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Welcome to our Authors' Bio page. This is where you will discover a little something about each of our authors. Here are your current authors on the lineup!


Monday Writer - Eva Rayne Heaton

I'm Eva, I'm a writer and full time college student. I first published in April 2012 and have always dreamed of making it as a writer. 
For more about me and to check out my books you can head over to my facebook page:

 Tuesday Writer - Ellie Mack

I am determined to fight aging every step of the way!  I plan to regain the fun I sacrificed in my youth for a career.  I don’t feel 'that' old and in fact many people think I’m younger. There was a lot of stuff between birth and now - but we'll skip over that as it's rather dull.  Currently, I am working on three works in progress in addition to the stories  here.  My writing spans the romance, paranormal romance, and erotic romance genres. I love all things romance, and long for the day when a real live man can be as romantic as my characters. *sigh* Some day . . . until then, you can check out some of my ramblings on my blog

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Wednesday Writer - Eythan Rogers

During my college years I found that porn was not only online in videos and pictures but in words ;) Erotica as it were. I have had many amazing authors inspire me to start writing in this genre and I never looked back. Something about plucking at the mind with sensual and passionate words keep me wanting to write more. Could be my Psychology background as well.

 My job keeps me busy and pays the bills but I one day wish to be able to make a living writing and soaking the sheets of many lonely and needing females ;) 

Thursday Writer - Ben Hannigan

    I'm 23 ,a degree holder in literature and language, an airsofter and gamer.  I drink a bit, smoke a bit, and just am your typical struggling writer sat in a garret, (i say garret I mean pub).  I love sitting and talking about literature and can generally be found either curled up in the warm with my netbook or running through the woods with a rifle being shot at. 
I love to discuss my work so if you have any comments or questions send them to me via the blog and I will probably get back to you within a week or so, depending on the hangover.
My writing style has two modes, gentle relaxed musing or the more common, frantic, frazzled as Ms. Mack sits uh,'patiently' waiting and watching whilst polishing her bullwhip.  My relationship with the blog can be summed up with the fact I love the support and the help, and sometimes the pressure to both write and write well is just what I need. “Ellie, please put the branding iron down, I’ve done the bio, please”…..


Friday  Writer -  Fiona Summerville

Fiona Summerville grew up in Southern California. She studied at UCLA and haunted the dark and sometimes twisted bar scene in Los Angeles until she met and married her very own romance novel Alpha Male.  For years she had story ideas pleading to be set free, but it wasn’t until she and her husband moved to Texas that she started listening to the voices in earnest and began writing. She lives just outside of the Dallas/Ft. Worth area with her still hotter than hot hubby and their menagerie of pets. She writes contemporary and paranormal romances with tough, gritty, often misunderstood heroes and self-possessed, strong-willed heroines.  She loves sex, love and romance, not necessarily in that order. Some of her favorite things are the color black, stilettos, cowboy boots, tattoos and tutus…oh, and handbags…we can’t forget the handbags.

Saturday Writer - Vicki Locey
V.L. Locey loves worn jeans, belly laughs, anything romantic, dairy goats, Greek mythology, comic books and coffee. (Not necessarily in that order.) She shares her life with her husband, her daughter, two dogs, two cats and a herd of goats along with an assorted flock of domestic fowl.

V.L. is a self-published and conventionally published author. Her self-published works are the Gods & Goats trilogy, a romantic comedy series revolving around Greek gods, rural lifestyles, and a widowed goatherder. I know, but it works, trust me. She is also a proud Torquere Press author and her short story Two Guys Walk into an Apocalypse was included in the anthology He Loves Me For My Brainssssss.

When not writing romantic comedies, she can be found enjoying her day with her menagerie in the rolling hills of Pennsylvania with a fresh cup of java in hand. She can also be found online on Facebook, Twitter, and GoodReads.

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Sunday  Writer -
 At this time we will have guest posts, interviews and author spotlights on Sundays. 

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