Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Dom's Diary: Ladies First

The weather in the midwest might not be the scorcher it usually is this time of year, but Thorne and Cla'vis don't seem to have noticed. It's 'Ladies First' according to might need your air conditioner after all.

Ladies First
Abyrne Mostyn
                She stifled a low groan, but didn’t say a word.  She moved gracefully, hands still behind her back, to the tilt table.  I had seen the flash in her eyes, but didn’t have enough information to know if it was for getting to go first, or for getting to have the last word.  Knowing what I knew of her, I was betting on the latter. 
                Reaching the end of the table she stood, unsure of my intentions.  Taking the soft restraint of her bra away and setting it aside, I lifted her to the table.  Laying her back, I traced up the insides of her arms as I raised her hands up and overhead to the far end, using the eyebolts in the frame and the suede straps that hung there to refasten her hands out of my way. 
                “What is your pleasure Pallaca?”
                “Make me cum if you can Thorne.”
                “Challenge accepted.”
                I had a sneaking suspicion she preferred to be in control.  I also believed she was not one to give it up without knowing she still held some vestige of it.  I wanted her to give it to me.  I needed her to.
                “Are there boundaries I need to know?”
                “No Sadism and no head-fucks.  You don’t know me well enough yet to use either of them.  No fire play and no knife play.  The rest is fair game.”
                “Good to know.   Agreed.  How do you want to cue?”
                Her grin was pure mischief.
                “Orally it is.  Color codes or something else?”
                “Stoplight is fine and easy enough.  I’m green.  Go, go…go.  Now, before I change my mind.”
                It was my turn to grin.  I was fairly certain she wasn’t going anywhere until I freed her, but not knowing fully the room or the player I was entertaining, she might know something I didn’t.
                “Que vous le souhaitez, Pallaca.”
                I found everything I needed on a table near the wall.  A soft scarf, black as midnight would do well to take away at least one sense and I grabbed it to blindfold her immediately. 
                “Hard or soft Pallaca?”
                “You’ll know when you figure it out won’t you?”
                I could feel her taunt all the way through my balls.  She was not giving away anything, instead waiting to see what I would do.  Taking the scarf and slipping it under her neck before bringing it up and across her eyes I wanted to taunt her back, to tell her that she would call my name before she left the table, but instead tied the blind after lifting her hair to drape the end of the table and dabbing the tip of her upturned nose with my finger.
                I loved the versatility of tilt tables.  I had one of my own at home, but mine was covered in heavy leather.  Walking around this one as I debated, I noticed a few things that were not common and smiled to think of Maxim and his handy work.  Another of his designs I was sure. 
Just as I turned to return to the table of toys, Ellis entered with our drinks.  He did not give Cla’vis on the table, or I standing nude fully erect beside her a second glance.  It would take some time to get used to the levels of acceptance here.  It was so foreign a concept.  Welcome, but foreign.
I noticed that Cla’vis took her whiskey on the rocks.  How advantageous.  Grabbing the ankle bar, I set it under and behind the lower table legs before dropping the legs end off the table and securing her ankles in the leather cuffs.  I had adjusted the middle to support the small of her back too before latching the final cuff to the bar leaving her lying on the table immobile.  She was a pretty picture lying there, arms over head, legs spread by virtue of the bar and not enough room to wiggle. 
Taking her drink, I brought it closer to the tilt, before taking a cube and running it along the seam of her lips.
“Ellis was here.”
She accepted the cube and sucked on it while I moved on to other things.  Taking a second cube, I ran it from her lips, down the side of her throat, between her breasts toward her navel and lower as I leaned in to suckle at the hard beads of her nipples.  Bringing the glass over, I set it to stand on her sternum while I nipped and sucked at the hard points that grew harder with the cold between them.
“Don’t spill.”
I had debated for all of a minute if fire play included wax before I decided it didn’t.  Sliding a cube across her abdomen, I used the bottom of the glass to cover the surface with the cool water that remained once it had melted.  I slipped another cube into her mouth before taking the glass to the table and coming back with a thin taper, wick aglow.  I would love to see her eyes, but I didn’t want her to be too ready.
Starting several feet above her, I tipped the candle and ran a thin bead of wax down her sternum.  Her quick, short inhale through her nose betrayed her shock. 
Watching from the side, I had noticed too the quick clench and release of her lower lips, but only the top.  I would need a better view.  I was pleased.  Padding back to the table I took more of her ice cubes, bringing them back and setting two of them across the tips of her breasts.  I believe it was no accident the The Manse used round cubes that had holes in the middle.  The pert tight discs seemed to tighten further and the erect beads stood taller under the frozen blocks.  I dripped wax from her sternum around and across both breasts as I watched the cubes melt and the water trickle to the sides pooling in the center between them.
Her breathing was deeper, and if I listened carefully, occasionally hitched with new drops of wax or a fresh cube.  Scooting around the end of the table, I brought my play lower, dancing a cube across the fine line of groomed hair that dusted the cleft of her sex.  Taking my time with the cube before bringing it to skim the bright pink, wet, goose-bumped evidence of her arousal, I dragged the cube from cleft to anus and back up, keeping contact with the knot of nerves at the top before dropping a line of fresh wax across the soft tissue above it. 
Her intake of air was oral now, not nasal and the slow, steady, deep breaths changed over to quick, short pants.  A few drops later I extinguished the flame and set the candle aside.  I had been watching the sweet cream weep from her core for the last few drops of wax and couldn’t stand the distance any more.  I had to taste her.  It was empirical need.
Shifting the segment of table to tilt her hips up, I adjusted them just enough so she was at the right level as I knelt on a cushion at the end.  Icing her hot button, teasing it out from under the hood further, I popped the cube into my mouth before pulling back and spanking the rigid bean tightly with wet fingers.  She jumped as much as the bounds would allow.  The tight bead shot up angry red, which was exactly what I wanted.  Biting down and sucking in, it was a pleasure shared as I felt another trickle of her need ski down the cleft of my chin.
Control is one thing, denial another.  I could wait no longer and slid down, using the sweet cream her body wept to soften the brush of evening beard against her delicate tissues as I dropped to have my reward.  Laving long and slow, my tongue still cold from the remnants of ice, the hot and cold dichotomy danced across my tongue and slid down my throat as thickened cream.  I felt her clench against my cheeks.  Pausing to listen to her breathing, she was still panting and it was faster, but not the hard hitching breaths I wanted to hear.
Dropping farther still, I flicked the rosebud of her anus with the tip of my tongue, lapping upwards as the milky cream breached the entrance that her form held open whenever it threatened to run past me.  Pinching off my own release first as her responses spurred me on, I reached up to agitate the already angry bead at the top, working it in tight circles with drenched fingers while reaming her properly with teeth, lips, and tongue.  An ice cube on my finger as I popped thru the tight curl of her back door and another on my tongue when I moved up and speared her core at the same time sped and hardened her pants pushing me to continue.  Turning wet fingers in a tighter circle, tongue and finger fucking her simultaneously, her breath hitched several times and came harder as did the clenches of her cunt against my mouth.
My face was awash, her breathing erratic, and she was riding the edge like a champion bull rider holding out for eight seconds.  So, I stopped.
She couldn’t see my smirk and should have known that I was no fool.  I knew how close she was and wanted just that slight hesitation to drive her higher.  Flipping the switch to silent and then to ‘on’, I moved the ‘magic wand’ over her red, swollen, and abused clit, touching down only after resuming my tongue and finger fucking of her cunt and ass.  Lightning couldn’t have struck harder.  She jumped and melted all at the same time, bathing my face and lower hand in cum in a hot rush of hard release.  I didn’t stop.
When she needed to breathe, I pulled the wand free just long enough to hear her get a deep intake before landing it again.  She was a volcano in full eruption.  Pulse after pulse of hot cum came from her core and I sucked and laved as much as I could get, letting just enough drift lower to coat my fingers allowing a second one to breach her. 
I lost count of her releases.  It was only when she began shouting that I stopped.  I couldn’t understand why, even with a blindfold she would call out…
“Maisu. Maisu. Maisu.”

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Love On the Dance Floor

Hello, Storytime Readers. This is a snippet from a book I’m working on ‘In Pursuit of Danger’. I love the dynamic of Alex and Lucia together and am honored to share it all with you. ~ © Misty Harvey

Love on the Dance Floor


Misty Harvey

The sound of a toilet flushing behind him caused him to jump. He watched a stall open to reveal a voluptuous blonde woman walking out. She stared at him horrified to find a male in the wrong restroom.
“Pardon me.” Alex nodded his head. He made his way toward the door running into an older employee.
The woman looked between Alex and the blonde woman that was just finishing washing her hands. She only barely remembered to move out of the way so Alex could pass. Her mouth agape at the pair exiting the bathroom.
Alex did a rapid check over his appearance noticing his zipper was down. He reached down bringing it up to where it should be. A chuckle rested in his chest as the older woman put a hand to heart. The thought of what she would be imagining had happened in there. It bubbled out of him while he walked down the hallway. If she’d known the truth of why he’d been found in the woman’s room she’d never believe it.
He walked back into the club area spotting Lucia across the room. His footsteps were surer, when she turned to look at him. The liquid courage keeping his overpowering nerves at bay.
Lucia stared at Alex. It still took her by surprise to see such a dreamy man under all that flamboyant drag. The way his muscles propelled him forward made him look like a jungle cat. His midnight blue eyes reflected the lights around him making them more intriguing.
Her heart stopped beating. The breath she’d been taking lodged somewhere in her throat, and the world stood still. Only this time that sensation didn’t unnerve her. She knew Alex better than she knew herself. No matter how he dressed, he would always be the same person to her.
A smile slid across his lips, teasing her with just a glance of his dimples. Someone around them sucked in air, not realizing it had been her. He raised his hand palm up toward her, filling the last few inches between them.
Lucia swam in the deep sea of his eyes. The smell that surrounded her so simple, but so him. Her lips opened partially, expectantly. When she’d remembered to breathe they were slow deep exertions, causing her breasts to heave tempting anyone who dare look.
They stood mere inches apart. Both gasped for air, filling their lungs with the scent of the other. An erotic sensation building between them without their ever having to touch.
They were friends. They were lovers. They were more than that. Soul bound in a way words couldn’t even explain. Not so much a physical binding, but one deep within their beings. If one were to die, the other would cease to exist within themselves, leaving them a mere shell of their former glory.
Alex leaned down closing the gap between them. His lips rested centimeters above Lucia’s before turning toward her ear. He linked their fingers together at their sides.
“Dance with me.” The request stood out.
On the outside, it was a very simple request, but the feelings that lie beneath it spoke volumes. He trusted her not to make fun of him. Knew she wanted to dance, and had exposed his soft underbelly for the world to see just to please her.
Lucia’s lips parted more to accommodate speech, but none came. She didn’t have to. A soft squeeze of his hand let him know her answer.
Alex led her out onto the dance floor. The tempo of the song upbeat. Bass vibrating the wood floor beneath their feet. He slid his feet to one side and then the other.
Lucia had seen others do it, and they’d joked calling it the white man’s dance. Now it brought a smile to her lips. Alex bounced his knees with the movement, and she giggled. The giggle wasn’t something to be discouraging, but more her own lack of confidence with this new turn of events. She mimicked his movements with her own, bringing the deep crevices of dimples into his cheeks.
That one exchange had been all they needed. Now the fun would begin. They didn’t care about others around them, just that they were having fun. A game of Simon says without all the talking. Alex would do a move and then Lucia would repeat it the best she could.
They were laughing as one move spilled into the next. Alex had included classic dances such as the sprinkler, the robot, and even vogue. The moment the song change, they froze like deer in headlights staring at each other.
Soft music played through the speakers. Couples that had been previously grinding against each other to the quicker beat took the opportunity for more in contact foreplay. This would be their point to decide if they were going to stay or evacuate the dance floor.
Alex lifted his hand once again. When Lucia slid hers inside, they danced to the music. He wrapped his other arm around her waist.
Lucia smiled, sliding her hands up his chest to encircle his neck. She pressed her body comfortably against his. Her hips moved to the beat.
“Why?” she spoke quietly by his ear.
“Because you give me the confidence to be who I am no matter what I’m wearing.” Alex smiled, resting his cheek against the side of her head. He had to bend over slightly, but holding her seemed surreal.
“How much alcohol did it take?” Lucia grinned.
“Oh, a bit.” The chuckle that tickled her ear was the first real laugh she’d heard from him for a while.
“You’re not going to make me have to try to carry you up the stairs again, are you?” Lucia leaned back a little to look in his eyes.
“Nah.” Alex grinned shaking his head.
They both knew better, and it only made them laugh more. His bravery tonight made her heart swell with love for him. Not many people would think to step out of their comfort zones to bring a little joy to a friend.
Lucia leaned in closer. The kiss she gave him was feather light. Their lips barely brushed together. Fireworks exploded around them in grandeur. Choirs sang ‘hallelujah’.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Bloodgasm Part 2

Any time a guy asks you if you want to be his forever - you better think hard before you answer.  Vampires, who knew?

 Bloodgasm, Part 2



I woke up in what seemed like a blur. I was in this cave-like place and my head hurt bad. I looked around for Lorenzo but didn’t see him. I still felt different. Something was definitely off with me. It must have been daylight because I felt like I was sleeping too long.
“ Lorenzo.” I called out.
No one was around. I looked down at myself and noticed I had on a silk  white night gown.  I jumped up in fear and started to walk down a small hallway and I noticed that torches were lit for me to see.
“ Where the hell am I?” I said out loud.
“ You’re home.”  A woman said.
I turned around and saw a woman standing there. Her skin was pale like mine and she has red hair.
“ How did I get here and where is Lorenzo?”  I asked as I walked up to her.
“ Everyone is sleeping. We sleep during the day and get up at night.”  She said laughing.
“ Wait…what?” I said in confusion.
“ Oh, you don’t know. You’re a vampire now.” She said smiling.
I started laughing in her face like she was stupid.
“ I’m serious. You can’t go out in daylight or you will die.”
“ How did this happened?”
“ Your boyfriend turned you into to one of us. He was done in by me at a party.”  She said.
“ A party and I wasn’t aware of it?”
“ Oh it’s a different kind of party, you see we have initiation parties that involve a lot of sex.”
I just stood still and couldn’t believe it. Then I looked down at my nails and noticed they were a lot longer than before.
“ I’m Becky.” She said extending her hand.
“ Soriah Marie.” I said dryly.
“ Oh I know who you are. Lorenzo said you have the best pussy ever.” 
“ I call it gina, pussy is too vulgar.”
“ Isn’t that the point? Sex is vulgar.”
I smiled a little. The way Becky was staring at me, I started to get a little tingle between my legs. I started to rub my neck.
“ Your horny aren’t you?” She said leaning close to me.
“ I beg your parton.”
“ When it’s time for you to have a blood fix, your hormones rage and you get horny. That’s why we have a lot of sex when we can’t have blood. It takes the edge off.” She said.
I couldn’t believe my ears. First I find out I’m a vampire, and now I will get horny all the time.
“ Come with me.” She said.
“ Where are we going.”
“ To my room.”
“ Why?”
“ You will see.”
Still confused we end up in her room lit with candles. It looked quite nice. Big bed, some red curtains and that’s about it. But, how were they ever able to live here? It’s not even a home, it’s like a dungeon almost. I was so confused and couldn’t wait for Lorenzo to get here so we could leave.
“ Sit on the bed.”
I did as I was told because by this time I know that she wouldn’t take no for an answer. I just sat there looking at my night gown and wondered how the hell I got in it.
“ Can I ask you something?” I said to her.
“ Sure, Soriah.” She said as she began to touch and rub on my arms.
“ How did I get in this night gown?” I asked her.
She began to laugh and kept touching me. I was to feel real wet and I was confused because I was never interested in women.
“ I’ll show you how you got in the nightgown.” 
She bent down and started to lift my night gown. My breathing intensified from being nervous and stimulated at the same time. She dove her head in between my legs and began flickering her tongue on my clit. My body started to get chills and I was indeed enjoying it.
“ Yes, I like that!” I moaned.
“ This is how it got started.” She said in between licking me.
I started to get into and move my hips around. My eyes were closed and I was smiling until I opened them and saw Lorenzo smiling at me.
I was embarrassed. Not sure what to do next.
“ Soriah, it’s okay.” He said to me.
Lorenzo came over and pulled out his penis. Becky was still licking me and I was turned on. I started to give Lorenzo oral and he started moaning.
“ Yes..isn’t this the life you wanted. We are together forever.”  He said.
I didn’t respond, I just kept sucking on him. Soon we switched positions and Lorenzo laid me on my back while Beck was playing with herself. It was getting hot and steamy. The smell of sex filled the air and moans filled the room. I didn’t even know if we were the only ones in the cave or not. At this point, I didn’t care. As Lorenzo continued to enter me, I noticed Becky smiling at me. When I looked closer her fangs were coming down and I saw her vampire teeth. As I watched her I started to get scared and I jumped up while pushing Lorenzo out from me.
“ Soriah Marie, what’s wrong?”  He panicked.
“ I’m not what she is, I can’t be what she is.” I yelled in the room.
The more I was looking at her fangs, I started to feel the same way. I could feel my fangs beginning to come out. I ran over to a mirror and looked at myself. I looked very faint and light.
“ You have no reflection in the mirror, Soriah.”  Becky said.
“ What does that mean, it’s just dark in here with some candles.” I yelled at her.
“ It means that you are a vampire like us.” She said as she walked toward me.
She touched my breasts.
“ You like that don’t you Soriah? You see you need blood right so you won’t feel so weak. But, until we are able to get blood, pleasure keeps us going.”
She tried turning me around from the mirror, but I couldn’t help but to continue to look at my fangs that were long and white.
“ They will go away once you cum. Your urge will be secured.” Lorenzo said.
Becky turned me around and lifted my leg on her shoulder and continued tasting me. She was saying,
“ You taste so fresh.”
I couldn’t help but shed tears and moan at the same time. I knew that my life as I thought it was just ended. I wouldn’t see daylight anymore.
Lorenzo started to stroke himself while he was watching Becky have me again.
“ Soriah lay down on the bed.” He said.
I did as I was told while I smiled at him and wiped away my tears.
“ Becky, continue tasting my girlfriend and I’ll have you.” He said.
Becky did as she was told and Lorenzo entered her. Her loud moan filled the air.
I started to get into the three some that I began rubbing on my breasts and touching my nipples while Becky tasted me and Lorenzo pleasured her. When I opened my eyes Lorenzo was moaning that he loved me.
Becky got up from me and Lorenzo got on top of me.
Becky stood in front of me while pleasuring herself.
“ Lorenzo.” I moaned in ecstasy
He placed my legs on his shoulder and begin pounding me so hard while he was moaning.
Becky got out a toy and started fucking herself with it.
We were all having a good time, until the guys from the party came into the room and we were all caught red handed.
“ What the hell is going on here?” The boy said.
“ What does it look like.”  Lorenzo responded.
The boy had blonde hair and blue eyes and I couldn’t wait to see what he would do. He unzipped his black pants and Becky went in for the kill. She started deep throating him so fast and hard that I started dripping wet just watching them. He took off his shirt and started grabbing her hair hard and pushing her to go deeper into him as he moaned. I couldn’t help but moan louder.
“ That’s right, Soriah.” Get that nut beautiful, the other boy said.
I thought to myself,
“ How does he know my name?”
His fangs started to come down and he bent Becky over and started to pleasure her ass. She was loving every minute of it.
My mouth started to hurt real bad from the fangs.
“ Lorenzo stop.” I said trying to get him off me.
“ Just a minute, I’m about to finish.” He said.
I was overwhelmed with emotion because I was feeling so much pleasure but was so sad at the same time.
‘ Ohhh, that’s feel so good, don’t stop fucking me.” I managed to say.
Lorenzo kept penetrating me faster and faster.
I squirted all over Becky’s bed.
When we finished having sex, Becky and the guy were still going at it like rabbits.
“ Let’s let them be alone, we need to go talk.” Lorenzo said.
We left the room and walked down a hall. In that instance, I knew that things would never be the same in my life from here on out.