Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Dom's Diary: Split 9

 It's apparent that Thorne  enjoys his disciplined life, and disciplining his subs. With Cla'vis Tand on his mind however,  it seems everything else is secondary to his single minded focus.  Are you wondering how things are developing?  Me too!   

The Dom's Diary: Split 9
Abyrne Mostyn
                It was a solid week before everything was done for my membership at The Manse, the longest part being the wait for copies of medical records and a current ‘all clear’ from the doctor’s office.  Maxim and his entourage took playtime and personal welfare seriously, a point I knew I would value more and more.  Though several subs had visited me while I waited, I found that I had not been able to give them my full attention as I waited like a child in line for Santa to reveal my wishes and spend time at the sprawling estate of anything goes.
                It was a Tuesday when everything was finally done and I could come and go as I pleased from the cloistered estate north of the city.  I took off work after the New York exchange closed, changed quickly at home and pulled my baby from the garage.  There was something sultry about driving her that always put me in good spirits.  1969 was a good year.  My black on black Nova SS was a fine specimen; nothing was too good for her.  Parking here was a commodity and garage space was priceless…she was worth the skyscraper rent for the monitored and protected alcove of space.  All original power, I loved the feel of her in my hands on the road and made sure to take good care of her. 
I found that I had not paid as close attention on the drive that first night with Jenner as I should have, or I was mentally already there as I missed the exit twice.  I couldn’t help but wonder if Cla’vis would be there.  I was walking tall upon entering after stopping at the guard house to sign in and register the car with Thatcher at the gate.  His appreciation of the car puffed me right up all over again, putting me right where I needed to be mindset-wise to walk in solo.  I knew this was my place now too, but there was an adjustment to be made just the same until I had a better feel for the place and the players.
Naobi nodded a greeting and Maxim stepped out of his office as I entered, checking to see if I had any questions before turning me loose in his house of fun.  The rules had been made clear through our conversations before today, so there were no loose ends that I could fathom.  I walked into the lower common room, looking for a cocktail and some conversation before plunging into something more.  Breaching the doorway, I forgot my drink as I caught sight of Cla’vis standing near the bar looking drool worthy in an outfit similar to the one from the first night, but in a deep green that made her eyes jump.  I was dry-mouthed and salivating all at the same time to see her standing there, a cat-o-nine hanging loosely from her hip, wide grin playing across her face.
“I heard you had decided to join us.  Drink?”
“Yes please.”
“Ellis, Mr. DuFoe will have a scotch, neat.”
“Yes right, Thorne will have a scotch, neat.”
I was impressed that she knew my order as she had not been present when Maxim and I had drank together.  Perhaps, I was not the only one who had asked questions.  Standing making small talk was trite, and mostly empty.  I noticed as we stood there saying less than little that it wasn’t a cat-o-nine she had but a split-nine, nine lashes and nine softer tails, an impressive tool and one I had not seen before. 
“Beautiful piece, is it custom?”
“Yes.  It is.  Care to try it out?”
“Giving or receiving?”
The wicked glean in her eyes telling me everything I needed and wanted to know about this woman and her meaning, but as I probably shouldn’t read her that well yet, I waited for her reply.
“Why Thorne, you’ve just gotten here, do you mean to infer that you can handle one such as me?”
Mocking her tone, telling her in no uncertain terms with my words and my eyes that I was not inferring anything I didn’t know to be true.
“Why Pallaca, do you believe I need to have time to know how to work one such as you?”
Her answering grin was one of mischief and playful banter, though I knew from her face that she was anxious to play with more than words.
“When I heard that you had joined us and would be coming, I had to be here to see for myself.”
Her dual entendre was not lost on me as I saw her eyes flash as she said it.  The urges to grin and growl snuck up on me, but were mastered quickly enough so I could respond.
“Here I am, you have now seen.  As for coming, darlin’...that will depend on you.”
“Challenge accepted.”


  1. Mmmm...very sexy. I can't wait to see where it goes. Well done!

  2. Ok...this was really, REALLY, wicked cool! Thorne - man-of-steel (will, attitude, body parts...highlight a feature) was as giddy as a kid?!?! He was actually eager and while maybe not nervous, he seemed...ruffled? I'm looking for the right word here. Thus far, he's been large and in charge and it was awesome to see him so affected by his desires! To see a Dom needy and edgy (even if he hides it well) - wow. And now, I must wait until next week. And be needy and edgy myself. *frowns and growls*

  3. great, now I won't be able to give my full attention to my other reading until this has played out!

  4. Why must you torture us so....we promise to be good, well...goodish...if you give us a little bit more.

  5. I do so love a challenge!

  6. You never disappoint!