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Forbidden Crush Part 2

Did you enjoy Samantha's debut? Things are heating up between Jaime and Darren, and with Jaime's dificulties with Lauren, well . . . find out for yourself.

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Forbidden Crush Part 2
By Samantha Kay

“No I don’t fancy him!” Darren laughed down the phone to his colleague and good friend Karen. “I just said he wasn’t as I expected!”

“Of course,” she teased in reply. “But you’re forgetting that I know you too well, Daz!”

“Haha, whatever!” He scoffed just as he heard a knock on the door. “Anyway I better go, someone’s here.”

“Ok, later Daz.”

Oh, how he loved Karen. Darren had gone back to his office after Jamie left the canteen and after he’d finished some paperwork he couldn’t resist giving Karen a call about how the morning had been.
He hung up and quickly brushed his fingers through his hair before calling whoever - it - was in. He knew it was likely to be a colleague, as he had no appointments scheduled.

When Jamie walked in Darren quickly checked the clock to make sure he hadn’t missed their arrangement to meet at four. It was only three thirty. “Everything ok?” He asked him.

Jamie stared blankly at Darren for a few moments, looking lost in his own mind. He was in fact trying to control himself; nerves were firing through his body in Darren’s presence. His mind was no longer focused on the problems he and Laurie were having, as they’d talked, and Jamie was going to spend a few hours at work that evening, to get some space away from her if nothing else.

So now Jamie could really appreciate Darren: especially how striking his appearance was. Darren was tall with broad shoulders, and had a nice muscular body –though he wasn’t too heavily built. He was masculine with a rugged look, with his five o’ clock shadow and short dark hair which was styled to look effortless.

Jamie couldn’t quite understand why his heart was racing as he took in Darren’s features, but he was ignoring the small voice in the back of his head telling him he found Darren attractive. Jamie also found Darren quite intimidating; he’d heard some great things about him, especially about how well respected he was and how great he was at his job. He had a desire to get to know him more, to see what everyone else did. He eventually found his voice, though he stumbled on his words.  “Erm, sorry, was just going to say I can’t meet at four, I have a meeting I now need to go to. I’m staying late tonight though, so I’m gonna go through our project some more then. I’ll check in with you in the morning?”

Darren, without thinking; more instinctively, saw an awesome opportunity –and embraced it.
“Well, I’ll stay behind with you if you like? We’ll try and make a decision on setting the objectives?”

“Oh,” Jamie felt a little stunned at the offer, though he appreciated it. “Sure, that’d be great, you sure?”

“Yeah of course.” Darren replied with a warm smile. “What time shall I make my way to your office?”

Jamie flashed an infectious smile, which Darren thought looked adorable.  “About six ok?”

“Six is great.” He grinned, still nursing the excitement in his body from admiring Jamie’s cuteness.
Jamie left the room and as soon as the door closed behind him Darren exhaled deeply, not realising he’d been choking in so much breath. Fuck I feel like a giddy schoolgirl, why is he so god dam cute!


Six o’ clock sharp Darren was knocking on Jamie’s office door.  His breath caught for a moment when he heard Jamie’s soft and slightly husky voice telling him to come in. Damn, he even sounds gorgeous!

Darren walked in, while steadying two take-out coffees in one hand. “Hey, thought you could probably do with some caffeine.”

“Aw thanks.” Jamie smiled, as he shut his laptop and went over to Darren to grab one of the warm paper cups. “How you doing?”

“Good thanks, yourself?” He said as he cautiously took a sip of his hot coffee.

“Yeah, better than I was this morning!” He chuckled. “So how come you’re ok with staying late at work? Don’t you have a family to go home to?”

“Ha! Was the assumption I had a ‘family’ anything to do with my age by any chance?” Darren laughed, flashing Jamie a glimpse of his good humour. “Cos I’m only 29 –not that old” He winked.

As Jamie laughed he felt himself blush.

“Sorry.” Jamie grinned. “Do you at least have a girlfriend to go home to then?”

Darren laughed again at another of Jamie’s assumptions, surprised he hadn’t heard already that he was gay, but they did work in different departments. Even though Darren was open about being gay, he tensed a little in apprehension before admitting it. “Well, actually I’m gay. But I don’t have a boyfriend to go home to.” Darren continued to smile, especially as he enjoyed Jamie’s reaction.

“Oh, erm, sorry, I didn’t know.” He stammered awkwardly, his cheeks hot. Jamie’s heart also jumped a little, but he couldn’t quite comprehend why.

“Don’t sweat it. You have a girl –or boy- friend to go home to?”

“Er, kinda.” Jamie muttered uncomfortably, before heading back to his desk. He put the cup down and picked up the project folder. “Guess we should make a start on this.”

Darren was a little taken back by Jamie’s odd response, though mainly questioning why he appeared to suddenly feel awkward about it. Shrugging it off, he continued with professionalism. “Yeah, sure.” He said as he took a seat at the desk just as Jamie sat behind it.

Facing each other, Darren could feel heat spreading across his body, feeling nervous in Jamie’s presence, especially as his gaze found its way onto Jamie’s neck. It then wondered down, taking in the tiny bit of smooth chest showing as Jamie had a couple of buttons unfastened, causing an all too familiar pulse in his cock. Fuck, now isn’t the time to get turned on.

Once Jamie had opened up their folder, he looked across at Darren who he noticed was staring at his chest, his mouth gaping open slightly.

“What you doing?” Jamie questioned, feeling a tad self-conscious.

Snapping out of his daze Darren replied too quickly, not thinking before speaking. “Day dreaming –no, I mean, erm. Just thinking –about the project.” He blushed.

Jamie raised his eyebrow as his mouth curled up into that teasing grin of his.  “Ah ha, of course you were!”

“Behave.” Darren tried to say dismissively, while forcing back a laugh.


The next hour had gone by fast with both Jamie and Darren enjoying each other’s company -though maybe a little too much.

“Gotta admit, I’m impressed,” Darren said with an element of defeat in his voice. “I thought I’d be carrying you in this project.”

“Oh really?” Jamie said, tilting his head to the side as he raised his eyebrow at him. “Did that assumption have anything to do with my age then Darren?”

A laugh suddenly emerged from Darren at Jamie’s remark, he was now impressed with his wit too.
“Ha, guess I’m just as bad as you then!”

Jamie chuckled. “Completely!”

Darren grinned, loving Jamie’s sense of humour. Still laughing Jamie quickly glanced at the clock, before looking back at Darren; his gaze taking a mischievous glimpse of his shirt hugging his chest nicely. “Actually, you wanna take five from this? I wouldn’t mind going for a cig.”

“You smoke? Oh I’m so disappointed in you.” Darren teased. “A pretty boy like you shouldn’t smoke.”

“Boy? I’m twenty three you know, I’m all grown up!” Jamie retorted, with a noticeable twinkle in his eye.

“Ha, but you admit you’re pretty then?” Darren winked.

Jamie couldn’t deny he was feeling something; Darren was making his heart jump, his stomach feel funny and his cheeks continuously blush. The only other person who had ever had such an impact like this was Laurie, so feeling this way freaked him out a little. Jamie got up and stretched, bringing his arms up above his head.

Darren soon spotted Jamie’s shirt, which had become untucked, rising and exposing a little bit of the smooth flesh beneath it. Darren instinctively spread his legs apart slightly, enjoying the sudden pang of arousal in his groin as he began staring -and admiring- again.

Jamie picked up on Darren taking a good look, and so when he’d finished stretching, he slowly walked over to him. His tone lowered as he spoke, inadvertently sounding seductive.

“You need to stop checking me out, it’s so unprofessional.” Holy fuck, did I just try and flirt just then? No because this isn’t attraction I’m feeling, he’s just good company, just a nice guy…

Darren, fully aware he was pushing the boundaries of their very new friendship, spun his chair so he was facing Jamie, and slowly reached a hand out to brush it down his thigh as he flirted back. “You need to start dressing yourself properly then, don’t you.” He said playfully with a smile, tilting his head at him suggestively.

Jamie’s breath was caught, as his cock was suddenly jolted with an intense sensation of excitement.
Jamie quickly stepped back, a little flustered and struggling to speak –and think- clearly. “Erm I’m, for a cig. Off for a cig, I’m off for a cig.” Jamie stammered, his face feeling red raw as he made a quick exit.

“Wait, I’m sorry.” Darren called after him, rising to his feet, but Jamie ignored him and shut the door as he left.


Downstairs out in the fresh air smoking a cigarette, Jamie was telling himself off for playing along with Darren, for allowing them to get into the little situation he had just escaped.
Why the fuck did I do that, why the fuck did I lead him on like that. Why did I like it? Probably because I haven’t had it in a while, it doesn’t mean anything. It can’t mean anything. It can’t.

To be continued…

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Over The Air Affair Pt 3

How do you keep the passion in a relationship?  It's hard enough when you're with each other, but even more difficult when one of you is on the other side of the globe.  Bree and Derek are at a point in their relationship where it's either make it or break it.  what do you think will happen with the young couple?  Tune in and find out!

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Over The Air Affair
Pt 3
by Ellie Mack

From: Derek Readnor 01/04/13
Subject: Hi babe!
Attachments: 5
Hi baby! God I miss you. It was another balls to the walls day. The production lines were completely shut down for most of the day and we had to stay until they were running. It’s almost 9 pm here, I know you thought I forgot about you but I didn’t. It’s just insane.
One good thing – I’m putting quite a chunk of money away., maybe we can take a nice vacation together.   Not much to do here when I’m working 12 – 14 hours in a day. They are even talking now that we may be working on Saturdays as well. I just don’t know – I need some rest. I’m constantly exhausted and can’t think.
If possible I’ll skype you tomorrow. It depends on what the supervisor says in the morning. If we have to go in then I will email you. I attached some photos of my room and the hotel. The last one is the group at breakfast.
I hope everything is going ok with you baby. Love you. D (Is there meant to be some repetition in this e-mail?)

                             ~*~                                    ~*~                                            ~*~

Bree read the short email. Her shoulders slumped in disappointment. She knew it wasn’t personal, but she really wanted to hear his voice this morning.   Clicking through the photos, she smiled until she came to the last one.  Derek had spoken before about the lady on his team.  He failed to mention that she ws a knock out.  Bree felt jealousy rise inside her as she examined the photo closely, noticing that the lady seemed to be looking at Derek with more than a coworkers interest.  If she wasn't mistaken, this Andrea was blatantly flirting with Derek. She sat back crossing her arms, her lips pursed in a scowl.  Suddenly, her holding out on him and not being completely open with him seemed a very dangerous nad stupid move on her part.
He was 12 hours ahead of her and as she was waking he was going to bed.
She closed out the email and set her phone on the nightstand. It was time to get ready for work anyway. Today was a department luncheon and casual Friday. She planned to wear her new jeans and top she bought to meet Derek at the airport in, see if she got any reactions from the guys. If not, maybe she'd buy herself something a little sexier to greet Derek in.  Based on the photo with Andrea she just hoped she wasn't too late.
Perhaps she would take Pris up on her offer for movie and pizza night.

                            ~*~                                    ~*~                                           ~*~

From: Derek Readnor 01/05/13
Subject: Love You!
Attachments: 4
Well, they only made us work part of the day. We figured out what the hang up was, so they got production back up and running. What a relief that was.
The department manager and his wife took our group to Tong Li – which translates Water Town. It’s a 14th century town – and some of the buildings are still there. Some of it is new, but most are really super old. Instead of streets they have canals. We saw some of the fishermen using those birds to dive for fish. That was interesting. Then we went to this restaurant that the manager said was the best in
the Pudong province. Maybe it was because I was so hungry, but it was very good. We had a hotpot. It was interesting.
Tomorrow, the group is going to Tiger Hill, a memorial for some emperor or something. When I get back I will give you a skype call.
China isn’t anything like I expected.
Cant’ wait to get back and hold you in my arms babe.

  Miss you. D

                     ~*~                                       ~*~                                           ~*~

Bree was glad that Pris stayed over. At least she’d have someone to help her take her mind off Derek. They spent a lazy morning in their pjs, sipping their coffee before deciding their course of action.
They walked down to the market, giggling over their indulgent food choices and the silly movies they were going to watch. As they walked back through the park, they discussed their relationships with the men in their lives.
Pris liked her freedom. She enjoyed her position of being able to accept a date, without actually being in a relationship. Still gutted over Brendan’s two timing, she was reluctant to let anyone back into that part of her life.
She shared her feelings about Derek. She opened up about how she’d been holding back on him, how she’d been afraid to give in to her passions. Afraid that if she acted on the passion that he stirred in her he'd think she was a slut and leave her.

Once back at Bree’s apartment the two friends enjoyed the conversations, the delicious foods, and the decadent desserts they’d purchased. After the movie, Pris decided a little playtime was necessary.

“Bree, you can’t expect Derek to stick around if you’re holding out on him, and you can’t get all tied up in knots worrying or you won’t enjoy it."  She moved closer to Bree, sliding her hands up her thigh. “You were never uptight when we played."
Bree blushed. “No, because I feel relaxed with you. We’ve been friends forever.” She shrugged. “I don’t know, it just all seemed such a natural progression with us, I never worried."

Pris grinned leaning in to kiss her friend. “I think, maybe you just haven’t had a good orgasm in so long you’ve forgotten how.”

“Nu-uh, I know how. It’s just, well, I do when I take care of it anyway.” She blushed, as Pris closed her mouth over her own. She was well awarte that if she gave in to her desires for Derek fully, it would be better than anything she'd experienced before.  He made her feel insatiable and that's what worried her.

It was a slow, lazy, provocative kiss. She felt heat spreading immediately. She wondered why her reaction to Derek wasn’t as immediatelately. When they came up for air, she asked. “Why do you suppose I don’t have an immediate reaction for Derek?”

Pris nibbled her neck, easing down over Bree’s body caressing her nipple lightly through the thin cotton tee. “Because you know I’m always here and I’m not going to reject you."
“Mmmm.” She was covered with goosebumps, wet and ready. “You know, you just may have something there. Do I need to pay for this counseling session?”

Pris looked up her best friend and grinned. “Oh, you’re gonna pay alright. I have a special price for you.”

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All I Want Pt 1

This next little bit is from Cathy Brockman.  Sometimes reality is a far cry from our fantasies.  Sometimes, I think she hits a little too close to home as well.  While I grab my pillow for the guest room, you  enjoy Cathy's tryst.

All I want is…..Part one
Cathy Brockman
I toss and turn, not being able to sleep again. The bedside lamp on the other side of the bed flips on.
“Do you want me to get you a sleeping pill?” Jerry’s sleepy voice barely hides a hint of gruffness.
“No!” I answer shortly.
“How about a half of one?” He shoves the cover aside, cursing as he stumbles over his pile of clothes lying in the floor.
“If I am bothering you I can go to the guest room.” I grab my kindle and sling my legs over the side of the bed.
“You’re not bothering me. I’m just concerned. You haven’t slept much the past couple weeks.” He steps in front of me holding out the pill and a glass of water.
I take the glass, set it back down and put the pill in the small dish by my alarm along with the last three he handed me.
“Come on Teri, a half of a pill every now and then won’t hurt you.” He looks at the dish and frowns.
“Let me guess. You’re not taking your antidepressant either are you?” He frowns, and then shrugs stomping off towards the bathroom.
I sit there trying to decide if I want to just lie back down and read or go to the guest room.
“No Jerry, I’m not taking those either. I told you when the doctor subscribed them I wasn’t”
“How do you expect to get better if you don’t take the medicine and get some rest?” He tosses the hand towel on the pile of clothes as he rolls back into the bed shuts off the light and turns his back to me.
“The medicine makes me groggy and I have so much to do. “
“Yeah, decorating cakes at the bakery, shopping, and making candy is such hard work.”
The sarcastic tone in his voice irritates me to no end. I grab the kindle, my mp3 player and head to the guest room, resisting the urge to take my pillow and press it over his head and suffocate him.

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Wind in White Birch - Issue # 4

Hello all! My name is V.L. Locey.  I am a self-published and traditionally published author that lives in the mountains of Pennsylvania with my husband of over twenty-one years, my sixteen year old daughter, a herd of dairy goats, chickens, geese, ducks, turkeys, three dogs, two cats, and a partridge in a pear tree. For more info about me and contact links, check out the author bio tab up above.

Enough about me, let`s get back to Wind in White Birch and our lovers Jonah and Dana.

Wind in White Birch


V.L. Locey

Chapter Four


Dinner that night was one of Rhett`s favorites: Hot dogs, boxed macaroni and cheese and tossed salad. I make the salad to counteract my guilt about feeding him hot dogs and boxed macaroni and cheese. At least he`s getting something healthy into his growing body. After we sat down and filled our plates I glanced over at the lad. He was spooning in cheesy elbows like there was no tomorrow.
“Chew buddy,” I said, topping his bowl of salad with ranch dressing. He swallowed loudly then gave me his quirky smile. That smile was going to win him girls by the truckload in about ten years. “I have a surprise for you,” I told him. He dove into his salad, forking a carrot slice with gusto. “Jonah called today.”
Rhett`s deep blue eyes widened. “Awesome!” he exclaimed around his bite of carrot. “Are you going out with him again? Can I see him this time? I want to show him how good the baseball mitt fits!”
“Well, actually, he asked if we wanted to go up to his neck of the woods for the weekend.”
I thought the child would combust. Or perhaps fly up to the ceiling and bounce around like a deranged bottle rocket.
“Can we, mom? Please, can we?” he begged, ranch dressing smeared over his lips and chin. I nodded with a smile. The lad leaped down from his chair and broke into what could only be termed a combination rain dance/Lady Gaga routine. He shook his scrawny little rump and pumped his fists into the air.
“They even have snow. Jonah wondered if we could do some snowmobiling. Think you`d like to try that?” I asked, jabbing a cherry tomato and plunking it into my mouth. Rhett`s mouth dropped open. His sandy head bobbed up and down. I laughed at his expression. He raced at me then threw his arms around my neck. I swallowed my tomato, shocked at the show of affection. He was at that age now where he only hugged mommy when he was hurt or over the top. Obviously this was the over the top show of emotion.
“I swear this is cooler than Jeremy Cotter`s Pokemon gold game,” he breathed into my neck. I squeezed him hard then released him. His small stocking feet hit the floor and the moment was gone. The light of excitement still glowed in his eyes though.
“I agree, it`s very exciting. Jonah will pick us up at the church tomorrow night, and then we`ll ride up to New York and stay at Andy`s house. You remember Jonah`s grandfather, right?” I asked, shaking out my napkin and laying it over my slacks. I had yet to change from work.
Rhett nodded as he scaled his chair then dropped down into the seat. “Sure. I like Andy Big Deer! He said he knows way more stories than Jonah. Andy said Jonah`s just a wet-eared pup.”
“Compared to Andy I guess Jonah is a puppy,” I responded. I didn`t think of the man as a pup. I thought of Jonah Big Deer as one hundred percent sleek canine. Jonah was like a silver and black male wolf who catches you in his sights and you`re instantly lost in his onyx eyes. Even as the wolf comes closer you stand mesmerized by its power and masculine appeal. You drop to your knees, naked in the snow…. The wolf circles you, sniffing at you, nipping at the base of your neck, urging you to fall to your hands and knees so he can mount you from behind and—
“Mom, you dropped a radish slice on your shirt.”
I came out of the erotic fantasy sharply. I glanced down. There sat a radish slice soaked in French dressing on my left breast. Great. So much for this pretty light green sweater I huffed internally, smiled sheepishly at my son, and tried to gather my naughty thoughts.


Homework was done as was the bath. The duffel was filled with clothes for the weekend in New York State. The story had been read. Tonight`s choice not an unexpected one given our dinner conversation. We read Osseo, Son of the Evening Star from the anthology The Enchanted Moccasins. Rhett had found the compilation of Native American legends in the bookstore a week ago and wheedled me into buying it. Not that much wheedling was needed. If there is one thing I will purchase for my son, it`s books. I`ll skip lunch for a week if Rhett wants a book, that`s how important it is to me to instill a love of reading into my boy.
Now it was time for mom to unwind and pack her weekend bag. I took a hot shower, got my fuzzy PJ`s on and sipped a decaf cup of hot chocolate while I filled my suitcase. I picked out practical things. Jeans, sweaters, thick socks and sweats, long johns, and flannel pajama`s. There would be no frilly lacy rails for this woman. I knew firsthand how cold it got in the Finger Lakes region. Sometimes they got buried in lake effect snow that made what we had gotten so far in the Steel City seem like a joke. Of course, we sometimes got buried in Pittsburgh, so it was just a toss of the meteorological dice.
After my bag was ready and my cocoa was gone, I made a final sweep of the small second floor apartment, checking the locks on the windows and front door. Feeling as secure as I ever did living in a large city I slid under my heating blanket then turned out the light beside my double bed. My toes were thrilled with the warmth. I lay on my back for awhile, watching the patterns of headlights pulling into our complex slicing through the mini-blinds on the window.
Tomorrow night I`d see Jonah again. Heat engulfed me. I closed my eyes. A memory of Jonah jacking me up against my front door - his mouth hot and demanding over mine – had me kicking off the covers. My breasts grew tight. I flipped to my side. The dresser was a safe thing to look at. I studied the brass handles on the bureau. I wondered what Jonah slept in. Did he wear fleece pants to bed, or sexy boxer briefs?  Did he go nude? My mind pulled up an image of his naked body spread out over my bed, his flesh smooth and tanned and so very, very long and hard. Fire licked at my core. I squeezed my thighs together to try to drown the flames.
It didn`t even begin to work. I left my bed in a snit. Out to the living room I stomped, throwing my ass like a surly child into the sofa. I snapped the remote from the table and turned the TV on with ire.
“Just had to go with the naked version, didn`t you, you trashy brain!” I muttered. God but he was a sight in that fantasy with his eyes burning with dark fire and his body begging me to touch and taste and—
 “Damn it! Stop it!” I shouted then shrunk into myself when Rhett mumbled in his sleep. I curled into a ball on my side and dashed to TCM. Black and white would be safe. There would be no sexy stuff to contend with. I`d find a nice, wholesome, classic movie to cool down my slutty brain.
“Oh real funny person in charge of programming,” I sniffed as that beach scene From Here to Eternity popped up. A long, lonely night lay ahead.


For those who may not have seen From Here to Eternity, here`s the clip of the beach scene starring Burt Lancaster and Deborah Kerr. It`s a real face fanner!

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Cupid's Arrow Part Four

Thank goodness, it’s Friday once again. I hope you all had a great week. This is the final installment for Cupid’s Arrow. Thank you for joining me on another short story journey. ~ © Misty Harvey 2013

Cupid’s Arrow

Part Four

Caleb sat at the table. He adjusted his tie. Women sure took a long time to freshen up. He thought. The waiter had already made an appearance for their order. Just as soon as the man had rushed off to place it, he noticed the glances from other patrons. It was a look of pity. He’d been at the table too long by himself. They seriously thought he was dining alone.

He pulled out the Cupid’s arrow setting it on the table. His white napkin covered most of the shaft of the arrow. She should be returning from the bathroom soon, which would mean he had little time to devise a plan.

The sound of shattering dishes echoed in the dining hall. Caleb placed his hand on the table. His body rotating at the hips to see what had happened. The waiter was embarrassed, hurrying to try to clean up the mess. Everyone gawked at younger man for a time, before turning back to his or her previous conversations.

“How dare you?” A woman squawked from next to the table. Caleb turned back in time to catch the woman’s purse across his right cheek. His head snapped in the opposite direction.

She rushed off toward an accompanying man. Her movements fluttered. Caleb only heard a glimpse of the conversation. She was accusing him of pinching her behind. He looked confused for only a moment before the larger man was at his table.

Caleb choked as the tie pressed into his Adam’s apple. His own feet barely touched the ground. The beefy man had lifted Caleb up to meet his eyes.

“That is my wife you put your paws on.” He growled in Caleb’s face. His breath had the stench of old cigars, and whiskey. Caleb was sure he was about to die. Still confused on what exactly had happened, he was relieved when the rounded woman came back.

“Don’t mind him, Baby. Let’s go home.” She put her hand on her husband’s chest. The tomato red man glanced at his wife. Caleb thought if something didn’t change soon the man would have a heart attack right there. His blood pressure had to be sky rocketing.

Caleb fell back against the table. Dishes shattered drawing more attention to them. He’d tried to catch himself, but the satin table cloth had made that impossible. The chair spilled to the floor and Caleb with it.

He watched the back half of the couple exiting the restaurant. Caleb righted himself, and placed his chair back. The arrow was gone. A quick search of the area turned up empty.

Caleb smacked himself in the forehead. She’d hadn’t been pinched, but rather stuck with Cupid’s arrow. He groaned as Nora returned to the table.

She had a hand on her mouth. Caleb knew this was going to be a bust. He waited for her screaming, but instead she was giggling. She was laughing at him. At the situation, she’d just witnessed from across the room.

“Oh wow, she clocked you hard.” Nora snorted which caused her to laugh harder. “Let’s get out of here before the management gets here.” She linked her arm in Caleb’s escorting him out of the building.

“I don’t even know what happened.” Caleb rubbed his cheek. The skin throbbing. “What in the world do you women carry in your purses? Bricks?”

“More or less.” Nora grinned as she walked next to him. Caleb felt the rain soaking his clothes. He cursed himself for not thinking of an umbrella, but Nora didn’t seem to be minding. She, of course, was still laughing at him.

“I’ll hail a cab.” Caleb stepped closer to the curb. He turned his body outward, and waved at the bright yellow vehicle. The taxi hit the puddle without even slowing down. Caleb blinked, the water dripping off the tip of his nose. This was not going to be his day again.

Nora folded herself in half. Her arms clutched to her sides. Laughter spilled from her lips as people stopped to see what was going on.

Caleb stood there blinking. Twice he’d managed to get soaked by an inconsiderate driver. He turned toward Nora. He’d give her some credit she was trying to hold it in now.

“Come on, I live only a few blocks from here.” Nora choked on the words. The laughter only barely contained. She linked her fingers with his, holding her clutch above her head to try to stop some of the rain.

Nora ran down the road, dragging him behind her. Caleb jogged to keep up with her. They came to a stop in front of a townhouse. She was already digging her keys out. Caleb stood on the porch as she unlocked the door.

“Well, it was an interesting night.” Caleb spoke rocking on his feet. Nora nodded her head.

“It always is with you, Caleb.” She giggled. “Now come on, let’s get some ice on that cheek.” Nora led him into the house. She turned on the lights, heading for the kitchen.

Caleb followed her into the dining room. He stripped off his suit jacket laying it on the back of a chair. Nora set her clutch on the table. She returned with a bag of ice.

Her body slid in against Caleb’s so she could place the ice pack on his cheek. Caleb swallowed hard. His heart raced at having her so close.

She smelled like clean air, but a hint of her perfume still lingered. It was the scent of Jasmine. He remembered it well from his childhood. A friend of his parents used to wear it all the time.

“You look like a drowned rat.” Caleb said tugging on a wet strand of her hair. She gave him a grin that lit her eyes.

“And you look like a free advertisement for a purse company.” Nora giggled. “She clocked you hard enough I can tell you what brand of purse she was carrying.” She spoke seeing the indentation of the metal clasp.

Caleb held onto her hips while she nursed his cheek. He looked up at her, and they both started to laugh. Nora snorted again, which only made the laughter worse.

“Nora, I need to confess something.” His voice was low. Her hand slowly drifted from his cheek, taking the ice pack with it. She looked down at him, a more somber look on her face.

It was the sparkle of delight in her eyes. Something about that one little sparkle triggered a memory. Two children playing on a yacht flashed through his mind. They were the children. Well I’ll be damned. Caleb thought.

The memory faded as Nora leaned down and kissed his lips. His hands tightened slightly on her trim hips. The kiss was soft, but quickly grew more passionate.

“Fire the arrow now.” Devin spoke as he stood next to the new Cupid trainee. The arrow sailed through the air piercing the skin of Nora’s behind.

“Got her.” The male said. Devin clapped him on the shoulder.

“Great shot, and that is why you always read all the information I give you.” Devin instructed him. “Caleb could have saved himself weeks if he’d only taken the time.” The two smiled at each other before disappearing.

“Did you just pinch me?” Nora’s eyebrow rose. She was rubbing at her butt cheek.

“And what if I did?” Caleb gave her a cheesy grin. Nora beamed back at him, before kissing her.

Thank you all for joining me during this Tantalizing Tryst giveaway run. I hope you all enjoyed Cupid’s Arrow. If you missed a part you can find the link below. May all your fantasies come true this Valentine season.


Thursday, January 24, 2013

Special Deliver: The Artisan collection Pt 3

Are you enjoying this sinfully delicious treat by our own artisan Ben Hannigan?  He certainly has a way of wetting my appetite.  Don't forget to sign up for our Valentine's Day giveaway!

Now, let's see what the artisan is up to today!
Did you miss the first parts?  You can catch up here:

Passion of the Artisan Confectioner (Pt 1)
Of Crystal Glasses and Rich Red Velvet (Pt 2)

Special Delivery

Today when you rushed home you saw as you expected, a package from the artisan.  For you now at this time, it had become a game, a courtship of sorts. You give him a request for an item and wait, he returns days later with a delivery.

Gently as to slow the moment you tug the bow, the package unravels itself, the elegant bow sliding apart with lace and satin almost sinfully like the opening of some secret delicate flower. Even opening his gifts sent shivers of desire through you.

In this package there was no note, no description other than a single word “touch”.

 Closing your eyes you remove the first garment, a pair of almost sheer stockings, silk and soft, slowly sliding up your milk white legs to your thighs, due to the resting place of the package, each thigh being sucked and engulfed by an eager wet soft mouth.

The next a garter, lace and ribbon which you tie across your thighs.

The next a camisole which again, slick, silk, sliding over soft skin, the material engulfing your sensitive figure with this eager sucking warmth. Your nipple teased into stiff peaks by the contact and as you tighten the last ribbon you realise there is something very special. The internal nipple clamp that you have pulled tight gripping teasing and driving you into desperate whimpering shudders.  But you press on.  You can’t stop.  You wont stop.  You must, but you mustn’t.

The last item, figure hugging hipster cut underwear, sliding fast and hot up the silk and slipped on without thinking, causing you to cry out in shock and delicious pleasure.  The inside of the panties feeling hot, tingling and teasing as you feel and fumble for the box you read the label warning that the panties are impregnated with a serum that upon body contact release a cream to tingle and tease you. Wet and aching with need you follow the instructions finding the ribbon leading from each nipple and tying them as instructed to the small nub in the panties.  As soon as the knot pulls true you realise the terrible magnificent truth. The clamp opening to grip the clit as you can’t and won’t stop this, this sensual, sexual torment. The clamp gripping not hard but not soft and each time you writhe and rock, it’s tugging upon your nipples, which tugs your clit and leaves you tremoring, shaking, mewling, screaming in a puddle of passion and bliss.  
Alone in your armchair recovering from an orgasm brought about from a shadow of a partner, known only by their title and the signature.



Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Forbidden Crush Part 1

Today we have a new author joining the Trysters.  Please welcome Samantha Kay.
Get ready for a steamy hot story that will melt your heart as well as the ice outside your door. 
Don't forget to sign up for our Valentine's giveaway: Tantalizing Trysts Valentine's Day Contest.

Forbidden Crush, Part 1
By Samantha Kay

“I don’t have time for this.” Jamie spat as he opened the front door. “I need to get to work.”
As he charged down the path towards his car, feeling flustered, sweaty and shaky, he heard Laurie shout at him from the doorway.

“No, you never fucking do!”
“Whatever.” He muttered to himself, before slumping behind the wheel.  Jamie wasn’t a lover of drama, but Laurie seemed to relish in it, always finding a reason to cause an argument.
Despite his trembling hands he managed to spark a cigarette up, before starting up the car to head to work.

While sitting in traffic, Jamie peered up to see the clouds overlapping in the sky, churning into shades of grey, trying to work up a storm. His mind began to wonder, thinking back at when he and Laurie had a relationship others actually admired. They were best friends, who shared the same sense of humour, and the intimacy between them was idyllic –affectionate, comfortable and most importantly, exciting.
He missed those days.  When had things turned so sour?


Darren paced up and down outside Jamie’s office; he’d never met Jamie before, but had been assigned to work with him on a project starting today.  It wasn’t a decision he was happy with, he’d heard that Jamie was only 23 and was someone all the women in the building enjoyed flirting with. Karen, his colleague, liked to point out all too often that Jamie was ‘a tanned slender beauty’. 

So Darren had already assumed Jamie to be a cock-sure naïve idiot. But that was classic Darren; he was what others called ‘a typical bloke’ due to being stubborn and not one to take any shit off anyone. He was also popular at work though, for his kindness, charm and sense of humour. The women at work would attempt to flirt with him, despite knowing full well he was gay, and Darren would happily play along, enjoying the attention and the banter.  Darren spun around when he heard a lock being turned; the speed at which he did slightly alarmed Jamie who had his key in the door.

As Jamie stood there looking puzzled, Darren suddenly choked on his own spit as he forgot to swallow.  He hadn’t expected Jamie to be quite so… well, the only word he could apply was beautiful. His high cheekbones accented his captivating dark brown eyes; eyes that hit Darren straight in the heart. They were intense, and gleamed with just the right mix of curiosity and mischief, and suited his tanned complexion and dark blonde hair perfectly.

“You’re late!” Darren quickly barked at him, trying to make up for the sudden lapse in concentration.

“I know, sorry.” Jamie sighed, sounding emotionally defeated. “I take it you’re Darren? For the marketing project?”

He nodded, surprised at the concern he felt when he saw the sadness in Jamie’s eyes.
“Come on then, I’ve got a copy of the draft plan from Richard to show you.”

Jamie opened up the door to his office, and went straight to his desk to pick up the project folder and passed it to Darren, who was just closing the door behind them. As Jamie returned to his desk to log in to his laptop, Darren took a quick glance around the room, noticing the similarities of it to his own office. The large desk at the end of the room, with just a laptop, lamp, and a pile of paperwork on top of it, and then the three filing cabinets at each side of the door. The décor was identical, carpet with interlacing colours of creams and browns, and the walls painted off-white.

“Sorry, I’ll be with you in a minute, just need to quickly check my email.” Jamie murmured; he was feeling far from motivated. He was usually a bit chirpier than this, but his problems with Laurie were weighing heavily on his mind.

Darren opened up the folder and flicked through it half-heartedly, he couldn’t focus like this, he needed to get sat down with Jamie’s full attention so they could discuss the ideas properly. “Don’t worry about it. When you’re done we’ll go grab a coffee and go through it.”

Darren’s eyes then slowly crept up from the paper to peer at Jamie, who looked deep in concentration at the computer screen. His chest began throbbing, almost painfully, as he stared hard at the mesmerising irises. He wasn’t purposely staring though, he just couldn’t get enough of them, they were so god dam beautiful.

“Sorry.” He said as he quickly diverted his gaze, when Jamie’s eyes suddenly met his. His cheeks began to burn and his skin had gone a little clammy, probably from the over-active heart in his ribcage surging too much hot blood through his veins.

Jamie soon picked up on Darren’s awkwardness, and the corner of his mouth slowly curled up, forming what can only be described as a teasing smile.

“Are you, are you blushing?” He said with the devilish grin, as he rose from his seat and closed his laptop.

“As if!” He hit back defensively, his tone confirming he had definitely been blushing. Darren mentally slapped himself for sounding so juvenile.

Jamie chuckled softly before leaving his desk. He walked past Darren and ushered for him to follow him out of the office, but he didn’t notice the tension Darren’s body was riddled with, and the fact his breath was caught as he was overwhelmed with feeling Jamie’s arm lightly –and accidently- brush against his, injecting a jolt of electricity into his muscles.

They left the office, and as Jamie locked the door behind them, Darren kept telling himself that there was no way he could fancy Jamie as he was far from his usual type. Darren usually went for men his own age, who were muscular and rugged looking, not for someone like Jamie, who in Darren’s eyes was a ‘classic twink’ –young, slim and cute.

Did I really just refer to him as cute? Darren began feeling more and more irritated with himself for taking so much notice of the young lad he was to be working with.

“Shall we go to the canteen then? Get a coffee and go through the project?” Jamie asked with a warm and friendly smile.

Fuck, he is cute.  Darren nodded in reply to Jamie, and as they set off walking, Darren kept pondering the thought of starting some small talk. Though by the time he decided to ask him how he found working at QRSA, he was interrupted by Jamie starting conversation first.

“Darren I’ll apologise now for my head not really being in the game. I’m having a few personal problems to be honest, but just tell me if I’m not contributing enough, ok?”

An ‘aw’ nearly escaped Darren’s lips, but he managed to stop himself before sounding like a school girl who had just seen a puppy. He cleared his throat before giving a more appropriate response. “Don’t worry about it. I’m sure I’ll manage if you need to take a step back.”

“Cheers Darren.” Jamie spoke softly, his mind clearly elsewhere. “Go sit down and I’ll bring the coffee’s over. Take milk or sugar?”

Darren offered him a sympathetic smile, and then told him he just took milk before going and sitting down at a table in the corner of the canteen. It was a large modern room, with only a handful of people scattered about the place on laptops or reading newspapers. It was quite peaceful, so Darren was hoping he’d be able to concentrate. They’d wasted enough time already, so he couldn’t afford anymore distractions.


A few hours later they were still in the canteen, sipping coffee and bouncing ideas off one another about how to tackle the project they’d been assigned.

“Actually, I’m ready to take a break from this to be honest.” Jamie sighed, as a deep ache descended across his forehead. He rubbed at the pain as he closed his eyes for a few moments. “I’m getting tired.”

Darren responded by collecting up the notes they’d made and putting them in the folder before shutting it. “No problem.” He smiled.  He didn’t begrudge taking a break, they’d worked pretty hard for a good four hours. Jamie had impressed him with his ideas and opinions; he seemed to really know his stuff. He found that he respected the guy; finding him professional, smart and mature.
There was also no denying that he found Jamie hot. They sat opposite each other at the table, and every time Darren had felt his foot touch Jamie’s his heart juddered nervously. He also had to keep forcing himself not to stare at him when he wasn’t looking, but he just couldn’t get enough of his beautiful face, and he found it so cute when Jamie would bite on his tongue while concentrating.

As they both sat back finishing what was now their third coffee, Jamie’s mind was wondering back to Laurie. He wanted to keep her out of his thoughts but there was no doubt he was still upset about the mornings events. She’d snapped at something so trivial, and in minutes it had escalated into a full blown row, insults and all.
“You ok?” Darren asked, as he could see Jamie’s eyes had moistened.

“Yeah.” Jamie said, forcing himself out of his dazed state. “Sorry. Erm, I’m gonna get going back to my office. We’ll continue this later on, yeah? Wanna meet about four-ish or something?”

Darren nodded, and so Jamie got up and picked up the project folder to take with him. Darren then watched on dreamily as Jamie walked across the canteen, leaving through the big double doors. His ass looks so perfect in his work suit…

To be continued…

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Over the Air Affair Pt 2

For my fans that were looking for this last week, my apologies.  That nasty, mean, flu bug had it's way with me, and then tossed me aside to recover.  But now that I'm back to my usual feisty self, here's part 2 of my Tantalyzing Trsyt's contribution.  

Over the Air Affair; Part 2
Ellie Mack

It was a typical day at work, mostly.  Aside from the fact that Bree couldn’t get Derek's  call  off her mind.  It was a brief conversation but it left her hot and horny.   He mentioned their last night together, the hot sex in the shower before they collapsed on the bed for round two then the quickie in the kitchen right before they left.   She hadn’t even bothered putting her panties back on in case he  might want another quickie in the airport garage. 

She thought hard about that day, recalling his mood.   She knew he was on the verge of breaking things off with her and knew it was her own fault.  She’d held back in their lovemaking but that last day  she let go of her inhibitions and allowed herself to react, to enjoy.  She’d been so incredibly aroused and aware that it may be the last time for a very long time she’d have sex if he did in fact break up with her. 

Now she was kicking herself for not being totally honest with him from the beginning.  At times  sex between them was almost mechanical, and certainly not satisfying for her.  Derek hadn’t slept over very often as he had to get up early in the mornings to get ready for work.  Over half the time she didn’t reach orgasm, and masturbated after he left.  She hated that, and knew that if she would just open up and relax with him it could be so much better.  But once things got started she reverted to her conservative behavior and didn’t know how to change their routine.  God, how she yearned for the hot sex she knew they could have if she would just relax. 

One Skype interaction and she could see that he was the playful man that she’d hoped.  He was obviously aroused by her teasing.  Up to now she always waited for him to make the first move, had reacted to his moves even if she was wanting to change positions or wanted him to go down on her, she just went with what he was doing.  When they were in the shower that last time, she knew it was now or never. 

She cared about him deeply.  She loved him beyond a shadow of a doubt and couldn’t imagine her life without him in it.  If letting him see the real her didn’t keep him happy then there was nothing more she could do.   She owed him that - the real honest her.  the passionate woman she wanted to be, but couldn't seem to show.  Things just had to work with Derek, she loved him so much it hurt. 

                                                       *                                   *                                       *

Derek tossed and turned, dreaming wild erotic dreams.  visions of Bree, leading to wild tantric sex.  It was hot , steamy.  She was open, responsive, hungry, practically insatiable for him.  He woke with a raging hard on.  He sat on the side of the bed, raking his fingers through his hair.  He  trudged the short distance into the bathroom, reached in and turned on the faucet.  He stroked, his hand curling over his throbbing cock replaying the dreams. 

Derek stepped into the shower, squeezing a liberal amount of the body scrub as he began to  wash himself, stroking harder.  Soon he was bucking wildly as his visions reached a crescendo, he exploded on the shower wall.  Hot thick ropey cum sliding down the marble tile.  He watched it for a few seconds before washing it off, embarrassed at the thought of housekeeping finding it.  He wanted Aubrey to open up to him.  He could feel that she held back.  Knew that there were depths of passion inside her. 

As he toweled off he thanked God that he hadn't broken it off with her.  He loved her dammit!  But was so frustrated.  He tried to please her, wanted her to tell him what she liked what she didn't.  she was responsive at times, but he knew she didn't orgasm.  He wondered what he was doing wrong.  He wanted sex to be something special between them,  something powerful, emotional.  He wanted to be the one to rock her world. 

He quickly dressed, heading to the dinette area on the main floor where the small group of men from Syman's gathered.  He raked his fingers through his hair as he spotted Andrea, the lone female engineer in the group.  She'd been hinting at getting some action for weeks.  She was the reason he considered breaking things off with Bree. 

"Hi Derek.  did you sleep well?  You look like you had a rough night?"  Her voice was like black silk - smooth, seductive, and dangerous.  She wore a silver grey form fitting sweater over black tailored trousers, Her long, thick, dark curls swaying lightly, brushing over the outer curve of her full breasts. 

He gulped.  It was going to be a long, long day.


Monday, January 21, 2013

Late Night At The Office

As a special treat to help get us in the mood for Valentine`s Day and our super special Tantalyzing Tryst`s giveaway, I have a romantic M/M one-shot just for you, my faithful Tryst readers.


Late Night at the Office


V.L. Locey


                Lucas stares at the pile of work on his desk with a curling lip. Rolling back from the mound of tax returns and shoe boxes full of receipts, he unfolds himself from his office chair to stretch. Left, then right, then back and front. His body pops and moans and complains about the long hours spent sitting.  Not that he should complain about being busy.

God knows he had worked his ass off for ten years to get Taylor & Yan Tax Counselors up and running. Well, he and Andrew both had worked their asses off. He wonders how his partner is faring in the office across from his. Despite the gluttony of work pressure he opts to check in on Andrew. Taking a minute to flatten down his finger-tousled sandy blond hair, Luke reflects on how lucky he is to work with the man he loves. Ever since they had met and fallen for each other back at Ashford University they had been inseparable. So far they`ve not throttled each other so he has high hopes that they`ll not kill each other over the years to come.

                Ignoring the darkness outside and the fact that the calendar hanging beside the door shows it to be February 14th, Luke pads into the corridor. The small building is quiet. Jill, their effervescent receptionist, had gone home hours ago. Now it was just him and his partner, shuffling returns, crunching numbers and trying to save their clients some cash. Fist lingering on his lower lumbar he moves past the water cooler in stealth mode, hoping to catch Andrew fast asleep at his desk.

                Instead what he finds is his partner`s office door locked. Eyebrows furrowed, he jiggles the knob furiously, as if he could shake the lock open. Feeling foolish after a moment Luke releases the doorknob, one hand dropping to his side and the other massaging the back of his neck. The office was entirely too quiet. He slips down the hall to the reception area. Nothing there but a tidy desk with a computer, flowers that arrived today from Jill`s hubby Mark, and a picture frame holding a shot of the newlyweds on Grand Cayman three years ago.

                “Andrew?” he calls timorously then chides himself for being silly. “Andrew, if this is another one of your jump scare tricks, I am not amused!”
                Nothing but a cold February wind responds. Luke squares his shoulders as he stalks past Jill`s desk. The flooring creaks under him. He climbs two stairs then flings a door open. The filing room is small – perhaps fifty feet by fifty feet – and packed solid with filing cabinets.

                “Guess who!” Andrew shouts, slapping his hands over his lover`s narrowed eyes. Lucas leaps in fright, a vile curse flying from him.

                “You. Are. An. Asshole.” Lucas snarls, ripping free from the Oriental man behind him then turning to glare down at his love. Andrew raises a shoulder then places his lips over Luke`s firm ones. The shorter man pulls back when the taller one`s mouth stays set.

                “You`re so cute when your terrified,” Andrew cajoles, slipping around Luke. “You look very nice,” he adds, slipping around Luke.

                “I`m wearing the same thing I was this morning except now it`s wrinkled and my tie has coffee stains,” Lucas sniffs, letting Andy take his hand in his. “Stop trying to – where the hell are we going?”

                Andrew says nothing, just tugs on his arm. They weave through cabinets and boxes stacked precariously in the aisle. The heater blows stale warm air over their heads.

                “There`s nothing back here but the janitor`s closet, Andy.”

                “Yeah, I know, just stop being so Lucas, okay?” the man counters as he opens the door to the closet. Andrew turns sideways then waves at the small table and two folding chairs crammed into the cleaning cubby. Four tapered candles flicker and dance atop a crimson and white tablecloth. Champagne is chilling in a silver urn, goblets twinkle in the candlelight, each tall glass filled with delicately wrapped chocolates.

                “What – When did you – it`s beautiful,” Luke whispers, raising Andrew`s knuckles to his lips.

                “Well, I knew we`d be here until midnight or later so I figured we`d do something for Valentine`s Day here. I know it`s not dinner at Darby`s Pub like we had wanted, but….”

                “It`s even better than Darby`s,” Luke smiles, pulling Andrew into his arms. His lover comes willingly, his dark head dropping to Luke`s shoulder. “I adore you, you are aware of that?”

                “I know,” Andrew hugs his man close then slides from his lover`s arms. “I`m kind of crazy about you as well,” he says with a quirky smile. “I don`t know about you, but I`m ready for you to pop that cork and feed me candy.”

                “Your wish is my command,” Lucas bows elegantly as Andrew squeezes past a mop and large yellow bucket. Andrew wrinkles his tiny nose as he passes the cleaning equipment.

                “Darby`s Pub wouldn`t have smelled like bleach,” he frowns, kicking a bottle of ammonia over as he tries to get his leg over his chair.

                “No, it would have smelled like drunken women and lonely men. I think I`d much rather smell a little bit of bleach instead of that.”
“Okay, but if I pass out, don`t ravage me without waking me up first. I don`t want to miss being ravaged,” Andrew jokes, his back flat against a metal shelf with glass cleaner and rolls of paper towels and toilet paper.

“No worries, if I decide to have my way with you I`ll make sure you`re awake. It wouldn`t be the same without those delightful little sounds you make.”

Andrew rolls his brown eyes. “Just open the bubbly and get me drunk. I want to break in my new desk.”

Luke`s face splits in a wicked grin as he reaches for the champagne. “I think I might start implementing mandatory late nights at the office.”