Friday, March 22, 2013

Forbidden Crush -Part 9

Well, I think I've dragged this on long enough, time to get down and dirty!

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Forbidden Crush, Part 9
By Samantha Kay

Darren quickly jumped up out of bed, stumbling as he hurriedly pulled his trousers on.
Jamie chuckled as he watched Darren tug the zip fly over his obvious hard-on.
”You not want that taken care of first?” Jamie grinned.

”Ha, yeah, saying things like that isn’t gonna help it go down you know. I’ll be back in a sec, there’s a supermarket that opens till late just up the road.” Darren buttoned up his shirt, winking at Jamie before rushing out the door, clearly flustered with rosy cheeks and bated breath.

Jamie relaxed back onto the bed, stretching out his limbs closing his eyes and picturing how the evening had gone so far with Darren. His insides felt tickly and light. 
I can’t remember the last time I felt as amazing as this, like a giddy infatuated teenager…

As though instinctively, his hand slowly slid onto his own thigh. Gently gliding up towards his dick, which twitched at the anticipation.
He moaned deeply, as he wrapped his hand around the shaft and ever so slowly began to stroke. Fuck I hope Darren hurries up. It should be him touching me like this…

Jamie pushed his head back into the bedding, groaning as he picked up the pace. Parting his legs more as he continued, uncontrollable moans filling the room. I’m so crazy about him; I need him here, now!

Jamie was lost in the moment, his mind replaying images of Darren on top of him, making love to him.

”Starting without me?” 
Jamie opened his eyes, Darren stood at the foot of the bed, with a big grin on his face.

”Sorry…I…err.” Jamie stammered breathlessly, his cheeks burning up. Jamie reluctantly took his hand away, his throat drying up as the nerves settled in from feeling self-conscious.
I bet I looked ridiculous…

”You look so hot.” Darren uttered in a husky tone, his gaze flicking up and down Jamie’s naked body. 

Darren tossed a small box of condoms and a tube of lube onto the bed beside Jamie, and then quickly shed his clothes before climbing on top of him. Darren eagerly kissed Jamie, as Jamie wrapped his legs around Darren’s waist tightly.
”Wow.” Jamie gasped as their bare cocks touched. 
”I can’t wait to make love –err, I mean, um, have sex with you, sorry.” Darren stumbled over his words, a wave of prickly heat washing over his face.
Jamie chuckled softly, his heart skipping at the reference to making love, but he didn’t say anything, instead gently kissing Darren slowly with a passionate tongue.

They rubbed their dicks together, both moaning deeply as a comforting tingling sensation shot into their bodies.

Darren quickly pulled his mouth away, a grin across his face.
”Sorry I had to dash out, but since it’ll be your first time, going without any lube could be rather…uncomfortable.” Darren laughed quietly.

Jamie smiled as he gazed lovingly at Darren, admiring his beauty. His eyes like rich black coffee, and his skin begging to be touched and kissed. 

”Fuck, I need you so badly Darren.” Jamie whispered as he held Darren’s face before kissing him again. I can’t get enough of you!

Darren wrapped an arm around Jamie’s neck, then slipped his tongue into Jamie’s mouth and pressed his body into him. He gently rubbed his cock against Jamie’s again, groaning deeply as the sensitive flesh collided.
”Fuck that feels good.” Jamie moaned into their kiss.

”I want you to get on all fours, on the bed.” Darren whispered with a lowered tone.
Jamie swallowed hard. Darren sounds so seductive; I’d probably jump out of a window if he asked me to with his voice like that.

Darren came away from Jamie as the legs wrapped around his waist loosened their hold. He knelt at the end of the bed, his eyes slightly heavy lidded as he stared at Jamie.

Jamie slowly got up and got into position, his chest pounding painfully as nerves racked his body. I can’t believe how self-conscious I feel, I was never this nervous with Laurie. But Laurie’s never been close to my ass I guess. 

Jamie’s throat began to constrict, the moisture on his tongue disappearing. His head was hung, as he stared down at the bedding before him.
I can’t believe I’m doing this, actually having sex with Darren. Fuck this is gonna hurt, but I feel like I’ve been waiting forever for this…

An involuntary moan escaped Jamie’s lips as he suddenly felt a finger rub up and down his crack. How can that feel so good?

”You ok?” Darren whispered.

Jamie nodded before realising Darren couldn’t see his face, so he choked out a ‘yeah’.

”Relax.” Darren said coaxingly, adoring the look of Jamie on all fours in front of him, his ass on full display before him ready to be licked…
I hope Jamie likes what I’m about to do…

Jamie’s stomach did a quick spasm and he gasped loudly, when Darren’s tongue suddenly swept up along his crack.

”What are you doing?” Jamie exclaimed. 

”This Jamie…is called rimming.” Darren chortled, before grabbing Jamie’s ass cheeks to pull them apart, and then licking tentatively at Jamie’s hole.

”Oh my God.” Jamie’s breath caught, his stomach churning gently with nerves and anticipation. 

Darren licked and kissed playfully on and around Jamie’s hole, before giving it his full attention, even sucking gently on it occasionally. 

”Oh God Darren. Oh God.” Jamie whimpered, his hands clutching at the bedding. He started to feel light-headed, his hole and cock tingling and overwhelmed with sensations he’d never experienced before. “Fuck, Darren. That’s so good.”

Darren’s cock was throbbing, excited at the taste of Jamie, and hearing the moans and groans as he continued on Jamie’s ass. Darren kept pulling the ass cheeks apart and diving in with his tongue.

Jamie’s body quivered, his breathing loud and staggered, and Darren took a hold of his dick and began to stroke slowly.

”Oh fuck me Darren. Please fuck me, please.” Jamie begged, as he pushed back onto Darren’s tongue. He couldn’t get enough of what Darren was doing.
I could let him do this to me all night, but I need to feel his cock inside me. 

Darren’s cock twitched, as he pictured sliding it in and out of Jamie, filling him up and hopefully making him scream with pleasure.
”Hell Jamie, you’re so hot.” Darren murmured, his lips still against Jamie’s skin.

Jamie whimpered again, from the feel of Darren’s hot breath on him.
I need you inside me, my ass is begging for you to fill it…

After one more flick of the tongue to make Jamie’s body shudder, Darren came away and rubbed his finger against Jamie’s hole as his other reached for the bottle of lube.
He wet his finger with the silky gel, before once again rubbing it against Jamie’s hole.

”Fuck.” Jamie gasped, his head dropping till he could dig his teeth into his own arm.

”You ok Jamie?” Darren said sounding lost for breath. His cock was pulsing angrily and leaking precum, which dripped onto the bedding. 

”Uh-huh.” Jamie whined, as he involuntarily pushed back, desperate to feel Darren inside him.

Darren, with a mischievous smile, rubbed some more, adoring the way Jamie’s body was trembling slightly from the anticipation, and he loved the edge of desperation in Jamie’s voice. 

Jamie spread his legs wider apart, a way of inviting Darren to his ass.

”Oh my God!” Jamie whimpered loudly, as Darren gently slipped a finger in. He shuddered and his cock throbbed fiercely, as Darren proceeded to carefully slip his finger in and out. I can’t believe how amazing that feels…holy fuck.

”You like that?” Darren grinned, as his free hand now caressed Jamie’s ass cheek.

”Oh God don’t stop.” Jamie moaned, suddenly gasping loudly when Darren rubbed against his prostate. “Oh fuck.” He whined, gripping tighter at the bedding.

Jamie was completely at Darren’s mercy, his whole body feeling hot, prickling as beads of sweat surfaced. 

Jamie groaned at the little shot of pain from Darren pushing in a second finger. 

”Want me to stop?” Concern evident in Darren’s tone.

”No.” Jamie panted. “Keep going.”

Darren, very slowly, continued to gently fuck Jamie with his fingers, moaning deeply as it made his cock throb powerfully. I can’t wait to fuck him…he’s so god damn sexy!

”I’m ready for you to fuck me. Please.” Jamie moaned, his cock on the verge of exploding.

”Ok.” Darren whispered, swallowing hard. “You want to go on top? You’ll have more control of how slow and deep I go.”

”No.” Jamie’s breathing staggered, his chest aching with desire to get as intimate as possible with Darren. “I want you on top, missionary, I want you to be in control.”

Darren’s heart skipped. That’d be so perfect. That way I can hold you in my arms, make you feel loved…

Jamie exhaled as Darren pulled his fingers out, and his cock was uncomfortably hard. I need him to fuck me, right now.

Jamie turned around and knelt in front of Darren, but before lying down on his back Darren had grabbed his face and kissed him hungrily. Their tongues were going crazy with one another’s, and their breathing loud along with their moans.

Darren clutched at Jamie’s waist, before carefully lowering him down to lay on his back, their mouths still locked together.

Jamie’s stomach stirred slightly from excitement, his skin plagued with a warm, tickly sensation.

They stopped kissing and just gazed at one another once Darren had Jamie laid underneath him, Jamie’s legs open with his thighs leant into Darren’s hips.

”You promise you’re ready for this?” Darren’s quiet husky voice making Jamie’s heart do a flip.

Jamie nodded, his lips dry and his lungs beginning to feel tight. I’m terrified, but I’ve never wanted anything more…

They kissed again; their bodies pressed tightly together, the warmth from their bare skin felt soothing.

Darren gently stroked his fingertips up and down Jamie’s arms a few times as they kissed, before reaching across to get the small box of condoms and lubricant. Once he had them placed next to Jamie, his hands wandered down Jamie’s body stopping at his nipples. Jamie whined into their kiss and shuffled about a little as Darren began to play with them; rubbing and tugging at them as he pushed his throbbing cock against his too.

”Oh Darren I can’t take much more, I need you to fuck me, now.” Jamie whimpered with a whiny tone. 

Darren suddenly grabbed Jamie’s wrists, pinning them down onto the bed as he then began to kiss and nibble at Jamie’s neck. Darren then kissed his way to Jamie’s nipples, sucking and biting at them gently. Jamie was beginning to squirm around beneath him, his eyes closed as he moaned loudly.

Darren then let go, getting on to his knee’s and putting on a condom, it felt uncomfortable as it had a tight fit on Darren’s member. Jamie opened his eyes, his chest rising and falling heavily, as he watched Darren lube up.

Jamie’s breath was caught when Darren pushed his cock up against his hole, before lowering onto him to kiss him slowly.

”If you at any point want me to stop, slow down or anything, just tell me. Ok?” Darren stopped to whisper.

Jamie nodded, taking a couple of deep breaths to try and relax his body, which had began to tense up.

Darren wrapped his arms around Jamie as they kissed again, lovingly and tentatively. He savoured Jamie’s sweet tasting tongue, a slight tinge of beer still evident.

Jamie sucked in a breath once Darren began to push his cock into him, an initial stab of pain shooting through him.
Darren kissed Jamie harder to try and relax him, as well as wrapping his arms around him tighter.

Jamie kissed back eagerly, grabbing at Darren’s shoulders.

After pausing for a moment, Darren continued to push his dick into Jamie, gasping at how tight it felt.
”Wow. That’s incredible.” Darren murmured, as he let his lips return to Jamie’s neck to suck and bite at the smooth flesh.

Jamie bit his lip, involuntarily tensing as the pain overwhelmed him. 

”Fuck, stop.” Jamie groaned, before taking a couple of steady breaths to ease his muscles.

”You ok?” Darren quickly pulled away, and was about to pull out too until Jamie grabbed him to stop him.

”Don’t. Just, stay still for a bit.” Jamie relaxed back into the bed, his cock twitching as he looked at Darren on top of him; his big chest and muscular shoulders, and defined stomach. “Ok. Now carry on.” Jamie choked out.

Darren could see the vulnerability in Jamie’s eyes as they stared at him, the black pupils overpowering the pretty brown irises. 
”You’re so beautiful.” Darren whispered, as he gently stroked Jamie’s cheek.
Simultaneously they leaned in and kissed, passionately yet slowly.

Darren steadily pushed the rest of his cock into Jamie, relishing in the sound of Jamie moaning and breathing heavily.

With his cock buried deep into Jamie, he paused for a few minutes, focusing just on kissing Jamie and playing with his nipples. 

Once he felt Jamie was relaxed and ready, he began to slide his dick in and out slowly. 

Jamie whimpered and shuddered every time Darren’s cock-head rubbed against his prostate, as it sent pulses into him that he’d never felt before. I can’t believe how fucking amazing this feels…I can barely breathe!

Darren gradually picked up the pace, moaning and overwhelmed with how wonderful it felt to be making love to Jamie.

They continued to kiss, and Jamie clutched at the bedding until his knuckles went white. I’m so close…and he isn’t even touching my cock!

Jamie moaned, groaned and squirmed beneath Darren’s hot body.
”Oh fuck Darren, I can’t take much more. I need to come.” Jamie whimpered as he wriggled around, the pending orgasm almost painful as his ass felt full and intoxicated with new sensations.

Darren was close himself, and he pressed up against Jamie harder, pushing his cock in as deep as it would go. Darren did short fast thrusts, groaning as he did so, and holding Jamie affectionately.

Jamie wrapped his arms around Darren, kissing him more roughly as he gave in to his orgasm.

”I’m gonna come!” Jamie gasped as his body trembled and his cock fired cum between their pressed up bodies. “Oh Darren. Oh Darren.” He whimpered as his nails dug into Darren’s back.

”Fuck.” Darren groaned, as he came too. He buried his face in Jamie’s neck, biting until the taste of blood washed upon his lips.

Their bodies shook and they held on to each other tightly, as they savoured the intense orgasms riding through their bodies.

”Oh my God.” Jamie panted. “That was. Amazing.” 

”It really was.” Darren said breathlessly, his body becoming a dead weight on top of Jamie’s. He slowly rose up off Jamie, collapsing onto his back at Jamie’s side. “Wow.”

To be continued…