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Instant Heat Conclusion

This is the end of Instant Heat. I do hope you've enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Ever had a blind date that didn't turn out as you expected? That's what happens to Alyson when her friends set her up on a date. Who knew it would turn out even better than she thought?
             No words were spoken as they moved against each other in a synchronized rhythm that was almost natural for them. Alyson could only gasp as with each thrust Drake seemed to push deeper into her, until it felt as if he was touching her womb. In response she dug her claws into his back and held on, meeting his thrusts as she silently begged for more.

            When Drake suddenly pulled out she let out a sharp cry of disappointment. That soon turned into a scream of pleasure as she was unceremoniously flipped over, raised onto her hands and knees and firmly taken from behind. Drake draped his body over her as he gripped her hips, pulling her back to meet his thrusts as a low growl of pleasure rumbled in his chest. This was the way his kind took their females. It was the way she was used to being taken.

            “What pack are you from?” he growled softly, never missing a beat as he stroked in and out of her tight body. Alyson could only whimper, the pleasure making her deaf to anything else. Sensing he wasn’t going to get an answer, he reached around and slid a hand between her legs, once again finding the small nub of flesh he had been teasing earlier and began to rub and toy with it steadily. He could feel her body tightening around him, knew that she was close. Only when they had satiated their lust would he be able to get the answers to the questions that were scrolling through his mind.

            Allowing all thought to cease, he allowed his other half’s instincts to take over, claiming the young female beneath him in such a manner that he would never be able to let her go. He felt her convulse around him, heard her cry out her pleasure and he slid his hand away to grip her hips as his movements quickened, becoming more forceful. His own release was so close he could almost taste it.

            Suddenly he felt her muscles clench down and ripple around him in such a way that it drew his climax from him without warning. He threw his head back and howled out his pleasure, his hips continuing to move against her erratically as he spilled his essence into her. After a few more thrusts he grew still, staying draped over her as they struggled to regain their breath. Finally he pulled free and moved to lie on the bed, drawing her firmly to him. As he cradled her head on his chest he recalled the questions he had and cleared his throat before speaking.

            “What pack are you from?” he asked softly, a hand idly stroking the bare damp flesh of her shoulder. He felt her hesitate then a soft sigh escaped her.

            “A nameless pack far from here; a pack that I can never return to,” she replied quietly. Though her words were matter of fact Drake could hear the note of hurt in her voice and was immediately intrigued.

            “You are an exile? Why?” he asked cautiously. There was such a long silence that he was beginning to wonder if he needed to repeat the question and he was surprised when she finally answered.

            “I…refused the claim of a suitor that my parents had picked for me. He was…not to my liking,” she finally replied with a faint grimace. That was a severe understatement. The male had been too rough and she was more than aware of his indiscretions even as he had been courting her. It was only the fact that he was the son of an alpha pair in a rival pack, a pack that hers was seeking to come to a truce with, that kept her parents from seeing the truth.

            After she had very firmly denied his attempts to claim her, her parents had promptly exiled her, with strict words of what would happen should she do so. The last she had heard her younger sister had taken her place as his mate and tension between the two packs had only increased. It was a sign that her decision had been the right one, though it still hurt her deeply to be cut off from her family. A wolf without a pack, especially a female, was considered an oddity in their society and was generally shunned outside of casual sexual flings.

            Drake was silent, processing her words. There was more to her story than she was saying and he made a note to do some digging. For now he would let it go. The questions were agitating her and as his new mate that was the last thing he wanted. Though the bond had been unexpected it was very much welcome and he tugged her closer, kissing the top of her hair as he felt her relax against him.

            “So…what do we do now?” her question caught him off guard and he frowned slightly. Was she afraid that he was going to throw her out?

            “What do you mean?” he finally asked. She raised her head slightly to meet his and he could see the fear in the depths of her eyes.

            “I mean the bond…it was unexpected. It…doesn’t have to mean anything,” she finally whispered. Drake’s eyes flashed as he tensed.

            “Are you saying that you don’t want it to mean anything?” he growled, irritated. He watched her eyes widen as she realized how her words had sounded and quickly shook her head.

            “No! I…I want it. I’m so tired of being alone,” she replied softly, her eyes earnest. His expression softened.

            “I admit it might be…unconventional, but I’m glad it happened,” he replied equally as quietly.

            “So as I said, what do we do? I’m sure your pack won’t exactly be too thrilled about this,” she prodded. He tugged her closer as he fixed his gaze on hers and she could see the wolf within peering out at her as he spoke.

            “It doesn’t matter if they are or not. I am the leader and if they have a problem with it they can leave,” he said firmly.

“Though I’m sure many will be happy. They’ve been nagging at me about mating and having pups for years now,” he added as a wry smile tugged at his lips. Alyson laughed softly as she snuggled closer to him.

“So…when do I get to see your real residence,” she asked as she began to trace a light pattern on his chest. He growled as he pulled her on top of him, his hands beginning to roam her body again.

“Sometime tomorrow,” he replied before claiming her lips in a kiss again. Alyson allowed her consciousness to slip away as passion began to stir within her again. She would worry about the future tomorrow. Tonight it was all about them, about exploring their bond. Tomorrow they would face the day together, united as lovers and as mates in a bond would span the rest of their lives.

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Twin Desires Pt 7

Today is the conclusion of Part 1 of Twin Desires.  Katrinna and her twin's story will continue.  Stay tuned for  updates.  Meanwhile, we left off with Justin shaken from Katrinna's close brush with death. 

Chapter Seven
Macie Snow


                Justin pulls me to my feet as we look across the river, to see the gypsies rushing across downstream at a shallow bend in the river. I gulp thinking of how close I had been to being slammed against the rocks at high speed.

                Conroy was clutching his arm to his chest as the group ran to us, away from the Death raptor. The giant bird launches itself up, and begins to circle above us, screeching and waiting for an opening.

                “Bloody bird got me,” Conroy pants as the group stops in front of us. He quickly shows us his arm before holding it against his chest again. I wince upon seeing a huge, bloody gash across his forearm.

                “We need to bandage that,” I say, looking around for Zypher, and my saddlebags.

                “I’ve been through worse miss, but I appreciate the concern,” Conroy smiles, nodding to me. “Right now our biggest concern is that bird.”
                Justin turns to me and stares intently into my eyes. “Are you okay Katrinna?”

                I nod and smile. “I’m fine Justin.”

                “Good,” he gently brushes my wet hair back from my face before turning to the gypsies. “I have a plan.”

                The gypsies huddle around Justin while he tells them his plan, and I stare across the river, trying to think of a way to Zypher without exposing myself to the Death raptor.

                “Does everyone understand?” Justin asks, drawing my attention to the group.

                The gypsies nod, grim looks on their faces.

                “Okay then, let’s go,” Justin says, standing. He produces a shrill whistle, while the gypsies produce similar sounds, and the horses all come trotting up. Justin grabs Flinn’s reins and checks her saddle while the gypsies mount their horses. I run over to Justin and grab his arm.

                “What are you doing?” I ask as panic slowly working its way to my heart.

                “We are going to kill the Death raptor. Stay here,” Justin demands, mounting Flinn.

                “We shall dispatch of it quickly, do not fret,” Raldyn says softly, smiling at me. I frown and look to Justin.

                “Promise?” I whisper, grasping his leg. “Promise you won’t go and die on me?”

                Justin chuckles. “I won’t,” he looks up at the gypsies. “Everyone clear on their roles?”

                The gypsies all nod solemnly.

                “Good. Then let’s go,” Justin says.

                They all flick their reins quickly, causing the horses to leap forward. I watch numbly, uselessly as the Death raptor screeches and dives toward Ajax, who ducks and swings his sword at the giant bird’s foot. The bird cries out angrily and swoops up, circling before it dived again, this time aimed toward Justin.  The group scatters, each rider rushing in a different direction. The bird pauses, confused, before it continues to Justin.

                I open my mouth to scream out a warning, but no sound escapes my throat as terror grips me.

                The bird reaches its bloody toward Justin, and at the last minute Justin leaps from Flinn’s back and rolls before finding his footing in the shallow water. I blink slowly, watching as he draws his broadsword, specially ordered by Father specifically for Justin’s talents, and braces himself for the coming onslaught. Volos whistles loudly, drawing the bird’s attention, as Raldyn pulls out a bow and shoots an arrow directly into the bird’s right eye. The bird screeches, flailing to remove the foreign object from its eye as it quickly looses altitude.

                Ajax, Volos, and Conroy all lead their horses close to Justin before they in turn leap off, finding purchase in the shallow water. The Death raptor crashes loudly into the river, splashing water everywhere. Raldyn continues to shoot arrows at the massive bird as Justin, Volos, Ajax, and Conroy shout as they rush the bird. They all converge on it at once and immediately begin hacking away at it. The bird cries out and flails desperately for escape, but its feathers are drenched and it cannot take flight.

                I lift my fist to my mouth, stifling a plea for them to spare the bird as I watch it brutally murdered. After what seems like eons, the bird utters a soft, desperate cry before it collapses in the river. Blood and black ooze flow down the river as Justin and the gypsies stand still, panting to catch their breath.

                Ralydn lets out a joyous laugh. “We did it!”

                Conroy releases a sigh of relief and Ajax smiles hesitantly.

                “We must burn the corpse,” Volos states flatly.

                I frown, but Justin nods and gestures for everyone to drag the bird out of the river. They drag it to the opposite bank and I nervously look for a way across, hesitant to get back into the water that nearly stole my life. I watch as Raldyn starts building a fire around the massive corpse. Justin walks to Flinn and pulls flint out of her saddle. He walks over to the carcass and lights the dry wood. The fire quickly flares to life, slowly engulfing the bird. Justin looks around, and upon spotting me on the opposite bank, gestures me over.

                I shake my head as tears of frustration well up in my eyes. I couldn’t make myself do it. I couldn’t get back in the river. A look of realization crosses Justin’s face and he walks toward Zypher. Grabbing the black stallion’s reins he leads the horse across the river and stops in front of me.

                “Are you okay Katrinna?” he asks letting go of Zypher’s reins. The stallion walks to the edge of the forest and starts grazing.

                I shake my head furiously, a knot in my throat preventing speech as my tears overflow.

                A look of shock appears on Justin’s face and he reaches toward me but lowers his hand before actually touching me.

                “What am I going to do Justin? How could I ever save Katrinna when I can’t even cross a river? I’m beyond useless, and I’d just as soon save Katrinna as I would shove you off a cliff. I don’t deserve to be a princess, I could never be queen, could never rule. What am I supposed to do?” I wail, launching myself at Justin.

                Justin wraps his arms around me, gently embracing me. “Oh Katrinna, you’ll do just great. You ran after her without any regard for yourself. You put her safety above your own and you’re following your heart. You’ll be a fantastic queen.” He murmurs, gently kissing the top of my head.

                I shake my head, breathing in his scent. “No I won’t. Adrinna would. She will. I won’t ever be a queen. I’m not good enough. I’m too reckless. And I don’t follow my heart, I deny it because it wants to break the rules. A queen wouldn’t want to break the rules! I’m not a queen! I can never be, because I love you!” I sob into his chest.

                Justin hesitates before gently lifting my chin, forcing my to look into his eyes. “I love you too Katrinna, and I will help you be a good queen, because you will be. You’ll be the best queen this land has ever had.”

                My heart leaps to my throat. “You love me?”

                Justin nods, his lime green eyes sparkling. “And I won’t ever leave you.”

                I laugh and clutch him closer. “I’ll hold you to that.”

                “Good, now let’s go. We have to save your sister,” Justin says, lifting me onto Zypher’s saddle.

                I chuckle and clutch the saddle horn as Justin leads Zypher back across the river. We rejoin the gypsies, who had heard none of our conversation, but who looked at my tear stained face questioningly, and watch the Death raptor burn, trailing light purple smoke into the dusk sky.

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Rebirth: Siam's Story

Today is final installment of Siam's story.  I hope you've been enjoying it.  The revised edition of this story will be potentially appearing in an ebook soon, with all the sweet, loving, juicy, and kinky scenes not shown here.  It was a blast to write!  I'm really stoked for October's story,  Don't miss it!

Ben Hannigan

Dear Diary,

Looking back writing this diary has helped, I guess.  Though I have kept a diary as a matter of course throughout my years, I am rehashing the events that led to my current life. I’m tired of facing it but at the same time avoiding talking about it.

My father didn’t retire gracefully from my life after being served with papers and a restraining order. I had stopped training as hard and was as I already said, enjoying the new aspects of my relationship. We were happy, but it wasn’t to last. The question is Diary, do I explain the damage done before the why?  I suppose I should really. None of us died, but in a way I died and was reborn in some ways. I start my days now being lifted out of my bed by Laura and am carried to the shower where she helps me bathe and dress, I crawl, dragging my useless legs behind me to the stairs and crawl slowly with each agonizing movement, Laura watching as I push myself never allowing her to help. I have had to move in with my love full time because thanks to Daddy Dearest, I can’t live alone. Once I get down those twelve steps I allow myself to rest and take my painkillers before I am lifted into the device that I spend the rest of the day in.

I am strapped into the chair with a harness and am setup to go to work, Laura eats but I don’t, until I have digested the drugs, it isn’t safe for me to eat. I roll out to the truck and I’m hoisted in by my lover. I can still drive though have the clutch and the gas as hand pedals on the wheel. I do love driving, I am still mobile and free in the car or on the Trike. But I am getting ahead of myself here aren’t I?  I should probably explain exactly what it is that has left me a useless mewling cripple dependant on my lover.

 I have been like this for close to a decade now. I am thirty six and my father took from me many things. Ben and the girls still love me, still want me, though since they are raising their brood of kids so we don’t often find the time to play as often anymore. They all try to reassure me that I am still worth their time, but I have been robbed of many experiences by what happened. I wanted to bear Laura children, either through a donation or through the science of creating “sperm” using her DNA but I can’t. The birth would kill me and I can hardly raise them now thanks to this fucking thing, this titanium prison that I use to move, that I am strapped into, that is now as much me as my arm or my slit.

Basically what happened was as follows;  after my breakdown we carried on and moved on with our lives;  working, sharing and loving each other. I had been with Laura three years and we made a decision. We travelled together to the city of fallen Angels, “Sin City” and wedded. Ben was Laura’s best man, her in a flattering morning suit looking fucking stunning and me the blushing bride in white. We stood in a chapel owned by a friend and were married. Strangely for Vegas it wasn’t a tacky kitsch wedding, it was a proper service, I attended by my two bridesmaids, my childhood friends. The littlest girl of the HDI family was my flower girl, the three year old girl manning the foam dart belt fed grown into a talkative six year old dressed in a gown to match mine, her brother bearing the rings for us and Rabbit stood or slumped next to the two of them in a suit to match Laura’s tailored by me.

The whole company was there along with Lucy, Sophie, and Ben’s parents. people I knew well from childhood who stood in for me as my parents when it got too bad at home and the three dads even jokingly played rock paper scissors for the right to walk me down the aisle. We had timed the wedding for the week after the trade show for the firearms industry so that all of us could be there. It was beautiful! A few old hymns were sang and there was just a huge outpouring of love. We signed the certificate that set up our civil partnership and had one hell of a party in a private room at a hotel on the strip including a midnight roller coaster ride in our glad rags. We left the group at the airport as they flew home. Laura and I flew to Italy for a week long honeymoon of. Laughter, sex, museums, galleries, more sex and trips to the Ducati museum and the Beretta factory, we were accompanied by “Rabbit” as he was ordered to keep us safe. I hugged the children, laughing at this and my Bride ruffled their hair and solemnly promised to let him look after us.

We arrived back home re-energised and ready to work again, chasing up the contacts that we had made at SHOT and from the factory trip.  We returned home and spent the first three days at Laura’s place as a couple and debated breaking my lease. I had kind of decided to ask about moving in with my partner and when she asked me too I was elated. While she dealt with the legal stuff like changing my name on the paperwork for my licenses I returned to my place to pack up and move over.

I returned to a scene from hell, the front door was ajar and that was the first sign that I should have paid more attention to. My landlord had popped in to fix the plumbing,  so I assumed that he was there. So I just stepped in. I crossed the threshold and the world went black. I felt a thud across the back of my head and my legs buckled as a bag was thrown over my head. Gasping for air I screamed silently unable to stop myself from crying out, but I couldn’t get enough into my lungs to make the noise to alert anyone as the combination of being gagged and choked relentlessly continued. I blacked out I think and I found myself naked chained to a chair in a basement. I didn’t know where I was. All I had on was my ring and the bracelet I had received as my wedding gift from Laura. The blinking light that shimmered in the half-light comforting because it meant I would be found eventually.

I looked up into a closed fist and felt my nose explode. It was Stephan and my father, the boy beating me and my father watching impassively. I willed myself to stay silent as he watched. “Enough!” he grunted and the man-child I was apparently to be owned by, stopped.

Siam, you are worthless to me to the Lord now. Useless a fucking dyke. I’m fucking ashamed, my own daughter my flesh and blood a fucking dyke slag bound for hell.”

I sat and ignored the abuse; the light blinking and my only focus being that light. I retreated into my head to escape the abuse. I was punch-drunk and wrecked. All I could see was that steady blink as I lost any idea of time. It must have been a day or two because they changed clothes and shaved. Abused for being a whore and worthless, my father explained slowly what he was going to do. Since I was soiled and no longer of use to him as a bribe he reasoned, he could let the boy have his fun then ruin me.

He had found the details of my wedding because of the fact that the parents of my school friends were there. He was taunting me telling me Laura was next and that I would suffer.  He was angry to the point of insanity and I was raped under his watchful eye, being taught my place and taught what he believed a woman was good for and should rave. It hurt diary it had none of the love or the passion that sex with my lovers had, it was hate, it was pain it was pure unadulterated evil.


I found later that the first night my wife assumed that I had fallen asleep at my flat amid boxes and didn’t worry, but when I didn’t appear at work the next morning she began to panic. They went to the flat worried that I had fallen and hurt myself, and went together with a medical bag ready for the worst. They found the flat torn apart, my room trashed and the door ajar, they found blood on the carpet and the words “WHORE, DYKE, HELL BOUND BITCH” burned into the walls. Laura was hyperventilating, now collapsed and attended to by the girls and Ben stood and phoned for help. Squad cars screamed into the lot and a steady stream of police streamed up the stairs into the flat, taking pictures, reviewing the damage The Lieutenant who supported me during the hearing for the restraining order, laying a hand on Laura’s shoulder comforting her as he radioed my description and a description of my father to the surrounding area.

Talking through her tears and shaking shoulders, fighting with her emotions to try and speak, trying to force the words past her lips between the mournful sobbing, Laura managed to get out two words she repeated over and over throughout the first twenty hours of brainstorming where I could have been taken, “jewellery, tag”, most ignored it as it didn’t make sense but then Sophie whistled harshly and said “Of course, how could we miss that!”

The Lieutenant asked confused “Miss what?”

Sophie explained whilst punching data into her tablet with one hand whilst stroking my love’s back with the other, “She wears a bracelet with a transponder chip in it; she is testing the long term effectiveness of the device. It is her login to the company system and also a tracking device when activated.” Handing the officer the tablet she had located me and had both, an address, an approximate location and the floor plan of the building. Looking worried the officer read the vitals report, “Subject is under stress, very tired, pulse fading in and out, likelihood of extreme stress, terror, potentially seriously injured.”

He radioed in for a recovery team and told my friends, my family “It will take 12 hours for us to be able to hit the place.” In response my family reacted angrily and walked away from my desecrated home to the truck they travelled down in, emblazoned with company decals and insignia. Opening the boot, they pulled out the bug out bags that they all carried. Donning heavy body armour, loading a mixture of smgs, automatic rifles and a door breaching shotgun, the three equipment designers appeared to be a well-equipped assault team. They fixed him with a glare and said as a group “Either get kitted up and come with us or stay out of our fucking way.”

He argued and protested that they didn’t have the training or the expertise until Ben said icily “I am the head instructor for HDI. I am also a man who has served in combat as a member of a Marine Recon team. I was injured in combat and left the service as medically unable to serve due to being hit with an IED, whilst the girls went to university working for the company, I am two years older than” he indicated Lucy and Sophie “I know exactly what I am doing, so put up or shut up.” He racked his breaching shotgun and walked to the truck, grinning as he saw the officer grabbing armour and a carbine.

Laura drove, with Sophie navigating; driving like a bat out of hell swearing as she followed the directions she was given. She stopped a block from the target. It was a rundown house surrounded by weeds.  It was in an area of the city full of crack dens and meth ops. With houses available and no questions asked.


“Fuck playing nice this is going to end violently.” Laura said as she withdrew four canisters from a locked box in the truck, they were squat black and marked “tear gas for law enforcement use only.” The Lieutenant muttered “I should report that” quailing under the glare of a pissed off bear of a man, he shut up. They stepped out of the truck walking to the house.  Rather than knocking, Laura shot through the downstairs windows and followed up with two of the canisters, reaching into her pouch for a small respirator she put hers on and waited for the rest of the team to act similarly.

Ben breached the door blasting the lock and they pushed in, sweeping the two floors they found nothing but Stephan curled up in a ball vomiting. The officer cuffed him and watched as Laura placed her boot on his throat and placed the gun on his temple, she calmly breathed and was about to fire when the officer realised what was going on. Pushing her away he called for a car to pick up the prisoner. “This has to be done by the book I won’t watch you murder him cuffed in cold blood.”

“The term officer is executed. He kidnapped my wife and probably raped her.  He doesn’t deserve to live. ” She kicked the man who was to be my husband so long ago until he blacked out and then carried on only stopping when she was dragged off by the two officers sent to retrieve him.  Whether they were protecting him or helping restrain him by removing him to the waiting van,  no one was quite sure.

Laura heard a howl of pain and a maniacal laugh from behind the basement door and kicked it open. She found me half dead from pain and blood loss, tied to a table naked, my father grinning as he hammered at my spine driving a series of spikes into me. “See if your slut wants you now. Bitch, you won’t ever walk again.  If I put this last one in, you won’t be able to wipe your arse alone you Jezebel bitch.” He laughed as he held it about to strike one last time and Laura dove through the entrance way.

I moaned burbling through blood in my mouth “Thank god, I knew you’d come but I was losing hope. He told me you knew I was here and didn’t care, I’m sorry.” I vomited blood onto the floor and moaned “He told me I deserve this, my father knows what’s best, he must be right.”

Laura grunted in rage dropping the guns.  This was violence on the same brutal animal level I had fought Ben with.  She hit my father like a freight train, punching him, ignoring the blow from the lump hammer as if it was a pillow hit from one of the fights we had with our nieces and nephews. She smashed him into the wall and I watched as she choked him. I was still mumbling that I deserve this that I was damaged, spoiled goods. The officers who followed my wife down the stairs, vomiting from the stench of blood, sweat and pain. Lucy screamed for an ambulance and the thwack of my fathers head hitting the wall, Ben and Sophie watched, feral grins on their faces, anger in their stance, at the man who dared hurt me, watching my lover beat him, intent on letting her kill him.

I whimpered as the spasms from my breathing shook my body. “Please stop her, she can’t kill for me. I’m not worth it.” They watched, waiting for the paramedics and turned.  “She will hate me if she kills for me.  Please, please, stop the pain, I need my Laura I can’t see her go to prison.” Laura blinked, staring at the unconscious torturer and shook. She sobbed as she saw what had been done to me. Semen, sweat tears and blood soaking my body as the paramedics worked to move me gently.

 I blacked out there with Laura stroking my hair telling me everything was going to be OK.

I woke up about two days later. Well, at least I think it was two days.  I can’t be sure.  I woke to what felt like fire coursing through my veins and I screamed, but couldn’t be heard. I fought, I flailed the mask constricting my breathing. I was panicking as I woke Diary, that’s what I remember burned into my brain, sheer animal terror, unable to move from the blankets pinning me down. My angel was there then. I felt water cooling my burning throat and she pressed the button that I couldn’t reach, and I felt that blissful moment, the push of the cold ice trickle of morphine through me extinguishing the fire.

I cried and cried, “I can’t feel my legs. Laura what’s happened? I can’t move my legs.” I shivered, sobbing and she held me close to her breast “I know kitten, I know, gods I’m sorry.”

She just held me right from that moment to the point where I was released.  Throughout the physio, the measuring for my wheelchair, she was there through it all. She took me home and still loved me.

I was weak and dependant on her; she took me home and changed my bandages.  When I was ready I came home. I was weak, she changed my bandages, bathed me, cared for me. I worked from home sketching from the sofa or the bed. I spent my days sobbing in pain. I spent six months and she loved me, kissed me goodnight, but I was terrified because she didn’t come to me as a lover. For someone like me that was a warning of a fate worse than death.

Mustering up my courage one evening, I was scared, frustrated and lost, I saw only one option, I needed this needed to feel something more than my own five minute fumble of frustration, I found my target and knew what I had to do,  I crawled across the two foot between us in the bed of a night, the two foot that felt like an impassable chasm, I had achieved closure of a sort, this is what I did to move on, the night of my rebirth I suppose Diary.  

I had faced my father and his co-conspirators as I watched them be attacked by a judge who condemned the fact that he could not call for the death penalty for the sins committed against me, all the while my father claiming his religion allowed this, that I was chattel, property to be traded or gifted at his whim. I watched; mute as he was given life without exception. My mother condemned to a psychiatric ward for her crimes against me, Stephan also was sentenced to life. He like my father convinced that he was morally justified in his actions.

The night after I watched this ending, this promise of protection, whilst Laura slept, I steadied my nerves with a drink from the bottle by the bed and I dressed slowly in the outfit I wore the first time she made love to me and I crossed that chasm, it took me about an hour to do this. Each inch paid for in sweat and silent tears, but I was by her side. I woke her gently with a kiss and I waited for her to look into my eyes “My Laura, my love, can you please? Can we? I mean, I want, I need” I mumbled and she waited, for me to finish.

“What is it my darling, you need the loo? Or meds?” My lover turned nurse asked me, concerned.

I died a little inside that that was her first thought, but then remembered what she taught me. I am the mistress of my own sexuality and I can ask. It isn’t wrong to vocalize desires. “I want to be your lover. I want to feel you, know your body again. I want you to take me.” I moaned with frustration, my legs spread as I straddled her leg, draped over her moving my legs apart with my arm. She could feel my wet centre through my knickers “Please my Laura, make me yours again, gods please, just fuck me. Make me feel.”

She looked at me in shock and bit her lip as I slid myself down her leg a little using the movement to put pressure on my sex because I needed the contact. “Gods baby” I whimpered with need and bit her earlobe gently.”

She moaned into the contact and kissed me hard, deep and fast “I was sure you wouldn’t want to be touched again.” she sighed into my embrace and kissed my neck, her hands sliding up my top caressing my bare breasts.

“And I was sure you wouldn’t want me.” I replied, sighing happily into the contact, her fingertips toying with my nipples as I shuddered happily.” She pushed me to the bed and took control. In seconds I was nude and she was inside me, two fingers deep, fast, rough, scratching, biting. She was throwing me around the bed easily now, I was smaller, lighter than before. She had to move me at times, my legs not responding, but my core was as I leaked onto the sheets. She sucked each nipple as she threw me around, it was sloppy uncontrolled, not coordinated, but it was sex. I felt desired as she ate me, consuming me I was hers again. Her forcing my head down into her crotch and I sucked her dry. I sucked and licked her, her arousal like nectar to me. I needed it, needed this, biting down on her clit as she bit mine, my tongue probing her arse as she fucked me with a toy.  I couldn’t move to fuck her, to thrust into her but we managed, She rode me, the dildo in me and her sliding up and down on it, we managed. We shook the cobwebs out and no mistake. My orgasm hitting me as hers hit and I lost all control.

I shook and shook, moaning, losing myself in this ball of fire, this desire exploding, going from my centre across my chest down each arm escaping in this undulating wail of happiness. This ball of lust escaping as I yowled, cried, begged and shook. Hers subsided before mine even reached its peak. She grinned laughing, knowing that unlike her, I hadn’t really been able to touch my core myself since before the rebirth. I was losing myself in it, soaking the sheets as I leaked come and came and came and came. Losing my mind it was so good. I lay my head nestled between her breasts as I tried to feed eagerly at her nipple, her hands bringing me higher and higher and higher, pushing through each orgasm with a gasp, she didn’t give me time to catch a breath. The orgasms blurred into one long orgasm as she drove me further and deeper. I lost myself in the pleasure, in the fire pulsing through my body. She was happily holing me without demanding anything, four fingers buried in my eager sopping cunt as I came and came. She felt her nipple slip from my eager mouth and my breath hitch and my moans stop, my last coherent memory Diary was losing all control and laying on my lover’s cunt, One final orgasm pushed me over the edge, I did something I never ever thought I would do, her mouth on my neck as she stroked me, I was her doll at this point could barely even moan I was so deeply lost in my orgasms, I cried out “Laura” with a throat hoarse from screaming and I lost all control,  emptied my bladder, the warm liquid almost indistinguishable from the come leaking from me. Laura giggled musically and the last I remember from that night was a murmured, “Hmmm water sports, maybe we should explore that later.” I was unconscious sleeping in her arms, this contented cat, a cat that had her own dairy of cream.

I woke being held by her and was kissed awake.  A kiss that seemed to shake my world, curling my toes,. Well it would have if I could move them. As I was carried to the shower and pinned in place I had my box ravished by her tongue. I was hers again and at that point I think my healing truly happened. I was a sexual being again. My Laura helped me dress sexily again, helped me love her, helped me take her, make love to her, helped Ben ravish me and fill me.

I was hers again. “I mumbled loving nothings each evening, still borrowed her during meetings to ravish and devourer her. When we walked into work that morning, the morning after I exploded into nothingness in her armed, everyone knew I was back, I was me again. The sex was more than an earth shattering orgasm, it was a symbol. It was the fact I wasn’t a burden, was wanted, and was loved.

Diary, I was allowed to be happy, to be loved and wanted, even though I was crippled and half wasted, I was wanted. I didn’t define myself by what I couldn’t do, I defined myself by my lovers view of me. Regardless of the scars, I was sexy to her, I was wanted by her. I embraced the chair, embraced my form, and built myself a new life, doing everything I enjoyed. Sure, we had to modify things but I was shown by my Laura that I could still be me. I designed clothes, holsters and equipment for the able bodied and disabled audience and concealed weapons in the chair that left the rest of the team green with envy. I was accepted and wanted.

I am still angry Diary, that he took my chance to bear a child away but I spoil my nieces, nephews and the children of the HDI family. I became a big sister, an aunt, a cousin, playing with them, giving rides in the chair and showing them that your identity does not have to be limited by what your physical nature is but you are only limited by your desire to try.

Diary, I am loved, wanted, supported, desired and happy!


Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Game Part 2

Last Thursday we introduced a new author to the group, BAMonster.  This week is the second part to her first contribution,  The Game.  Please leave your comments and let us know what you think!

The Game Pt 2
Bomb or be Bombed

                Again and again pairs went in and either died or disappeared. Right as the twelfth group finished, the god smiled and pointed at me. Gulping, I felt myself float and the next thing I knew I was in the opening ready to run. ‘Oh God. I'm scared. Please god let me make it out of here alive.’ I prayed this over and over again.

                The man whom I was to run against had a mask like the one I had been standing with earlier, though that man had lost and went up in a red smoke. This mask was different. It covered the eyes and allowed his mouth to be seen. His silver teeth shown and I shivered at what he could do. This man looked like a cold –blooded killer.

                When the god said go, I slowly walked out waiting for the maze to change at any moment. I was about twenty meters when I saw the masked man though the other side of the glass. I jumped when he tapped on the glass to get my attention.

                He smiled then reached into his jacket. I tilted my head at this and started to back up. Before I could find my footing, I saw that the man had started to take something out of a ball.  Once that was done, he tossed it over the wall towards me. Startled, I stood still and watched as it rolled towards me. With its weird shape and the happy smile from the man from across the glass, I turned on my heels and sprinted away from the ball. Just as I started to turn, an explosion threw me forward, slamming me into a wall.  As quickly as my legs could go, I picked myself up and turned to face the mess. Glass fell everywhere and I could feel the edges slice into my bare legs, feet, and arms. Through the smoke, the masked man chuckled and crunched the ground as he advanced closer to me. Bursting with fear and adrenalin at facing my death, I crept to the left to try and find my escape. Though shards on the ground sliced into my feet, I kept my eyes on him and stepped lightly. His eyes saw and he grinned, thinking I was going to run.

                Do I? I asked myself. Or do I fight? I looked at the man again, thinking of a plan. If only I could get a bomb like he had before, then I might have an advantage.

                Making up my mind I decided to charge at him. Slippery with blood and glass underneath me it was slightly difficult, but I was able to shove him back some. Though, not enough. I thought to myself. Lashing out my leg, I aimed for his mask trying to cause some kind of damage. Turning, I aimed with my other leg with a pinwheel motion. He dodged and backed up, trying to not let me touch his mask. Stopping mid-way after a kick, I slammed my foot flat on to his chest pushing him over a half broken wall. Gritting his teeth, he lifted his knees and flipped himself backwards and tried to land on his feet but with the back of his legs hurt it was difficult. Rocking back and forth on my feet, I tried to mimic the pony-tail girl's movements when she had bounced.

                I watched the man as he settled into a comfortable position; he reached into his jacket again.  Thinking he was going to pull another ball with a pin; I jerked down, grabbed a few pieces of glass and chucked them at his reaching hand. Only it missed and hit him center below the collar bone. Gasping, I huffed which raised my temper. I missed! Damn it! I missed. Slinging more shards out of my hand, I aimed to stop the man from reaching any further with his hand.

                Grunting, the man had barely any time to reach up with his other hand to take out the first piece of glass when three more came at him. Slicing his cheek, I throw more glass pieces, wedging into his shoulder and his other leg.

                “Fuck it girl. Stop you prissy aiming!” he shouted at me. I gave up throwing and decided to cut him directly. Running towards him, I jumped the broken wall and narrowed the distance between us. Coming in low, I slapped his hands away and aimed for his chest. Over and over again, I stabbed. I just want to leave. I kept telling myself. Leave and live. After a couple of times I started to push harder into his body with the glass knife. Feeling the man's hand punch on me and pull my hair, just attempting to get me away from him and to make the stabbing stop.

                After what seemed like the hundredth stab I backed away and let the man fall amid the  scattered broken glass on the ground. I thought he was trying to hold the cut up chest of his, but I was wrong.  He dug into his jacket once more and pulled the pin, making the ticking start. Smiling, he fell to the floor bleeding, his eyes blank. Running up to grab the now ticking weapon I searched around to find the best choice for it. Even though I wanted the thing, I didn't know what to do with it.

                “Throw it high in the air, Lass!” I heard a rough accented voice yell at me from the center of the maze. Without thinking of disobeying, I did as he asked and shucked the ball in the air as far as I could then bolted in the other direction. I turned corners trying to find the exit, when I heard screams and running feet from the start of the maze then the large bang happened again, only this one was larger.

                Breathing heavy from running around with no sense of direction I stopped and looked back at the smoke seeping into the air at a fast rate. Coughing, I turned and tried to locate my escape route. Before I could get any farther, I felt myself rise up again and I appeared in front of the god.

                “Lovely job, girl.” He smirked as I watched people smoke up into red puffs all around us. Cringing I lowered my head. Aw crap. I could feel the impending doom rise upon me. “Since, it seems that none of you, actually want to race within my maze then lets just head off and let you kill each other off like boring gladiators.” He huffed like the idea wasn't fun at all. Waving his hands the maze was replaced by a glass dome that was empty except for the people inside.

                The ones left were the two skirt men, the pig-tail girl and some man in a white monk’s robe. I looked around and saw that everyone had somehow been ready to fight before they died because most were decked out in fighting gear. The skirt brothers had large swords that were almost the size of themselves plus daggers on their sides. The monk had a long spear and the girl had metal strings wrapped around her wrists and waist. Me on the other hand, was left in a pale pink sleeveless night gown with no protection at all, no weapons but my smooth hands. As I looked down at my hands, I noticed that they were not bleeding from gripping the glass earlier. As a matter of fact, I did not have any cuts on me at all from before. Not even my feet, which I checked. With this, I looked up confused to find the god in front of me.

My Choice

                “Now my dear, you get to go first.” I just gaped at him. I just got done fighting and you want be to go back and fight these warriors? I wasn't made for fighting!”  Sagging, I waited until he pointed to one of the skirt brothers, the nicer looking, without the scar.

                “State your name.” He told the man.

                “Niall Tromchuiseach of Clan Neil.” All I understood from his thick speech was that he was named Neal or Niall. But which ever, it didn't matter because I was going to die.

                “Your name girl.” The god smirked. Sighing, I reached up and grabbed a strand of my hair and started to tug on it.

                “Willow Regina Post.” I didn't look at him as I told the two men. They would be the last to know my name.

                “Alright then! Niall and Willow fight!” I just stood there when the god threw down his arm. I had already given up. I had no chance in the world to win this. Maybe I could with the small girl, but not with these trained men.

                As I waited, I saw that the man didn't move either. Well toward me, he didn't; though when he reached for his weapon, I flinched. Bringing up as much courage as I had,  I opened my mouth and pleaded to him.

                “Make this as painless as possible please. Quick and clean! That is all I ask.” He looked at me confused as he shoved his sword into the ground and crossed his arms.

                “ I will no' do that.” He told me as I could feel deep dread fall upon me.

                I'm going to be slaughtered.

                “Trick god,” the man started again, “I will no' kill a defenseless female.” The god raised his hand to stop him from speaking.

                “Are you saying you forfeit or are you saying to give her a weapon?”

                The question shook me. Was this large man actually willing to not hurt me, surely not? He just felt that the fight wasn't fair. That had to be it.

                “No, Brother do no' do this! One of us needs to live. Don't throw ye life away with no' a fight” This came from the other skirted man. The voice was that of the one that yelled to me inside the maze. Turning my eyes to him his stone-face seemed to be breaking.

                “But she is just a wee lass!” Nail shouted to him as he pointed to me. “She has yet to live a life.”

                How could they be like this? They don't know me. These men don't know what I was raised to be. Why these strangers would be fighting like this, over something so important’. From the decision I had been fighting at from the start of this game; I finally felt like the answer was within reach. ‘I should never have asked for a second chance at life. If that was the end and it wouldn't have killed any more people than me, then that's what I should have done; just me and no more.

                I blanked out at the brother's fight as the god got annoyed and yelled for them to stop.

                “Well” The god growled angrily. “What is it?” He turned to me and I knew I had the final say. “Girl, what is your choice?” The men stared at me both throwing mixed signals so I tried not to focus too much on them.

                “I'll forfeit.” I told them softly.

                “What? Speak louder.” The Trickster ordered.

                “I Forfeit.” I told them strongly.

                “What a waste of time.” The god mumbled as he pouted. His hand went up but just as it made a sound the stone-face man who said not to threw his dagger at my feet.

                “Take it...You’ll need it.” Nodding I quickly picked it up and held it to my chest.  Then with the feeling of blackness, I floated away.

                I won't beg for a second chance. I'll make my own.’ I told myself.

                The dirt started to fly at my closed eyes and I felt it hard to breathe through my nose with all the dust filling the air. Opening my eyes, I looked down to find the dagger closed within my tight grip.                 Once I get out of this, I'll find that stoned-faced man in the skirt and thank him. Even if I have to go to hell to find him; I will tell him his knife was not given in vain.

The End

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Faere Warrior: Passion's Price Conclusion

Fate and Karma are mere children compared to Fae sense of justice.  Meted out in rations against humans, or anyone that dares to interfere with their master plan, cruelty was first learned at the hand of the Fae by human kind.  The Great agreement was not made to protect humans, but insure their eventual victory.
Faere Warrior: Passion's Price
Ellie Mack
Chapter 9

            Queen Aeswitha stood to announce her final decision.  It had taken 20 minutes of deliberation by the council to come to a unanimous decision.  Twenty minutes in Faery, translated to weeks in the human realm.

“The creature mormo, known as Siann shall be cast in prison, and questioned for any information we may obtain pertaining to Prince Brogann.”  She banged her scepter on the marble tile.

“As to the Guardian of the clan McIntyre, Keegan Alistaire McIntyre, currently at warrior status, shall be administered a half dose of elixir to preserve his life.  If however, he turns to our dark Fae brethren as a result of the poisoning, he shall be hunted and killed with the Spear of Luhn.”  She banged her scepter once more.

“Guards shall be doubled at our prison, and wards shall be increased to hold Prince Brogann.  He remains within bodily.”  She hesitated, choosing not to speak any further information about his condition, then tapped her scepter.

“Finally, the slayer known as Selena Mubarak shall be stripped of the cuffs, which are the cuffs of Nuada, first king to our race, conqueror of the Firbolg. She shall be destroyed by the spear of Luhn, bound by blood runes to Prince Brogann as wife and concubine; as such guilty of treason to the Fae High court.”  She tapped her scepter once more.  “The cuffs shall be brought to Faery, and remain in the treasury until the time when our contract ends.”

“These edicts shall be executed this day.”

            The Queen sat in a slump.  It took a lot of her magic to make edicts.  By the power of her title every word she spoke while holding the scepter came to pass.  Leevander stepped forward, kissing his mother’s hand before he saw her laws carried out.



                         *                                *                                  *                                  *



            Siann was taken to the lower levels of the prison, those reserved for the lower caste Unseelie.   The guards questioned, extracting every bit of information they could before destroying the miserable wretched creature.  Siann had served Prince Brogann for twelve centuries, before that she had served King Vortigen.

            It was uncertain if they could have saved her, but the Seelie had little use for the grotesque castes of Unseelie.  With a perverse pleasure at seeing her torture, the Seelie Fae showed themselves to be no better than their darker brethren.  In many instances they were often more cruel. The guards laughed, watching as the pitiful creature writhed in agony for hours until death finally came.

            Leevander’s servant women were tending Keegan when the Queen’s aid arrived.    Their constant touching, bathing, caressing, and kissing; hoping that he would awaken so they could be pleasured by him, was brought to a swift halt. Examining the puncture wounds on his leg, the elder Fae made an incision, knowing that no scar would remain after the administration of the elixir.  Keegan was treated roughly, as a tool that had malfunctioned and could be easily replaced.  It was more expedient to fix the broken one than to replace it, luckily for Keegan.

Leevander carried the half dose of elixir.  It wouldn’t be enough to grant immortality, but the unnatural longevity went along with their service to the Fae.  Keegan’s longevity would just last a little longer than most, but not be granted the immortality that his Uncle Robert had.  Once Lee administered the elixir, Keegan began to stir.  The Fae women continued their caresses and ministrations. 

            Keegan woke quickly, aware of his arousal and the Fae women by his side.  He was also well aware of the addictive factor to Fae/human sex.  Some never recovered, some chose to stay in Faery as their toys.  The temptation was there;  sex like you’ve never experienced that would literally blow your mind.  Far more powerful than any illicit drug, Fae sex was never meant for humans.

             “Get me the fuck out of here! Of all places, why did you bring me here and how much of my life have you stolen now?”  He was furious.

            Keegan snapped out of his haze to see Leevander standing, arms crossed staring smugly at him. “What the hell?  What have you done to me you faery wanker?  Get me the fuck out of here! Of all places, why did you bring me here and how much of my life have you stolen now?”  He was furious.

            Lee chuckled.  “I saved your arse again.”  He spoke in the ancient Fae tongue to the women and they sulked away.  “Now if you’re ready to get off your lazy arse we’ve work to attend.”

            Keegan didn’t even argue, just sat up, raked his fingers through his hair and followed Lee without any argument.  When he translated back to his apartment; nearly four months had passed.  Time in Faery always passed slower than in the human realm.  Leevander had paid his rent, and dropped him from his classes.  Lee sat with Keegan and explained how things were with the momo. It was harder to convince him about Selena. 

            He froze mid sentence.  The portal had been opened. This time they were ready for the slayer.  He pushed the sword into Keegan’s hand as they transported to the portal beneath the Golden Gate Bridge.   The rocks crumbled away as dozens of imp-like creatures poured from the dark depths.  They barely advanced two before Keegan was upon them, sending them back. 

Lee spotted Selena coming around the far side of the bridge.  He motioned the guards who had made themselves invisible to hold her.   Keegan worked in his skilled dance, banishing the Unseelie in a seemingly effortless display.

            “Stop!  You’re not helping!  They’ll just come back.”  It was Selena.  Keegan turned towards her, seeing her struggling against the two Fae guards.

            “Well, well.  If it isn’t queen of the damned.  Oh, or is that queen Mubarak?  No wait, mistress of the dark.  Or how about  Mistress of Misery? Yeah that one fit’s. We’ll stick with that one, Mistress.” He took two long strides to stand in front of her. “I just want to know one thing.  Why Selena?”  His jaws clenched in anger. He slashed the sword, catching two straggling Unseelie in his peripheral vision.


            Selena struggled in the guards grasps.  “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” She stilled, seeing the pain on his face.

            “Don’t play coy with me Salena, it’s unbecoming. Sicking that Unseelie creature on me? That was low.”  He wiped the sweat from his brow and flung it to the ground.  His burr thickening as he spoke. “Obviously you aren’t as innocent in matters as you’d want me to believe.  I just want to know one thing.  Did you decide to kill me yourself?  Or did your Master, Prince Brogann order you to do it?”

            “What? What are you talking about?  I never tried to kill you.”

            “It’s a little late to be tellin’ lies.  He turned and walked away from her a few steps then stopped.  “You know, it’s funny.  I thought I’d found a real treasure in you.  I thought I loved you.  I was obsessed night and day with seeing you again, and when I did you nearly killed me.”  He threw a stone into the bay. “Only to find out ye’re a back stabbing bitch working for the Dark Prince.  That’s rich.  Yeah the jokes on me, now isn’t it?  I hope you enjoyed your little game, ‘cause there won’t be a next time.”

            He stormed away, leaving Salena between the guards, letting Lee deal with her.  Lee took the cuffs first, then her Ankh pendant.  Lee spoke the ancient language, breaking her glamour spell. 

“Sher en hachth; du bien a’ nalle; nuchthreit  Sher doch im hath neyet, etren dub naucht.

            Keegan turned back, her glamour stripped.  She was covered in runic tattoos and glyphs.  Slowly her features were fading from beauty to a time ravaged hideous form.   Lee took the spear from the sheath and stabbed her in the heart. Keegan turned away at her screams and kept walking down the shore tossing rocks as the tears flowed unbidden,  a piece of his heart dying with her.

            Lee caught up with him some time later with a six pack. “It’s done.” 

            “Aye”  Keegan accepted one of the beers.  They sat on the rocks staring out over the bay in silence for some time.

            “Don’t suppose you’d be amused by older women jokes?”

            “That’d be right.” 

When the beers were gone they walked in silence back to the bridge to seal the portal.


                        *                                  *                                  *                                  *


            Brogann fell to the floor.  They thought to kill his beloved.  He couldn’t have that, all his plans all the suffering would be for naught.   He blocked out the stabbing pain he felt from their connection.  Every bit of effort he could muster, he projected himself to his faithful servant Slede.  Slede  was a were creature.  

            “I summon thee my servant Slede.”  Brogann cast his voice into Slede’s head, and Slede instantly transported into the cell. Brogann grabbed Slede, transforming his shape to resemble his own as he took Slede’s appearance. In the few seconds it took to make the transfer, the guard shuffled down the corridor to check on him.  Brogann translated to Salena.

            “What’s goin’ on in there?”  The guard shone the torch into the cell.

            “Get that fucking light out of my eyes or I’ll pull your arms out.” He turned in his chair, facing the cell wall, not allowing the guard to see his face.

            “Show yourself!”  The guard yelled, shoving the torch further into the cell.

            “Instantly Slede was on his feet, the irons on his ankles jerking him back inches from reaching the guard.

            The guard pulled back in terror.  Brogann was a tricky one, and deceptively calm most of the time. “I’ll bring your food.”  He hastily retreated up the stairs, confident that Brogann was safely restrained.


                        *                                  *                                  *                                  *


            As the sword pierced Salena’s side she screamed. Her glamour had been stripped.  They’d taken Keegan from her with lies and a setup.  Her eyes burned with hatred.  Brogann was the only one that had ever cared for her.

            In an instant a man was beside her, sending the guards flying.  He pulled the sword from her, simply touching it burned his hands.  Before it clanked to the ground, he translated Salena to his chambers. He stayed with her, nursing her along as long as his strength would allow before returning to his cell.

            Slede would have to tend to her needs. The hidden chambers at Petra provided a safe refuge for his bride, for his future queen.