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'Tis the Season for Seduction

In our previous installment, Lucas and Caitlyn had made their way to Newgrange on toe morning of Winter Solstice in hopes of catching an art thief connected to an American drug lord. Lucas assumed the art thief would be one of the fifty people selected to witness solstice from inside the tomb. He was wrong. 

In the midst of her reverie, Caitlyn stumbles upon a person wearing a very distinctive hat chipping away at the exterior of the tomb but before she can sound the alarm, she is attacked by the would-be thief. 

Does Lucas arrive in time to save Caitlyn and will he catch his thief?

Part One

Part Two

'Tis the Season for Seduction
Fiona Summerville

Part Three

"Caitlyn. Sweetheart."

A deep, reassuring voice penetrated the pain. Caitlyn struggled to sit up, but gentle hands pushed her back onto the icy ground. Which was just as well, her head was spinning.

"Don’t move, baby. The paramedics are on their way."

Caitlyn opened her eyes, blinking rapidly as her eyes struggled to focus, when they did, they met Lucas’ worried gaze.

She reached up, touching her temple with tentative fingers only to have his gloved hands cup her hand and bring it to his chest.

"Shhh…just lay still. You must have slipped and hit one of the stones going down. You’ve got a nasty bump on your temple. You may very well have a concussion."

Her temple throbbed, but Lucas’ words pierced through the fog and Caitlyn gasped with sudden recollection.

"I didn’t slip! He hit me with his cane."

"He who?"

"It had to be the art thief! He was prying loose one of the quartz stones. Everyone was focused on the sunrise… Oh, no!"

At her cry, alarm leaped into his amber eyes. "It’s okay, baby. Shhh, you’re going to be fine." Lucas snarled at a uniformed officer standing off to the side. "Where the hell are those paramedics?"

"Lucas, I’m fine. Really.” Using the resistance of his grip on her hand, she pulled herself up to a seated position and leaned her head against his chest. “It’s just that…I missed the sunrise.” Her voice tapered off into another soft cry.

"Oh sweetheart, there’ll be more sunrises." His voice was rough with concern as he gently stroked her hair. "Do you think you can give us a description of the man who attacked you?"

"I only caught a glimpse of him." She closed her eyes, searching her pain addled brain for anything that might help. "I think he was older, but that might have been because of the cane. I didn’t see his face. His scarf was pulled up and he was wearing a big bulky overcoat and a hat.”

The police constable nearest to them, turned away and barked into his radio. "All units! Be on the lookout for a gentleman with a cane, wearing an overcoat, muffler and hat. Hold him for questioning concerning an assault."

"And for defacing an antiquity," Caitlyn muttered, pointing to the small hole in the tomb’s upper ring. Indiscernible to most, but to her the jagged, empty hole made a mockery of everything she held dear.

"There was a design there," she said softly. "A triple spiral. I showed you a picture of it last night at the library, remember? How dare some greedy bastard defile something that has withstood time and the elements for over five thousand years!"

Caitlyn winced, pain shooting through her head as she raised her voice in anger. Lucas pulled her close, hoping to sooth not only the pain in her head but also her heart. In the short time he’d been with Caitlyn, he’d learned how deeply she revered the megaliths she studied. It was one of the many things he’d grown to love about her. Love? Aw hell no.

He stared down into her face. Even etched with pain, her beauty and fiery temper shone through. She was a bright and gifted scholar with so much knowledge to offer the world. He should never have involved her in this op. But he’d been so certain his target would be inside the tomb, not outside with Caitlyn. Dammit. She could have been killed.

Lucas stood stock-still, cursing himself silently as the paramedics arrived and guided her from his arms to start their examination. He let out an audible sigh of relief when they confirmed her pupils were refracting normally and that her pulse and blood pressure were strong and steady. Still, it was decided that she should have a doctor look her over at the hospital.

Lucas helped her onto the gurney and walked along side to the waiting ambulance. He was about to climb in when Inspector O’Malley stopped him.

"We’re searching everyone on the site. Purses. Pockets. Thermoses. So far we’ve come up empty."

"I have a feeling you’ll find the cane under a bush somewhere," Lucas said grimly. "It’s served its purpose, both as a tool and a weapon. No doubt part of the disguise, too."

“You’re probably right, but we’ll keep at it anyway.”


Two hours later, the attending physician declared Caitlyn well enough to go home.

"You’ve a sizable lump on your head, so just take it easy until the pain and swelling subsides, alright?"

"I will."

"Watch her closely for the next twenty-four hours," he warned Lucas. "If her headache worsens, her speech slurs or she seems confused, bring her right back, do y’hear?"

“Yes, doctor and thank you."

Caitlyn shot Lucas a glance, but held her tongue until the doctor left the room.

"Oh for goodness sake, there’s no need for you to watch over me for the next twenty-four hours."

"Doctor’s orders. Unless there’s someone else available," he added casually. "A roommate, maybe?

"She’s gone home for the holidays. But I’m working this evening. They’ll watch out for me there."
Lucas snorted softly. “You’re supposed to take it easy. There’s no way you’re going to work tonight.  You’d best call to let them know you won’t be in."


"No buts, Caitlyn." He placed a hand under each arm and lifted her off the exam table. "I should never have involved you. It’s my fault you got hurt. It’s my responsibility to make sure you get better.”


Lucas’ cell phone rang as he and Caitlyn walked across the parking lot to his rental car. He listened for a moment and gave a terse response before ending the call.

"That was Inspector O’Malley. They found the cane, but no trace of your attacker or the stone. They’re widening the search, but something tells me our guy has gone to ground."

“Lucas, we have to find him before he gets the stone out of the country. We can’t let him get away with this.”

Lucas nodded as he loaded her into the passenger seat and then made his way around to the driver’s side.

"You know, I’ve got vacation built up. I was thinking I might stay here in Dublin over the holidays. Would you like to spend them with me? I mean, that is if you don’t have any other plans."

Caitlyn’s heart soared at the thought of spending Christmas cuddled in front of a fire with Lucas. She was already envisioning New Year’s Eve wrapped in his arms listening to the bells ring through the night when he sent her crashing back to reality.

"The target may have gone to ground, but the way I see it, he’ll want to get the stone to Saldana within the next week or so, and I want to be here when he does."

She stared over at Lucas in the driver’s seat. Despite knowing his only real interest in staying over was to nab the art thief. Caitlyn resolved to make the best of his offer. Girls like her didn’t meet men like him on a regular basis. Why not enjoy the time while it’s afforded to her? She smiled brightly at him.

“That’s a great idea, Lucas. I’d be happy to spend time with you while you’re here.”


Once home, Caitlyn reveled in the distraction named Lucas Connor. She watched in amused wonder as he tucked a blanket around her before making his way into the kitchen. She heard cupboards opening and closing and the click of the stove’s pilot light catching. Before long Lucas emerged with a tray piled high with sandwiches and a fairly decent pot of tea. As the afternoon wore on, Lucas entertained her with what she suspected were highly embellished tales of some of his more memorable adventures as an FBI agent.

In turn, Caitlyn opened up a little more about her life in Dublin and about her grandmother. It was more than she’d ever shared with anyone before and despite her best efforts, the ever-present loneliness and pain crept into her voice.

Lucas ran a lazy finger down her forearm. "It must be hard being alone this time of year."

"It is, a bit. But I’ve got a good group of friends and school and work to keep me plenty busy."

His astute, beautiful eyes searched her face, but probed no further. "How’s your head feel?" he asked instead.

"Great. The headache faded hours ago."

"You sure?"


“How about some dinner then? I’m starved and you don’t have much in the way of food in that kitchen.” He said with a wink before bundling up against the weather and heading down the row to O’Brien’s.

He returned with snow dusting his brown waves and the tantalizing scent of fish and chips wafting from a brown paper bag. They ate in front of the fire. Lucas crunched down on his deep-fried haddock while Caitlyn sprinkled vinegar over her fish and chips before digging in. She was midway through her portion when she felt him watching her. When she looked up, giving him a quizzical look, he smiled.

"How can you eat fries without ketchup?"

"They’re better with vinegar."

At his dubious look, she help up a fry.

"Och, at least try one before ye go hatin’ on it."

Caitlyn’s heart fluttered when he dipped his head and ate it from her hand. Her breath hitched as he licked the salt and vinegar from her fingers. And when he raised his head, and pinned her with his gaze, she forgot how to breathe altogether.

Knotting a hand in her hair, Lucas pulled her to him as he shoved their half-eaten meal aside with the other. His mouth molded onto hers and Caitlyn locked her arms around his neck, straining against him, reveling his warmth.

His lips sent electric charges surging through her body as he trailed kisses along her jawline and down her neck. It had been so long… Oh, who was she kidding? She’d never felt like this with another man, ever. Lucas Connor made her blood boil and every nerve ending sing.

Unadulterated need and hunger raged through her body like a wildfire, unchecked and uncontainable. His teeth scraped and nipped their way along her collar bone, and Caitlyn dropped her head to the side allowing him better access, crying out when he bit down on her shoulder before dragging his lips up to claim hers again. Greedy mouths fed off one another as impatient hands stripped away layers of clothing and before long, Caitlyn was stretched out beneath Lucas, arching into every caress.

"God, Caitlyn, you’re beautiful,” he whispered, raking her with hot, hungry eyes.

She moaned softly as he leaned over and captured her breast with his lips, flicking and swiping his tongue over her pebbled nipple. She writhed beneath him, her hands threading their way through his waves, as she pulled him closer.

“Patience, sweetheart. I’ll give you what you need.”

Moaning her assent, Caitlyn bucked against his hips as he spread her legs and wedged himself between them. His hands took the place of his lips, kneading and pinching her breasts as his lips traveled down along her belly, nipping at her hip bone and coming to a halt hovering just above her mound.

A small shudder coursed through her body as his breath tickled her sensitized bud of nerves. He nuzzled her inner thighs. Licked and teased her smooth inner folds. Circling but never landing on her clit. She cried out her frustration, rocking her hips, straining to reach his lips as he broke off his torture and grinned up at her.

“Hush, baby. I’ll let you come soon. Just relax and enjoy it. I know I am.”

“Please, Lucas. Stop teasing. I need…need…Oh my God!”

Lucas spread her wide, lashing her with his tongue. Caitlyn arched toward him, his name tumbling from her lips on moan. She fisted his hair with both hands, holding him in place. Now that he was there, she wasn’t going to let him wander off.

His tongue laved and dipped in her weeping core. She spread her legs further, her heels digging furrows in the carpet.

“More,” she heard herself cry and Lucas obliged.

Spearing her with two fingers, Lucas thrust deep, finding and stroking the so oft times elusive spot deep within her core as he suckled her clit. Caitlyn flexed toward him, clamping down on his fingers. Through the haze she heard and felt Lucas growl against her mound, the vibrations sending her screaming over the edge and into an untamed climax. She bucked hard against his mouth, screaming his name over and over. He held her tight, forcing her through it until the last of her shudders subsided. Only then did he move up alongside her, enveloping her in a possessive embrace. His rock hard presence pressing into the small of her back.

“I guess I did good?” He murmured, pressing a gentle kiss to her temple.

“Och, aye,” she quipped softly in an exaggerated brogue. “I’d say ye took top honor.”

She turned in his arms to face him, reaching her hand down to stroke his cock.

“What do ye say, boyo? Are ye ready tae claim your prize?”

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