Tuesday, November 6, 2012


In December we are going to have a flash fest! No, not elves flashing their dangly bits! Silly readers, a month celebration of holiday themed flash fiction. I know, you were hoping for Mrs. Claus to flash some Tand A.

The idea of flash fiction is to tell a complete story in 500 words. Some flash contests allow up to 1000 words, while uther super short flash is 250 or less. We would love for our readers to make contributions for our flash fest. Simply send your submission to: redhotmama1982@hotmail.com, with flash submission in the subject line. You can use a picture prompt if you like. If so please include the picture in your submission.

My very first attempt at flash fiction.  This was made from a picture prompt.  the assignment was to select one of the pictures (about ten choices) and write a story to tell about it. 

Ellie Mack

Ethan Baldovani adjusted his zoom lense.  Nora Snowe was at the water’s edge pacing in front of the same bench where she’d been meeting him.  Ethan didn’t know the man’s name, he didn’t care.

As he clicked another few pictures his anger stirred.  Why was she being so stubborn?  Nora was as beautiful as ever, her thick dark hair hung down her back, begging him to run his fingers through it.  Her full lips beckoned for him to run towards her and kiss her. Her lush curves were far too visible for other men to see. Why did she insist on wearing those snug fitting jeans? She was his damn it! 

He could forgive her abrupt halt to their wedding, it wasn’t uncommon for brides to be nervous.  Why she insisted on playing this ridiculous game, he didn’t understand.  He had given her time to come to her senses yet she still insisted they were through. This parade of men that she flaunted before him infuriated him.

They hadn’t even begun their life together, how could they be through?  He kept himself busy making sure everything at their house was perfect for Nora.  Ethan had paid a small fortune for the decorator to reproduce exactly the pictures from Nora’s dream folder.  A ridiculous amount was shelled out for the life sized painting of Nora that hung over the fireplace.  Everything was in place, except Nora.

Out of the corner of his eye he caught the movement.  The tall slender man she’d been meeting with was moving towards her.  Ethan shifted his camera angle, taking several shots to make sure he got different expressions.  Nora turned, then took a few jogging steps towards him.  They embraced.  Ethan clenched his jaw, his lips tightened to a white line of fury as he noted the pleasure Nora displayed openly towards this other man.   She used to greet him with that smile.  It was Ethan’s right to kiss her, to hold her, feel her body against his.  Ethan often fantasized about taking her on their wedding night.       That man had no business having his hands on Ethan’s woman.  His blood pressure rose with his anger.  It was time to teach him a lesson, just like that nosy cop.

As the couple sat on the bench, hand in hand Ethan fumed.  When Nora leaned in and kissed him, Ethan wanted to scream.  It had been nearly a year since she’d given him one of her smiles, much less her affections. By the time the couple walked away hand in hand, Ethan had devised how he would eliminate yet another man that dared to touch his woman.    .


  1. Ah, you got the point! Thanks for reading. this was my first attempt at flash and Ithought it was fun!