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Forbidden Crush Finale

How will things between Darren and Jamie turn out? Will it end up just being a one night fling, or will Jamie actually leave Laurie? Read on to find out!

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Forbidden Crush, Finale

By Samantha Kay


Darren had Jamie in his arms as they lay in bed together. They’d drifted off to sleep after their night of passion.

 As Darren’s eyes flickered open, to see Jamie’s head resting on his chest, he smiled to himself. His heart fluttered, the movement ricocheting even into his throat.

He exhaled deeply as he tightened his hold of Jamie, his arm wrapped around his smooth shoulders.

 Darren felt Jamie begin to shuffle about slightly. 

As Jamie began to wake up he brought his leg up and laid it across Darren’s, which made his dick press up into Darren’s side. Jamie then began nuzzling his nose into Darren’s neck.

 ”Morning gorgeous.” Darren murmured in Jamie’s ear. “You ok?”

 ”Yeah.” Jamie croaked in his morning voice, sliding his hand onto Darren’s chest. “Sore though.” He chuckled softly.

 ”Ha, yeah, sorry about that.” Darren laughed, despite his cheeks suddenly flooding with heat. 

 Jamie ever so softly kissed Darren’s neck, relishing in the sensation of the smooth flesh against his dry lips.

”Mmm.” Darren mumbled, a tingle jerking into his cock. 

”You smell so good.” Jamie whispered, slowly letting his hand glide down Darren’s stomach and slipping under the duvet. He bypassed where Darren had hoped he was going, instead sweeping across and grabbing at Darren’s hip. 

”Fuck.” Darren gasped quietly, his back arching for a second as though he could push his dick into Jamie’s hand.

Darren then took a deep breath, trying to empty his mind of fleeting images of making love to Jamie again.

”We need to talk Jamie. Before we do anything else.” Darren sighed.

”I know.” Jamie exhaled heavily. “But this just feels so nice.”

”Really does, doesn’t it.” Darren smiled inwardly, leaning his head into Jamie’s.


Jamie stood at the gate, his gaze slowly creeping up the path to the red front door.

Tilting his head back as he rolled his shoulders, he took a long, deep breath.

Hell, here goes. 

I can’t believe I’m actually doing this…

 Slowly walking up to the door, his palms were beginning to moisten. Jamie took his keys from his pocket, the bundle of clanging metal slipping from his fingers onto the floor.

”Shit.” He muttered, his chest tightening as he crouched down to pick them up. Jamie hesitated as the key neared the hole, stopping for a moment to look up at the door.

I don’t want to break your heart. I wish you didn’t love me Laurie. Or I wished I loved you like I used to…

 Closing his eyes while taking another deep breath, Jamie finally unlocked the door, carefully pushing it open as though not to wake a sleeping baby.

The silence he was greeted with in the house was like a sharp knife to the stomach.

Where is she? Should I even bother to hang my jacket up? Probably not. There’s a good chance she’s just going to shove you back out the door once you’ve told her it’s over.

Jamie eyes suddenly moistened, the sharp pain making its way to his heart.

We’ve built a life together. How can I throw it all away like this? We’ve been through so much. School, college, university. Laurie was also there when my Dad passed, when my Mum turned to the bottle, when a friend was put into a coma after a car accident.

She doesn’t deserve to have her heart broken…

 Jamie couldn’t hear any movement, and as he walked down the hallway he checked the time on his watch.

It’s only 10.30am, she should be home? I called in sick for this. Though maybe I should have just waited until tonight.

 ”Laurie?” Jamie stifled out, finding his throat to feel oddly sore and achy. 

 More silence was his reply. So he decided to check upstairs. 

He felt grateful for not having the kind of stairway where every footstep caused a creepy creaking noise to fill the house. 

Jamie headed towards the bedroom first.

Maybe she’s laid on the bed reading? 

 Jamie’s insides did a painful flip as he clutched the doorknob and pushed the door open.

”Fuck!” Jamie gasped.  

He nearly buckled at the sensation of needles stabbing into every inch of his skin, one reaching as far as his pounding heart. His mouth fell open, though no air could pass through his tight throat and crushed lungs.

”I…I…I can’t…” Jamie stammered, before turning and stumbling back out into the hallway.

”Jamie!” Laurie’s voice screeched, as she hurriedly grabbed a t-shirt off the floor, pulling it on over her matted hair. 

Jamie stood outside the bedroom, frozen and gawping at the window at the end of the hallway, tree branches rattling against the glass.

”I’m sorry! I’m so sorry! Please, Jamie!“ She was weeping already, though her make-up was already smeared; lipstick dragged away from her mouth.

”It doesn’t matter.” Jamie whispered inwardly. A tingling feeling was still throbbing through his body, as he turned around to face Laurie.

She was wearing the t-shirt that clearly belonged to the man she’d just been caught with.

That’s a bit of a slap to the face.

”How did it come to this Laurie?” A tear escaped Jamie’s eye, as he studied the woman before him. How did we end up cheating on each other? We used to be amazing together.

”I’m sorry Jamie. It didn’t mean anything, I swear!” Laurie wept, her hands clutching at Jamie’s arms, shaking him a little as she trembled with desperation.

Jamie brought his hands up to hold Laurie’s face, looking into her deep blue eyes as he swallowed hard.

”We’re over Laurie.” Jamie managed to say calmly, in a deep steady tone. “I’ve been cheating too.”

Laurie literally sucked in a breath, her eyes widening as she stared hard at Jamie.

”You bastard…” She muttered with a sharp edge to her voice.

As Laurie remained rigid with shock and continued to glare, Jamie took his hands away and slowly turned to walk away. He only got to the stairs when a flame combusted inside Laurie.

”Who is she!” She screamed, though her anger had deepened what was usually a high-pitched noise. “Tell me! What slut have you been fucking Jamie!” 

Jamie’s heart plummeted. A lump crushed his voice box, and he picked up the pace in leaving the house.

”Jamie! Get back here, now!” The volume pierced his ears.

She needs to calm down before we can talk about all this.

I need to leave her alone for a bit…

”I’m…I’m going out for a bit. We’ll discuss this later.” Jamie stammered, his voice shaky. He tripped over a pair of Laurie’s sandals as he neared the door to leave.

”Please, please don’t go.” The anger had been abruptly stripped away, leaving a quivering teary influence.

Jamie stopped in his tracks, just before his hand made it to the door handle.

Oh Laurie, please don’t make this any harder then it already is…

”I’m sorry.” Jamie whispered. “But it’s over Laurie.”

An ache ran through his heart when he heard Laurie give way to a sob.

There was a time when your tears would have crushed me…

”I’m sorry.” He whispered again, before opening the door, and leaving.


”I-I can’t believe you actually did it? You actually…left her?” Darren stared at Jamie as he sat with him, placing a cup of coffee in front of him.

Jamie had his head in his hands, until Darren shuffled his chair closer to him and wrapped an arm around his shoulders.

Jamie looked up into Darren eyes, the beauty of their dark colour lifting a weight off his heart.

”I’ve done the right thing though. Despite how complicated the next few weeks will be, it’s worth it. I’ll probably need to move out, I doubt Laurie will. And Laurie will probably have countless questions for me, and no doubt there’s a few more arguments to be had.” Jamie said quietly, losing himself in Darren’s presence. You’re so amazingI can’t believe how good it feels to have you touching me like this.

”You make me feel so alive Darren, more so than I’ve ever felt in my entire life. Regardless of how messy things get with Laurie and me Darren, it’ll be worth it if I still have you at the end of it.” 

”Oh Jamie.” Darren uttered softly, offering Jamie a warm smile. “Of course you’ll still have me.”

As they continued to stare at one another lovingly, Darren slowly leaned in to kiss Jamie. The second their lips met an explosion of energy fired into Jamie, his heart pounding vigorously and heat flooding into his body.

Oh God Darren, I think I’m falling in love with you…


~The End~

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Wind in White Birch - Issue # 13

Hello all! My name is V.L. Locey.  I am a self-published and traditionally published author that lives in the mountains of Pennsylvania with my husband of over twenty-one years, my seventeen year old daughter, a herd of dairy goats, chickens, geese, ducks, turkeys, two dogs, two cats, and a partridge in a pear tree. For more info about me and contact links, check out the author bio tab up above.

Enough about me, let`s get back to Wind in White Birch and our lovers Jonah and Dana.


Wind in White Birch


V.L. Locey

Issue Thirteen


Remember that song by Stevie Wonder about everything being alright, uptight and out of sight?  That was how I felt on the drive back to Andy`s doublewide. I was falling. I knew it and I just couldn`t seem to stop it. I would peek at Jonah through my lashes, trying not to let him see me admiring him. He would always feel my eyes upon him though. His lips would tweak up at the corners before he`d wink. I`d turn away flustered, making him chuckle. God above, the drive home was wonderful! Pulling into the driveway at dusk we discovered the place had cleared out. I had a niggle of worry about Rhett that didn`t disappear until I found him and three of Andy`s grandsons sprawled over the living room furniture watching a movie.
“Hey, Mom, guess what?!” Rhett called, sitting with a huge bowl of popcorn on his lap. Every lad had their own food trough on their thighs. Between the explosions on the TV, the sounds of young men hooting at said explosions, and the crunching of cheese puffs, potato chips, and corn chips slathered with salsa, I could barely hear my son.
“What?!” I shouted. Jonah flopped down next to a lad of perhaps ten or eleven on the couch. A tussle over corn chips broke out. It ended when I gave Jonah my best schoolmarm look of disapproval.
“That`s Optimus Prime, Mom!” 
Ah. So the movie was about those robots Rhett likes so much. I wasn`t sure I was too keen on him watching something with so many explosions. Jonah got to his feet, gathered my hand in his then led me into the kitchen. Andy was sitting with a newspaper spread across the table and a large magnifying glass in hand. He smiled at us as we entered.
“Coffee`s fresh and I think there`s some food left,” the elder Big Deer waved his glass in the general direction of the refrigerator.
“Thanks, I`m starved.” Jonah helped me out of my coat then threw his black wool duster and my parka on the back of a kitchen chair. I availed myself of the coffee while Jonah rummaged then microwaved a plate of food. I was seated across from Andy when Jonah joined us a few minutes later.
“Meatball?” he asked, holding one out to me on a fork. I shook my head.
“No thanks, we ate at the carnival, remember?”
“That was just a hot dog,” the man replied then attacked the meatball.
“See anything new at the carnival?” Andy asked, scouring the sports section bent over his glass. Jonah mumbled something with a full mouth that might have been no. I sipped my coffee, enjoying the heat now creeping into my cold toes.
“Nah,” Jonah said between bites, “Nothing like the gathering every year.”
“What gathering?” I asked as the boys cheered the good robots on.
“We hold a powwow at the casino every summer. Lots of fun,” Andy muttered, lifting his eyes from the paper to me. “We dance, sell crafts, try to teach our ways to those who come.”
“You dance?” I asked Jonah.
He bobbed his head. “Sometimes,” he said then pulled a paper towel across his mouth. “I compete in the drums every year. My sister and her friends, they dance.  The kids too,” he added. "Andy used to until he broke his hip.”
“Wow, that sounds fantastic,” I smiled, envisioning all the sights this powwow must hold.
“You`ll love it,” Jonah said, shoveling macaroni salad in.
I felt all sorts of toasty knowing he was so sure we`d still be together when the days were long and hot. From his mouth to God`s ears. We chatted about the powwow until Jonah`s appetite was slaked. Then we tidied up and joined the boys for the rest of the movie. It seemed that Julia`s boys were spending the night, which pleased Rhett to no end. Bath time went amazingly smoothly. No yelling, threatening or temper tantrums. Andy said ‘Go bathe’ and my son ran off to bathe.
                We slid another movie in, a romantic comedy that made the boys twitch and run off for their shared bathroom. The night moved along in soft laughter. Before I knew it Andy was pushing to his feet for bed.
“Say goodnight, Jonah,” Andy mumbled as he and his cane shuffled off. I looked over at the man sitting at my side with his arm draped casually around my neck.
“Goodnight Jonah,” the wise ass said.
Andy grunted loudly as he slowly made his way to the bathroom. With a sigh of resignation we walked to the front door hand in hand. I felt like I was back in high school. I went into his embrace as if I had always been there. Up on my toes I met him halfway. He whispered across my lips, something in Seneca that I didn`t understand. Then he kissed me tenderly yet deeply. My hands linked behind his head. He shifted me slightly. I sucked in a sharp breath when my stomach ground against his erection. A guttural sound erupted from the man that turned my spine to liquid. His hands moved up and down my back, one slid under my shirt. His fingertips danced over the knobs of my spine. I dug my fingernails into the back of his neck.
“Say goodnight, Jonah,” Andy called from somewhere in the back of the house. I jerked back so quickly I cracked my head on a picture hanging by the front door. Jonah caught it before it hit the floor.
With a bemused smile he hung the oil back on the nail, kissed me swiftly then stepped out into the cold. I smiled like a simpering dolt then closed the door on him.
“That boy is harder to get rid of then a bad case of poison ivy,” Andy commented from behind me.
“He forgot his coat,” I said, sliding the chain lock into place.
“Yeah, I figure he`ll be warm enough without it,” Andy Big Deer said with a naughty chortle then offered me his arm. I blushed all the way to my bedroom.


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Aprils Kiss Finale

Aprils Kiss Finale
By Cathy Brockman
The Author wants to acknowledge the following trademarks and /or word marks:  Die Hard movies.

 Kelsey Glares at me, looking more and more like her mother and me.
“I’m really surprised at you Dad!” The angry tone of her voice didn't help the throbbing in Brice’s temples or ache in his heart.
Covering his face with his hands, Brice slumps onto the sofa like a child being scolded by his parents.
 I've had a rough night Kels. Let me go smooth this over with April, so I can go lay back down.” His voice has a note of pleading and agitation.
“Just let me say this, since you are either too blind to see, or too stupid to comprehend.” She looks at Brice cautiously as if testing the waters, stepping back slightly as if he may strike her. Seeing her dads look of resignation she jumps back in.
“You don’t know how hard this is for her. She is so lost, though she hides it well. She doesn't want you to feel sorry for her. Dad she really cares for you, though I doubt it’s the love she thinks it is. Heaven knows I sure don’t get what she sees in you but hey it’s her life not mine. She is her happiest when she thinks she is doing something that pleases you. If you’re all that keeps her trying then at least for now don’t burst her bubble I’m not saying lead her on, but don’t shut her out right now.” She stops for a breath, glancing down the hall. She puts up her hand as Brice opens his mouth to speak.
“Let me finish before she comes out. Her moving in here was my idea not hers. You need her as much as she needs you. Sitting here alone isn’t good. Mom has been dead eight years. I don’t remember you having any serious relationships or even going out much for that matter. It’s time for you to man-up.”
“Kelsey, I had to work, take care of the house, the yard, you and even April. There was no time for anything else. I’m a big boy I can take care of myself.” Brice looks up anger showing in his eyes.
“Look, I’m not prying. You have been an excellent father, I have no complaints. I’m a grown woman now, and I’m not coming back home. Not permanently. I love you but you’re not the center of my world. You are hers and she needs you now. She doesn’t need another person making her feel worthless and kicking her out because they can’t deal with their own insecurities. Last night opened a few doors for you. You need to at least look into them,” She looks back down the hall at the closed doors, worry creasing her pretty brow.
Wow!  She sure has grown up! I think she is more adult than I am.
“I have to say the Colby thing shocked the hell out of me.” She lets out a little chuckle flopping down on the sofa beside Brice.
“Me too. Look hon, this was all dropped on me suddenly. I need time to think. You know how set in my ways I am. Change doesn’t come easy for me. I like simple. I like order.”
“I know dad but it’s time to loosen up.  Get a life. Have some fun. You’re not THAT old. And obviously pretty good looking to get two numbers in a couple hours without trying.” Kelsey makes a gagging motion and grins.
“Let me deal with this situation today. I better go talk to her and see if I can get my big foot out of my mouth. You’ve really grown up. Your mom would be proud of you. I am proud of you.” Forcing a smile he bends over, planting a quick kiss on top of Kelsey’s head, and then makes his way down the hall to Kelsey’s room where April is.  Guess we better clean and redecorate the guest room. I hope she doesn't want it painted bright red or black.
Brice knocks softly at the door. Once. Twice. No answer. Slowly opening the door, his heart leaps into his throat. April is dressed in jeans, a long loose sweater, no harsh eyeliner or bright red lipstick, looking like a sad, crushed little girl, not the edgy confident woman he is used to seeing.
“April. Can we talk?” He wants to just  pull her into his arms and make all the hurt disappear.
Red, tear-stained chocolate brown eyes slowly meet his with a slight nod and shrug of her shoulders.
“I’ll get a second job; find a place of my own. I won’t burden you.” Her usual vibrant sing-song voice sounds defeated.
“You’re never a burden.” Squatting down, he takes April’s chin in his hands, gently lifting it to meet his gaze.
“I’m not sure what else I can offer you, but you always have a home here. Have mixed feelings but I need time to sort through them. I have always thought of you as my daughter. I just don’t know if I can get past that and offer you anything more than fatherly love.” Swiping away a tear with his thumb Brice continues softly. “You caught me at a bad time this morning. I had just woken from an inappropriate dream. I was still half asleep, half hangover, and very confused. When you came in I wasn’t really sure what was dream and what was real. I reacted brashly. I’m sorry.”
April flings herself into his arms sobbing, and trembling like a leaf.
Leaning over he holds her and kisses her on top of her head, warring with whether to leave it like this or to kiss her.
After a few minutes, his legs throbbing from being crouched so long, he stands up pulling April with him.
“Go wash your face. I’ll get Kelsey and take you both for breakfast. Then we better go grocery shopping since my cupboards consist mostly of soups and cereal, and the freezer has only frozen meals. Perhaps stop at the home- store and let you pick out paint for the guest room and some new d├ęcor. Just no red or black paint on the walls please!”
April plants a quick chaste kiss on his lips then nods, smiling happily.
The first few weeks were tense but soon Brice and April got into a normal routine.
April kept the house clean, laundry washed and put away the way Brice likes it and had a good , hot meal cooked and on the table most nights by the time Brice got home from work. Afterwards they would talk about their day and maybe watch a movie. Some nights Brice would take her out to eat and maybe a movie or a shopping trip.
Brice had tried to talk her into going to college instead of getting a second job. They ended up compromising and April went to a beauty school instead. He agreed to help her open her own shop for a graduation gift.
A week or so after Kelsey returned to the city for college, Brice’s phone rings. Not recognizing the number he lets it go to voice mail, then listens to the message.
‘hey handsome. It’s Colby. Remember me from Stellar? I asked Kelsey for your number. Evidently you didn’t look at the back of the card I gave you with my number. Well, uh take a look at it. Then if you want call me back. If I don’t hear from you I won’t bother…’ the voice mail cut off. Dam a male version of chatterbox April. Just what I need.
Brice goes to his room and retrieves the crumpled business card that he threw in the trash not once, but twice, before reluctantly tossing it into his nightstand. He flips it over and sure enough there is a note written neatly on the back.
‘Don’t take this wrong. I’m not into one night stands or casual pickups. All I’m offering is a manly shoulder to lean on and an ear to listen. Call me anytime. Cole.’
Brice sits and stares at the card. The image of the handsome, friendly young man keeps running through his head for the next few days. Finally he breaks down and calls Colby back.
“Hi Colby. This is Brice.” Man do I sound lame?
“Hi. Glad you finally called.” Colby’s voice sounds tentative.
“I was wondering if you’d like to meet for that drink I believe I owe you.”
“Sure. When?” Colby’s voice takes on an air of excitement.
They make plans for that evening; April isn't really thrilled when Brice called to tell her he wouldn't be home for dinner  as he was going out with Colby. That evening turned into several repeats for the next couple weeks, then evolved into a couple of nights a week, usually one spent at Brice’s watching TV or movies.
One evening several weeks later Brice and Colby sat on the sofa watching the Die-hard movies, sharing a big bowl of popcorn. The diner April worked at wasn't busy so she came home early.
Seeing the two cozy on the couch, she tosses her purse and keys on the table by the door, storming to her room muttering something that sounds like; I can’t believe you chose HIM over me followed with a few expletives before slamming her door.
“What the hell?” Brice looks at Colby in confusion.
“I take it you still haven’t told her how you feel.” Colby washes down a bite of popcorn with his soft-drink.
How can I tell her what I am not even sure about? Brice looks at Colby then down the hall towards Aprils room.
“Dude. You have to tell her. You can’t keep her on a leash like this.” Colby picks up Brice’s hand cradling it gently.
Shit! Do they both think I have chosen them?
“Colby I don’t know what I feel.”
Leaning forward Colby kisses Brice on the cheek.
“I see the way you look at her. I have no delusions about the two of us. I know you are straight. I figured out weeks ago that you have it bad for April.” He takes Brice’s face into his hands. “Yeah I have real feelings for you, but I knew before we started hanging out that it’s just a guy thing for us. I knew it would never become anything more.”
How can he be so sure of my feelings for April when I feel so confused?
“Talk to her Brice. Soon. I think she is on the verge of giving up. Once she does, it will be too late. Don’t let the best thing that could ever happen to you slip through your fingers.” Colby brushes popcorn off his shirt as he stands. “Call me soon. OK?”
Brice stares bewildered as Colby shuts the door behind him.
April comes out her eyes widen in surprise seeing Brice sweeping popcorn and taking dishes to the kitchen sink. “I thought you left.”
“Where would I have gone? I live here remember?”
“I figured I messed up your plans for the evening by coming home early and the two of you went to his place to … uh whatever it is you do when I’m not here.” Her face flushes, her lips pursed tightly, eyes angry and hurt.
“Wha.. you think…”Brice stammers in shock.  “April. It’s not like that between Cole and me.”
“Oh its Cole now?  Sweet. Yeah you had me fooled. Seems like you can’t get enough of him lately. You spend more time with him now than you do me.”
Brice sits down heavily, once again confused by the two young people that factor so much in his life lately. How did this get so complicated? Sure he and Colby have gotten close lately, but evidently both Colby and April have come to some conclusions that Brice hasn't realized yet .But tonight one of them hit the nail on the head. It’s been  here right before his eyes the whole time. He is comfortable. Happier than he has been since Helen passed away eight years ago.
Without another thought he sweeps April into his arms, his lips crushing against hers madly. As she gasps in surprise his tongue dashes in. The rough kiss quickly turns into passion.
“I love you April. I have for a long time.” He whispers, his forehead pressed against hers.
“It sure took you long enough. I was ready to give up. I don’t know how to compete with a man.” April gazes into his eyes, the pain fading, the love and desire flowing back in.
“I’m not going to lie. I still have feelings for him that I am unsure of. This isn't going to be easy.”
April pulls away. He pulls her back next to him quickly.
“I’m sure how I feel about you, so let’s not worry about anything else right now OK  Let’s just live in the present.” Brice’s kisses her passionately, letting his entire emotions flood into the kiss.
“OK.” April responds breathlessly.
The kiss turns heated quickly as tongues tangle and hands roam.
“Bed?” Brice whispers against her lips.
She nods, then smiling wickedly, grabs him by the hand, practically dragging him to the bed.
 He gazes at her lovingly now seeing the beautiful woman she has become. Since she moved in she has started wearing less makeup and gotten rid of all the piercings except for the one in her belly button and the one in her tongue. He slowly removes her clothes, touching and caressing her beautiful bare skin.
They kiss and fondle each other Brice surprised by April’s sudden shyness.
“Don’t you want this?”
She nods nervously as Brice’s worships her body with his hands and tongue, teasing her mercilessly. She shudders, screaming out his name as he brings her not once but twice with his fingers and tongue.
After she catches her breath she begins inching her way down his body with her mouth blazing a trail of heat. He grabs her head just as her hands circle his hard shaft, her lips parting to taste him.
“Not now baby. I want to make love to you.”
She gazes up at him her eyes full of want and desire mixed with a touch of fear. She swallows hard and quietly nods.
“Where do you keep your condoms? Bedroom or bathroom?”
“Um…I don’t have any. Don’t you?” Brice sighs.
“Mine? Why would I have any? You have shown absolutely no interest in me physically.” She sounded both shocked and disappointed, and perhaps a little relieved.
“You do use protection don’t you?” Brice’s eyes widen.
“For what? Oh! MY GOSH! You think I’m some sort of a slut? That I go around sleeping with just anyone?” April hops out of the bed grabbing the comforter and wrapping it protectively around her bare body. Anger marring her pretty face. “I’ve saved my self all these years and you think I’m an easy whore?” She grabs her clothes as she hurries toward the bathroom.
Brice feels like he has been hit with a sledgehammer. How could I not see it? How could I not know that she had eyes only for me? Was I really that blind?
“What? NO! I don’t think that. Wait! You saved yourself for me?” Jumping up quickly Brice grabs her by the arm, pulling her back into his arms.
“Honey. I’m honored. But I had no idea you felt this way towards me. I thought all along it was just playful flirtations. Perhaps even a little crush. I never realized you loved me enough to wait for me.” He covers her mouth in a soft kiss slowly working deeper, easing her back on the bed, kissing, caressing gently.
“You’re on the pill right?” He breathes huskily into her ear, nipping and sucking eliciting small moans from her.
She nods.
“Fine, you’re a virgin, on the pill, and I haven’t been with anyone in over a year and used a condom then we should be fine.” He starts working his way back down her body kissing, pausing a moment to relish the feel of her hard nipples in his mouth, gaining power every time she cries out in pleasure as he nips and tugs gently with his teeth.
“Slow down sailor. I love you and I want you more than anything in this world, but until I am positive about your feelings for me I can’t chance a slip up. Until I know you are absolutely sure about us and our future together you will suit up.” She smiles, once again getting to her feet and reaching for her clothes.
Wow she really is grown up. She is more adult than I am. Such a special young lady. How lucky can I be to have her?
“Where are you going, I thought you wanted this?”  Brice’s voice is full of both discomfort and disappointment.
“I do. That’s why I am going to the drugstore. I’ll be back in a few minutes.” She grins coyly.
Brice quickly grabs her pants from her as she lifts a leg to put them on.  She tumbles back onto the bed as he tosses them, pinning her to the mattress with his full body pressing tightly against hers.
“What are you doing?” She gasps.
 I've changed my mind.” He whispers into her ear sexily, nipping and tugging at her earlobe, sending shivers down her spine, passion pooling between her thighs.
“What? It doesn't look like you’re leaving my bed.” She giggles as he uses his stubble to tease her hard, sensitive nipples.
“I’m not. Since you saved yourself just for me I want to make your first night very special. Until then, there are other ways we can please each other.” He raises up and shifts, positioning his groin over her face and his face over her. Tired of wasting time he dips down his tongue once again teasing and tantalizing her. He moans into her as she starts returning the favor. He moans as her tongue tortures him slowly, the metal cone a stark but pleasurable contrast to the wet velvet of her tongue. As she screams his name around his thick shaft, shaking violently from her orgasm he finds himself on the edge of the precipice and groaning in submission he lets go and falls over the edge.
                                                 Not the End but a new beginning

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Unslaked Thirst

Ben has been busy writing.  He's got a backlog of posts for you, but since I've been under the weather I've not gotten them posted.  
Now that the temperature outside is climbing, things inside the Storytime Lounge are heating up as well. People shedding coats, shedding layers, and likewise shedding inhibitions.  What do you do when you are interested in someone? Do you go for it?  Or are you a shy one waiting for them to act? 
Me personally?  I don't think I have  a shy bone in my entire body but Ben, he's a shy guy at heart. Even the shy reserved type have desires . . . 

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Unslaked Thirst

Ben Hannigan 

Sat watching him in a pub, the sweet richness flowing over my tongue as I let my mind wander. He's gorgeous in that slightly soft way that shows he isn't aware of how devastating he looks.

My heart skips every time he touches my hands and stares into my eyes, we talk a lot but it's talking about nothing at all really -- the weather, sports, music,-- but it isn't ever anything important. I can feel his smile burning into my head as he stares back.  It's a slow, coy, quiet flirting like something back at school, this nervous bumbling sweetness.

I just want to tell him that I want him. Want him to fuck me, to kiss me, to take me. But I'm scared that it would ruin the game, ruin the charade of me as a sweet boy.  So instead of telling him, instead of being the wanton slutty boy who is begging to take bed or hell, dropping to my knees and blowing his mind as he slumps against the bar holding onto the pump handle as I suck him dry. Instead of that, I go home, back to my flat, my empty flat and that double bed.  Instead I stand in my shower, the water beating down on my naked body as I grip myself.  Feet apart as I stare back into my dreams imagining that neck, that body and the moment that sends me over the edge into my hand, my thumb caressing the tip of my hardness, his eyes. Those soulful eyes staring into mine as I fill him, my explosion oozing, pulsing into him. 

I love him and I know that though I barely know more than his name and those eyes.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Oral Dilemma

Well, have you missed me?  I've been recovering from injuries in an auto accident.  Plus I needed to take a  bit of time off to reconfigure my schedule.  My files were destroyed and I've been working fast and furious to regain most of what I had.  Through much aggravation I have reached a point where I will have to rebuild the rest, but I think it will be better.  

Anyone out there ready for Spring?  I know I am.  Our other authors have already been growing a crop of budding romance and erotic tales for our readers.  Although I'm a little late getting started I do sincerely hope that this new tale will entertain, amuse, and get your own passions stirring.  

Happy Spring everyone! 

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 Oral Dilemma
Ellie Mack

It was the story of my life. The same thing that always got me in trouble – my mouth.  I stood just off  the stage, shaking inside, so nervous I wasn’t sure I could go through with this. 

“Hey, knock ‘em dead Roxy.”  His hand brushing my shoulder as he eased past me.  Devon Miller, the man I’d crushed on since 6th grade.  Oh hell, who am I kidding? I’ve had a crush on him since that first day of kindergarten when he shared his fruit chews.  He was instantly my best friend.

We sat at the same table in class.  He rode my bus and we shared a seat because he lived four houses down and we got off at the same stop. We raced our bikes, played in the tree house, skipped stones at the pond and made mud pies.  Then in fourth grade my parents divorced.  I spent half my time with my dad and his flavor of the month. Back home mom worked long shifts at the hospital leaving my sister and me at Devon’s house. We made forts, hunted monsters, played video games and slept on the couch together.  Not that anything happened, we were just kids.
By the 6th grade, I’d gained a good amount of weight and was chubby.  That’s when Devon broke my heart the first time.  We were sitting at the edge of the pond skipping rocks when he told me he asked Casey Reynolds to the school dance.  Then he asked if anyone had asked me.  I’m not sure if I was more upset that he asked Casey, or that nobody asked 'the chubby girl'. 

Anyway, it was the first in a long string of disappointments.  I’ve been a plus sized girl in a size 0 world ever since.  By my junior year I was in a size 16, my double D’s the only thing that got me dates. the rest of me is rather plain Jane nothing special.  My dark hair never gets noticed. My facial features are average.  I wasn't blessed with thick long lashes, or pretty eyes, or even full luscious lips.  My lips are small, unnoticeable, and completely forgettable.  Although I've been called a big mouth for other reasons.  My 'big mouth' was always getting me into trouble by saying the wrong things.  I made a smart alec comment to Chad Ramsey, this gorgeous hunk of a soccer player and he challenged me to “put my money where my mouth was”.  He dared me, so it kind of forced my hand.  

Just then who should walk in but Devon with Phoebe Yates draped on his arm.  Phoebe was all of 98 pounds soaking wet. She’d make Taylor Swift look fat standing next to her.   Why I even cared I don’t know but I did.  It pissed me off, big time.  I slammed a glass of Jack and Coke, and told Chad  “I’ll accept your challenge."

I grabbed Chad’s hand and dragged him to the unoccupied room, his bedroom. Once inside I kissed him hard, walking him backwards to the bed.  I followed him down when his knees hit the edge of the bed.  He scooted up to where his head was on the pillow as I climbed on top of him and straddled him. 
“You’re really gonna let me?” Chad asked, his eyes huge, a hopeful grin on his face.

I slowly peeled my shirt off over my head and tossed it.  His eyes grew even larger.  I reached behind me to unclasp my bra hearing  the hitch in his breath.  I held the bra in place for a few seconds making him wait.  I nodded slowly, teasing him.  I knew he had a thing for breasts.  He was always flirting with me, I doubt that he even knew what color my eyes were as nothing registered above my tits. Slowly, very slowly I lowered my bra then tossed it on the floor.  I leaned forward teasing him with them, my nipples just barely out of reach of his lips. 

“You’re spectacular Roxanne.” He grabbed me pulling me down, sucking each nipple into his mouth greedily. I gasped it was so intense.  Chad worshiped my breasts, made love to them, then proceeded to worship the rest of my body.  

He openly admitted that he liked curvy girls and big tits.  I’d put him off for three months thinking he was just another guy that thought that because I was a big girl I would be desperate and willing to do anything.  I didn’t feel desperate, but I was willing to do anything.  I was just selective with whom I did it with. 

He held my breasts rubbing the pad of his thumb over my hardening nipples.  I could feel him growing hard beneath me,  I was only slightly buzzed from the two drinks.  I moaned as he teased my nipples  He pulled me down to him and kissed me deeply.  The tingles began instantly. Chad's kiss was like lighter fluid poured on glowing coals. It was instantaneous combustion. 

He rolled me off of him onto my back and told me, “I want to look at you Roxanne.  All of you.  You’re absolutely gorgeous .” 

He kissed his way from my lips down my neck, leaving a trail of blazing fire behind.  When he reached my collar bone, he switched and went back up for my ear.  As he sucked my ear lobe lightly I had the briefest moment of thinking I should stop.  I don't know if it was the alcohol kicking in or what but suddenly it wasn't sparks it was full blown raging fire.  I wanted every kiss, every touch that Chad offered.  He made me come alive, feel sexy, attractive and  it's a heady feeling. 

Chad's mouth was on my nipples again licking, teasing driving me to the edge.  As he continued  his tormenting affections his hand moved lower.  I vaguely knew he was unfastening my jeans and didn't care.  Suddenly his hand was on me, gently touching me as he slid my jeans down.  His kisses trailing lower over my tummy and I wasn't self conscious. In that moment I felt free, uninhibited, and desirable. I'm not sure what button he pushed but it was amazing. 

His fingers worked magic, gently caressing, rubbing over my nub, then slipped one finger  inside my wet slit.  My back arched automatically, OHHHHH God it felt so amazing.  I helped him remove my jeans and my panties.  Up to then I'd only kissed and my only experience was touching myself. He was slow, gentle, and amazing.  Soon his mouth was on me, and  within two minutes I was clutching his hair coming hard.  He moved back up, wiping my juices from his face as he grinned at me.  I pulled him up to me kissing him hard.  At that moment Chad Ramsey  owned me.  No one had ever made me feel so alive, so desirable.  I would  do anything for him. 

We kissed long, deep, sensually. I reached down to touch him, wrapping my fingers around his hardened shaft.  He felt like marble wrapped in silk. Chad moaned into my mouth as my fingers curled around him.  At the first slow stroke his breath was jagged.  It was at that moment that I realized just how much Chad loved my body. I caused him to feel that way.  It was my touch he responded to not some skinny chick.  I increased my speed and my grip, he nearly came unglued.  

"Please Roxanne, make love with me."  

He desired me.  Chad Ramsey, the best looking soccer player at our school desired me.  I held his cock in my hand having complete control over him at that point.  It wasn't a power trip, it was part of the entire sexual awakening.  It was a mutual action between us.  A consensual discovery of our own bodies and each other.  I nodded slowly my agreement as I pushed his jeans off, taking his cotton shorts with them. 

He was gentle with me, careful not to hurt me.  the pain only lasted a brief moment as he kissed the hurt away and we began to move together,  the world outside forgotten.  The new sensation taking me beyond the precipice I dangled from before, the heat pooled within me threatening to erupt on the magnitude of a Richter scale 7 earthquake.  I was gasping, sighing, as Chad pushed me to a mind-bending orgasm.While my had was still spinning he pulled out shaking with need, too afraid to come inside me.

That night was our first time ever.  I had only intended  to show him my breasts.  That was what the whole teasing was about – letting him touch, and see my breasts.  He promised I wouldn’t regret it.  He was right.

 We hadn’t prepared for intercourse, hadn’t planned on it. Neither one of us had a condom and I wasn’t on birth control.  It was risky and we were both thankful that I didn’t end up pregnant.  When he was close to coming, I wanted to bring him the pleasure that he'd given me.  

So there I am, on my knees, giving Chad his first blow job, alternately letting him fuck my tits, and there’s a fast knock on the door and just as Chad blasts all over my face and tits Devon swings the door open saying “Hey Chad, we’re leaving, I’ve got to get Phoebe home” then he froze.  My eyes flew open, turning to look at Devon at that exact moment.  He added a trailing ‘early’ at that point.  He looked at me with such venom and disgust I fought to keep the tears back.  Devon slowly closed the door and left as Chad gasped for air, lifting me off my knees then scrambling to find me a towel.  

 I lied to him and said the tears were only because he got a little in my eye. How could I tell him the disapproval in Devon’s expression hurt me?  I couldn’t.  

 Chad and I were inseparable after that, and we made sure we had condoms available. 
I was with Chad, but still the disapproving looks I got from Devon was killing me inside.  My childhood friend now had proof positive that his friend 'the fattie' was a huge slut thanks to me and my big mouth.