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Oh, Santa

Oh, Santa
Linda Bowers Bolton

She felt fur rub ever so lightly across her naked breasts. Chill bumps pimpled her skin. Suddenly, she felt whiskers rub her inner thigh, a tongue brush across her skin. Then a scent…what was it? Gingerbread?

Dana woke up slightly breathless. That was the third night she’d had that dream. Christmas time… every year the same dreams. She could see his suit, smell the cookies, feel his touch, but she never got a good look at his face. Was he old? Eeww! Maybe it was Santa’s son having fun instead of helping with the gifts. Maybe it was her strange psyche.

Christmas had never been her favorite time of year – crowds, long lines, rude salespeople. She stayed away as much as possible. In the event she had to purchase a gift, she went online. The less she had to deal the better. But over the last three years she had the same reoccurring dreams, Santa dreams, very sexy Santa dreams. And it always seemed like she was totally dateless this time of year. Go figure…

Over the last three days the dreams were fairly the same. Santa was going down on her, touching her, making her very wet, but she always woke up before she came. And she never saw if he was grey-bearded or younger. God, she hoped it wasn’t an eighty year old Santa.

“Dana? Dana? Hello, earth to Dana!” Mindy worked in the cube next to Dana. She tossed a piece of crumpled paper at Dana to get her attention. It bounced off her head and landed next to her foot.

“Oh! What?” Dana had been thinking about her sexy Santa dream, her panties getting damp.

“Time for lunch, nut! What’s wrong with you? You’ve been in another world for the last couple days.”

Mindy and Dana headed toward the outside world. The air was a brisk 40 degrees as they acrossed the street to their favorite bistro. The wind was blowing just enough to make their noses cold.

“I’m having those holiday dreams again,” Dana told her as they sat down and looked at the daily specials.

“Those dreams? Hmmm, wish I was you! Naughty with Santa. Sounds like a great gift to me!”

“Mindy, stop! It kind of freaks me out. What if it’s thousand year old dusty Santa? Gross!” Dana made a face just as the waiter came to take their order. 

“Good afternoon, ladies. What would you like today? Hey, you coming by tonight after work? Santa will be here to get your Christmas wishes.”

After the waiter left to get their order, Mindy looked at Dana with a mischievous look in her eyes.

“We should come tonight!” Mindy suggested.

“Why? I don’t sit on Santa’s lap!”

“Dana, let’s have some fun. Maybe talking to Santa will get rid of your dreams. When was the last time you sat on Santa’s lap? Hmmm?”

Dana spent the afternoon trying to decide if she should confront Santa. Maybe Mindy was right. If she talked to him maybe the dreams would stop.  It was Friday and it wasn’t like she had any plans.

The two women headed to the bistro and took a spot in line. Women of all ages were waiting.

Mindy tapped the middle-aged woman in front of her.

“What’s with the long line of adults in line to talk to Santa?”

“You haven’t heard?” The woman nodded her head toward the inside of the store. “He’s super hot. I can’t wait to sit on his lap.”

As the line moved, Dana began to get nervous. If this was a sexy Santa would this just fuel her dreams?

Dana’s turn came and she walked toward Santa.

“Dana! Come sit on my lap,” said the bearded jolly fellow.

“How do you know my name?” Dana asked as she slowly lowered to his lap.

Santa pulled at his beard to reveal his face.

“Dana, it’s me!”

Dana couldn’t believe it. “Roger, is that you? I haven’t seen you in, what, ten years?”

Roger was two years older than Dana and was her brother’s roommate in college.

“Roger, you don’t look sexy to me. The woman in front of me said there was a sexy Santa.”

“Stick around, you’ll see,” he said as he winked at her. “What do you want for Christmas, little girl?”

“Oh brother, are you kidding?” Dana rolled her eyes. She couldn’t believe she knew this guy.

“Come on Dana, play along.”

“Fine. Okay. I want my Christmas dream-mares to go away!”

“Hmmm, we’ll talk after this. Can you stick around? You can tell me about them. I’ll see what I can do”

Dana and Mindy took a seat and ordered some wine.  An hour after they arrived, the door to the bistro was closed and locked.  Hip-gyrating  music started.  Santa got up from his seat and started dancing. Suddenly plain-old bearded Santa became sexy stripping Santa. Suit flew, beard flew and Santa was in his Christmas boxers shaking his stuff…in front of Dana. The women were wailing and dollar bills were flying.

She had never seen Roger like this. He had always seemed so straight-laced when he hung out with her brother. Oh, and was he built. He definitely worked out. After his three dances and lots of groping later, Roger put on his everyday clothes and took a seat next to Dana. They spent another hour chatting and catching up, totally forgetting about Mindy. When the Bistro closed up, Roger volunteered to escort Dana home. She normally took the train but Roger gave her a ride.

On Monday, Mindy corned Dana at work.

“So, did talking to a Santa get rid of the dreams?”

“Dreams? Oh, their real now,” Dana winked at Mindy, grabbed her coffee and headed to her cube.

Linda Bolton

Blurb - Take 2
Alexandra Daniels is forty-something and hard-working in and out of her home . Her life has been plodding along at a snails pace and she’s longing for excitement. She wins a trip to her favorite talk show in New York, the Veronica Becker Show, and it just so happens the actor of her dreams is a guest, Derek Dunbar! Is Alex’s life about to change?
Derek Dunbar is Scottish, an actor and a hunk! Every woman in America drools after him. He has his pick of women but stinks at relationships. At forty, is he longing for a more meaningful relationship? Does he even know how to have one? Is he willing to make the effort or will it just be too complicated?
Take 2 Is scheduled to release in January of 2013!


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