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Wind in White Birch - Issue # 21

Hello all! My name is V.L. Locey.  I am a self-published and traditionally published author that lives in the mountains of Pennsylvania with my husband of over twenty-one years, my seventeen year old daughter, a herd of dairy goats, chickens, geese, ducks, turkeys, two dogs, two cats, and a partridge in a pear tree. For more info about me and contact links, check out the author bio tab up above.

Enough about me, let`s get back to Wind in White Birch and our lovers Jonah and Dana.

Wind in White Birch


V.L. Locey

Issue Twenty-One


                The sun was far from creeping up over The `Burgh when I was gently nudged awake. The smell of hot coffee was directly under my nose. I reached for the cup blindly, my eyelids creeping upward after a brief struggle with the sleepy dirt determined to keep them closed. My ex was hunkered down in front of me, his face unshaven, his eyes puffy, and his blond hair ruffled. Rhick always looked incredible in the morning, as if he had just been loved roughly. I carefully took the Styrofoam cup from his hand.

                “Thanks,” I murmured, glancing at my son still out cold. “What time is it?”
                Rhick glanced at his gold watch. “A little after five,” he stood up then sat down beside me, taking care not to allow our elbows to rub. I sipped warily. The coffee was made just the way I like it. “Look, about the shit I said last night about that kid you`re dating . . .”

                A rusty blade jabbed into my side at the mention of Jonah. Where was he? I had sat here next to Rhick for hours, biting the inside of my mouth to keep the tears at bay, worrying over where he could have gone and what would remain of our relationship, if you could really call it a relationship.

                “He`s not a kid, Rhick.” I spoke into my creamed and sugared softly. “He`s twenty-six.”

                “And you`re thirty-six. Jesus, Dana,” he grumbled, swirling dregs of sugared but black in the bottom of his cup.

                “But it`s okay for you to shag a twenty-two year old? God, I hate double-standards!” I seethed, slurping more loudly than I had planned.

                “Well, maybe if you saw the dinner conversation me and the twenty-two year old have, you`d steer clear of that young buck.”

                I glanced from the monitor telling me my son`s temperature, blood pressure, and heart rate were normal to my ex. He had just shoved his hand through his golden hair making it even more a mess.

                “Having trouble finding things to talk about with her?” I asked with a trace of humor. Okay, it wasn`t a trace of humor. It was a snort of sarcasm topped with a fluffy dollop of ‘Ha-Ha!’

                “It`s like sitting down to eat with a teenager. The language barrier doesn`t help either,” he exhaled, still spinning his dregs. “Sometimes I wonder if she didn`t marry me just to get into America.”

                It was right on the tip of my tongue. I was good though and did not hit him with the ‘I-Think-I-Mentioned-That-Possibility-When-You-Handed-Me-Divorce-Papers-Asshole!’

                The squeak of a passing nurse`s shoes entered our tiny room.

                “I doubt it,” I said hoping to be the better person. “I`m sure she loves you. You look great for forty and it`s not that way with Jonah and me.”

                Rhick looked at me for a long moment. “I`m sorry for being such an ass,” he told me earnestly. “I guess I never knew how much I still cared about you until I saw you on the arm of another man. I`m going to call and let her know how Rhett is,” he rose and left me sitting there with my jaw on my chest.

                After a moment I got to my feet to pad over to the window. I pushed the slats of the blind aside and looked down on a massive parking lot. Yes, I was looking for Jonah`s truck. I didn`t find it, but that didn`t mean he wasn`t here. He might have had to park in a different lot when he returned.

Letting the vertical blinds slip closed on the night, I checked on my son`s temperature. Mom-hand is always so much more reassuring than any artificial device. Rhett`s forehead was cool. Tension began to slip away. I pecked his cheek, covered him back up, and then stepped out into the hall. Rhick was ensconced in a corner by a bank of pay phones, his cell to his ear. He looked up then gave me a wobbly smile. I raised my cup to him then went out to the waiting room. The only person in sight was a janitor who was running a wet mop over the tiled floor. I stepped around his bright orange collapsible ‘Wet Floor’ sign, getting a dark look for mussing up his mop job.

Outside the night was brutal. I hugged myself with one arm then drew a shaky sip of coffee over my lips. It was terribly cold here under the porte cochere.  I felt like a fool who had spent far too much time reading stupid romance novels. I should have known that Jonah wouldn`t be waiting here for me like some hero from a historical love story. This is real life. Men don`t act like fictional men do. If they did the romance novel industry would cease to exist.

Real men got really mad and hurt and confused. They acted like hotheads. They yelled and shouted and divorced their wives to leap on some bimbo that they hope will keep them young. They left you alone with a sick son to sulk. Maybe Jonah wasn`t quite as mature as I had thought he was. Perhaps Rhick was right about the age gaps being too wide. I needed a man that stayed with me when it got rough, not one that went off into the night in a cloud of bruised ego.

 I spun around and slammed back inside. I stopped to use a nearby ladies room, freshening up the best I could then returning to my son`s room. I smiled a false smile for the young man who was now awake, hungry, and ready to go do the fun stuff we had planned to do with Jonah. I grinned wider and started making excuses.

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Fate's Kiss Finale

Fate’s Kiss Finale 
By Cathy Brockman
My head seemed to be swimming as I rode through the now dimming light of the woods. As we kissed our farewell my whole being ached. Leaving her is harder and harder. She will talk to her mother about me tonight and tomorrow, one way or another, we must leave. I cannot go through with meeting this woman my father wants me to marry. It would not be fair to either of us. I can’t live as my brother does, pretending to love a woman for the wealth and prestige. I can’t bear too many more nights alone in my bed. The ache I feel within me for Illia deepens with each touch, with each kiss.
I take my time grooming Delilah not relishing the unpleasant conversation at dinner. I just need to bear one more night. After dinner I went to my room and read, though I couldn’t focus on the words. All I could think of was soon Illia and I would be one. She would be mine forever.

I can barely think as I go about my day’s doings. The evening won’t arrive soon enough. It seems as if the sun is stuck in the sky, barely moving. The family takes their time at dinner also. Why must they talk so much? I didn’t think Father would ever retire for the evening. I once thought of climbing out my window but finally I saw the light fade from beneath Father’s door. I don a loose white shirt and a nice pair of trousers and set out on foot through the woods. The moon smiles upon me casting a soft golden glow lighting my way.
She wasn’t at the tree where we usually meet so I moved closer to the river bank. My entire body stiffened at the sight awaiting me. Illia awaits me on a flat rock her bare feet trailing paths in the cool water.
“Ahh my love! I was beginning to fear you weren’t going to come.”
She is even more  lovely in the moonlight, the soft glow gently kissing her bare shoulder beneath the loose white top. My lips ache to taste the soft golden skin.
“Nothing could keep me away. I thought for sure Father would never go to bed,” I sigh. Approaching her I can see her face is hiding a secret behind her forced smile.
“What ails you, Love? You don’t look too happy. Your mother said no I fear.”
“Ma-Ma has no backbone. She will never stand up to Pa-Pa. She fears he would not understand. He too has his own plans for me. It seems he has bargained with Rahj, another clan leader, for me.” She stands gracefully, her hips swaying as she moves closer to me.
“Let’s just go away Illia. We don’t need them. You do still want me, yes?” I touch her cheek with my lips, breathing in the fresh clean sent of herbs and citrus on her neck and hair.
“Yes Nicolai. More than ever.” Her warm breath on my neck causes me to tremble.
My mind races from the heady mix of fear, anger and desire. I can’t seem to decide if I want to take her in my arms and love her or run with her.
“Nicolai. Take me now. I won’t go home tonight without being made yours.” Her mouth consumes mine, as she pulls me down to the rock. I give in to her request without a fight.
“We should get out things and leave.” The words sound as if a million miles away as her hands unfasten my shirt. She trails long sharp nails across my bare skin, circling my hardened nipples, pinching. I cry out as her mouth replaces her finger, my body arching into her mouth. All hopes of being honorable are now gone. My hands follow suit pulling her blouse over her head, her round globes glittering in the pale moonlight. I take one into my mouth, sucking and nipping. The feel and taste is so exquisite, I can’t get enough. I  lose my patience wanting to taste more as she tosses her head back in pleasure. I trail my tongue down her warm stomach pausing long enough to raise her skirt and escape underneath the thin fabric. I ease my tongue into her hot moist body and savor the taste of her, unlike anything I have ever tasted. Sounds of her speaking a foreign language mixed with soft curses to every God and Goddess known, along with my name is like music to my ears. Her body begins to quake, her moans louder. I stop and rise above her.
“Illia my love are you alright? Have I hurt you?” I curse myself for letting my desire run away with me.
“Ahh, my love you have many secrets. I see you have accompanied your brother to the house of ill repute.” She whispers between broken breaths.
“Why would you say that?” My eyes roam over her nearly bare body; my cock tries to break its way from the thin fabric containing it.
“How else would you learn to please a woman in such a manner?” She gazes at me through heavy eyelids.
“I have dreamed of this moment for so many times.” I run my tongue over my moist lips taking in ever last bit of her essence. I ache for more.
“Show me more, Nicolai. Take me. Make me yours.” She bunches the skirt up above her hips pulling it below her exposed breast, showing me the glorious feast I have just partaken in. I practically rip the fastenings off my trousers trying to get them off. She giggles as I stumble in my haste.
“In a rush my love?” She lets out a gasp as she takes in the sight of my bare body. My cock is thick and full and dripping with my need.
“Thank you gods and Goddess for blessing me with such a glorious man.” Her full lips turn up in a mischievous grin. “Come; let me taste you as you did me.”
“I fear I would not last through that Illia. Let us save it for next we meet, when we will never have to part again.” I slide a finger into her wet warm passage and almost lose what little reserve I have left.
“Then take me now Nicolai quickly! Stop torturing me and take me! “ She doesn’t have to beg me twice. I slide into her gently at first. The feeling is so exquisite, like warm honey, softest velvet, and the hottest heat I have ever felt. I fill her completely then lay on top of her careful not to crush her with my weight but wanting to feel every inch of her possible and to kiss her. As our mouths meet she starts rocking her hips mumbling ‘move, move’, into my mouth. I grant her every wish. I will never deny her anything especially not myself. Sooner than I would have liked, my jewels tighten and I feel heat seeming to pour into my veins coursing through me erupting into her. We both scream out and tremble. I lay and hold her in my arms not wanting to ever let her go.
“Let’s just go now. We don’t need anything. I can slip into my room, grab my funds, while you saddle Delilah and be into the next town before dawn.” I gaze into her eyes knowing I cannot let her leave me now. Expecting her usual spunkiness I was shocked by her demur nod.
I help her up and we wash in the cool water partaking of each other once more before returning to the shore. I Help her put her garments back on as she does me. Our arms are wound tightly about each other, our tongues tangling again when I feel a sharp blow to the back of my head.
I come to hearing Ilia begging a tall angry man for mercy. I try to stand but it is as if I am bound tightly though I can see no such bindings.
“He awakens.” A dirty hand jerks my head up harshly. I try to lash out, but my arms are ensnared in unseen bindings. The tall man storms over to my striking me.
“No Pa-Pa! Please!”
Damn! This is not how I had planned to meet her father.
“How dare you defile my daughter as if she is a mere animal?” He throws back his head and begins chanting. Excruciating pain explodes through my veins. Through the fog of it I can see Illia fighting trying to free herself from two strong men. She starts screaming for her father to stop.  He takes something out of his pocket and the man with the torch steps forward. He holds the object to the fire as one of the men holding me rips the sleeve from my shirt and bends my neck down. Her father presses the searing hot object into my shoulder blade. He and the others chant as Illia screams and begs, “No! Please no. Not that Father. I promise to never see him again, but don’t do this. Please! Please!  “Her screams are deafening.
He grabs my face and spits. “I curse you to walk this earth for all eternity as a monster. You will feed as the animals. You will hide in the shadows. All will hate and fear you.  Your God won’t want you and the Devil can’t take you. Your soul shall be doomed for all eternity.”
The others are still chanting as Illia screams. All of a sudden, I feel two sharp thrusts into my body. I thought the hot object was bad, but the knives were worse. I could see other men marking symbols on the trees with my blood.
  Illia breaks loose and runs to me. She pulls my bloody body into her arms and kisses me and whispers in my ear, “I will find a way to save your soul. Even if it’s a thousand years from now I will find you and give you peace. Always remember how much I love you”. 
One of the men grabs her and I could hear screaming as they drag her into the forest, promising to find a way to free me from her father’s curse. Then, nothing as I slip into utter darkness. 
I hope you enjoyed this story as much as I have. If you would like more of Nicolai  you can find him in my first release Love Bites~ First Bite coming this summer!
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Perfect Retreat Part 3

  Perfect Retreat 
Part 3
Faith Ann Whitten 

Rose sees Jeremy walk through the door. She is immediately turned on.  His sweat making his shirt stick to his muscles, his arm muscles bulging out of his sleeves,  his hair sticking to his face. She looks over every inch of her man.  She seems to make out a mumble, some crap he says.

He runs past her and she follows him. ‘What odd behavior.’

 Jeremy is a lean man 6’2", 180 pounds, with curly brown hair that he wears long. He may be a lawyer, but he hasn’t worked out since he was running back for the Lions in high school when he and Jake both played for the same football team.

She reaches the door and presses her ear against it.  Rose hears him say “Hey love”.
She leaves the door, slowly walking down the stairs glancing at the pictures.  She finds her self clenching her phone. Letting go she mimics his “Hey love.” “Ugh! She clutches her phone again, then slams her hand down on the table.

'Of course his tramp! He has to say good bye!' She sits down hard at the table, clenching her teeth and texts Lily.  “He had to say goodbye to his whore. What an ass!”  Rose sits quietly and waits for him to come down!

Lily gets the text and snorts. “Sounds familiar” she whispers. She looks over at Jeremy, she is so annoyed with his attitude and his smirks that he has been giving her these past few days.  He has something up his sleeve, she knows it. But what does he know?
She says “They should be here any minute… Jeremy is finishing up a phone call and they should arrive any minute now.”

Jake stares at her, wondering what the hell her attitude is all about and snatches her phone.  He holds it over her head and reads the last message then hands it back to her, with a frown on his face.

“We are looking at a long drive. Do you think they will be fighting?" He asks.

Lily shakes her head no!

They see the SUV pull up at the same time and grab the bags.  Jeremy gets out of the car but leaves it running. Rose gets out and waits for Lily at the car door.

Lily goes over to Rose and they hug. Lily slips her hands down to grab her ass firmly.  “I missed your ass doll, I can’t wait to get my hands on you!” 

The women get in the back seat and Rose makes it a point to slam the door. Jake sees that, looks at Jeremy and he whistles!

“She has been in a mood since we left the house. I don’t know what is up. She hasn’t said anything.” Jeremy says.

The women see the men just standing there talking. Lily gets up and puts her ass in front of Rose and honks the horn. Rose uses this opportunity to put her hand in the crease of her ass as she says “I have missed your ass as well.” She rubs her thumb up and down, then moves her hands to her hips and sits her down. They laugh because the fellas are getting in and they almost got caught.

Jake looks at his wife playfully and he says “What is so funny?”

“Our asses!” Rose says “Now, take us some where so we can fuck!” 

Jeremy looks at Rose and busts out laughing.  “Now that is funny!” 

Rose cuts him a stare. He clears his throat, turns around and drives.

They pull up in the secluded roadway. It's a beautiful sight, just trees. 

The women are making cooing noises and the guys are looking up at the trees. None of them saw the owner step out onto the drive way as they were slowly pulling up. He was waving excitedly.  They park and are still engrossed with the view. They walk to the front of the owners house and the four of them run right into one another to avoid the owner.

He has a very heavy accent and they can’t understand him.
Wunt you come fell or mie fer aways en I will show yer where you be ssssleepin. Be carfe ful where you step cuz you boot er git stuct if er grund is wet.” then spits!  He puts his hands on his hips and stares hard. “Mie name er is Stump. If yer need sumpthin', well yer fucked, cuz I wunt help ya… fell or mie.” He starts walking. 

The girls move closer to the guys.  Rose whispers “What the fuck did you get us into? I couldn’t understand him.” They walk up the same path they drove in on and see the river, to the left is the cabin and a lot of trees. He gets to the door and unlocks it. 

De rooms are a lil dusty and need ter breathe abit, dunt kill anytin yer dunt plan ter eat cuz there be koons and those fuckers are mean.” He stares at all four of them with a confused look on his face “Can yer hear mie? Ah! We hav moma cerk up us sum food at 5er clok if you wan it yer welcum.” He stares, he is clearly pissed. He spits and grumbles profanity and walks away.
 They look at each other then bust out laughing.

Jake is the first one to go inside, Jeremy follows. The girls grab around for the light switch.  When they finish scrambling a light comes on. They look around, the girls decide to pick out rooms. They seem to find four rooms, two on one side, two on the other. A main room that looks like an animal skin shrine instead of decor. Lily rubs the skin on the back of the couch while saying “You think this is real?” and flips it over.

Jeremy looks around and says “You and I on one side? Them on another?” 

Rose says “No! Us girls on one, you men on the other!”

A mischievous grin spreads across Jake’s face “Oh yeah?”

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Oral Dilemma - Training Day

 I don't think Roxanne intended to become a personal trainer do you? Luke is persistent, and gets what he wants.  But, what does he want?

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Training Day
 Ellie Mack 

“Come on, is that all you got?” I pushed him.

He wanted to train with me, was going to pay me as his personal trainer. I couldn’t help but feel a little giddy. The trick was going to be getting my workout in while training him but I didn’t balk at all because I was wondering how I was going to make up the difference in income when I went to competition. I figured I’d give him this first night for free, then go visit a couple of gyms and ask about trainer’s fees. I’d compare their suggestions to be fair before quoting Luke a price. 

“Why you pushing me so hard? I don’t see you pushing like this.” He managed through gasps.

“Oh really? What level are you on?”

“Five” He blurted out. 

“And resistance?”

“Three” Luke gasped.

“OK, well when you can casually stroll through my workout then you can give me shit about me not pushing. I showed him my settings of a seven and resistance on five."

He just looked at me shaking his head. “Where do you put it?”

“Where do I put what?” I asked. “We’re coming up on a wind-sprint in a few minutes are you gonna make it?”

“I’ll manage.” He practically wheezed out.

I chuckled as I got back in my training zone. It was only a few minutes before it was time for the sprint. “Ready?” 

He groaned.

I laughed. “Now! Push it. Give me a hundred percent. Don’t hold back on me now.” I watched him as I breathed through the sprint, realizing I was going to have to increase my resistance next time. I watched the timer until there were only ten seconds left. “Come on go hard, push, push, push. You can do it just five, four, three, two, and done.” 

Luke was dripping in sweat but he’d stayed with me the entire time. It wasn’t easy for him but he did it, I had to give him credit for that. "Don’t stop, but you can drop your resistance down, slow your pace down, just bring it all down now.”

He was breathing hard. “You are insane. I can’t believe I’m going to pay you to abuse me like this. I almost feel like I should be calling you Domme Roxy or something.” He had his hands on his hips wincing with each breathe.

“Domme?” I asked unamused.

“Hey, just kidding ok, don’t make me run laps till I puke. Was just trying to lighten the mood.” 

“Oh, a smart ass with a sense of humor? Great. I may have to charge you double.” He didn’t see my grin as I walked to the water cooler. “Get you a drink then let’s hit the bag.”

I grabbed my bottle to refill as I heard the groan behind me.
“Are you serious? Bag work now? You do cardio and training in the same day?”

“Uhuh” I slammed my water down. I was beginning to sweat and it had nothing to do with the workout. I was going easy on him today. I stood there checking him out as he toweled off, then came to get his water. I watched closely as he wrapped his hands, slipped on his helmet, then kicked off his shoes.

I tightened my gloves and slipped in my mouth guard. I held the bag and told him to go through his drills so I could evaluate.
He started with his right jab, then progressed to a strong hook and side punch, his upper cut was a little weak but his right cross was powerful. He went through another round of punches as my mind wandered, admiring his form, his stance. Luke knew what he was doing, but I could see that he hadn’t had a good trainer.

“Where’d you learn?” I asked as he finished a series of rapid jabs and hooks. 
“I just watched, not any Dojos in my small town.” He was sweating, and focused with an intensity I hadn’t seen in a long time. In fact only in Keith, my former trainer when he was in a match. I found it a huge turn on. He had learned all this from just watching? This guy had potential. He could really make it in the ring. “Ever thought of competing?”
He paused in his punches “Yeah, it’s why I want to hire you. So I can get in the ring.”
“What makes you think I can get you ready?” I asked quite curious. 
“Because” He leaned in real close to me, sweat dripping from the strands of hair, his breath on my skin. “ I saw you in the ring with Charline Downing. If she hadn’t thrown that cheap punch, you’d have had her.”
He walked away to the locker room as I watched him go. 

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Wind in White Birch - Issue # 20

Hello all! My name is V.L. Locey.  I am a self-published and traditionally published author that lives in the mountains of Pennsylvania with my husband of over twenty-one years, my seventeen year old daughter, a herd of dairy goats, chickens, geese, ducks, turkeys, two dogs, two cats, and a partridge in a pear tree. For more info about me and contact links, check out the author bio tab up above.

Enough about me, let`s get back to Wind in White Birch and our lovers Jonah and Dana.

Wind in White Birch


V.L. Locey

Issue Twenty


I laid the cell phone to my shoulder, smiled at my son then stepped from the ER cubicle out into the bustling hallway. God, how I wished Jonah had been allowed to come back with us. My head was throbbing unmercifully. Rhick was being Rhick. It took all I had not to scream at the man who was in transit as we spoke.

“So where the hell were you when our son was slowly getting sicker and sicker?!”

                I stalked past a small gaggle of women in bright medical smocks gathered at the nurses’ station and blew into a ladies room like a hurricane.

                “I was having dinner,” I said, bending over to check for feet. There weren`t any so I could let him have it with both barrels. “And before one more asinine comment comes flowing from your mouth, I had picked him up by ten and he was fine, just cranky.”

                “And it never occurred to you to ask what was wrong with him? You know how he gets when his ears are bothering him! Maybe if you weren`t so concerned with spreading your legs for that punk ass Indian bastard you`d be able to be a good mother.”

                The phone went dead in my hand. I looked at the Nokia then threw it against the wall. How dare he accuse me of putting my wants before my child’s?! My hands were shaking strongly as knelt down to clean up the bits of busted plastic then toss them in the trash. I found my reflection in the mirror. I looked like hell. Rhett had thrown up in the truck. I had been sitting in the back with him at the time, his head resting on my breast. My new dress – the one I would need a loan to pay off – was now ruined. Jonah`s truck was a ghastly mess. I had bags under my eyes and my skin looked blotchy and sallow in this horrible hospital lighting.

My hands splayed on the edge of a white sink. My head fell forward. If only I hadn`t been so obsessed with Jonah I would have noticed the signs. But no, I was so intent on getting my hands on the man I let my son get sicker than I should have. I was wearing my maternal guilt like a scarlet letter. S for slut should be pinned to my breast for the world to see.

I cursed and cried. The door opened. I rushed to turn on the taps and splash cold water on my face. Dabbing uselessly at the speckles of water dotting my dress I slid past a chubby woman in fleece and returned to my son`s cubicle.

Rhett was pale and in pain but I could see that the doctor and his wonder meds were having a positive effect already. Rhett`s face wasn`t quite as pinched. His temperature was slipping down from the 103.3 it had been when we were admitted. He had actually drifted off, although his sleep was far from restful. I plopped down in one of two chairs beside his bed, my head lolling to the left to rest on the cool tiled wall. How long I sat there listening to my baby breath I can`t say. His father entering his tiny room startled me from the land of half-sleep.

I met my ex-husband`s baleful glower with one of my own.

“Is he feeling better?” Rhick asked, moving to the bed to place his hand on Rhett`s furrowed brow.

“A little bit maybe,” I yawned then folded my son`s soiled coat over my lap. Rhick pushed back the boys too-long bangs then placed a kiss to his brow.

“Can I see you in the corridor?” Rhick asked, tucking the regulation blue hospital blanket under his son`s chin. I slowly got to my feet, wondering how I looked to the man I had been married to for all those years. Vomit on my dress, sneakers on my feet, my hair in disarray, and my face puffy from anxiety and tears. I pulled the door gently closed behind me then turned to look up at my ex. His handsome face was a seething cauldron of conflicting emotions.

                “Rhick,” I said wearily but he jumped over my unspoken plea like some rabid verbal hurdler.

                “I cannot believe I saw that damned kid you`re screwing sitting out there in the waiting room,” he seethed, his anger very barely contained, his hands gesticulating wildly. I glanced at the staff moving past us. “Was he in my son`s house fucking you when Rhett was getting sick?”

                I swear I do not recall slapping him. I hadn`t planned it certainly. One moment I was standing there, looking like the hang dog I always did when Rhick was chewing me out and then – Ker-Slap! – My palm was connecting with his cheek. Stunned, I blinked at the red mark on Rhick`s fair skin. He reached for me with a viscous sneer. I danced in reverse. Jonah appeared from nowhere. Later I would find out that all Jonah had to do was stand up and look around the glass partition to see into Rhett`s room. I bounced off the wall when the blur of black hair and wide back stepped between me and my ex.

                “You want to lay hands on someone, Big Man, lay your hands on me.” The warning rumbled from within Jonah`s chest. Nurses were already scurrying to intercede. All I could hear was someone on the intercom paging a Dr. Wilson and the nurses hissing “Sir! Sir! You`re not allowed back here!” and “Only family is allowed back here. Sir! Sir! Don’t make me call security!”

                Jonah gave Rhick a shove that sent him flying forcefully into the nurse`s station. I was shocked at the power Jonah possessed in one hand. Rhick is no small man. He keeps in shape. If not for the appearance of a rather mountainous orderly I know Rhick would have come out swinging.

                “Jonah, just come with me, okay?” I cajoled, tugging on his left arm until he started to follow me. The air was thick with barely veiled hatred. I managed to get the livid Seneca man out into the waiting room. Jonah grabbed his suit jacket from a chair then stormed outside nearly ripping the sliding door from its track so great was his desire to get into the frigid air.

                 I followed him out into the cold of the day after Valentine`s. Calling him was doing no good. He was on a direct intercept course for his truck. I lunged at him, my fingers managing to get a grip on his black woolen sleeve. He shook me off, his long legs gnawing up the parking lot. I stopped double-stepping to keep up with him.

                “Jonah, look at me damn it!” I shouted, my words bouncing off an idling ambulance. He stopped and turned. I shut my mouth.

                “Go back inside, Dana, your son needs you.”

                “I`m not going back inside without you,” I argued, feeling a chasm beginning to open.

                “Yeah, you are. You`re going back in there with your son, you`re his family,” Jonah said dully.

                “You`re important to him too,” I said weakly.

                “No, not really, I`m just some guy his mom is dating.” He raised his eyes to the sky, searching for something but I didn’t know what. “You can`t see the stars here. Did you know that?” He brought his dark, dark eyes back to me. “I don`t belong here, Dana, not when a family crisis is happening. Rhick belongs here, not me.”

                “Don`t you dare get in that truck and go back to New York!” I yelled with my hands tucked under my armpits. “You belong here if I say you do!”

                Jonah shook his head. That chasm I mentioned earlier? It wasn`t a rift in the ground opening up, it was a tear starting in my heart.

                “No, I don`t.”

“Where are you going?!” I demanded when he spun to show me his stiff back.

He never did tell me. He just drove off, leaving me standing beside an ambulance, fingertips crammed into armpits, cheeks wet, and heart ripping in two. 


Friday, May 17, 2013

Fate's Kiss Chapter Three

Fate's Kiss
Chapter three
By Cathy Brockman

After seeing to my daily duties, I go inside and wash using  my best smelling soap, my brother’s wife had  gotten me form a street vendor. I want smell and look my best for my love, not smell like a horse stable. I readied my mare Delilah and have her waiting for my ride.
 I ride deep into the woods; the rich earthy scent relaxing me. As I near our usual meeting place, fear and disappointment grip me. Where is she?
I ride a little further to the nearby stream so I can let my horse drink. I sat on a nearby rock and watch Delilah; pondering why she hasn’t shown up. She is always awaiting me. Has she changed her mind about me? Found someone else? Has her clan left?
“Nee-co-li! The man than steals my dreams,” Her rich voice sings through the air sending shivers straight to my soul.   
I spin at the deep sultry drawl of my name. How I love the way my name rolls over her tongue so slow and sensuous. Just the sound of her voice does things to my body, making me ashamed for her to see me. I fold my hands over my lap to hide my arousal wishing it to fade, but knowing as long as she is near it will do nothing but grow stronger and harder.
Turning to face her, my heart falters at the mere sight of her. Long, raven hair cascades in waves over her olive brown shoulders that peek from under the white blouse that shows off her womanly figure. Big brown eyes glitter in the sliver of sunlight that filters through the trees.
 The way she looks at me, as if I am the only man she has ever seen, makes me feel on top of the world. Right now, for the next couple hours it is as if only the two of us exist here in our private little kingdom.
“Do you truly dream of me, Illia?” My voice comes out thick and faltered, betraying me, as does my body.
“Would you like me to show you what I dream of my love?” She glides forward gracefully like a wild-cat stalking its prey.
As much as I want her, even though I hear rumors that her people don’t hold sacred the values and morals as do we, I will wait for her. I will show her that to me she is more Lady than any in the town, Hell the entire world, to me. I can wait.
“Come sit with me love. Tell me about your day. When we are apart I feel as if part of me is gone.” I wrap my arm around her as she sits next to me leaning her head on my shoulders.
 I gently stroke the silky tress and soft skin on her shoulder. I try to ignore the pain that nags  me in my loins, but it gets more difficult every time we are close.
“You are such the gentlemen, Nicolai my love. So charming. I don’t want to waste precious time talking when I would much rather feel your lips on mine.” She slides her hand slowly up my knee heading into very dangerous territory. I long to feel her hands stroking my most private place, to feel her hands on my bare skin, but I know this is forbidden. If I ever give in to just such a small temptation, I will be doomed like our forefather Adam after he tasted the forbidden fruit. I can wait. I must wait.
All of a sudden she is in my lap. Her skirt pushed up high on her thighs so she can wrap her legs around my waist. She leans close her body pressed so tightly against mine only the fabric we wear separates us from being one. I can feel the warmth of her body against my groin even through our clothes. Her lips bind with mine, first softly then harsher, more eager. She wants me as much as I do her. God help me. Give me strength to resist this temptation. Give me patience, no not patience but will. Mother always told me to never pray for patience.
“Illia. Heavens woman you will be my undoing.” I pant breathlessly, my voice resembling the squeak of a mouse as I put my hands on her narrow hips and try fruitlessly to dislodge her from my lap. She is much stronger than she looks and very determined. And alas I am very weak. I find it hard to think, much less form words. I know we need to talk but my mouth would much rather be kissing her, tasting her.
Her lips press against mine again, the wet silk of her tongue caressing my upper lip seeking entrance. I surrender to her for a moment. I manage to find a pittance of strength and ease her back slowly.
Love, we must talk. Father has chosen a wife for me. He is adamant on this and is having a dinner this weekend, for our families to meet and make arrangements.”
Anger flashes through her dark eyes. She grabs my shoulders tightly, fingers digging into my flesh. “No! You belong to me. I will cast a spell on her entire family!
“Illia you mustn’t say such things. The towns people fear your clan already, don’t let them hear you speaking of such untruths.” Fear tries to force it’s way over my desire.
“If you want me for your wife you must understand our kind. We can do things. Some of us are more powerful than others. Some of us can evoke the Dark Ones, most of us know better.” Her body still trembles lightly, though I am unsure if it is anger or need.
My hands tremble more now, partially from fear mixed with my earlier desires. I take her into my arms. Her deep brown eyes now stormy and darker than night. My lips still ache to kiss her. She pulls away.
“We are what we are Nicolai. Does that frighten you? Can you love a witch?” Her voice is now soft as a whisper of the wind through the leaves.
“Illia I love you. No matter what. Let’s not waste what little time we have on this.” I reach for her again and she melts into my arms like the butter on my flapjack this morning.
This is what I have longed for all day. All night. We stand folded into each other’s arms, it seems as even the wind has stilled.
“What will you do about your Father Nicolai? You can’t defy him. I can’t bear to see you hurt again.” Her lips graze the side of my face, her hands carries my back, fingers trailing over my muscles like tiny serpents sending my nerve endings into turmoil.
I try to get my body and mind into one accord. We need to talk, make a plan, but my thoughts are like mist. I pull her off me and take her hand leading her to a fallen tree that serves as a settee. I pull her onto my lap folding my arms around her relishing the feel of her body against mine. The more I have these moments the more I long for them.
“When have you seen me hurt?” I whisper into her silken hair.
“I have watched you for a long time. I see how your father treats you different from your brother. I have seen the scars on your back, the hurt in your eyes. Sometimes it is hard to not wish a curse on him. But I know you love him and would hate me if harm came to him through my people.”
“I could never hate you, love but please promise to not curse my family.” I pull back her hair lightly nipping at her neck, causing her to tremble and giggle.
She stands up and turns around facing me. Throwing back her had she chuckles.
“Even a witch doesn’t give a word she knows she cannot keep.” She holds her hands out to me as I stand she pulls her into her arms crushing me with her lips. Long slim fingers trace along my nose, my jaw, my lips, as her eyes search mine. I try to breathe.
“You are so handsome Nicolai. With your dark hair, dark skin and your name, you could easily pass as one of our clan.”
“Do you really think so, Illia?” An idea come to me.
“Of course my love, only you cannot see how attractive you are. All the women look at you, want you as I do. It makes me want to turn them into bugs and stomp them.”
I feel color rise into my cheeks.
“No, silly woman. I mean could I really pass as one of you? Would your clan accept me?” I brush the hair from her shoulder and kiss it lightly savoring the salting taste on my tongue.
“You would truly give up all this for me?” She waves her hands encompassing the land my father owns. The sky begins to darken I know it is getting closer to time for us to part. My heart weighs heavy.
“Illia I would give my life for you.”

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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Perfect Retreat Part 2

Did everyone enjoy Faith's debut piece?  Well it seems that the girls aren't the only ones with secrets.  Let's jump in and find out. 

Perfect Retreat
Part 2
 Faith Ann Whitten

Read Part 1 here

Jake stood there in the opening of the door.  His eyes widened while watching his beautiful wife touch herself. Oh… the beautiful Rose, grabbing her breast then putting each nipple in her mouth, Lily moaning as she began to climax.  He knows that sound oh so well his mouth, is getting dry as he rises in excitement.

heard Rose whisper to his woman “you can come now doll, you have my permission.” 

Lily climaxed, her whole body shaking in pleasure as Rose watches her,  giggling.

He enjoyed every second of it watching one of his fantasies play out. He didn’t even realize  he stroked his own cock until he felt the urge
for release.

Jake raced to the bathroom to release his load, letting go in the sink.

Breathing, heaving, suddenly feeling a little dizzy he puts his hand on the mirror to steady himself.  While running the water he looks at himself staring at his face, and his eyes; the hardness, the blue hue they hold, the lines and shape of each cut he received from the footballs smacked into his face, and remembering the whistle sounding.  Then his mind wanders back to the sight he just witnessed.  Secretly wishing he could of been apart of it.

'The women fuck! Both of them are so sexy', He runs his hand through his hair.

He went downstairs to tell her that he had spoken with Jeremy, and wanted to give Lily the good news that they both will be going to this retreat. That's when he stumbled upon the most amazing sight he had ever witnessed. 

'What would the women do if they knew that he knew their very sexy secret?' 
A big smile spreading  across his face knowing he will want to be a part of it.

The next morning Rose gets the girls off to school, texts Lily just to remind her to schedule the date as they only had a few days to confirm they are going.  She shoves her phone in her purse and is off to work.
Lily is staring at her phone as Jake walks in and sees the smile on Lily’s face
He asks “So who was that?"
Lily replies “Oh, Rose . Just checking in to see if we will make the reservations for them. She wipes her hair out of her face and says "Oh, I forgot. Rose called last night on skyperpal to let me know she and Jeremy will be going with us. Isn’t that exciting?”
She walks over and puts her arms around his waist and lays her head on his chest.
He gently puts his hand on her head and he says “This will be so much fun” with a big mischievous grin across his face, making plans to keep them apart just to see how well they will do without each other.


                             *                         *                        *

The next week seemed like a breeze to Rose, she was excited and couldn't wait to spend every second she can with Lily.

Jeremy loads the last bag into the trooper and can’t believe he will be leaving his electronics locked away for a whole month, wondering
if he can sneak a touchscreen cell phone in and sneak a few calls to Joyce, as he will miss her very much.

Joyce, the woman he is planning to leave Rose for, is taller, smarter, her ass is rounder and she is much thinner than Rose. She is different than anyone he has ever met.

Rose is quiet and doesn’t like to fuck or explore her sexuality like Joyce.
He knows he doesn’t love her, but what does love have to do with anything any way?

The kids are grown and now that Rose and him have more time together, they seem to just avoid each other.  He needs excitement, he needs sexual excitement, he needs . . . Joyce.

Jeremy goes inside to get Rose, telling  her to call Lily to find out if they are ready. 
He feels his phone vibrate in his pocket.  He knows its Joyce and  rushes past Rose to answer the call upstairs.  He answers on the steps then goes into the bedroom.

Breathlessly, he  whispers “Hey love, I have missed you. I have no idea what I am going to do without you, and I can’t stop thinking about the other night. It was the best way to keep my thoughts on you while we are apart.”

She cuts him off “Jeremy, I am quitting. I am leaving you!”

He sinks into the door and runs his hand through his hair.  “What?” 

She explains “I don’t love you. I don’t want you to leave your wife.  I don’t want to start a life with you, I just wanted to fuck you. I just wanted a fling. I'm only 23.  Dammit, I don’t want babies and old smelly men waking up in my bed. The other night was the perfect way to end our relationship, and besides you need an old woman to settle down with like your wife. You should really think about her on your couples retreat, maybe you will fall back in love with her.  I am a hopeless romantic.  Well, I gotta run.  It's been fun.” 

He hears silence on the other end.   “Its been fun? Its been fun?!”  He rakes his fingers through his hair then turns off his phone and tosses it in the drawer. Stomping down the stairs aggravated, he turns towards the kitchen to see his wife sitting at the kitchen table with a huge smile on her face.  

She looks up at him and says “Are you ready cowboy?”