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How my Ex-boyfriend got me my new BETTER boyfriend!

(Sorry, I've been rushing to complete Camp NaNoWriMo had no time to write anything so here's a story I wrote after my boyfriend broke up with me...again)

"Ugh!! Fine, be that way!!” I screamed and threw my phone onto the floor and kicked it, my best friend Andrew watched me from the other side of the room and sighed.
That’s a $300 phone you’re kicking across the room…” He got up and walked over and picked it up. “Everything alright?” He asked even though I was sure he knew what was wrong. I’d just spent the last hour yelling at my EX-boyfriend on Facebook.
No, everything is NOT alright! That good for nothing boyfriend of mine is a scumbag!!” I snorted and wanted to throw my phone again. Andrew was still holding it, probably for protection.
Ex...” Was all he said before he started to play with my phone.
What?” I exclaimed, my rage temporarily short-circuited.
Ex-bf! He’s your Ex-bf! Remember?” I looked at him confused as he was saying Ex with quite some force, and I blinked then shook my head.
Right, Ex, how could I forget?”
Technically, since this is your Second break-up, he could be your Ex-Ex-BF?” I just continued to stay at him and shook my head. I snatched my phone from him before he could read my texts or FB posts. This was after-all private.
Just no more throwing…” He sighed when I saluted him and went back to his seat with his comics, I’m sorry… graphic novels.
I’ve been thinking about this since New Years Day…”
When he ditched you alone in Ohio?” Andrew added before I had finished, I nodded and snorted.
But, we just have no future together, so I’m dumping you and dating my Ex-gf from 10 years ago! Who has money and a car, things you do not have! What a prick! And he texts me and asks me if it was OK that he was hanging out with a “girl” at work. I was like “Why are you asking my permission? I’m not your girlfriend!” Then he admits it’s not a “girl” it’s his ex from 10 yrs. The coward wouldn’t even tell me the first time, just lies about it, a “girl”? UGH!”
Before I could throw my phone again Andrew yanked it out of my hand and sighed. I jumped as I had not seen him get up and walk over; I was too into my rant.
What’d I tell you about your phone? I’m not listening to you whining for 2 years because you broke your phone!” He took my phone back to his seat and laid it on the bed next to him, at least he wasn’t trying to look it.
Why would he dump me, someone with no future for another woman with less future then me?! Is it because she has money? A car? Because they can have sex?” I admit my voice turned a little whiny by the end. I sighed and plopped onto the chair in my room.
How do you know they will have sex?” Andrew asked me from above the top of his graphic novel.
Because they did 10 years ago that’s how! Every guy I date dumps me after a few months, because they get tired of not getting any sex, so they find someone who will! MAN!! My taste in boyfriends sucks! Like Sucky sucks!!” I sighed again and Andrew looked at me.
Sucky sucks? Really? What kind of Writer are you?” He smiled at me and I stuck my tongue out at him.
The kind that makes up words!” I sighed once more and Andrew got up and walked over to me and sat on the other side of the chair and lifted my legs up so he could fit better.
I’m sure it wasn’t you. I know they all say that, but it’s not true. You’re pretty, sweet, kind. You give people many chances even when they never deserved one, let alone 2 or 3!” He patted my legs and smiled his charming smile at me, well, he calls it charming, I call it cheesy.
You just called me naive, stupid and loser!” I sighed and buried my face in a pillow.
I did not! That’s what you heard! There is a guy out there just waiting for you, dying to date you, and he will do anything for you, and will never ever hurt you!” He went all quiet and I peeked out from behind the pillow to see what he was doing, he was looking at my phone with disgust.
Oi! No reading my private stuff!” I threw the pillow at him and somehow got my legs down and pounced on him. He was quite surprised because he yelped and fell off the couch with me on top of him. I was struggling to get my phone out of his grip, and he was just laughing at me. He rolled me over so he was on top of me and he still had my phone above his head out of my reach.
Now what ya going to do? You can’t move or reach!” He smiled at me, he was quite close to me and I hoped my cheeks weren’t as red as I felt they were. I stared up into his beautiful green eyes and saw them almost smile at me and twinkle. I thought back to his words about the perfect guy out there for me, who loved me, cared about me, and would do whatever it took to make me happy, and was dying to date me. Also, he use of “Ex-bf” like 5 times in a row, not to mention the emphasis on “EX”. He always did hate my bf’s, then again if my taste in guys sucks as much as I think it does that’s probably why, but there could be another reason why…
So, you think there is a guy out there for me?” I asked randomly and he blinked at me and lowered his arm slightly.
Yes Angela, there’s someone for everyone out there…” He smiled that cheesy smile again and I tried not to gulp and hoped my face stayed neutral.
Well, what would he like?” I asked, and tried to keep my voice straight.
Well, he would love to read like you do, love movies, put up with your random but cute temper tantrums…” He smiled again and I blinked. Did he just call my temper tantrums……cute? I tried not to smile and kept my face as neutral as possible.
What else?”
Well, he would protect you from all the jerks in your life that cause your cute little temper tantrums, and spoil you rotten, treat you like the person you should be treated like. And know that you hate being treated like a Princess, and want to be treated like an equal, not someone lower or greater than them.” He smiled that damned cheesy smile, and was it getting hot in here or was it just me?
That’s, that’s a lot…I don’t think he exists…or at least nowhere near me…?” My mouth had gone strangely dry and why was I panting, he wasn’t sitting on my chest, so why couldn’t I breath right.
Oh, I don’t know! He may be closer than you think…” He was smiling that cheesy smile again, except this time…I didn’t find it as cheesy, in fact it wasn’t cheesy at all, was quite…charming.
You think? Will it take him long to…” I gulped, I could feel my face flush and my panting was getting worse, and I was stuttering. “Get here, you think?”
Nah! Not long at all…” He smiled and sat up and handed me my phone. I sat up and massaged my chest like he had been sitting on it.
I bet he’ll be here before you know!” He had stopped smiling and got up and went back to his graphic novels.
 I suddenly felt very disappointed, and I had no idea why, I sighed and got up. I thought to myself, that maybe he was already here and I was being blind and stupid and overlooking the obvious choice. I looked at him and tried to get his attention but he was avoiding my eyes, I sighed.
Andrew…you’ll never get a girlfriend if you get her all riled up then leave her disappointed and alone!” I put my hands on my hips and he looked at me shocked, but still didn’t move.
I sighed and decided to take matters into my own hands, it was after all 2012, women can make moves as much as guys can. I took a deep breath and walked over to him, he stood up and looked at my quizzically.
I think that special guy is already here!” My heart was beating so hard I was sure it would explode from my chest. He frowned for a few seconds and then smiled that charming smile I think I will grow to love.
Oh really? Then where is he?” He mockingly looked around for this Special Guy’.
He’s right here…in front of me…he’s the guy who will care for me, love me, protect me, and spoil me…but most of all…treat me like a person, like the person I deserve to be.” I smiled a version of his charming smile at least I hoped it was. He laughed, wrapped his arms around me, which made my heart flutter even more and my panting get worse.
Took you long enough, I was about to put an ad in the newspaper! ‘Best friend in love, need help to get friend to notice!!’” He smiled that charming smile again, and I was right, I do love it now. I sighed one of those girly I’m in love sighs and leaned in to kiss him.
I would never of seen it…I don’t read the newspaper…” I smiled and he laughed and kissed me with the force of five long years of waiting and wanting and as I wrapped my arms around him I wondered why in the hell it took me so damn long to do this…oh…yeah! And DAMN could he kiss!!

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Fatal Indiscretions Episode Four

Fatal Indiscretions – By Anjie Harrte

Episode 3 – Recap
Sherry gets a call from Paul inviting her to breakfast. She confirms dinner with her husband and then goes to meet Paul. They meet at the old Dutch market, an area that Sherry doesn’t visit very often. They have breakfast together and then Paul takes her to his boat on the river. There he strips for her and it ends with her deciding whether to leave or go to him.

Episode 4

          I chose to satiate my thirst, to quell my hunger, to fill that void inside. I dropped my shoulder bag to the floor and I walked towards him. And yes, he smiled that wicked smile that I was becoming accustomed to. I leaned in and kissed him softly on the lips. I didn’t care if I was a prey in his trap, if I was caught in his sticky web, nor did I care that I had given into his seduction and walked all over every moral I had fought to keep in my life. I only wanted to taste him and I did. I kissed his neck softly and then I trailed down his hard chest and torso and when I reached my destination his long dick gave me a small slap in the face as though to say; you took long enough.

I smiled and looked up at him, his eyes drunk with anticipation. I placed my lips lightly at first on the tip of the massive shaft and saw him close his eyes and sigh. Then I kissed the tip, letting my lips press against the round hardness of it. My tongue slipped out and swirled around the tip, as I sucked on it and heard him sigh louder. The smoothness of it always excited me. I let my tongue slip between the slit and probe it, pushing the two sides apart gently. I felt him pushing against my mouth and I know he wanted more, but I wanted to tease him a little. I wanted him to enjoy every bit of it. Slowly I slipped it into my mouth letting it slide on my outstretched tongue as I did, taking it in inch by inch until I felt it enter my throat. I breathed through my nose as I bobbed my head up and down on the long shaft, stopping every now and again to suck off the top. I tasted his pre-cum and lapped it up licking my tongue as I enjoyed his salty taste. He started to buck his hips against my mouth, pushing in and out, harder with each thrust, hitting the back of my throat. I used my tongue to swirl around the massive dick as he fucked my mouth. I felt the pulsating of his dick and I pushed it as far in as it would go and worked my tongue in circles as I felt his hot juice hit the back of my throat and heard him groan and moan, grabbing my hair tight with his massive hand and holding me against his pelvis.
When he relaxed and fell back onto the bed behind him, I licked at my lips enjoying his rich taste. I climbed on him like a spider and kissed him. His face bore fine lines and his eyes were heavy with the hotness of the moment. He reached and pulled my blouse over my head and unhooked my bra as we kissed. Then he cupped my right breasts with his left hand and brought down his tongue; keeping his eyes on mine. I smiled as he took my nipple into his mouth and bit on it. I squirmed and giggled like a school girl as he kept nibbling on the nipple all the time keeping his eyes on my face. Then he began to lick at the nipple and suck it into his mouth. Soon I was writhing in pleasure as his mouth attacked my breasts all over sucking and kneading them with his hands. He then kissed down my belly, while unbuttoning my pants and pulling them down. I helped him by raising my hips as he slid them down my thighs, then I was kicking them out, feeling him pull down my panties.
Again I helped him ease them off as I felt his hot breath between my thighs. He parted the lips of my pussy with his fingers and dipped his middle finger in, I arched my back and moaned at the wonderful feeling as he turned it up inside of me and moved it back and forth against my wall. I felt the warmness of his tongue on my clit and I dug my head into the mattress, the sweet feeling of his tongue lashing away at my clit and his finger fucking me and diving in until his hand hit the rim of my pussy. It was all driving me mad. He stroked my clit up and down with his tongue, sending sweet sensations throughout my entire body. Then he was sucking my clit in his mouth as I saw him reach down to where his pants were on the floor. He seemed to be such an expert; to search for, open and put on a condom while still tongue fucking my pussy. He came up and in one movement, he raised both my legs in the air and brought them against my chest as he drove into my pussy. I was so wet and ready for him that it took one long swift drive and he was inside of me. My walls clung to his thick hard shaft and I heard him moan out loud as I reciprocated under the rush of pleasure.

In that moment I felt so whole, so full; that I felt like crying. Instead I started to gyrate my hips and move my body, as he slid out halfway and then rammed himself back in again. Paul was not a man for soft love making and my pussy didn’t mind, instead it thanked him every time he came in by hugging him tight. Paul leaned his chest on my legs bringing them all the way to my chest as he placed his weight on his hands on the bed to the two sides of me. In that position I felt him deep inside of me and then he started to quicken his thrusts, moving faster and harder with each thrust. The friction was starting up that sweet feeling in my pussy. As I felt Paul raise up and hold me by the ankles. We were still at the edge of the bed so Paul hitched one of his feet on the bed next to me, and the other one on the floor as she slammed his cock in and out of me, harder and faster moving from side to side hitting my pussy from different angles. Soon the sweet feeling in my pussy began to build up and then took over my body, sending me into convulsions as my body became flooded with orgasm after orgasm. Paul too started to grimace and stiffen and I felt his dick pulsing inside of me. The orgasms were felt through every pore of my skin all the way to the tips of my fingers and toes and then I couldn’t hold back the tears anymore. My cheeks felt flushed and my head was floating as I became overwhelmed with emotion and started to cry. Paul was coming hard, his dick pressed into my pussy, his balls against my ass as he emptied his cum into the condom inside of me. I raised my hands to my face in shame as I could not control the tears. My entire body seemed to have relaxed as I lay there crying. When Paul caught his composure he slowly pulled out of me and lay beside me, wrapping his arms around my body as I hid my face in the crevice of his neck and cried; my entire body shaking from the emotions. Paul didn’t ask any questions or say anything for the fifteen minutes it took me to calm down, he just held me and allowed me to pour out my emotions and let go of my frustrations. For the first time in years I felt relaxed and free. At some point I fell asleep, in the middle of the morning, in a boat on the wharf behind the Dutch Market, I fell asleep in Paul Degannes’arms as someone peeped us from the window of the cabin and gritted their teeth in hatred for me.

Paul must’ve looked up and seen the person, because I felt him move next to me and I jolted awake and sat up, looking around remembering where I was and what had happened. My brain started to take over my body again and I started to feel shame.

“What is the matter?” I asked Paul as he stood peeping out of the cabin window, stark naked.

“Nothing, I just thought I saw someone here just now,” he said as he sat next to me on the edge of the bed

“What?” I asked alarmed, gathering my clothes quickly

“It was nothing, there is no one out there,”he said wrapping his arms around me and rubbing his hand up and down my arm.

“I should leave anyhow, what time is it?” I asked. I never wore a watch; they never seemed to work on my hand.

“12:30 in the afternoon.”

“What? I have to get home just now is time for your class and I have things to do at home.” I said as I hurried to pull on my jeans.

“Mrs. Miles, you need to learn to relax” he said

“And what ,spend my days lazing in a boat on the river?” I asked snidely.

“What’s so wrong with that?” he asked, laying back on the bed and crossing his hands behind his head.

“Well for one, some of us have responsibilities.”

“I have responsibilities, and I am darn good at taking care of them and enjoying life. Mrs. Miles this life is too darn short to waste worrying and hurrying about killing ourselves over, slow down, smell the fresh air.”

“Right now the air only smells of fish and salt.”

He smiled, I had actually said something funny and it caused me to smile too.

“So are you coming to class later?” he asked

“Yes” I said as I climbed out of the cabin and off of the boat. He pulled on his pants and followed me. He watched me until I was out of the big iron gates. I turned and watched his figure standing there; his hands tucked into his pocked; his chest rippled from his muscles and; even from that distance I could see his crooked smiled.

I hurried across the road and pass the market; walking along the main road to my car, avoiding the winding paths inside of the market. When I reached the car the first thing I noticed was that my side mirrors were missing. I cursed under my breath and threw my hands in the air. Yes I parked my Allion in a shady neighbourhood and this is what I get for it.

“Sherry?” a shrill voice was heard behind me and I closed my eyes and almost did a face palm as I recognized it.

I turned and saw Jennifer Brunt hurrying towards me, “oh Sherry, it is you. In this neighbourhood?”

“Oh hi Jennifer,” I said, not offering her any explanation

“Oh my, do you know you don’t have side mirrors?” she asked

“Oh, yes, I noticed.” I answered, as I quickly rummage in my hand bag for my keys.

“But what are you doing in this sort of neighbourhood Sherry, you don’t seem like you are from around here,” she was leaning on the car peering into my face as I became frustrated with the many little things I must have in my bag.

“I was looking for something in the market,”I answered without looking up

“Did you find it?”

“No,” finally I saw the little round picture key ring with Cathy’s photo on one side and Ryan’s on the other, I pulled it out and picked out the car keys.

“What was it? Maybe I can help you,” she offered.

“That is ok, it was something personal,” I said as I turned the key and slipped into the seat.

“Sorry Jen,” I said as I reached for the handle of the door to pull it in, “but I am late.”

She grabbed the door and stepped closer, “It is Jennifer, not Jen, not Jenny, just Jennifer,” her eyes were wild, her face was stern and her stance was threatening.

I smiled nervously and said, “Sorry, Jennifer.”

Suddenly her entire appearance changed as she smiled and stepped aside. I pulled the door in, keeping my eye on her for a few seconds as I started the car. She looked up the road and signaled to me that it was clear to pull out, I still turned and checked though, in the last few minutes she had scared me and so I didn’t trust her.

As I drove home the thoughts of the moments in that boat on the river played over and over in my head. I wanted to turn the car around and go to Paul, but I know I couldn’t. Yesterday evening before falling asleep I had called my friend Alaine from the charity organization and asked her to pass around lunch time to pick up some of the baby clothes to donate to charity. Alaine used to be one of my best friends until I got so depressed I blocked everyone out.

Alaine Grenshaw was forty five and she was my father’s executive assistant for about six years before he died. She and I became good friends when my father decided I needed to learn his business. She was charged with teaching me the ropes and soon I knew everything about his and my husband’s company. When my father died, I liquidated his company and invested all of it into Miles Pharmaceutical. My shares in the Pharmaceutical company grew and I made Alaine administrative assistant in charge of hiring and training staff. I became a board member in Miles Pharmaceutical and got my own lavish office overseeing the city.

Alaine started the charity organization with my financial help, but I preferred to be a silent investment. Besides our investment into the charity gave us a lot of tax redemptions too.

I had so many clothes bought for all the pregnancies I went through that I decided if I was going to heal I had to give away the baby things; so I called Alaine. After all, the doctor had said, I shouldn’t try again for another three years or so. I could always buy again; I wasn’t going to keep them there to haunt me. When I pulled into the driveway the Charity bus was parked on the curb. It was a big white bus with the logo and name of the Charity on the side; Wings of Hope.

“HI Allie,” I said as I reached and hugged her.

“How are you today Sherry?” she asked in that concerned big sister tone.

“I am doing very well,” I said in an upbeat tone, honestly feeling relaxed.

A young man walked up the path and Allie said, “This is Jerry, he works in the warehouse, he is here to help me carry out the boxes.”

I smiled with Jerry and opened the door as we walked in and I led them to the packed room.

Sunday, Ryan had decided that since I had taken the step with the art classes he would help me along by having the room packed up. It wasn’t until last night that I had agreed to actually give away the stuff.

“You are giving away everything, Sher?” Allie asked

“Yep,” I said as I tried moved to my room. She motioned for Jerry to enter the room and as he started to pick up boxes, she turned to me, “I am happy to see you looking so relaxed.”

“Thanks, I feel relaxed.” I said, hoping to get away to my room.

“I miss you,” she said, “I came personally for these things in hope that I could see you and I am glad I did.”

“I am happy to see you too,” I said

“Well I hope you feel better soon, it is not healthy to be home like this all the time you know, considering how busy you used to be when you worked, making sure everything was just right in the company.”

I smiled she was right, I took a lot of interest in the business that involved my father’s money. He had worked really hard for what he left me and I intended to keep his dreams alive. I know he wouldn’t agree with me selling his company, but Ryan had presented a good business plan that meant us producing a lot of medications and even cosmetics locally. I thought it would be better than importing, making it cheaper for the locals to access.

“I need to take a bath, just do your thing and you can let yourself out when you are finished,” I said excusing myself. She smiled and nodded as I walked off towards my room.

I was stronger, but not strong enough to stand and watch them take the last reminder of Emily away.

Under the shower with the hot water splashing all over I felt so clear and at peace that I started to think on the things Alaine had said. I had let so much time go by with me sulking and waning away, I decided there in the shower that things were going to change.

Ryan wanted me to step out of my depression and be normal again, well he was in for a surprise, because my next step on this ladder to becoming normal was going to be re-entering the workplace and re-asserting my position there.

I stepped out of the shower a new Sherry, with all the brains of the old Sherry when it came to running a company that belonged to me by right. I was a bit nervous about the whole idea. Feeling my heart beating in my chest and my throat feeling stuffed with fear. I dried my head with a towel and watched at my figure in the mirror. My body hadn’t changed much; I still had my small waist, and round hips, firm breasts sticking out from the warm shower. I wondered to myself what the reaction I would get tomorrow when I walked in my office. What was Ryan Miles going to say about the new Sherry? I dressed quickly checking the time, I had two hours before classes, maybe I could get two outfits before; one to test drive the new Sherry at dinner with Ryan tonight and one to shock the office at Miles Pharmaceutical tomorrow.
* * * * * ** * * * * ** *

Well Sherry seems to be finding her self confidence back. But is she digging a bigger hole with her indiscretions? How do you feel about Sherry? Share your honest opinions let me know and return next week to find out what Sherry does on her date with Ryan. . . .
Previous episodes can be found at the following links:
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Anjie Harrte is a twenty nine year old mother of one who resides in sunny Guyana, South America. Anjie dreams up stories of contemporary fiction splashed with some romance, a little dose of murder or an ounce of suspense and sometimes when no one is looking she dashes in a little twist. You too can stalk her if you like at
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Love Notes - Chapter 6

Talk about heating things up! Do you think that Stephanie and Rob are going to burn each other out? Can a relationship that starts out with sizzling sex last? I've always heard the saying 'lovers first it will never last, friends first it will last forever'.

What about the online time they've spent chatting? Does online time qualify to really get to know someone? It seems Rob is a bit apprehensive about something. Maybe he's not who he's presented himself to be. What if they are both keeping secrets?

Wow talk about trust issues! Is Stephanie heading for a fall or is she in danger? Rob is definitely a bad boy but just how dangerous is he?

 Love Notes

Chapter 6

Day 4

Today is going to be different. You’ve made plans, and told me generalities but not specifics. Every time I ask you, you’re evasive and won’t answer me directly or you just tell me, “Relax baby, I’ve got it covered.”

You may have noticed that I’m not really the spontaneous type. I like to have things planned out and know what I’m doing and when I’m doing it. Of course that is also part of the habit I’m trying to break; being predictable boring old Stephanie. Why won’t you just tell me? Argh, I am feeling very frustrated!

I know, I know - trust you! I do, sort of. Trust is something that doesn’t just come easy for me. Especially after Trevor. LOL - maybe if it bothers you, you can take it up with him. HA! That would be a hoot, you confronting Trevor. Not that I would encourage violence but in his case I could make an exception.

You had some work related things to deal with this morning, so I'm here all alone. It gives me a chance to work on my presentation a bit, but as you can see that's not what I'm doing. No, I'm obsessing over you instead.

I've greatly enjoyed the time we've spent together Rob. I want it to last forever, but I wonder if it's even possible. I will have to go back home, back to my work, to my boring life and I just don't think I can go back to our online relationship, never knowing if I'll see you again.

I can't even begin to focus on work! Ooh! But I can call Letti!

* * * *

Stephanie closes up her journal and tucks it back inside the pocket of her suitcase. Opening her laptop, a sudden giddiness overcomes her, and she laughs out loud. She logs on to her Facebook account to see if Letti is on. Yep! Stephanie quickly punches Letti's picture on her phone, waiting for her friend to pick up.

"Brown and Langley, this is Colette. How may I help you?"

"For starters, quit playing games on Facebook."

"Steph! How's the trip? How's London? How's Rob?"

"Whoa! Slow down! You move faster than Rob!"

"I take it you're getting some action then? Good, you needed to lighten up!"

"Hey!" Stephanie exclaims in mock surprise then giggles. "And Oh yeah. Lots and lots of action. May have to mark off most of my sightseeing because of the action." She couldn't help but grin, thinking of the past few days.

"Does he look like his picture or did he send you someone else's?"

"NO! It's absolutely him. He's more amazing in person." The two squealed together into the receivers.

"Ooh tell me, tell me, tell me!"

"He's very romantic." Stephanie lay back on the sofa, staring at the ceiling watching her mental video camera play inside her head. "The first night, well our first date; I got caught in the rain. Spent a bleedin' fortune at the salon on my hair, getting waxed, mani pedi - you know, the works. Wanted to look good for our first meeting."

"Yeah, go on."

"Well, about ten yards from the hotel a sudden downpour started, turned my brolly inside out and I was drenched by the time I reached the restaurant."

"Sorry Steph. Did you bail? I think I would've just cried and ran back to the hotel."

Stephanie checked her manicure. It was getting a little dull and chipped around the edges. She thought to make an appointment for a new manicure before Rob returned. "I met these girls."

Stephanie blushed at the memory. "They um . . .helped me."


"They were very nice. Megs and Leah." Stephanie cleared her throat. "They helped me dry off, warm up, and even let me borrow some clothes"

"How did they manage that at a restaurant?"

"Oh they know the owner, and he has an apartment in back. One of the girls stays there, and she lent me some clothes. Well, they weren't as nice as the outfit you helped me pick out, but then again I wasn't soaking wet." She examined the other hand. "It didn't matter though, he saw me come in absolutely soaked."

"Oh damn"

"No, he thought it was sexy!"

Colette laughed into the receiver. "Only a guy right?" The two laughed together.

"Since then we've been almost inseparable. And oh my gosh Letti, the sex; wow! It was never like this with Trevor."

Letti made a throaty almost snorting noise. "Well yeah, but Trevor's an ass." Again the girls laughed together.

"I'll never be able to eat strawberries again without turning beet red."

"What? Why? You can't drop something like that and just leave it."

Stephanie could feel her nipples tightening at just the memory. "Um, yeah and ice cream and strawberry syrup, and chocolate." She brushed her fingers over her hardened nipples, tweaking them gently.

"Oh my god! Seriously? Ms tighter than a drum about sex Stephanie Colson played with food?"

"Wow, I gotta meet this Rob and shake his hand for getting you out of the box. So how was it?"

"What?" Stephanie felt embarassed that her mind was remembering Rob's touch as she held the receiver talking with Letti. "It was only freaking awesome!"

"What else Stephanie?"

Her fingers played lightly over her cleft, feeling damp from just thinking about Rob. "Oh loads! Mmm, how's things at the office? Is Steve playing nice or am I going to have to fire him?"

"Nice evasion there. I'll get the details out of you though. NO, he's not playing nice. He's being a tyrant. He's got half your clients upset and has only been in the office a total of six hours since you left. You are coming back soon I hope? Maybe bring Rob over here for a visit while you handle Mr. Phillips?"

"Ugh, I was afraid of that. I knew he'd show his colors but I didn't think he'd be so stupid so quickly. Hey I gotta go." Her fingers now slipping slowly, lazily, inside her wet folds. "I've got to get ready, Rob just texted me and said he'd be here in ten minutes and I haven't even showered. I'll message you later. Keep me updated, ok? Love ya bye!"

She had cut her friend off abruptly and lied to her. Rob hadn't texted, she just couldn't chat with Letti while she was so horny. Stephanie set the phone down, and walked towards the bathroom,slipping her silk chemisse off, letting it drop on the floor on the way. A shower was what she needed. She steppind into the tub, letting the jets of water pulse against her skin. Her left hand squeezing her breasts and pinching her nipples while she slipped the fingers of her right hand inside her pussy, and over her clit. A continuous inner video played in her mind of the passion between her and Rob over the past few days. Stephanie felt overwhelmed with lust as specific moments flashed in her mind. Her fingers worked faster, harder, deeper as her pulse quickened, her skin flush.

Gasping from the intensity of the lust, she pinched her nipple hard as she fingered herself frantically, two fingers inside her slit and her thumb working small hard circles over her clit. In a matter of seconds she was spasming in orgasm.

Three more orgasms later she was finally sated and shampooed her hair. Stephanie stood in the steaming water letting it wash the previous tension away as she rinsed the last of the soap and conditioner from her body.

After she had dressed she dialed the salon downstairs.  "Is there any possible way you could get me in for a dye and a foil. and a mani-pedi?  Yes? Awesome!  Be down in just a few minutes."

She glanced in the mirror, turning her head from side to side, chewing her lip as she debated  the impulsive action she was about to do.  "Let's see what you think of me now." 

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Science Fiction Sanity

Diners at the Memory’s End


Raymond Frazee

Copyright 2012, Raymond Frazee, All Rights Reserved.

Note:  this is is being written as you read it.  It is a first draft, and as such, it may be presented with typos.  Please excuse these, and remember that everything will be nice, clean, and near perfect, when you buy this story.  Remember--you get what you pay for.

Part Five
Friday, 17 September, 3183
Albert entered the flat and dropped his backpack on the floor next to the sofa. He was halfway across the living room, heading for the kitchen area, when he heard Cytheria step out from the hallway. “Oh, I was wondering when you were coming home.”
“Keeping tabs on me, Mom?” He headed to the kitchen processor and dialed up a cold tomato juice.
“Was just curious, is all.” Cytheria moved towards her favorite chair, which Albert, long ago, had christened, “The Throne”. As she sat she said, “After all, today isn’t a class day. Yet, you were out of here rather early.”
“Yeah.” Albert stepped from the kitchen area, careful with his now half-filled glass. “I had a project that needs to be turned in on Tuesday, and we wanted to make sure it’s up to par for ol’ Winnie.”
Cytheria fought to keep from smiling at the mention of Professor Koltzer’s nickname. I didn’t figure it would take long for him to dip into the grand familiar, she thought. “I’d be careful how you say that; Winfrieda’s very protective of her name.” She shot Albert a warning stare. “And she hates being called Winnie.”
Albert nodded. “Yeah, we don’t throw the name around in public.” He returned the stare. “I know how to keep my tongue in check, love.”
Cytheria didn’t break the stare right away. However, she did begin slowly smiling blinking. “That’s twice you said that.”
“Said what?”
“’We’.” The smile softened as Cytheria slid back into here oversized chair. “You’ve not spoken much about class.”
“Not much to say,” Albert said, shrugging. “It is what it is.”
“Doing well?”
“My biometrics—the one’s I can pull up—indicate I have a good grasp of the material.”
Cytheria nodded slowly, then asked, “And who is this ‘we’ you speak of?”
“That would be my study partner.”
Seeing how Albert was being coy as hell, Cytheria was temped to jump into his head and look around, but she understood him pretty well after a year. She knew he needed to be pushed in the right direction, but once he received a little nudging, Albert was always ready to talk. “Does your study partner have a name?”
She half expected him to say, “Yes,” which would force her to ask another question, but instead Albert came to the point. “Her name is Meredith.”
“Oh?” Cytheria almost had to bite the inside of her cheek to keep from smiling too broadly. “Her name is Meredith.”
Albert wasn’t taking the bait, however. Just as Cytheria fairly understood his moods, he felt he knew most of Cytheria’s. He knew she wasn’t mad or jealous, but rather, she was trying to provoke him to do something that would, in the long run, make him look silly. “Yes, her name is Meredith, and she’s a very good study partner.” He stuck out his tongue, then finished off his juice.
Cytheria’s domino turned slightly more serious,but not by much. “You know I’m only taking the piss out of you.”
Even though she was a Duchess, and had been schooled as a “proper lady,” Albert always found it amusing to hear her use that expression. “Oh, yeah.”
Cytherria kept the mood light. “So what is she like?”
“Nice person.” Albert debated getting up and getting another tomato juice, but knew he could wait—particularly since Cytheria wanted to talk. “Smart. She’s got a good grasp of science, so she picks up things quickly. She admits astronomy is a weak subject for her, so I help there where I can—”
“You do understand the subject.” Which is what I told him from the beginning, she thought.
“Yeah, it’s getting pretty easy for me now.” He sat back as well, a satisfied grin on his face.
Cytheria didn’t want Albert to suddenly start patting himself on the back for a job well done, so she guided the conversation in another direction. “Where’s she from?”
“Don’t know.”
“Not curious?” She knew Albert to be fairly gregarious once he decided to open up, and this seemed a little out of the ordinary for him.
Albert shook his head. “Thought it best not to ask—” He set his juice glass on the table next to him. “Least I get asked about where I’m from.”
“Ah.” Cytheria had this conversation with Albert weeks before, but only wondered if it had stuck with him, or if he’d decided to try and lie his way through a history. She did know his understanding and knowledge of University was good enough that he could probably pass himself off as a native, but she knew there was always the possibility that whomever he was telling might find a way through Albert’s deception.
“I didn’t want to try and make something up,” he said, his words mimicking Cytheria’s thoughts.
“Yes, you do need to be careful.”
“Yeah, I don’t want to get burned.”
A dense silence fell over the room, with Albert running a finger along the rim of this glass, and Cytheria keeping her eyes locked upon him. “So where were you studying?” she finally asked.
Not taking his eyes from the glass, Albert said, “We found some study space over in the Science Center.” He turned away from it and slowly pushed himself back further into the sofa.
Cytheria wanted to push him just a little, to see what was making him so uncomfortable. “So were you and your little friend there the—”
Albert softly moaned, “Oh, for God’s sake,” confirming Cytheria’s initial belief.
“—There the whole time?” she asked, finishing her original statement.
“Yes . . .” Albert sighed loudly. “We were there the whole time.”
“Until you were finished, that is.” The right corner of Cytheria’s mouth curled slightly. “Where did you go after study?”
Knowing it was useless to try and bullshit a psychic, Albert answered truthfully. “We stopped off for a drink at the Lusty Librarian.”
“Yes, I know that place.” Cytheria suspected he might be stopping there. Albert enjoyed relaxing with a pint—though his problem was that he often didn’t stop at a pint. “You know what I’m going to ask next—”
“We each had two pints.” Albert appeared sufficiently chagrined. “And pretzels.” He shook his head. “Nothing else.”
Cytheria allowed a moment of silence before saying, “You know I’m not monitoring your behavior. I only want to be certain that . . .”
While she sought the words she needed to make her statement not sound so harsh, Albert decide to end it for her. “I’m not getting fucked up in public?”
“Something along those lines.”
“I’m okay.”
“I know you are.” Something told Cytheria she should get out of her chair and go sit next to Albert, but she felt that would be . . . overtly dramatic. “Since returning from Sadalbari, you’ve curtailed your substance abuse a great deal. There are times, however . . .” She leaned against the right arm of her chair. “I just don’t want Meredith to see you like I’ve seen you.”
Albert snorted. ‘You’ve never seen me that bad,” he said with a sly smile.
“True.” Cytheria’s tone changed, became even softer. “Then I don’t want her to see you the way Callia saw you.”
At the mention of the name of his friend—a friend that in all likelihood he would never see again—Albert’s grin disappeared, and was replaced by a mask of grim remembrance. “Yeah.”
Cytheria knew she’d pushed matters a little too far by injecting Callia’s name in the conversation. With his mood obviously trending downward, she knew she had to do something to lighten the mood, and quickly. “I’m getting a bit hungry—” Which wasn’t a complete lie; it was getting on toward 17:00, and she hadn’t eaten since before 11:00. “You up for a nosh?”
“In or out?” The last few nights they’d eaten in; with it being Friday, it was customary for them to go out to dine.
"I have an idea.” Cytheria stood, straightening her blouse. “I’ve never been to Xianggang—at least with you. Why don’t we make an evening of it.” Her smile broadened quickly before she dialed it back, least Albert think she were forcing her enjoyment. “Maybe you know of a few places?”
“Oh, I do.” Albert, too, stood. As he returned his glass to the kitchen, he said over his shoulder, “Most of the places I know, though, served opium as an appetizer.” He stopped and turned, then broke into a soft chuckle. “You might enjoy the main course, thought.”
Even Cytheria couldn’t help but laugh at that last. “Oh, I’m sure.” She forced herself to slouch a little, so she didn’t come across all stern and demanding. “But do you know of any other places?”
He nodded. “There’s a few up on the Peaks. I’ll have Winston make reservations.”
Finally, Cytheria moved next to Albert. She hugged him. “Thank you, love.” She planted a kiss on his cheek. “Make it for 19:00 if you can: that’ll give me plenty of time to get ready.”
As Cytheria walked away, Albert said, “Use your name?”
“Only if you have to.” She turned left into the hall and vanished.
“No problem.” Albert dialed up another tomato juice. He enjoyed the taste, particularly after a couple of pints of ale. And I’m not getting loaded, he thought. Not with Meredith around . . . I’m not that stupid.
“And now you want to go to Xianggang for dinner,” he whispered. “Ah . . .” He looked about the living room. “You wanna keep me away from temptation, that’s the last place we should be going.”

Did you like it?  Hate it?  Did it make you look for sharp objects?  Leave a comment and Tell Me!

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Lovers Reunion (I promise to finish Thundering Love!)

Lovers Reunion


Sian Young

It's been three long years since I last saw my love. Ever since the war started all young men were taken away to fight. My love did not want to leave me, but refusal means execution. Not much of a choice go and have a chance of dying or stay and be executed.
I was sitting in our usual spot on top of the mountain overlooking the village, next to the tree where we made love for the first time when we were just adolescents, I remember when my mother found out she forbade me to ever see him again. She lifted the rule when I told her it was this or I run away with him forever. It didn't take her long to change her mind; she said I reminded her of my father, he knew how to get his way no matter what.  I took it as a compliment even though I knew it wasn't. My father had left us for a younger, prettier wife when I was just a child in swaddling clothes or so my mother tells me.
"Why did the Terrans have to be so violent and mean? They almost wiped themselves out with war and now they want to wipe everyone else out with war Barbarians." I muttered to myself as i stared off into the distance.  The fighting was nowhere near us thank Galla & Dionisis, but they were still collecting the young men from the country to fight as their numbers far outnumbered our own. I heard that they had destroyed their own world and have decided to conquer someone else, how could they?
"We would have been conquered by now if not for our strong bond with our world and our elemental gifts." I muttered to myself, those with the gift are in high demand during war time male or female, no one knows that I have the elemental gifts but when the other children were being taught to use it and control I wasn't allowed mother forbade me from ever training or using them, I didn't understand why. But, once war time came and they were taking 10 year olds with elemental gifts I knew why my mother forbade me from ever using mine. They never returned home and if they did it was either badly scarred psychically or mentally...or both.
The older you were the better chance you had of surviving and returning home the person you were.
"Konnor where are you...I haven't heard from you in a fortnight..." I sighed and lay down in the grass. All news of the war and it warriors had ceased 14 days ago, some people broke down in tears and cried for days, others just thought that the messengers were not getting through, all I cared about was my precious Konnor. I sat up as the evening bell chimed; time to return to the village it will be dark soon and that is when the creatures roam.
"Another day without..." I got up and turned to gather my things when a shadow fell over the area. I froze hoping it wasn't an early riser; some of the creatures ventured out early at times of great hunger. But, I felt no menacing entities nearby or the wind and trees would have warned me, instead it felt familiar like I knew the presence, almost as if from a dream.
I slowly stood up and turned towards the presence, what I saw made me drop my belongings to the grab and cover my mouth with my hands, as I tried not to let out a sob.
" haven't aged a day." Konnor said and smiled, I couldn't move or even breathe, it had to be a mirage or a dream...I've fallen asleep on the grass and dreamt of his return like so many times before. He just smiled and shook his head as if he knew my thoughts.
"It's me my love, I have returned home...the war is over. The Terrans have fled our world to terrorize another far from us." He took a step closer, when my body finally awoke and I found myself running to him sobbing uncontrollably, next thing I knew I was in his arms being thrown into the air and swung in circles as we both laughed and cried. He finally set me down and we stared into each other eyes for what felt like forever.
"I love you, my Ourlette..." I smiled and his face broke into a huge smile.
"I love you too, my dear Ourlette!" He slowly leaned towards me and I quickly closed the gap between us and soon enough we having the most passionate kiss I have ever had in my entire existence.
He was alive, safe and home...and even more the war was over for good; we were finally safe!

The End!

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Fatal Indiscretions Episode 3 - by Anjie Harrte

Fatal Indiscretions Episode 3

Episode 2 – recap

Paul, the art instructor, takes the class under the shade of a tree to do some relaxing exercises when the rain comes down. Everyone runs back to the gazebo to seek shelter, but Paul leads Sherry into a small cave formed from bamboo shoots and leaves. In the cave, Paul seduces Sherry and they end up having passionate sex until the rain stops. Sherry goes home and sleeps for hours and awakens to a note from her husband inviting her out to lunch, then her cell rings and it is Paul on the line.

Read more of Episode 2 as the story continues below.

 Episode 3

As I threw my wary legs off the bed, my cell rang and I answered without checking the ID.
“Goodmorning, Mrs. Miles,” his voice; thick and smooth as always, causing me to sit upright in the bed.
“I hope you are not leaving us?” he asked.
“I beg your pardon?” I asked.
“Well after the way you stormed off yesterday, I am wondering if you will be returning.”
I didn’t answer. I wasn’t sure if I was myself, but at the same time I didn’t want to say I wasn’t.
“Why don’t we meet for breakfast and discuss this. I am at the old Dutch Market, see you in ten minutes,” and the phone cut off. I looked at the display trying to find the number to call back but it was registered as unknown. I called the number I had called the first time and a woman answered.  I quickly hung up and sat at the edge of my bed tapping the cell phone on my chin.

The thought of going to see him made me hot again and I moved uncomfortably on the bed. I knew where the market was, even though it wasn’t somewhere I would frequent. It was dilapidated and on a Tuesday there wouldn’t be many stalls there. Having breakfast in a place like that was unbecoming of me. Did they even have a restaurant there?

I got up and looked in the mirror, was I this kind of woman? Was I the kind of married woman to leave her house at 8 in the morning to have breakfast with the man I wanted to fuck over and over again? I quickly moved from in front of the mirror, there was something about that woman in there that judged me. I couldn’t keep staring at her.

I slipped into a hot bath and massaged my entire body; feeling all of its imperfections and wondering what a handsome sexy man like Paul Degannes wanted with someone who was looking years older than she actually was? When I stepped out of the shower, feeling rejuvenated, I called Ryan.

His cell phone went to voicemail and I figured he was in a meeting, so I left a message confirming our dinner date for 8pm.

I went through my closet and was disappointed with everything there. I remembered a nineteen year old girl who used to like to dress in body fitting dresses and miniskirts and I wished she was here now.

I stood in my black lace panties and matching bra and sighed at every piece of clothing. Then I remembered Kathy. Kathy was my husband’s eighteen year old daughter who lived with her mother in Berbice, another town miles away from us. However, she came every now and again to spend time with us; sometimes she spent her summer vacation with me. She and I got along wonderfully; when I met her she was eight and I was nineteen, she looked up to me and I took her everywhere. She welcomed me as her stepmother and we formed a bond like two sisters. Her mother was never comfortable with me, so she never came to live with us beyond the two months of summer. I smiled as I remembered her little knobby nose that sat on her little round face. Kath always kept our house lively.

I walked down the hall to her room and pushed the door. Everything was orange; her favourite colour. She and I had designed this room three years ago with orange blinds and bedspreads, orange desks and lamps. I always kept her room as though she lived with us permanently, that way when she came to stay it was always ready. She had been here just two months ago right after her final exams; awaiting the birth of her baby sister. When things didn’t go as expected and I fell into a black hole, Ryan sent her home. She would’ve had to go anyhow, since she was graduating from High School. Kathy’s graduation was the highlight of my past few months. She asked to go on a cruise around the Caribbean with her friends for the summer, and her father conceded; she deserved some happiness.

I pulled her closet door open and pulled out the first pair of blue jeans I saw. I blushed at the thought of fitting all my curves into it. When I pushed my legs in and pulled it up, it slid up my body smoothly and hugged my hips until the waist rested comfortably on mine. I watched at myself in Kathy’s full length mirror and blushed. I guess anything was possible. I buttoned the top and turned from side to side, admiring how the jeans hugged my thighs and hips and caused my ass to round off nicely at the back. I looked back into her closet; all her tops were vests and tees. I smiled to myself and pulled the door shut. One of my blouses would have to do; it would be sacrilege to force myself into one of her teenager vests or tees.

Twenty minutes later I drove out my garage wearing a blue and black polka dot blouse tucked into the blue jeans, with a pair of flat sandals. I had applied a little light brown lipstick, face powder and some tan blush on my cheeks; with my dark chocolate skin colour I didn’t like wearing too much make up. I had combed my hair up and left a little pony tail at the back. Even though I didn’t look nineteen anymore I felt a little like it and it made me feel embarrassed to be trying to pull the look off.

I drove alongside the little market slowly, hoping to catch a glimpse of him. It wasn’t the sort of place that offered parking. My heart jumped into my throat when I saw him standing beside the fruits’ stall at the far end of the market. He was dressed, as usual, in a pair of track pants but this time he wore a white jersey with the dark blue pants. His hands were tucked into his pockets and that wretched smile adorned his face. I pulled into the opposite side of the road and tried to park as parallel as possible to the sidewalk. I stepped out of the vehicle and rubbed my palms on the front of the jeans. I reached for my shoulder bag and then ran across the road to him. As luck would have it, inches from him, I tripped on the sidewalk and fell into his arms. My eyes met his as I felt the warmness of his breath on my face. He smiled and winked at me, as I jerked my body from his arms and straightened up.

“I am here,” I said nervously.
“I can see that, and looking very hot,” he said watching me up and down.
I looked away and blushed.
“Where in this God forsaken market are we going to have breakfast?” I asked him.

He smiled and took my hand. We were still almost on the public road, so I looked around nervously, knowing it was highly unlikely for someone from this neighbourhood to know me, but still fearing the worse.

As he walked in front of me, I followed him, hand in hand like a child; moving through the empty vendor stalls. Only two fruit vendors were out and their stalls were laden with bananas, apples and grapes from the US, papaws, oranges and pineapples. The scent of the fruits made my stomach churn with hunger as I remembered that I hadn’t eaten anything since lunch the day before. We walked past the fruit vendors and entered the market structure, passing grocery stalls that smelled of rice and flour. Then we passed the clothes section and the smell of new clothes filled the air. Questioning eyes watched us, walking one behind the other. The market was quiet and desolate. Sundays were the busy days for this market; so on a Tuesday two of us counted as plenty walking through it.

When we reached the back of the market there were about three little stalls that smelled of fried cassava and coffee. There were little wooden structures with one person behind a glass case that was sweating from the heat of the food inside. In front of the little structures were wooden stools in front of a narrow shelf. Paul stopped in front of the second stall and directed me to take a seat on one of the stools. A place like this would repulse Ryan and on any other day even I would turn up my nose at it. But today under Paul’s spell, I took a seat.

“What do you have there, Clancy?” Paul asked the man behind the little counter.

“Dhol Puri and chicken curry, egg balls, potato balls, cassava balls, bake and salt fish and bake and fried eggs,” the man said, getting up from a little stool inside the stall and washing his hands at a little sink.

“What would you like to have?” Paul asked me

The menu sounded delicious, I never found the time to make those things these days, it was always pasta or rice or something befitting for our lifestyle. Ryan said curry burnt his stomach and the dhol in the puri didn’t digest well, he didn’t like the fried foods, or the salty fish, but he didn’t have a problem with all the carbs from the pasta, or fat from the greasy cheese.

“An egg ball and a bake and salt fish with coffee,” I said stopping myself from licking my lips as I said it. I was hungry, so one  just wouldn’t do.

“Sure thing,” Clancy said as he took a little plate and started putting out the things on it.

“No fish cake Clancy?” Paul asked

“No my brother, mistress hasn’t brought that as yet,” Clancy answered

“Aww well, I will have the same as the young lady, I had my heart set on dhol puri and fish cake,” Paul said as he rubbed his rock hard belly.

I blushed as he said young lady and looked around at the almost dark area of the market.

Paul must’ve seen me and said, “The food vendors used to be more to the front but the municipality moved them back there, there are more constructions to the back for more vendors,” he pointed behind the little stalls to a row of concrete structures sitting in the dark, “but no one wants to go back there to sell.”

I nodded as he spoke and turned to see Clancy set down the plate with the egg ball; a boiled egg rolled in boiled cassava to form a ball and then deep fried.

“Sour or pepper Miss?” he asked me as I instructed him to put a little of both. He cut the round ball down the middle and squirted mango sour; mango boiled with garlic and pepper and mashed up to make a liquid mixture that was the best accompaniment for an egg ball.

Soon, Paul too had his breakfast as we both enjoyed two cups of steaming hot black coffee.

We talked about the market and the fact that it was fast falling apart due to government concentrating on the big market in the centre of the city and forsaking the little ones like this one.

“Why did you choose here for breakfast?’I asked him as I wiped my mouth with a tissue, feeling the burning sensation of the pepper from the sour.

“Because Clancy here is a good cook,” he said

Clancy smiled from ear to ear and I nodded in agreement with Paul.

“I am not the cook, brother,” Clancy began,“the mistress does do the cooking.”

Paul smiled and paid for the breakfast and got up and stretched.

Suddenly I was nervous again, acting awkward and almost throwing over the stool on which I sat. Paul grabbed it and put it upright.
“I want to show you something,” he said and my eyes grew wide. Part of me was scared of what he was going to show me and part of me was excited.

He walked off towards the side gate of the market and I followed him. We walked out onto a bridge and then on to a little road leading back towards the river. We passed a store selling house fixtures and then went through an iron gate. I could smell the salty air coming from the river and I knew immediately where we were going. We walked down a wharf and were soon standing on a landing overseeing the massive brown water Demerara River, which was eagerly rushing with the tide and glistening under the morning sun. Paul climbed on to a boat, and reached for my hand.

I looked around apprehensively and he smiled and said, “Come on sweetheart, there is nothing to fear.”

I took his hand and our eyes locked on each other’s as he pulled me on to the boat that was wobbling from side to side with the washing waves.

He held my hand and led me across the front of the boat to the right side and then he ducked and entered the deck. I followed him and found myself in a little cabin. The room was neat and clean and smelled of his cologne. There was a little bed to the far end, a sofa on my right, a table with cards packed up neatly on the side, and a little fridge under the table. There was something like a chest in one corner.

“Is this where you live?” I asked him

“This is where I escape life,” he said as he sat on the little sofa. I turned around slowly and took in the little room, the wind blew in and the smell of the salty air and the sound of the water lashing the side of the vessel filled the atmosphere. The reflections of the sun of the water filled the roof of the little cabin.

“I shouldn’t be here,” I said as I turned to leave

I felt his hand on my waist. It wasn’t strong or demanding. It just neatly wrapped itself around my waist as his body drew close. I felt him breathing on my neck and I willed myself to leave.

“I don’t hold you hostage, or force you to do anything you don’t want to, but I must tell you yesterday only opened my appetite for more of you and Mrs. Miles I want you.”

He was rubbing the palm of his hand down the front of my body from my waist to my crotch and I felt my pussy twitch under his touch. Goosebumps were all over my neck from the feel of his warm breath. I tilted my head and closed my eyes as he placed small kisses all over my neck.
Suddenly, his warm breath was no longer on my neck, his arms were no longer around my waist, and the feel of his hard body was no longer against my back.

I turned and saw him undressing. He peeled the jersey off and revealed the most beautiful six pack chest glistening in the heat of the day and rippling as he stretched to the sky to pull off the jersey.

He ran his fingers around the waist of his track pants, loosening it from his waist and letting it drop to the floor revealing his thick muscular thighs on which sat his huge bulge pointing out to me from beneath his briefs. He ran his fingers around the rim of his briefs and pulled them down as his arms flexed and his muscles tightened in them and in his thighs. The long thick shaft shook its head at me, beckoning me as he stood in his beautiful nakedness, the light from the sun’s reflection on the water moving around his body.

Today he had left it to my choice, to run to him or to run from him. I stood, perplexed with the decision, fighting a moral fight within. Wanting to dig my fingers into his hard chest, wanting to climb upon him and ride him so hard that I would feel him within me for weeks, wanting to sweat out all the pain and anger and disappointment I felt inside but at the same time wanting to be the good girl I had been all my life; the devoted daughter, the faithful wife, the loving step mother, the responsible citizen and the caring philanthropist. One of them won that battle that day, one of those women who lived in me fought off the other one and had her way. That one woman is the one that got me here in the first place, it was that woman who won that battle in that boat that day, that made me end up dead among the marshes like a stray animal.

What is Sherry getting herself into? What is she going to choose? And how dangerous is this man or being involved with him? Come back next week to find out.