Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Kevin's Surprise

Kevin’s Surprise
by Cathy Brockman

The chill in the car is worse than it is outside. The last couple months, things with Scott and I have gone downhill fast. We have lived together for the past five years. Nine, if you count college as dorm mates. We have been lovers for eight of those nine.
I can’t stand the coldness between us any longer. I miss what we had. I miss the love making and closeness we had. Most of all I miss the happy, contented look on Scott’s handsome face. It looks like he has lost close to ten pounds since he first talked to me about coming out and us getting married at Valentine’s Day. Until then we had what I felt was a perfect relationship. We never fought. Sure we had a few lovers’ spats, who doesn’t? I looked forward to those for the hot makeup sex afterwards. Now I’m lucky to get a hand job from him.
I don’t understand why he is so upset that I don’t want us to out our relationship publicly. I am sure those closest to us already figured it out. Why fix something not broken. But now it seems broken and I am afraid he will leave if I don’t fix it.
Dee and I set up this plan to surprise him today. If I have to choose between him or my career, It’s a no brainer. I love him that much. More than life itself.
My entire life will change in a matter of minutes. I may even have to find a new Job with less money. I hope he won’t mind losing a few luxuries.
Scott’s eyes lit up when we walked in. I chose our favorite restaurant, paid good money to have it closed for a private party. The room is quite breathtaking. I hired a party coordinator to decorate in Scott’s favorite colors. Lots of fresh greenery, a live tree with lots of snowman ornaments and snowflakes, I even had a chocolate fountain put in with a big table of fresh fruits and cakes to dip in it. I plan to take home plenty for later so we can celebrate this properly. He owes me on hell of a night of makeup sex.
“Wow this is amazing, you’ve really out done yourself this time. It’s over the top. “He clenched his jaws tightly, the joy quickly fading from his eyes.
“You sure go out of your way to make an impression for your friends and the public in general. It’s a shame you never do anything at all to impress me anymore.” Scott takes off mingling with the crowd practically ignoring my presence. I decide to get it over with. I long to see him happy once again.
I find Dee and tell her let’s get his show on the road. My hands are sweaty, my heart racing, and I can barely breath. Can I really do this? I look over at Scott; tall, slim handsome, even with the weight he has lost he looks like he could be on the cover of GQ. Where ever we go he turns heads. Women and men. Yes, I’d give up everything in the world for him
Dee comes out in her Santa dress with the large satin bag of gifts. We all take our seats around the fireplace, Scott still muttering about not getting to put on his Santa outfit and pass out the gifts this year. I hate how upset he is but my surprise will make up for the disappointment he is showing now. He can play Santa for me when we get home. I’ll beg and do whatever he wants to get off the Naughty List.
Dee saved my gift to Scott until everyone finished opening theirs as I instructed. He looks up at me with sadness and disappointment as she hands him the rectangle box that obviously has an article of clothing and hands me an envelope he removed from beneath his suit coat.
My stomach rolls with nerves as he opens the box slowly, my entire life is about to change drastically in a matter of seconds. He doesn’t even remove the shirt.
“Why don’t you take it out and show everyone?” My hands are clammy and stomach hurts so bad I pray I don’t throw up when my family, friends, and some of the most influential people in town find out that my best friend is also my lover and soon to be my legal partner in every way possible.
With a sigh he pulls the shirt up and unfolds it. His eyes widen as the small ring box falls into his lap from the folds of the rainbow T-shirt with large letters that read simply ‘Let’s make this legal’
I’m not sure what is making me more nervous, the silence or the mixture of shock and fear on Scott’s face.
“Ah you two are so sweet! Read the card Scott gave you out loud” Dee’s bubbly voice echoed through the room.
I flip the card open, bile rises in my throat, my heart stops pounding ninety to nothing about the same time Scott opens the ring box and shrieks “NO! DON”T READ THAT!”
Too late.
I just came out to what seems like the entire world and got dumped at the same time.

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