Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Sleepover Secrets

Most girls at sleepovers spend their nights giggling, talking about boys and eating junk food while watching their favorite movies. But not Gracie and I.
Gracie Smith and I have been friends since kindergarten. In fact, most people joked that we are more like sisters than best friends. We share everything. Secrets. Clothes. Books. And something that no one else knew knew about nor saw coming. Gracie and I have been sleeping together for almost two years.
I don't really remember how it started. We had been sleeping at each others houses for over twelve years and nothing had ever happened. We shared stories about boyfriends and crushes. Neither of us had ever thought of ourselves as anything but straight, never questioned our sexuality. And we still don't. Which is how, after almost an hour of ice cream, cookie dough, and wondering how Derek Johnson could possibly pick Tracy Morgan over me I wound up in bed next to my best friend.
Gracie had pulled my shirt off several minutes ago and was drawing slow circles around my belly button with her finger tips, every once in a while twirling my light blue belly button ring. Her fingers had slowly been gaining my attention, almost all thoughts of Derek had left my mind.
Feeling better?” she asked when I had been quiet for a few minutes, my almost constant rant ending for the first time all evening.
I nodded, the gesture accompanied by a positive “Mmm,” as her fingers began to dance lightly up my stomach.
Good,”she smiled, her skilled fingers tracing just under the underwire of my bra, causing goosebumps to form along my arms. “We can't have you going to bed upset now can we? What kind of best friend would I be if I let that happen?” Her voice was playful and seductive, just the thing to finish pushing the last Derek related thoughts from my mind.
I don't think we're going to have to worry about that,” I replied, squirming involuntarily under her fingers as she reached around behind me and unclasped my hot pink bra.
Good,”she whispered, leaning down. Her breath was warm against my ear while she slid my bra straps down my shoulders, teasing me before she finally pulled the material away, freeing my breasts.
A moan escaped my lips as her mouth found my left nipple, her fingers tracing circles around the other. I squirmed, Gracie's hands and mouth were warm against my exposed skin now that I was down to just the shorts I had gone running in earlier.
Good girl,” Gracie murmured, flicking her tongue across my nipple before moving slowly down my stomach. She kissed and flicked her tongue across my smooth skin down to my belly button, chuckling quietly to herself as I squirmed. She stopped when she got to my belly button ring, kissing the small stud that held the dangling blue stones in place.
Are you sure you're ready for this?” She asked, her fingers curling under the edge of my shorts as she looked up at me, a mischievous smile on her lips.
I didn't so much as hesitate before nodding enthusiastically, “Yes.


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