Sunday, November 25, 2012

Interview With Macie Snow

Welcome to Storytime Lounge.  Today we have a special treat, an interview with our very own Macie Snow.  

Ellie: Welcome Macie, please tell our audience a little about youreslf.
Macie: I'm a senior in high school, have one younger sister, and I'm interested in art, writing and gaming. 

Ellie: Wow, it must be tough to find time to write with the demands of school.  How do you find the time?
Macie: Whenever I can get a spare moment, and sometimes I write while I watch movies and such.

Ellie:  What genre do you typically write?
Macie:  I would say YA fantasy romance.

Ellie: What qualifies the end of a writing session for you? Do you set a daily word count, write by scenes, can you describe?
Macie:  I usually just stop when I run out of time, like when the bell rings at the end of class or if it's time for bed.

Ellie:  If I gave you a story prompt, how long would it take you to write either a flash fiction piece or a short story?
Macie:  Well it would depend on the prompt but typcially not long to come up with the story idea.

Ellie:  Where did you get your inspiration for Twin Desires? 
Macie:  I wanted to write a medieval story and that's what I came up with .  As I went along I just got more and more ideas.

Ellie: Who is your favorite author or authors?
Macie: Rick Riordan, Maria V. Snyder, Rachel Vincent, Chistopher Paolini, Louise Rennison, and Michael Chrichton

Ellie:  In the past you've mentioned that you and your sister often memorize and recite lines to movies. What is the most recent movie you've seen that you've done this with?
Macie: "A person can't feel all that, they'd explode."  Ron Weasley from HP movie.  "That's just maddeningly unhelpful."  Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean.

Ellie:  Describe your typical workspace to me.
Macie:  Messy, cluttered, mulitple projects open at one time.

Ellie:  I have to say for such a talkative person, Macie is rather shy in a formal interview.  Perhaps If I coax her with some video games next time she'll open up in her usual fashion.  What can we expect next from you Macie?

Macie:  Probably some poetry or some short stories, maybe some flash fiction as things are getting a bit hectic in my school work and working on my full length novel.

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