bushes and I gasped turning abruptly to see what it was. I sighed deeply and convinced myself it was a lizard or a mongoose. In the last few days I had learned to face fear, to be strong, to approach everything with my head held high and dare it to test me. But maybe I had gained too much confidence. Why else would I believe I was safe here in the darkness all alone?

The hairs on the back of neck stood up and I spun around. I gasped as I saw the hatred in the face of my attacker as their hand went up and came back down. Something hit my chest, tearing flesh, breaking bones, seeping into my body. Numbness was created there as I felt faint. I couldn’t make out the face in the darkness, but I could see the fine lines creasing the eyes and wrinkling the mouth as it was before, anger ridden. There was a tugging at the object in my chest the pain now hitting me like a bolt of lightning and I gasped and screamed. I felt my body grow weak. The person’s head spins around as my screams die out, they wait for a while before turning back to me. I am falling backwards, stumbling like a drunken man with one hand on my chest and the other searching for something to prop me up.

 I mutter a word, what was it? Was I not in control of my words anymore? The pain increases like a thousand arrows piercing my chest, the blood must be flowing, because I feel a hot thick liquid soaking my clothes. My vision becomes blurred, my head is light and soon I don’t feel my feet. My body falls backwards as I watch everything disappear, slowly in a haze until it all goes dark and then there is no more pain. I get up and run after the person, something constrains me from leaving the cave. I fall against the side panting and checking my chest; I am fine, nothing has harmed me. I turn to my left and I see the body. It is lying sprawled in the marsh, a knife protruding from the chest. Fear jumps into my heart, but I don’t feel the racing, or the beating. It over takes me forming a lump in my throat as I walk towards the body. Enthralled, I walk towards her lying there like a common animal left to bleed out. When I stumble on her foot and go flying in the air and falling on her I see the moonlight shining brightly on her dark pale face, her eyes wide open; and I scream. No sound is heard as I watch my dead body lying among the marshes, killed by someone who was so full of hatred that they didn’t even tell me why they took my life. The only thing now on my mind as I move my hand over her belly is; do they know that they took two lives with one stab? I fall beside my body and do the next natural thing; I sob like a small child left abandoned by the world.

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Love Notes Chapter 10

Have you been  enjoying Love Notes?  Leave a comment and let me know what you think of it.  This is the last installment for the free share.  If you are interested in continuing with Love Notes, leave me a message and I'll let you know when it's published!  Thank you everyone for the support. Next week will begin a new story, a paranormal romance.

Now, let's back up a bit from last week's ending.  I did tell you this was a first draft?  Well I made a huge change in the plot and took off in a different direction.  I think you'll like the changes.

Love Notes Chapter 10
Ellie Mack & Ben Hannigan

chapter 9

            She quickly jumped up to answer. "Hello?" It was a London number, but not Rob.

            "Ms. Colson? Stephanie Colson?" It was a sultry female voice.

            "Yes?" She couldn't imagine who it could be. "Who is this?"

            "Ms. Colson, there's been an accident. Mr. Taylor has requested you be notified. He's in critical condition. "

            She didn't hear anything else the woman said. "What? Rob is hurt? Where? What happened?" Tears welled in her eyes. No, this couldn't be happening. "What room? Where do I need to go?"

            "Calm down Ms. Colson. He's stable at the moment, but if you could get here soon."

            "Yes, yes of course just give me the address." She scribbled furiously, swiping at the tears.   She closed out the call, looking around feeling immense guilt that she'd been masturbating while he was in critical condition. "Oh baby I'm so sorry," It came out barely more than a whisper. Quickly she dressed, and slipped on a pair of sandals. Mr. Prince was roughly tossed back into the box, the lid set on top. She grabbed a light sweater on her way out.

            Frantically Stephanie went to the front desk and asked the man what was the best way to get to the hospital from there.  Smelling the alcohol on her he called a cab. It was only a few minutes before the cab arrived.

Chapter 10
            Stephanie slid into the seat. “Alright love, where’s it you need to be?”

            She thrust the paper in front of him, as she could barely keep from bursting into tears. Her lips quivering , she gave him an anguished look.

            The driver tried to make small talk.  “OK, so you need to get to the hospital, got a mate in there or family?”

            “My boyfriend.”  Stephanie blinked furiously, her breathing coming in small pants, her voice barely more than a whisper.

            "Should be about 20 depending on this fucking traffic.  Get a move on mate!  I haven’t got all sodding day.  Sorry about that.  This fuckwit in the van can’t drive.”

            “No problem.”  She swiped at her tears.

            He reaches into the glove box and hands her a tissue. “If it’s a mate in there they’ll be fine.  It’s a good place.  It’s where I’d go if I had the choice.  Stay green!  Come on you fucking clown move!  Fucking tourist drivers.”  He leaned out of the window towards the car. “Stay out of London!” He turned his head back to her. “Sorry Love.”

            Stephanie turned from the window to look at the driver.   Danny Bowers, the license tag read. “Yes.  He was in an accident.”

            “Is he ok love? Or you not been told anything? Want to stop get him anything? Paper?  Bunch of grapes?”

            “Bunch of grapes?  What?”  The driver gave her a sly grin explaining a British perceived custom.  She realized he was trying to lighten her mood.  The tears flowed now, a steady stream down her cheeks.  She nodded at the driver keeping her blurred gaze out the window. ‘Please God let him be ok.’  She couldn’t picture her life without Rob, didn’t want to.  Somehow, he had to be ok for them to be together. 

                                    *                      *                      *                      *                      *

                Rob  rolled into the small car park and waited.  His orders were to meet the contact and hand over the package; nice, easy, simple. He really needed to come clean with Stephanie, share the truth with her.  He wasn't wearing his body amour because it would have been awkward to hide in the hotel room.  It was a safety violation but the job didn’t seem to be dangerous enough to need it.  Still, he checked his holster making sure it was secured one last time.

                The van rolled in and as the door slid open he realized that he had really dropped a bullock here. This wasn’t going to be a simple package handover.  Rather than the single courier he expected, the van was full of armed men.  They casually stepped out into positions, preparing for a shootout. 

                Drawing casually, the last thing he thought before the first shot rang out was “Bugger! I’ve been having such a good week as well.” They shot first; he took one to the right arm.  He radioed in to his boss on the emergency signal that ‘something was very wrong’ before taking his shooting stance. He executed a perfect Mozambique drill on the first two shooters, the third took a bullet to the chest and dropped immediately, and the final shooter dove back into the van spraying a burst from a clunky looking submachine gun.  It nailed Rob in the left leg.  A sharp pain hit him in his gut as he dove out of the rain of bullets.  Rob fired, smiling in satisfaction upon hearing the scream which indicated a hit.  He radioed the plates on the van to his boss before he allowed himself to hit the floor and sink into the relative escapist bliss of unconsciousness.

                He was awakened about fifteen minutes later by a paramedic who tried to convince him to go to hospital.

                 “Look mate, just patch me up. I need to go speak to the boss.” Rob stood and limped from the ambulance bandaged.  When challenged he flashed his ID badge and was allowed to leave when the police realized that this was a “Firm” job.   Flagging down a cab, he got back to Vauxhall and walked through security, dripping a trail of blood as he went to report to the boss.

                After his grilling he limped to his bike, feeling the pain from his wounds now that the adrenaline rush was receding.  He sped home to his flat, feeling the let down hit him hard. He jumped in the shower and threw on a change of clothes.   He  texted  Stephanie asking her to come to the flat.

                He managed to get to the door and the world went black.  Rob’s elderly neighbor Mrs. Tillman found Rob slumped on the pavement in his entryway with a mobile phone in his hand displaying the message “Error message not sent.”  She immediately called Danielle Vicenzi, Rob’s beautiful girlfriend. She arrived in mere minutes, stepping out of a black Range Rover with two other men.  Danielle motioned the men, and thanked Mrs. Tillman.  “We’ll get him checked out.  He’s been working long hours lately.”   The two men carried Rob to the car supported between them.  They rushed him to the small private hospital he officially worked for. He was rushed into theatre, and immediately prepped for surgery.  They were the finest surgeons in the entirety of the UK, but Rob had lost a lot of blood.  They  patched up his wounds and set up in a private room under guard.

                Rob drifted in and out of consciousness as the anesthesia wore off.  Unbeknownst to him his handler was there watching, waiting for the arrival of this mystery yank who had captured the heart of the gent she referred to as hers.

                He awoke to a hand wiping his brow with a damp cloth, dabbing at the sweat.  He smiled deeply “Steph”.  The figure growled and stood fuming, waiting for this yank to arrive.

                *                             *                             *                             *                             *

                Stephanie swiped at the tears, not even trying to hide them now.  She paid the cabbie “Thank you Danny.”  She ran into the hospital, heading for the main desk to ask directions.  She was issued a pass card for the fifth floor.  Stephanie found the restrooms next to the elevator, and washed her face, attempting to hide the swollen eyes, and streaked makeup.  She touched up her makeup, and dabbed a little blush.  It would never fool Rob, but she looked a little better.

                Not having any idea what she was walking into, she said a quick prayer and hoped for the best.  As soon as the elevator opened she knew it was much worse than she had anticipated.  The guard was armed, and asked to see her pass.  He directed her down the corridor to where two more armed men stood by a door.  When she approached, one of them asked for the pass.  She strained to see around him into the room to see Rob.  It was no use.  The guard efficiently blocked her view and her path.  He radioed “Your yank is here.”

                A tall slender woman walked from the room.  She had the grace and beauty of a model.  Long flowing dark hair, big doe eyes that were vivid blue, full luscious lips, a long neck, average sized breasts and slender waist and hips.  She strode with an air of confidence that most women envied.  She wore black fitted trousers, and a black leather blazer over a white mock turtleneck figure hugging sweater.  In two seconds Stephanie knew she was Rob’s lover, either past or present.

                She couldn’t blame him really, what man could resist a woman that looked like this?  Was he still seeing her?  Her heart sank and the tears threatened to rise for another reason.  Stephanie gulped as the elegant woman reached out her hand.  “Dani Vicenzi, I work with Rob.  Let’s walk shall we?”

                It had been her voice on the phone.  “But Rob.”  Stephanie wanted desperately to see him, to make sure he was ok. 

                “He’s stable.  Let’s walk.”  Her voice was curt, and she had a grasp on Stephanie’s elbow that was almost painful.  Dani led her to a small table in a waiting room, where she pulled the chair out for her, motioning her to sit as if she were a criminal.

                Stephanie sat, her defenses rising.  She had never imagined Rob would be hurt.  She certainly hadn’t anticipated meeting his lover, and now the woman was assessing her with a look of disapproval that clearly stated she felt Stephanie was no threat to her. 

                “So I finally get to meet Rob’s yank.  We had a good thing ‘til you came along.”  The woman glanced to the windows, her jaw clenched.  “He’s in this mess because of you, you know.  Trying to protect you from the truth, he didn’t wear his armour, and he’s lost a lot of blood.”

                “What?” Stephanie was stunned by her statement. “What happened?  What truth?”

                “Huh!  As I expected.  He hasn’t even told you, has he?”  Dani leaned forward, clasping her hands together and made a menacing smile.  “Well, I’ve nothing to fear then have I?  You’re just another passing fancy. He’ll ship you back to the states, and this will all be over?”  Dani eased back in her chair, her arm draped over the back. "Hopefully sooner than later."

                “What truth?  What has happened to Rob?”  She had to ignore the woman’s words.  Even if they were true, there was nothing she could do now and crying wasn’t going to help. She cared about Rob, and even if he did ship her back, she couldn’t just walk away from him being injured.

                “He was making a routine exchange, except it went wrong.  There were six of them, and they got the drop on Rob.  He took three bullets. We didn’t know about the third, until we got him here and prepped.”  She  glared at Stephanie assessing her, and passing the guilty verdict all at once.  “He’s been asking for you.”

                “I’d like to see him, please.”  Beautiful women always got away with being bitches.  This one was being especially bitchy to her.  Stephanie gambled, based on her earlier statement that she wasn’t a current lover but the ex.  Probably recent ex, explaining this anger directed at Stephanie.  “I was not aware that Rob was engaged in any other relationship.  When he’s feeling well, we’ll confront him together.  Right now I’d like to see him, please.”  The last almost pleading with the woman’s sensibilities.

                “Hmmph.”  She stood, raising slowly from the table. “Do not upset him.”

                Stephanie stood, squaring off with Dani. “I wouldn’t dream of it.”

                They walked the short distance down the hall, Stephanie close on Danielle’s heels.  She knew the woman wouldn’t leave her alone with Rob, it didn’t matter.  She had to see him. When she rounded the corner to his bed, she wasn’t prepared for the tubes, and machines that he was surrounded by.  Her hand went to her mouth as she gasped.  Stephanie quickly stepped to his side. “Rob baby, what happened?”  Her hand stroked his hand as the tears fell.  A light brush from her other hand swiped the strand of hair from his face. “Oh baby, I’m here.”

                Rob shifted in the bed, turning his head towards his angel's voice. “Steph” his voice weak and raspy.

                “I’m here baby.”  She leaned in close to him, kissing his forehead. 

                “I messed up babe.  I was going to tell you.  I didn’t want you to find out like this.”

                The tears welled.  So it was true.  Dani was his lover. She was just a bit on the side, to pass the time.  She leaned over, kissing his forehead again.  “It’s OK Rob, you can tell me all about it when you’re well.”  She pushed down the urge to lash out at him.  She'd been the one that assumed there was more than it was.  She clamped down her emotions like a vice, putting on her professional face. "I'm here for you Rob."

                He smiled weakly up at her. “Stay with me?”

                “Sure baby.  I just got here.  I’ll stay for as long as you want me here.” She couldn’t help but glance at Dani.  The mixed emotions of the woman's rudeness to her, the anger at Rob for putting her in the middle of this triangle, the heartache seeing him pale and weak in the hosptial bed all churned within her heart, causing it to ache  in a way she never even felt at Trevor's betrayal.  How could she be so naive?  She moved the strand of hair that kept falling forward back into place again. Despite the heartache, she decided that she'd stay until Rob was better.  Then she'd gather her things, head home and bury herself in work and try to forget Rob Taylor, the man she loved.  "For you, I'll stay."

                Dani rolled her eyes, turned and stepped out of the room.

                She scooted the chair close to his bed. He rolled slightly on his side facing her, letting out a pained wince as he tried to adjust to a comfortable position.  She sat on her knees in the chair, raised up just slightly to be closer to him.  She leaned over again to kiss his forehead and he raised his lips to hers.  “I’m sorry my darling.  It wasn’t suppose to go down like this.”

                She nodded in agreement.  He probably never intended her to know about Dani, much less be in the situation where they’d meet.  Even though she knew Dani was just outside the door and could come back any minute, or maybe even wishing that somehow he’d choose her over gorgeous Dani, Stephanie kissed him.  A light brushing of her lips against his.  A gentle loving kiss like they’d shared  on the sofa.  “I’m here Rob.  I’ll stay with you.”

                Just till he got well.  Until he was able to be on his own.  Then she’d pack up and go home and try to get over her broken heart.

                “Can you get closer darling?  Lay here beside me?”

                “Oh I don’t know if the nurses would like that.”

                He looked so sad and disappointed. “OK."  She conceded.  "But if the nurse yells at me I’m telling her you wanted me to.”

                He grinned weakly “And I’ll deny it and play innocent.” 

                She scooted onto the edge of the bed, easing between him and the side rail.  It was an uncomfortable fit, but she didn’t want to make him move again as painful as it sounded when he did. 

                His arm went around her, and held her close. “OH Gods Stephanie. All I could think about is you.  About us.  How I messed everything up now.”

                How  could it feel so right to lay in his arms, yet know it was so wrong with the other woman outside the door?  “You can tell me all about it later babe.  Get some rest so you can heal.” The sooner  he healed the sooner she could go back to her life alone.

                Just then the nurse came in.  She cleared her throat. “Miss, we generally don’t allow the visitors to share the patient’s bed.”

                Stephanie blushed and started to move back to the chair. “NO!  She stays with me.” For an injured man, his grip was tight as he held her close to him.

                The nurse stepped closer putting a shot of something in his iv drip.  “Yes sir, Mr. Taylor.”  She gave a slight smile to Stephanie.  “Just be careful with your lines.”

                Stephanie was acutely aware of the tubes attached to various parts of him. “Where’s the call button if he needs you?”

                The nurse reached behind Stephanie’s back, “there’s a call button right here on the rail; and there’s one there.”  She motioned on the wall just behind the iv caddy.

                Rob cuddled into Stephanie, kissing her throat softly. The medication was already taking effect as he drifted into sleep.  Her fingers played over his muscular arms and down his back.  He was asleep in minutes.  Stephanie quietly asked the nurse to fill her in on his injuries.  The nurse got the chart and quietly shared the information about the bullet wounds.  Stephanie’s brows furrowed. “Bullet wounds?  What?  How?”

                The nurse answered her “ I don’t know how just where.  She leaned over Stephanie.  He’s been asking for you since he came in, assumin’ you’re Stephanie.”

                She nodded in agreement that she was.

                “That harpie out there has been irritatin’ him something fierce. Pacing back and forth, questioning Mr. Taylor.” She patted Stephanie’s arms.  “Being a regular nuisance, questioning me about my job.  You just stay put right there, and I’ll get a pillow so you can get more comfortable.”   She brought Stephanie an extra pillow and even a blanket.  She placed a plastic bag with toiletries on the tray.  “If you need anything you just buzz me.” 

                Rob snuggled closer, wincing slightly as his movement strained, a drowsy rumble in his chest as he relaxed into her.  She slowly drifted off to sleep entwined with Rob, perhaps for the last time. 


Sunday, July 22, 2012

Where To Now, Writer Person?

So, my story is over.  Diners at the Memory's End was only going to the half-way mark, and no further.  Why is that?  Because I want you to read the whole thing--after it's editing and published, that's why.  I mean, come on:  did you want it all for free?

To be honest, based upon the hits I've been getting, I wonder if anyone actually read it.  Not that it matters.  That's past, on to the future . . .

The question I have is:  what's next?  I'm up to keep writing every Monday, but what should that be?  I'm happy to have people read me, and I do love my fan, but what could I do to entertain you next?  I was thinking, "Dinosaurs on a Spaceship," but that's been done.

I have an idea--even a plot--but I'm wonder:  should I do it?  Should I spring it on the public?  I guess we'll see in a week, won't we?

I want to thank everyone who popped in to read my story.  I do hope they enjoyed what they read, and that they'll bug the hell out of me to finish and publish that little--well, not so little--gem of a tale.

Catch you next week, and if you have anything you want to say, please leave a comment.

Friday, July 20, 2012


By: Sian Young

As I stand on the rooftop of my building, I hear the phantom music that used to play for my love and I.
A beautiful melody, he made just for me of him singing a love song.
He would play this song every time we got into a fight, he knew I couldn’t resist his voice, his words, our song.
It never failed to put a smile on my face, and a spring in his step.
For he knew that no matter what he did, I’d forgive him as soon as I heard that stupid song.
But, not this time, this time I cannot bare to hear the song that once brought me so much happiness.
Now, all it brings is heartache and pain, how could you do this? How could hurt me this way?
What happened, I thought we were perfect, so much in love I thought it’d never end.
That we’d spend eternity circling each other in an endless waltz, forever in one another’s arms and hearts.
But, it was all a lie, your gone and I’m all alone, forever to hear the phantom song we once knew and loved.
As I wipe away stray tears, I wonder why you did it, why you left me so suddenly and never said goodbye!
I thought I meant something to you, you meant an awful lot to me, but I guess all the nights we spent up here dancing under the stars, was a waste of time and just filler to you.
As you waited for your chance to leave me, me and all our love and memories.
As I climb onto the ledge and look down on the crowded street below, I wonder if I’ll ever see you again.
Maybe someday we’ll be together again, as I cry over our lost love and memories, I hear our song once more, and smile as I step off the ledge, my last thoughts of you and our life together.
As I lay on the ground below, clutching a newspaper clipping in my hand, I see a bright light and hear a familiar voice, telling me it’ll be alright and not to be afraid.
I close my eyes, and when I reopen them I’m standing over my body, all frail and broken.
I hear the voice again and turn to see my love, he has come for me at last. He takes my hand and leads me away, telling me, that I’ll have no more pain, no more heartache, and we can truly be together forever.
The newspaper clipping rustles as the wind blows, it reads, “Young man dies in fatal car crash, aged 26.” just before the wind blows it away, and in the distance you can hear two lovers hearts singing as one, once more.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Love and Lust

Today's offering is a bit of poetry.  The intracacies of how intertwined love and lust can be, inspired this selection.  The subtle changes of just a few words can alter the meaning.  Is it love, or is it lust?  Or the two combined?

Ben has dabbled in poetry, flash fiction, fan fiction, erotica, as well as other forms of writing.

Love & Lust
Ben Hannigan

Alabaster skin emerald eyes,

Her voice like honey beckons me to hearth and home

Excited voices echo in the distance.

Squealing, she spins feather in my arms.

Alabaster emerald, fire and ice

Her voice; honey covered chilli

Excited voices, gasping echo

Squealing, featherlike waif in my arms

Her lips soft and skin sweet,

Tastes of safety, tastes of home,

Of passion, heat, chili yet cream.

Her lips soft and skin sweet

Tastes of lust, tastes of home

Of passion, heat, chili cream

Deeper, sucked in, lost in this

Her hand in mine,

She takes control. I’m hers and loved,

She’s bitten me and I’m smitten.

Her hand in mine

She takes control; I’m hers, lusted

She's bitten me and I’m smitten

Teeth sinking in; we sink together

Moans and happy howls of ecstasy,

The floor, the shower and any space betwixt them

My eyes soften as I watch her sleep.

Moans and happy howls of ecstasy

The floor the shower and any space betwixt them

My eyes soften as I watch her sleep

Lust cooling, still fires only embers now waiting

She reaches for me half awake

Greedily I respond.

I am,We are.


She reaches for me half awake

Greedily I respond

I am, We are,


She bites she growls spinning across my bed

I pin her to the ground with a kiss

She fights with her tongue snaking in my mouth

Naked we brawl together

She bites she growls spinning across my bed

I pin her to the ground with a kiss

She fights with her tongue snaking in my mouth

Naked we brawl together

Scratching, biting, screaming, moaning

Sweating we move fast and hard together

I'm on top, she's on top

Im in her shes mine I'm hers

We know we are playing but we don’t ever stop

Scratching, biting, screaming, moaning

Sweating we move fast and hard together

I'm on top, she's on top

Im in her she's mine I'm hers

We know we are playing but we don’t ever stop

Thrusting, biting, scratching

I dominate her

Safe in knowledge

Tomorrow she may win.

Thrusting, biting, scratching

I dominate her

Safe in knowledge

Tomorrow she will win.