Thursday, November 29, 2012

Language Barrier

     Humanity is expressive.  Mankind is always searching for new ways to express themselves and there is no better way to express one's emotions subtly and with flair than by using expletives.  For instance, the commonly used F - word is extremely versatile.  It can be used as an adjective, noun, and even a verb!  It can be used when one is happy, angry, or sad.  It effectively conveys emotions.  Simple expletives can be used in any situation and can convey a multitude of feelings. 
     When a person messes up something he or she has been working on, a simple four letter word can be shouted that conveys all their frustrations.  Why do people even bother taking years to learn a language when all their emotions can be expressed with just a few simple words? 
Instead, we could all just forget trying to be polite and create a whole language using only expletives.  It would replace all languages around the globe.  No one would have to learn a different languages, children would spend less time in school, allowing them more time to do productive things, like become mass consumers allowing corporate companies to flourish and with a worldwide language  there would be nothing stopping people from living in different countries.  Anybody could move to a different country, and they would not be restricted by language.  A common language consisting of only expletives, would be a benefit to all!

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