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A Christmas to Remember Part Two

Welcome back, Readers. This is the second part to my two part story. If you missed yesterdays I will attach a link at the bottom. ~Misty Harvey

A Christmas to Remember

Part Two

Ten years ago this Christmas I found myself in a very different sort of place. I was a single mother of three children. My oldest was four years old. My youngest was only six months.

I was living with my mother as she’d grown ill and unable to live on her own. It was a rather lonely point in my life. Sure, I had my kids and my ill mother, but I was lonely for male companionship. I had signed up for one of those online dating sites many months prior. I’d gone out on a few dates, but up to that point none of them really amounted to much.

I received a message a few weeks prior from a man on the online site. We were talking over the phone and messenger. He seemed pretty alright. He’d just moved to the state a few months earlier, leaving his family and friends behind. He’d be alone for Christmas. That just didn’t sound like the right way to spend the holiday for anyone.

We talked a lot in those few weeks. My family offered him to join us for the holidays. None of us like knowing someone would be alone. Given that we decided to meet the week before. He called me one day to ask what I was doing. I explained I was playing hide and go seek with my oldest. He laughed and wanted to come join us.

I told him sure and gave him directions to my apartment. Okay, I pause here to inform you readers I’m horrible with directions. I missed a very important turn to arrive at my apartment complex. Somehow though, he still found his way to my door step an hour later. We played hide and go seek for awhile longer.

He stretched out across my living room floor after. My son, who was two at the time, used him like a jungle gym. I apologized profusely, but he laughed it off and played with him. He even laid my six month old daughter on the floor beside him to play with her too. She beat him in the head with this plastic toy donut I ordered out of a Cherrios box.

Okay, so the poor man was being physically abused by my children. I was embarrassed, but he laughed it off. It was all part of being a kid he told me. When my oldest daughter asked him to color he exclaimed he loved to color and proceeded to color with her. Mind you my son was still climbing and jumping on him, and my youngest was still lying beside him.

The four of them spent most of the day playing together. I just sat back and watched. A man playing with children is an incredible sight to see. I got them tucked into bed, and we settled in to watch movies until early morning.

We went on several dates after that both with the kids, and without. I learned so much about him in such a short time. By the time Christmas rolled around I knew what to buy him. He joined us that Christmas Eve.

As you read yesterday we have traditions. I believe our Christmas Eve party came as quite a shock to him. He hung back for a bit, but he shared a lot in common with my brother-in-laws. The men all grouped together to talk while us women ran the games and food. That Christmas he was part of our family, and we have been together since.

I share this tale with you knowing that Storytime Trysts is a romance site. This is a real life romance story. It is my romantic tale of how I met my husband. This year marks our 10th anniversary. Thank you all for reading about my Christmas to Remember.

So to my husband, Happy 10th Anniversary! And to you, my readers, I hope you all had a great holiday. I will see you all in January when I return with another story.

A Christmas to Remember: Part One


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