Monday, November 12, 2012

Homecoming Part one

Eva Rayne is an avid reader who enjoys archery, horeseback riding and movies on top of having more books than she can count. Eva has always known that she wanted to be a writer. She is currently attending school to pursue a career in writing. She is the author of Bittersweet and We Are the Hunted.

Part 1
Eva Rayne Heaton

Separation is never easy. In fact, when I told people that I was marrying a Marine they called me crazy. But I will never regret that choice.

I loved Ricky and we had six wonderful months before those deployment papers were delivered. We had three months warning, but they were a busy three months. Ricky was gone a lot. Pre-deployment training even took him to the other side of the country for two weeks of little to no communication.

When the time came to finally say good bye I felt like he was taking a part of me with him. It was a chilly November night and a friend had driven us to the airport so I wouldn’t have to drive myself home alone.

I had tried to keep the tears at bay, but standing there with him, knowing that as soon as he stepped on that plane our future became uncertain. I was fighting a losing battle. Ricky held me close as my tears came, just as his buddies around us were doing with their wives and girlfriends and families.

The hour we had before the loudspeaker announced that they needed to begin boarding seemed like only minutes. Ricky kissed me and promised he would call the second he had a chance. All I could do was nod and whisper “I love you,” through my tears.

I clung to my best friend, Caitlin, as Ricky joined the line of Marines going through security. Once Ricky was through the security line he turned and found me, our eyes locking as he opened his mouth to speak.
I couldn’t hear him through the glass or over the noise of the mourning families around me, but I knew exactly what he was saying.
“I love you, Alessi.”

It had been six and a half long months since Ricky and I said good-bye at the airport. We survived on letters and the rare phone call. He had even been able to video chat with me on my birthday. Now it was all finally coming to a close. All I needed now was a return date.

I carefully refolded the letter that I had just finished, carefully replacing it in the envelope addressed in his slanted scrawl. He had filled this letter with how much he had loved my last care package, and how the guys loved that I always sent cookies and treats for them as well. He told me over and over how much he loved and missed me. How he couldn’t wait to see me smile and play with my long, wavy red hair again.

He ended his letter saying that it would be his last and that he would call me as soon as he had homecoming information. 

The letter was addressed a little over a week ago so I was anxious. I should have heard from him by now. Sighing, I carefully placed the letter on my nightstand and treaded downstairs to fix myself something for dinner. I hadn’t been to the store in a few days so I ended up with mac and cheese, curled up on the couch watching Friends.

I was almost asleep when my phone started singing and woke me completely up. Normally I would have been annoyed but it was a blocked caller so my spirits instantly lifted and I answered the call with a breathless, “Hello?”

“Hey baby,” said a familiar voice, “I’m coming home.”

To be continued. . .

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  1. Nicely done. Can`t wait to see what happens when he gets home!