Monday, January 13, 2014

Can't Get Enough

Can't Get Enough
Eva Rayne

I was surprised when I heard movement in the bedroom; foot steps and then my boyfriend calling out my name. I had just gotten out of the shower and, wrapping a towel around myself, I opened the door from the bathroom into our room.

Danny? What are you doing home? Is everything alright?” I asked when he didn't answer. The next thing I knew I was back stepping into the bathroom, Danny's body pinning me against the counter as his lips came crashing down on mine. 

Danny, what's going on?” I asked, gasping for air when he finally pulled away, one hand on his chest, the other clutching the towel to my own to keep it up. Instead of answering, Danny just pulled the towel from my chest and pushed me against the now closed bathroom door, moving his hot, urgent kisses to my neck as one hand found its way up my side to my left breast. As surprised, and somewhat concerned about his behavior, as I was, my body began to respond. My nipples hardened under his fingers and I could feel the my arousal growing and it wasn't long before a soft moan escaped my lips as his teeth nipped at my neck. 

Baby,” I moaned softly as he pressed against me, pushing me harder against the door and I could feel the cold of the doorknob against my side. This was unlike Danny; he was never rough with me, instead he was normally quite the opposite – gentle and soft – so when he spun me around, pressing me face first against the door I let out a small cry. He didn't acknowledge my surprise as he pressed his hips into my exposed backside, his hands reaching around and grabbing my breasts, squeezing as his fingers brushed roughly against my hardening nipples and his teeth found my neck once more.

After several long moments his hands traveled down, his touch rough and demanding as he pulled me closer to his as one of his hands danced over my opening. I moaned, squirming against him as his fingers found my clit. I could feel his name on my lips as my nails tried to find any part of him that I could get my hands on – his arms, hips, back – I couldn't keep still, not as two of his fingers pushed roughly into me. 

Bringing his hands back up to my hips he spun me around so that I was facing him once again. Before I could more the lose of his hot touch against me he curled his fingers in my hair and brought my mouth to kiss. His kisses were hot and urgent, all teeth and lust as he bit my bottom lip sharply. I was so caught up in the attack on my mouth I hadn't noticed that Danny had reopened the bathroom door until he was carefully leading me backwards into out room, not ceasing his attack on my lips. 

The next thing I knew the back of my thighs were bumping up against the bed and my fingers automatically found the button on his jeans. No sooner had I unfastened the button and tugged the zipper down I was being spun around again and he pushed me down so that I was on my knees and forearms. 

I let out a surprised gasp as I hit the soft mattress, hearing the sounds of denim falling to the floor as he kicked off his jeans. I couldn't help but jump as his hands grasped my hips, his erection pressing hard against my skin. And then he repositioned himself, thrusting into me deep and hard with no warning. I couldn't help but cry out and I could hear him let out a moan of his own as my muscles tightened around him. 

This wasn't like any other time we had made love, or ever any of the other quickies we had had on other days when he had come home on his lunch break. This was hard and fast, a different kind of urgency propelling him as not so gently massaged my breasts from behind, tangled his fingers in my long hair and pulled or pulled my hips toward him, meeting him in a thrust and pushing him even deeper. 

By the change in his breathing, and his grip on my sides I knew he was close, and I couldn't ignore the beginnings of my own orgasm. As the pitch of my moans grew higher, Danny's grip on my hips tightened, I was almost certain they'd be covered in light bruises by the next day. The thought was quickly wiped from my mind as my orgasm rippled through my body. As I tightened around him again I felt Danny finally giving in to his own orgasm, holding my hips close and leaning into me, his breathing heavy. 

As I began to finally catch my breath, I felt Danny's large hands resting softly on my back as he got his own breathing under control. Once his breathing had returned to normal to pulled out, causing a surprised mew to escape my lips. Hearing the sounds of rustling denim I rolled over and sat up facing him.

I looked up at him, my eyes wide in confusion as he pulled his pants up, fastening the button. Without a word he leaned down, kissing my forehead softly before walking out of the room, leaving me sitting on the bed, my fingers lightly brushing my sore, red lips. I sighed as I heard the front door open, and then close again seconds later. What exactly had just happened?

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