Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Swingers Part IV

What does Swinging mean to you? Did you remember the details? Aaron did...

Part IV: Another Swing

by Abyrne Mostyn
Aaron watched as couple fourteen parted company and turned for their respective sides of the hall, waiting until their doors were closed before turning back up the hall heading for the foyer to wait for couple fifteen to arrive. Mr. Fourteen was familiar but only perhaps in passing, Mrs. Fourteen, and her ring definitely identified her as MRS, was very familiar. When did she get married...Or was she always? That was the thing with swinging, sometimes you just didn’t know. Everyone came in consensually, but their back story didn’t always come in with them.
She had been an adventure. Dressed like a Christmas tree one December party a couple years back; he and Holden had taken turns removing the decorations and putting her away for the night. That dress had been a riot. Everyone had come dressed as their favorite winter holiday and she was obviously Christmas, complete with rope lights, colored balls and wisps of tinsel. They had played and made use of it all in the course of the evening, complete with having her hold the star high with both hands. He still couldn’t look at the big fir down in town square and not see her. Smiling now he nearly missed couple fifteen walk in, and had to stash the smirking to hand them their bags and give the spiel for tonight’s event.
Tonight was something new altogether. Props and play things were not new; usually however it was a single theme, so this was an experiment of sorts. To the west was Mardi gras, to the east was Carnival. Similar but different, it was going to be interesting to see if they evolved the same or if they took different turns. The rooms had been decked out with things fitting each festival, and had been a major effort. The current economy had been murder on many and the need to escape was a strobe light everywhere you looked. When he and his other half Sharilynne had enquired about helping with one of the upcoming parties, little did they know that they would get the whole deal.
They spent hours culling the net for images of Rio and New Orleans, getting poster prints of the ones they liked best and puttying them to the walls in the common rooms to flavor the spaces. They had downloaded music and had the Bose playing in each room to create atmosphere. They had even gone to the effort of having a caterer bring in dishes from those areas that would help complete the overall event. Sights, sounds, and smells…there was more to successful swinging than just ‘hooking up’ as the kids today would call it. It was being somewhere you might never be. It was fantasy realized, desire unchained, and personal hang-ups cast to the wind. For one night you could be the person you wanted to be, Don Juan and all that.
These parties had been successful for nearly a decade because it was something new and fun every time. Never the same thing twice. Never just another swing. This party was the IT party because everyone came in looking for the same thing. And, they got it. You wanted bondage? Someone else was sure to step up and play for a night, even if they wouldn’t anywhere else. You looking for some practice in submission, you’d find it. A taste or more of S&M? It was here too. All of it. Every fantasy come to life, couched in a new adventure. This night it would be the free-for-all festivals of North and South America. It was all there for the taking and all you had to do was walk in, take your clothes off, and leave your inhibitions at the door.


  1. Again I want more! You have such a way with details!

  2. Abyrne, as always, you amaze. I look forward each week to see what is coming next. I never know what is going to happen, and I am never disappointed! So hard to wait for the next week!

  3. Damn, where is my invite? Can we get a Friday teaser? You never fail to incite. I can't wait for the coming installments.

  4. Always, you pull us in with the first sentence!