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Welcome to Freestyle Friday

Hello Everyone!! We hope you enjoyed Raymond's story yesterday. Today we are introducing freestyle Friday. We decided to add something new and different for us. Sian Young is our first freestyler. She will be doing short stories, flash fiction, prompts,and maybe even some fan-fiction. She also writes on the lighter sweeter side of romance for those of you that like something sweet to bring a smile to your face..
This week Sian was complaining bitterly about a thunderstorm and no power. So I said drop and give me 1500 about the thunderstorm and make it romance. She did just that. Here is what she gave us. We hope you love it. I did!

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Something New

 Hello everyone!! I would like to extend my apologies to those of you  checking to see  Must Love Words today.  I regret to say it is no longer available here. I promise if I find out when and where you can see it.

 I will share  that information with you.  June is almost here and It is time for our new Episodes for Summer. We have new stories new, Authors, and a few new surprises. You have met our Ellie Mack, with Love Notes.Today I would like to introduce to you, for those of you that love Science fiction, Raymond Frazee.  He offered to start a week early and give you the first week of his story today. If ya love it come back Monday, his regularly scheduled day. I have more surprises up my sleeve Friday. So enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Diners at the Memory's End


Raymond Frazee

Copyright 2012, Raymond Frazee, All Right Reserved.

Part One

Friday, 24 Aug, 3183

"Are you busy, Winnie?"
Winfrieda Koltzer, Director of the School of Astronomy, Magdalen College, New Oxford, looked up from her computer screen and noticed the small, dark, and well dressed woman standing in her doorway, body already halfway through the entrance.  Winfrieda knew who the woman was, and knew why she was here.  "Oh, why would I be busy?" she asked in jest.  "The semester's about to begin, and I only have a few hundred things remaining before take a break . . ."  She waved the woman inside.  "What can I do for you, Cytheria?" she said, before returning to the work before her.
Despite spending years learning to ignore such slights, Duchess Cytheria Warington still bristled slightly when Professor Koltzer addressed her by her given name.  There was a small coterie of friends and acquaintances who, in private, she allowed to call her Cytheria, but like this, in public . . .
Entering the room, Cytheria said, "I understand you wanted to see me, Professor?"  She stopped behind a chair, waiting for an invitation.
Not looking away from her screen, Winfrieda said, "That bothered you, didn't it?"
"What's that?"
"When I addressed you by your name."
The answer came with no hesitation.  "Yes."
"Hum."  Winfrieda looked up into the Duchess' eyes.  "I'm a Loyalist; ask anyone.  I support Empire and Queen, always have.  And outside this office, were we to meet, I would address you as 'Your Grace' without hesitation.
"But when you're tenured . . ."  The smile that formed upon the tiny woman's face was impossible to define.  "Your office becomes your inner sanctum.  I'm sure Tommy has told you the same thing," she said, referring to Doctor McCrimmon, the director of the Theoretical Sciences Department, and one of Cytheria's oldest friends.  "And when people come into your inner sanctum and assume to be on a first-name basis with you--"  Her eyes narrowed dangerously, and her displeasure showed through clearly.  "Given your status at the university, you're lucky I bother to address you at all."  She waved her screen away, the pointed to the chair before Cytheria.  "Please sit down, and tell me what's on your mind, Professor."
Cytheria sat, feeling sufficiently chagrined.  "I suppose I deserved that."
"A little."  Winfrieda sat back in her chair, and crossed her hands over her tummy.  This time the smile she manifested was genuinely warm.  "I've been teaching here for seventeen years, and I've had my share of dealings with titled instructors.  I'm not one to begrudge a title--as I said, I'm a Loyalist--but I'm damned if I'll let someone bully me simply because they are a peer--or think they're one."  She cleared her throat.  "I'm afraid I became a little defensive when you addressed me by my name; we've not have much contact, and . . . I assumed the worse."
"So does this mean you're going to address me as 'Your Grace' now?" Cytheria asked.
"Not a chance.  You're lucky to get Professor."
They both laughed, the situation more or less defused--though Cytheria wondered if that were true, if Winfrieda were only making it seem as if she'd overreacted?  There's an easy way to find out, she thought, but decided doing mind and aural scans wasn't going to help her current standing with Professor Koltzer.  "Getting back to my original question--"
"Am I busy?"
"The one after that."
"Ah.  Why did I want to see you?"
As she brought up her screen again, Winfrieda said, "It's your Mr. Dahl."  She peered over the top of her hovering display.  "The one Tommy and you have been so eager in my class."
Cytheria knew exactly what Professor Koltzer was talking about now.  She'd spoke to her three weeks past, when Albert had decided he wanted to enroll in the Introduction to Astronomy and Astrophysics class, and tried to convince Winfrieda to allow Albert to take her class.  "Is there a problem?"
"You know I had him on a pending approval status?"
"No, I wasn't aware.  I'd thought--"
The demanding Winfrieda suddenly returned, and she didn't appear happy.  "As I explained to you--and to Tommy--I have my concerns with him attending my class.  He's not a full-time student; he's met none of the prerequisites--"
Which were all the same arguments I had with him when he wanted to take your class, Cytheria thought.  But when Albert gets him mind up about doing something . . .  "Yes, I do understand that all, Professor, but as I assured you--"
"And as Tommy did as well."  She gave Cytheria a disgusted look, her eyes narrowing.  "How is it this person has him pleading his case?"  She waved off the question before Cytheria could say anything.  "It doesn't matter, not now.  What I want to know is, who did you speak with?"
"I'm sorry--what?"  Cytheria's right eyebrow rose.  "What do you mean?"
"I decided to look at his enrollment request this morning, to give it consideration, and I discover he's now a student in my class--without my approval.  And this happened Wednesday . . ."  Winfrieda's eyes turned to slits as said coldly, "I'd like to know who you spoke with."
Cytheria didn't have an immediate reaction to Winfrieda's accusation, but after a few seconds her own demeanor turned harsh and unyielding.  "I can assure you, Winnie, I've spoken with no one."  She leaned on the right arm of her chair and began tapping her right cheek.  "I may be many things, but I'm hardly underhanded."
"Not even a little?"
"Oh, believe me, Professor--"  Cytheria chuckled softly.  "If I wanted Albert in your class, I would have told you I was going around you."  The tapping became uniform, with an intensity that matched the stare Cytheria was directing at Winfrieda.  "I may only be a first-year instructor, with no experience, no little understanding of how things are suppose to work . . . but I'm also a Lady of the Court, and if you think I'm unschooled in the ways of political intrigue, you've made a huge mistake--"
"In underestimating your knowledge in these things?"
"In underestimating me, period."  Before Winfrieda had the chance to say something else, Cytheria quickly added, "I have no idea who managed to enroll Albert in your class, but I wasn't involved.  He must have another benefactor."
"For someone with no history at this institution," Winfrieda replied, "Your friend seems to have some very powerful 'benefactors'."  Her gazed towards Cytheria softened, as she seem to understand she couldn't prevail in a confrontation with the Duchess Scoth, and trying to have Albert removed from her class would likely prove futile.  "I will say this, and however you like, you can get it back to him . . . he's in, but it's my class, and benefactors or not, if he doesn't keep up, I'll throw him out."  A self-satisfied grin played across her face.  "I still have the right, no matter the student."
Cytheria knew this to be true.  Since instructors faced the possibility of having students who not only came from powerful families, but who were important peers in their own right--as she had been when she attended school--the administration of New Oxford made certain any instructor's decisions regarding the removal of a student from class would be upheld.  Particularly where one couldn't keep up with the material . . .
"I assure you, Albert will do well."  Cytheria hoped this was true, but didn't allow her feelings to color her expression.  "He's going to surprise you, I promise."
Winfrieda nodded slowly.  "I hope so.  I truly do . . . Professor."  Her smile was, in a way, a sign she wasn't interested in any further confrontation.  "What he is to you, Your Grace?  If you don't mind my asking."
This was a question Cytheria knew might be asked, but that she couldn't answer.  When she'd suggested, weeks before, that Albert consider taking a class, the idea that his enrollment may be questioned wasn't something that she'd considered.
But once Albert had set his mind on Introduction to Astronomy and Astrophysics, the issues of his presence became evident.  He didn't want to audit the class; he wanted full enrollment, and that meant waving prerequisite requirements, which he did--and which resulted in Winfrieda putting a hold on his admission.
Then Tommy became involved by speaking to Professor Koltzer.  That was soon followed by Cytheria being asked to speak with Winfrieda . . . and now, here he was, with full admission--
And Winnie asking what he meant to Cytheria.
What could I tell her? she thought.  His origin, his means of getting her, who and what he really is--it's all a secret.  Anything she'd tell Winfrieda would be a half-truth--which, Cytheria realized, was better than an outright lie.
"He's a friend," she said.  "A good one.  And one who is in need of . . ."  She paused, looking for the most fitting phrase that wouldn't sound completely false.  "He's eager to reinsert himself back into school, and he loves astronomy.  Hence . . ."  She indicated Winfrieda, sitting across from her.  "He's in your class."
"Not by my doing."
"Does that matter now?"
"Humph."  Winfrieda turned her gaze back to her display.  "No, I suppose not."
"Is there anything else you need, Professor?"
"No, not today."  Cytheria stood and turned towards the door.  "Your Grace?"
Cytheria turned slowly, because she'd suspected Winnie was going to ask a question before she managed to leave her office.  "Yes?"
"If you didn't have anything to do with Mr. Dahl bypassing my hold," Winfrieda asked, "do you know who might?"
She shook her head slowly.  "I'm sorry, Professor, but I really have no ideas."  As she turned back towards the door to leave, she knew that wasn't exactly true.  She'd never admit it, but Heather probably had a hand in this.  And that means Maggie was there to give her a bit of a push.  And that means . . .
As the door closed behind Cytheria, she didn't want to believe that Albert had gotten worried he wasn't going to be admitted to the class, and had urged his "Avatar Underground" to help him out with a little computerized chicanery.  Were that true, it would mean Albert was so desperate to get into Winfrieda's class, he was willing to find himself being ejected from Magdalen College before he ever had a chance to sit in a lecture.
For your sake, love, she thought while strolling down the corridor of the Space Science Department, I sincerely hope you impress Winnie.  For you sake, impress the hell out of her


Well!! what did ya think!! I loved it!!Do you like the Id ea of different genres? Is there something you would like to see more of? We would love your input and ideas!! Drop us a comment. Also we are accepting photos and or prompts. More info on that tomorrow if ya have one send to me at 


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Love Notes chapter 2

Day 2 - 5:00 p.m.

The weather was not cooperating. I wanted to make a good impression, not show up looking like a drowned rat. I’d spent two hours at the salon being fussed over to get my hair and makeup just right, and now it was nothing more than wasted time.

The light shower had quickly turned to a sudden deluge about a block from my hotel. A gust of wind turned my umbrella inside out, rendering it useless in the downpour.

I made my way through the throng of people, being careful not to touch anyone as I was completely soaked.  I set my bag on the counter in the small restroom and dared a glance in the mirror.  It was worse than I’d thought.  Damn! My hair was plastered to my head, water dripping from the ends.  My makeup was all but gone except for my red lipstick and waterproof mascara. Thank God for waterproof! At least the lipstick hid the blueness of my quivering lips.  I let out a huge sigh.

Why do these things always happen to me? Maybe I should just hide out in the bathroom, and beg off our meeting tonight.  I could make up the excuse of having travel sickness, or jetlag, or . . . My mind raced, but my conscious wouldn’t allow the lies.  Besides, I was too anxious to actually meet you.

Another sigh.  I peeled my jacket off dropping it with a wet squishy plop on the counter.  I hoped there wouldn’t be much traffic through the ladies room as I tore off handfuls of paper towels, drying the rivulets of water running down my legs, and peeling off my soaking wet clothes. I stood in my bra and panties, which were sheer from the soaking rain, trying to gain some relief from my shivering from the small amount of heat the hand dryer offered.

Two women entered the bathroom eying me suspiciously, then entered the stalls.  It figures!  I sigh again.  Well, there’s nothing to be done about it now!  I glance back to the mirror, the sheer fabric hid nothing.  Since I was essentially standing there naked, I figured it was a good time to at least dry them off.  I slipped my panties off, using another paper towel to dry myself as I held the panties up to the hand dryer.  I could hear the two ladies whispering to each other.  They must think I’m incredibly daft.  I wondered if perhaps they thought I was a hooker.  I’m not sure why that’s the first thing I thought, but it was.

Please, please, please dry quickly!  The small fortune I’d paid for the matching set seemed of little significance now to the immodest position I found myself in.

The first woman moved to the sink, gave me a once over then offered the obvious in a wonderful British accent.  “Get caught in the rain, did ya luv? Should ‘a had your brolly.”

“I did, the wind grabbed it and turned it inside out.” I sheepishly offered back, taking in everything about the woman; her hair, her figure, her flattering clothing and some very nice jewelry. She was of medium build, a slender boyish figure, with small breasts. Her sandy blonde hair cut in a swing bob, flattered her face well.  She had a small slightly upturned nose and gorgeous green eyes,  with a little too much eyeliner for my taste.

“Oh! Ye’re a yank! What brings ya here?”  She shared the hand dryer for a moment as her eyes fixed on my pebbled nipples.

I blushed and swallowed back the sudden heat as I answered.  “I’m meeting a friend for the first time. We’ve chatted for a long time, and this is our first actual meeting and everything’s just gone horribly wrong.”  My lip quivering as the internal battle between sneaking out the back or going through with this while looking a mess waged within my mind.

“A friend yer say?” She crossed her arms over her chest and leaned back against the sink.

“Yes, we’ve chatted several months and it’s” I chewed my lip nervously. “I was going to meet him.  An actual date.”  A nervous laugh escapes. What in the world am I thinking, even speaking it out loud sounds ridiculous.  I swiped my eyes at the tears that were forming there.  “Maybe I should just go. Slip out the back and make up some excuse.  I don’t want him to see me like this.”  I motioned down meaning being soaked, but realizing I was nearly naked and if things went as planned you would indeed see the naked part.  My blush deepened.

“Tell yer what.”  Her friend came to the sink, trying to hide that she was looking at me through the mirror.  I felt very self-conscious, worrying about the extra pounds I carried.  Worrying again that my hips were too large, my butt too large, my breasts too large, weight had been a constant struggle for me.  Despite the hours I spent in the gym, I still carried extra weight although most of it was toned and muscled. Not like a bodybuilder, but there was definition in places. “Why don’t you let us help?  I know the owner and we could get some towels.  Better than those.”  She motioned to the brown paper towels I’d been using to try to dry off.  They were fairly useless on hands, and pretty worthless for what I was trying to use them for.

“Megs, do you have yer makeup bag?” The first girl asked.

Her friend set the purse on the counter. “Course!”

“Sure we can 'elp, if ye want.” Megs offered, crossing her arms over her chest as she blatantly looked me over.  “'arry’s got some extra clothes in the back.  I’m sure we can find some to fit ya.”  She was taller than her friend.   Her firm breasts strained against her cotton shirt.  Her eyes were dark brown again with too much liner.  Her long dark straight hair hung to the middle of her back.  She looked exotic, and mysterious. She could have easily been a model.

I glanced between them.  “Really?  You’d do that?  But you don’t even know me?”

“This is Meggie and I’m Leah.”  She extended her hand.  I accepted it gratefully, my hands like ice.

“I’m Stephanie.”

“You’re like ice Stephanie!”  She nodded to her friend . “Get some towels from 'arry.”  Megs pushed her bag to the back corner of the sink, and hurried out the door.  Leah leaned back against the sink again her arms crossed then crossed her ankles.  “Where you from Steph?”

I continued to dry my panties as I answered. “Chicago, Illinois.”

“And you’re here to meet yer friend?”  If I wasn’t mistaken, Leah was checking me out, staring at my breasts.  I could feel the heat rising in my cheeks.

“Yes.” I blush at the images playing in my mind of some of the intimate chats we’ve shared.

“It must be serious, to come so far.”  Leah pushed herself up to sit on the counter top, her legs dangling, holding her hands on the edge.  I couldn’t help but notice her nipples standing out against her snug top.  What was wrong with me?  Here I was checking out chicks in a bathroom.  I think it was how excited I was to see you, but  I was wondering what it would be like to actually be with a girl. 

I chewed my lip, a bad habit I have when I feel nervous.  “It’s , well it’s complicated.”  I turned the hose and panties around in my hands, as I dried them.  “We’ve been chatting see, and exchanged pictures.  I don’t know, I sort of feel like once he sees me in person that will be it.  He’ll be polite and all, but I won’t hear from him after this week, you know?”

“Did he say that to ya?” Her expression was one of shocked incredulity.

I laugh nervously.  “No, of course not.  He’s too much of a gentleman to actually say it, even if it’s true.”

“Why on earth would ya want to travel so far to meet 'im if you think he’ll dump ya?” The lilting accent tickled my ears as she stretched out ‘you’.

I shrug my shoulders.  “It was rather impulsive of me.”  Tears threatened again, as I thought of just how foolish I was being.  My voice quavered.  “He’ll see that I’m not attractive and overweight and be courteous, but then beg off.  I hope not, but we’ve shared” my voice trailed off until the last was barely a whisper “and I love him.”

“If he does that he’s crazy! Any man would love to get his hands on tits like those. Not to mention other parts.”  Leah motioned with her eyes.

I blush; my puckered nipples peaked through the sheer fabric.

“'ere, let me help you.”  She jumps down and steps behind me, unfastening my bra, and easing the straps down. “I’ll dry this for ya.” She moved to my side brushing her arm against my nipple.

“I wish me tits were like that. Thought about getting some implants.”  She turned the bra over rubbing the fabric under the dryer.

“I think they’re nice.  At least yours are tight and perky.”  I tell her as I glance at her small firm breasts.

“Pish! Get on with ya! That’s exactly what Megs says. Envious because they’re perky.”

“Besides, not everyone likes big tits.” I smile at her.

“And that ass of yours?”  She glances behind me.

My breath catches as she dared to address one of my biggest fears.

“I know women that would die to have curves like that, mainly me.”

I turned, looking in the mirror. What could she possibly mean?  I’ve always thought it was too plump, simply too much everywhere.  “Yeah, well I don’t see it.”

She side steps me and turns me, my rear to the mirror, her in front of me as I turn my head watching the mirror. She steps close, pressing against me our breasts touching; she reaches around me and squeezes my bare cheeks. “If this guy doesn’t think so, doll,  I’ll make you forget all about 'im.” She pressed against me, then drops her head taking my nipple in her mouth.

I gasp at the sensation. A million thoughts raced through my mind. I should pull away. I shouldn’t be getting turned on by a woman, but I was. I should be focusing on getting dry and meeting you. Then I thought about the promise I made you this morning on the phone.

I said I would keep an open mind to experiencing new things. This would definitely qualify as a new experience.

Megs came through the door carrying a stack of towels.  “Hey no fair starting without me!”

I look nervously between them.

Leah shrugs. “What’d you expect Steph?  It’s not every day a near naked woman shows up, her body screaming ‘fuck me’.”  Leah kissed me hard, forcing her tongue in my mouth as she cupped my breast.  I never imagined how hot I could feel with a woman. The battle waged in my mind; should I, shouldn’t I? I’ve never done anything like this before.   I am nervous, yet excited.  They were beautiful women.

“The back room is open, let’s move in there.”  Megs said as she gathered her purse and tossed me a towel.

I wrap the towel around me, and grabbed my wet clothes, purse and shoes.  “Wait!” Again, I chew my lip.  Man, I really need to stop that! I’ve noticed I’m doing it a lot lately.

Both women stop for a moment, looking angry at my sudden outburst. Megs puts her hand on her hip and juts her hip out.

“What about Rob? I should be meeting him in” I glance at the clock on my phone. “In about 20 minutes.”

Both girls seemed to relax. “Hmm, what does 'e look like? I’ll have Joe let 'im know you had a little trouble.”  Meg offers.

I fish around in my purse for the sleeked hair picture I printed, handing it to her. I  describe what you said you’d be wearing.

“I’ll 'andle it.” She handed the towels to Leah and took off.

Leah motioned for me to follow. The back room turned out to be an apartment where Harry, the owner stayed over at times and from the smell of things had recently entertained a guest or two.

Leah strips her clothes off quickly then led me to the shower.  The hot water felt amazing on my skin, the first warmth since I’d left the hotel room an hour earlier.  We soaped each other, rubbing, and exploring between kisses.  Her mouth on my nipples felt amazing.  As I shampooed my hair, Leah knelt and started licking my pussy, balancing one of my legs over her shoulder.  I moan softly, leaning my shoulders back against the shower wall.

Her tongue was inside me in seconds, while she rubbed my clit with her fingers.  A low moan escaped as I shifted, tilting my hips towards her. I rinsed the shampoo from my hair then reached down, my hands on Leah’s head as her tongue and fingers worked quickly, bringing me to a climax.

Leah reached up and shut off the water. We stepped from the shower to find Megs standing naked, an intricate butterfly tattoo on her hip and a rose on her left breast. Megs was a very striking womanHer breasts were a firm C cup, with large nipples. I’ve never really been turned on by tattoos but I have to admit, they were pretty sexy on her.  Megs stepped towards us offering towels, and then rubbing briskly with another towel.

They led me to the queen sized bed.  Leah practically dove between my legs, her short sandy bob swaying as she licked frantically. Megs took a slower approach, kissing me lightly at first, her hands cupping my breasts, and pinching my nipples.

Leah’s fingers slid inside me, my hips arching into it. A light moan escaped into Meg’s mouth.  Megs pulled away and leaned down to Leah “Told you she was totally fuckable!”

“Mmmm Hmmm” Leah moaned as she worked my clit over.

Megs moved up and straddles my mouth grinding her wet mound into my mouth.  Her neatly shaved hair tickling my lips.

“Come on, lick it bitch.” Megs yells as she presses herself into me.  I did as instructed as her head lowered over my cleanly shaven pussy, sucking my swollen clit into her mouth as Leah moves lower, licking my tight puckered asshole, pushing her finger inside.

I gasp and nearly come off the bed, probing Megs deeper with my tongue, grabbing her ass cheeks with both hands, spreading her wide.  My tongue fucking her cunt and slurping the dripping cum and alternately licking her clit.

Megs sucked my clit while fingering my pussy, cum dripping down over my ass as Leah licks it up then shoves her tongue in my ass.

“Oh God!”  I moan and buck into the girls. Leah fingers herself as she pushes her tongue further inside of my ass as Megs fucks me with her fingers in my pussy.  Megs moans, then attacks my cunt, sliding three fingers inside, stretching me and rubbing my clit with her thumb as she gasps from my actions.

I push a finger inside her ass, as I kiss and lick her there. She gasps and pushes back against my finger. I’m so close to coming again, and Leah starts tonguing my ass really fast. Meg sucks hard on my clit and I explode. Bucking and convulsing as the waves of orgasm overpower me.  Cum gushes as my pussy contracts.

Meg grinds hard into me, moaning as she works faster with her fingers. Leah starts kissing Meg, swallowing her screams of pleasure.

We collapse together on the bed, our hearts racing, breathing hard. The girls kissed me both together, almost like they were fighting for my attention. After a few minutes Megs pushed Leah aside, telling her she had some time alone with me earlier, then she kissed me deeply while cupping my breast.

“If this Rob guy doesn’t work out, we’ll show ya a good time while you’re 'ere.”  Megs offered as she pulled back sitting up. My mind reeled from what I’d just done. My body hummed with a delicious sexual energy I haven’t felt in years. I’d just had three orgasms, but I wanted more.  I wanted to be with you Rob, and share with you what I’d just experienced.  I might tell you, depending on how things go between us.  I hoped that I hadn’t completely screwed things up between us by doing this.  Talking about our fantasies and living them are two different things, and I wasn’t sure what you’d think of me now.

We clean up and the girls help me get ready. I blow dry my hair, now a jumble of large curls instead of the sleek straight style I had spent two hours in the salon for.  I borrow some clothes from Harry’s girl stash.  Hmmmm, seems Harry has quite the collection as I wonder if he’s a cross dresser, or if he’s a player.

I turn in the mirror. It isn’t the cute frilly skirt and sleek jacket I’d spent hours selecting, but I don’t look like a drowned rat anymore either.  Megs lets me use her lipstick and fluffs my hair for me. The jean skirt is tight, and my still damp bra shows through the thin silky blouse. I stuff my wet clothes into a shoulder bag that Leah lends me and I go out to meet you.

Glancing at my phone, I’m now ten minutes late. ‘Oh Crap!’ I scan the room. The crowd has thinned.  I chew my lip nervously fearing that perhaps you didn’t want to wait to meet me, or that I had taken too long and you left. My fingers played over my necklace, the pendant that matches the one I sent you.  I search every face carefully now, going over the crowd a second time.


I turn, you are just behind me. “R-Rob?”

“Yes. Joe said you ran into some trouble.”

I chew my lip, wondering what you’re thinking of me. “Yes, I’m sorry to keep you waiting. Have you been waiting long?”

You lean down, your hand sliding to my lower back, kissing me softly. Then you slide your mouth to my ear and whisper. “ I saw you come in. When you were wet.”

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Happy Memorial Day Love Bites Finale

Hi Everyone! Happy Memorial Day!! Are you ready for the finale of Love Bites?

I stand frozen. Darn it! He is the most handsome man I have ever seen.  Yes, Glen is good looking and Giorgio is handsome also, in his own boyish way, but this man is absolutely striking. All I can do is stand and stare.
How did he find me? I knew he had to be lying about being able to read my thoughts and feelings. I am so glad I didn’t trust him.
“Are you going to just stand and gawk or invite me in? It has been a long tiring trip.” He had to open his smart mouth. Now I remember why I ran. So I eventually give in to how much I have wanted him.
 He pulls me close to him turning my head up, leaning down to kiss me.
Part of me wants so badly to feel his sensuous lips against mine, but the sensible part knows he is evil. He made me a monster. For what? To be his beck and call girl. Instead of accepting the kiss, I bring my knee up into his groin.
“Damn woman! You are crazy. I come all the way to Italy to save your stupid ass, and this is the thanks I get! I should just let the damn madman do whatever it is he plans to do to you.” Glaring at me, he rises up, pushes past me, and slumps into the nearest chair, his large hands still covering his groin.
“I have told you before, I don’t need saving. Especially now that you gave me super strength, and super power and oh! I think invisibility.” I fold my hands across my chest and roll my eyes.
  “I didn't invite you in. How the heck did you just walk in like that?” I throw my hands up in frustration.
“You’ve watched too much fantasy on TV. By now you should know what is myth and what is fact. Well mostly. Everything seems to fall on deaf ears with you.” Nicolai moves his hands up to the arm rest and stretches his long legs out onto the foot rest.
I feel myself swallow hard looking up the long lean firm line with his package showcased just right in his well-fitting designer jeans. OH MY GOODNESS! Hot doesn’t even come close to describing this man.  
 He smiles brazenly, as I fidget, still by the door my eyes practically glued to all his yummy manness.
 “I can only enter if invited except at public places.” I look up to his face, trying to get a grip on myself. Why does he have such an effect on me?  It has to be some vampire spell.
“Have you actually tried?” He looks at me and grins. He is doing some cute chewing of his lower lip thing, with one fang slightly showing that really is making me want to put my lips on his. Nope! Looking at his face doesn’t help a bit.
“Now that I think about it, Giorgio had invited me in when we arrived. So did Glen’s Nonna! I really haven’t had to enter a place uninvited.” I lower my head sheepishly.
Everything about him is intoxicating. I know now why I chose to come to Italy; to be as far from him as I can. The less contact I have with him the easier it is for me to resist temptation.
I found out earlier today if I’m even slightly hungry my control isn’t good at all. I give easily into the slightest of my desires. I have to get him out of here fast, because the desire I have for him is anything but slight.
“You need to leave. I am doing fine here. I have no need for you whatsoever.” The way I look at him betrays my words and he knows it.
He takes a deep breath. His face tenses with anger.
“I can smell that.” He growls standing quickly. He was in front of me before I knew it. Suddenly he had me by my shoulders. His face full of mixed emotions. His fangs bared in an angry snarl.
Damn he is even sexy mad.
“You are mine! Do you understand this?”  He shakes me furiously. The look on his handsome face a complex mix of anger, frustration, exasperation, and heat.
“I hope the human died! When I get hold of him it won’t be as pleasant as it was with you.” He growled menacingly.
 Suddenly his lips met mine with force, his tongue demanding entrance.
He held my head tightly as I tried to pull back. His tongue traced my lips provocatively. My emotions confuse me. I think of Glenn making love to me. No screwing my brains out, BIG difference. I also think of Giorgio, sweet and gentlemanly.  Deep inside I know who I really want. And his lips are on mine. Finally I cave.
I part my lips slightly and his tongue takes the invitation quickly. I melt into his arms, his kiss, angry and fierce at first then slowing to a deep sensuous passion. Damn! This is nothing like it was with Glenn.
I hear myself sigh as our tongues tangle madly; our bodies pressed tightly, his body growing hard against mine.  Oh how I dreamed of this for months before things went so horribly wrong. Before he took advantage of me and made me the monster I am. I tried to pull away but just couldn't seem to make my body and my mind get on the same page. My fingers start unbuttoning his shirt. I can feel his heart beat fast. I can smell his blood as it courses through his veins. My hunger to taste him is so much different from how it was with Glenn. My head spins with desire and need.
“Which way is your bedroom?” He whispers softly into my hair, his voice thick with need.
I feel myself point. He sweeps me up into his arms. I look into his eyes and lean back in for another kiss. He shuts the front door still holding me in his arms. Dang! He’s strong. I may be small, but he has carried me to the front door and now back towards my bedroom and acts as if I'm light as a feather.
He tosses me on the bed, kneeling over me; he jerks my top over my head, his eyes darkening with lust. He unsnaps my bra, moaning his appreciation of my firm mounds. He caresses them both with his large soft hands, softly rolling my nipples with his fingers. I gasp as he slides down taking on of my breasts in his mouth, his tongue teasing my hard nipple. I moan as he gently bits it. Oh hell is he good or what? I am about to come and he hasn’t even got started. His hands slide down my stomach, fumbling with my zipper. I raise my hips as he starts to slide my jeans down my hips.
BANG! The front door splinters.
Nicolai, jumps up taking a protective stance in front of me, fangs bared, growling menacingly.
Looking around him I see Giorgio. Fangs bared. Man does he look pissed!
 “Nicolai! I see you have made yourself quite at home, even helping yourself to my guest.” He growls, baring his fangs. Hmmm, they know each other?  Giorgio apparently pissed about something, steps closer to Nicolai. The look in his eyes becoming heated, as he looks Nicolai over gazing longingly at Nicolai’s erection.
What the hell? I am laying here on the bed my breast bare and  my pants pulled past my hips exposing everything except what little my red lacy panties hid, and the man I have been going out with for the last few weeks is gazing at my ‘to be lover’ lustfully? Yeah it’s all sort of twisted.
I stand beside Nicolai. He steps forward slightly, fangs still bared, as if protecting me. Why does he feel the need to protect me from Giorgio? Giorgio and I are very close friends not enemies.
“Giorgio. I have not come home. I have only come to take what is mine back to our home.” He says in a snarl.
“You walk in here uninvited and act as a brute, taking her to bed and you think she will just up and go home with you just like that?” Giorgio moves in closer to Nicolai.
“Nicolai, my love,” Giorgio chuckles. “Your dear Merah, has just mated with my nephew Glenn.” He practically purrs as he leans in close to Nicolai.
Nicolai turns and looks at me, confused. His erection has finally faded and the passion in his eyes is now mixed with anger.
“It doesn’t matter.” He glances back at me; I can’t discern what his look means. Is he angry with me? Does he still desire me? Have I blown it? Why do I care?
I had no idea what I was doing. I am still raw, yet I had just fed from Glenn in more ways than one.” He grits his teeth and clinches his fists open and closed.
She hasn’t chosen a mate.” He added as he looks at me then turns back to Giorgio “Yet.” He smiles wickedly.
 “You just interrupted me taking her as mine.” He inadvertently licks his upper lip slowly, his eyes darkening with heat.
“Yes. Looks like I was just in time.” Giorgio turns to me glaring angrily. “If you had, I would have ripped her head off already.”
“As you said, she is raw and has no idea. It’s a good thing for her that I showed up when I did.” He moved stealthily in my direction, keeping Nicolai’s gazed focus on his face not his movement.
“Ok. What is going on here?” Instinctively, I move closer to Nicolai. Seeing the odd look on Giorgio’s face, I take a protective stance by Nicolai. The way Giorgio is looking at him is giving me the creeps.
“I told you, I came to save you from Giorgio. I will explain the mating thing when we get home. I was not taking you against your will. Don’t listen to him. He is the one that means you harm. Not I.” He took me by the arm and I jerk away. He snarls.
Giorgio grins slyly. “Dear, Dear Nicolai. It seems your charms are fading with your age. She doesn’t seem to be as struck by you as you would like her to be.” His voice drips with acidic honey.
Giorgio reaches over and grabs my arm, jerking me to the door “Come dear let’s go hunt.” He snarls as he turns back to Nicolai.
“It appears that you haven’t learned a thing over the years. You will see soon that I am tired of playing games.” Giorgio glared at Nicolai as he took me by neck tightly forcing me to the door. “Follow us and I will rip her pretty little head from her shoulders.” He dug in his fangs to make me cry out.
“Giorgio, we made a deal.” Nicolai gnashed his fangs. His gorgeous eyes full of regret.
“Yes, dear we did. I held up to my end.” He looks at me and smirks. “I’m not in your America, as I agreed. You are here in my home. It is obvious you still don’t want me.” I’m going to go feed now. So if you will excuse us.” He pushes me harshly through the door. Get in and don’t try anything if you want to live.” He growls into my ear. As we speed away, I look back; Nicolai stands there as if paralyzed. Is he really not going to follow?  
We arrive in the generally poor area of town, where we usually hunt. There is a bar here and he finds us a couple willing to swing or sometimes a couple of drunken vagrants. I'm still not good at glamouring people but I’m getting a bit better. It takes concentration and to me it feels like mind-rape. We enter the bar, Giorgio holding a knife into my side.  I get a strange feeling from Giorgio. Why is he threatening me? Then I realized he was talking to Nicolai as if they shared a past. Even possibly as lovers?
“Giorgio, how do you know Nicolai?”
“I don’t want to talk about it.” He snapped at me.
He ordered two drinks and slammed the money on the bar. He kept looking at the door as if he were expecting someone.
“I am sorry Merah. Did you call him here?” His voice was so angry and tense.
I slugged my drink down fast, and shook my head.
“He is your maker.” Giorgio spoke through greeted teeth and it wasn’t a question.
“I know he is. I can smell him in your blood. I knew the moment I met you he had made you. What I don’t know is why? And why you lied to Glenn and I that you had no idea who made you.”
“He made me because I was dying and he had no choice. I was angry with him and ran away. I wanted to prove to him I could learn to survive this new life on my own. I met Glenn in the hospital the night Nicolai and I were setting our story for my return. Evidently Glenn was immune to Nicolai’s brainwash spell, and figured out what I was. He offered to help me and here we are.” I fidgeted in my chair and finished my drink. Giorgio motioned for us another still watching the door solemnly, one arm wrapped around me to conceal the knife he now had pressed over my kidney.
“I see. But you did know that makers can track their underlings? I know Glenn told you this.”
I nodded, took a sip of the new drink and tried to stand. Surely he is bluffing. I felt the knife nick me and smelled the blood. He did too his eyes dilated. Oh shit!
“Nicolai cannot get inside my head. He can’t read me, therefore, can’t track me. He can only feel me when I’m thinking of him. And not always then.” How did he find me? Has he been lying to me?  Can he really read me?
Giorgio leaned in closer to me, his breathe hot. “So that is why he hasn’t shown up. It has been so long I guess he forgot he can track me. Even though he severed our ties he could find me if he tried hard enough I am sending out as much of a signal as I can.”
 “You better hope he can feel you through your screams of pain. I don’t plan to let you die slowly.” He jerkily pushes me through the door. “I will make him pay for the anguish he has caused me. I would never have let him turn me if I had realized his love for me was platonic. I told him he would never have another mate other than me.” He squeezes my arm hard, digging his nails into my flesh.
 “I am so glad you are a stubborn little bitch and didn’t let him make you his mate yet.” I can feel his hot breath on my cheek. This time the chills he sends down my spine are fear not desire.
“Good for me bad for you.” He snarls.
I was able to break free from him as he loosened his hold to open the door. I ran down the street thanking God I have vampiric speed. Giorgio is gaining on me. Oops I forgot he has vampiric speed too. I turn down an alley thinking I can double back and call Glenn from the bar. Oh great! Just like in a bad horror flick when the dumb victim runs up the stairs or down into a basement, I run into a dead end alley. Way to go girl!
Giorgio lost me in the traffic. Funny, I thought he wanted me to follow him. It has been a long time since I was here. I really don’t know his habits now. When we were together, he basically just hung around me, actually clinged to me. I misunderstood his feelings for me or I would never have turned him.
We were together many years before he became terminally ill. How did I misinterpret his feelings? I guess I didn’t help by occasionally indulging in a quick kiss or allowing him to share my bed. I am wasting too much time driving these streets looking for them. I turn around and head back to the mansion. Hopefully the human is well enough to talk. I know Merah well enough she won’t leave without him. So sue me I am using him as bait. Perhaps if he knows she is in danger he will convince her to leave. I find him sitting on the porch rather dazed.
“Glenn, I am Nicolas Masterson. I really don’t have much time for explanation. Trust me, Merah is in great danger.” I catch his eye to compel him but he meets mine and grins. I can see what Merah sees in him he is very attractive, with his large deep brown eyes and dimples. He looks a lot like Giorgio. I am such a sucker for big brown eyes.
“You are Merah’s maker?” His body rigid, his handsome face tense. He is definitely not very happy to see me.
“Yes” Damn! I must be losing it. I can’t compel him either. That’s two in a few months’ time, compared to two in the century before.
I need you to help me find her. Your uncle Giorgio has her and means her harm.” I try to sound convincing.
“You convince my uncle you love him so you can turn himto make him your slave, then dump him threatening his life. Now you do the same to Merah, and you expect me to believe you mean them no harm?” All of a sudden I hear her in my head, screaming. I leap onto the porch and grab him shaking him violently.
“Listen she is screaming for me, she is in an alley and terrified. If you care for her take me to her now! Trust me this much. When I find her harmed because you’re wasting my time, I will take her death out in both you and your uncle’s hide.” I growl, my fangs bared.
He looks at me for a moment but doesn’t seem to be afraid.  “You do love her?”
“Look you stupid idiot. I’m not here to fight over her. All I want is to get her home safely.” I give him another shake.
He jerks away. “I know where they were going tonight to feed.” He heads to my car and puts out his hand gesturing for my keys.
“What?” I look at him confused.
“Keys. I can’t take you there without them.” He slides past me and gets into the driver seat.
“I can drive.” I grit my teeth and pound my fist into the top of the car. Damn! I’ll have to pay extra for the dent.
“I am not good with directions and you’re wasting time.” He looks to calm for a man that is supposed to be saving the woman he supposedly loves. He actually looks and sounds a little angry. Well, more like a lot angry.
Reluctantly I toss him the keys and get in. I am not that worried, it is just a rental.
We pull up at the bar and I can smell them both. They were here only minutes ago. I run back out the door and sniff the air. I shut out all sounds focusing solely on her. I can hear her calling to me.
“They went this way.” I take of running.
I find them a few blocks down in an alley.
“Giorgio let her go.” I command. He turns and smiles cunningly.
“Ah, you did find us. Too bad. I was hoping to get her somewhere private, but this will have to work. I wanted to torture her for a while before you found us. but she is much stronger than I counted on... You really know how to pick them. I was shocked when fate brought her to me and I smelled your blood. She isn’t your typical type. You never chose the others as a mate. Why this one? What’s so special about her?” Giorgio looks at her as if trying to see what I see in her, and then plants a big kiss on her. I chuckle when she bites his lip.
“Because she has fire, and fate chose her for me. I didn’t choose. We had barely begun to court when unfortunate circumstance arose. She got herself into a bad situation and I found her dying. It was take her or lose her forever.” I look at her and regret getting her into this situation. Our eyes meet. Well, maybe not if I can get her out of this. Perhaps we can take up where we left off.
Giorgio shifts his grip to one arm, raising the knife to her face. His fang glint in the streetlight.
“Perhaps if I make her ugly, you won’t want her. You were always a vain one.” As he cuts her cheek, she twists and is able to break free.
She runs to me but I know I have to end this now. He won’t stop until he gets the revenge he seeks on me.
“Giorgio, I say his name softly, seductively. He stands and watches me. I take him into my arms and kiss him softly. I owe him this much. As I feel him relax into me, I reach for the knife.
“You Bastard!” Giorgio screamed as I felt the knife plunge into me simultaneously, something else hit us like a ton of bricks. I roll over and see him and Merah struggling.
“Merah!” Great! Now the human has to show up.
She screams as Giorgio stabs at her. Then he falls over in a heap as Glenn hits him across the shoulders with a tire iron. I guess that’s what took so long. He thought of weapons.
Giorgio grabs his foot and hits him hard in the head knocking him cold. I finally get back to my feet. He missed my heart but pierced my lung. I will heal with blood just fine but I’m very weak. Merah is lying still, and I can’t see from here how badly she is hurt. I can smell her blood, increased heart rate, and hear her breathing. I lean over her when Giorgio grabs me from behind. Merah motions me with her head and I roll as Giorgio slashes, catching me on my arm. Damn that hurts! She comes up with the tire iron spearing Giorgio through the chest.
She comes over to me and helps me up. I pull her into me.
“How bad?” I can feel her sobbing against me. The scent of her blood and my injuries awaken my instincts, but I can control mine.
“He missed my heart but got my lung. I can heal with blood.” I feel myself slumping but she holds me up.
“Is he dead?” She looks towards Glenn.
“No, He is just unconscious, but I am not sure of his damages.” I say rather nonchalantly. She rolls her eyes.
“Giorgio?” She shudders as she looks over at him.
“Yes you got him through the heart, but to make sure he stays that way, he will have to be either beheaded or have his heart removed.” I spy the Dumpster behind us. “Another option is to burn him.”
“Did you ever love him?” She crosses her arms over her chest and stares down at me.
“Yes. If not I would not have turned him.” Damn! I am bleeding to death, well not a permanent death but it still hurts, and she is concerned about my past love life?
“Were you lovers?” She looks back-over at Giorgio.
“No. If we were, I don’t think any of us would be in the mess we are here in this alley.” Then is strikes me, this is the third time we were in an alley with a man she has killed. I start to laugh then cough and cry out in pain.
“What’s so funny?” She kneels, unbuttons my shirt, and looks at my wound.
“We have to stop meeting in alleys with dead men at our feet.” I hiss as she licks the wound. It stops bleeding fast. She has learned a few things since she has been away.
“It’s not exactly my favorite meeting place either.” She looks up, her big brown eyes full of heat. Yeah, she wants me.
She shudders and offers me her wrist. “Here, take enough to heal yourself.”
“I would prefer your neck.” I smile. You can’t blame a man for trying.
“Take what I offer or die.” She sounds very unhappy, and starts to stand back up.
“Fine. I will take your arm.” I reach up and grab her hand, pulling her back down into my lap. I sink my fangs gently and se moans. Damn! Why do we have to be in an alley like this?
 When she starts to tug back, I lick it to stop the bleeding. I can feel her shudder in my arms. Yes she really wants me? While she is still relaxed I grab her face and kiss her.
The human moans. Damn he picks the damnest time to wake up.
 “Are you ok?” She jumps up from my lap and runs to him. I can hear the affection in her voice.
“Yes.” I watch them kiss.
Finally I clear my throat.
“We need to finish the business at hand here and decide how we are getting back home.”
“Nicolai did you bring a private jet?” Merah asks a slight blush on her cheeks.
“Yes, of course. Do you see wings on my back?” I pull myself up.
“Fine! You are the reason for this mess. You take care of things. Glenn and I will take Giorgio’s car back and pack. Meet us back at the airport.” She looks at me then quickly turns her attention back to Glenn.
He looks and me and puts his arm around her kissing her one last time. She responds to him.
“Merah. We need to talk.” She jumps and lets out a startled cry, as I grab her arm from behind. OK I guess that was a bad idea considering what she has recently been through.
I pull her into me. “Merah we are meant to be together. You can feel this as much as I can. “
“Yes, but you were a couple hours too late. I am with Glenn now. That is if you will have me.” She turns back to him imploring.
He tries to smile but is still very dazed. He needs to be healed, but I will be damned if I am going to tell her. He slumps into her.
“I love you Merah and I know you love me.” She hooks his arm around her neck and they start out of the alley. As she reaches the end she turns back to me.
 “Yeah well… Love bites!”

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