Monday, November 18, 2013

Just Another After School Special

Just Another After School Special
Part Eight
Eva Rayne

Friday morning I slipped in the class room door just as Nick was pulling out the attendance sheet out of his bag.

I'm glad you could join us this morning, Izzie,” Nick said, handing the attendance sheet to a girl in the front row to start passing around. His tone was even, with a touch of reprimand, but the sparkle in his eyes and the secret smile on his lips when he looked back over told me he was still thinking about last night.

I'm sorry it was a late night,” I was sure by the smile on my face as I slid into my usual seat gave away how I had spent my night and I tried to not make eye contact with Nick and give it all away.

You gotta love thirsty Thursday around here, don't you?” Nick said with a chuckle and the room filled with a chorus of positive responses. I noticed for the first time how many people had bottles of water or Gatorade.

Nick chuckled, “How about since it is Friday we just go over some of the homework problems then get the hell out of here?”

His suggestion was met with cheers, sighs of relief and even a few whistles, and a few cringes as the volume in the room rose.

Volunteers to the board, any problems you had questions about from Wednesday's homework,” Nick instructed, pulling a handful of dry erase markers out of his bag and leaving them on the table.

Slowly, a handful of people made their way to the front of the room, notebooks or torn out pieces of paper in their hands. Nick caught my eye as I unzipped my back pack and I smiled before pulling out my notebook. The same notebook that Nick had written his number in just a few weeks ago.

While they're putting those up there,” Nick started again, “Let's talk Halloween.” Almost everyone in the room stopped talking. Halloween next Thursday night was the main topic on campus.

I'm not stupid, I know everyone of you is gonna end up going out next week so...” he trailed off.

So you're going to give us the day off?” a football player asked from the back of the room, looking like Christmas had come early.

I am,” Nick confirmed, chuckling. “And anyone who dresses up for class on Wednesday will get 5 bonus points.”

The rest of class passed quickly. We couldn't have been in there twenty minutes. Most of the time the conversation focused around Halloween, who was throwing a party and what everyone was dressing up as.

When Nick dismissed the class I hung back a little, copying down a problem from the board. Once the last person left the room he came over, sitting on the desktop next to me.

We cut it a little close this morning,”he said with a smile, leaning over and kissing me.

We'll just have to be more careful next time,” I said, unable to keep the cheesy smile off my face.

You want there to be a next time?” he asked, playfully tugging on a strand of my hair as I zipped my backpack.

Yeah, I do,” I told him, looking up into his sparkling eyes, “Do you?”

He grabbed my hand, pulling me up and to him, “I do,”

And that was how we spent the next month. We stole kisses after class, secret smiles, movie nights at his apartment. The days leading up to Thanksgiving break flew by.

Are you gonna miss me?” Nick asked me the last Sunday before break, curled up on his couch.

Maybe,” I teased, looking up to kiss his cheek.

Only maybe, huh?” he asked, tickling my sides.

Stop it!” I cried between giggles, trying to squirm away from him.

After a long moment he stopped, pulling me to him and kissing me instead, “Still only maybe?” he asked, his voice a husky whisper against my ear.

I guess I'll miss you,” I admitted, kissing him again.

Good, cause I'm gonna miss you,” he told me, laying down and pulling me down on top of him.

Then I better give you something good to remember,” I said, a sly smile on my lips as I leaned down, kissing him hard.

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