Friday, December 21, 2012

Where the Heart Is Part 2

Where the Heart Is

Part II

It was full pitch when Sav woke up still sitting at the kitchen table; face down on wet newsprint likely wearing the headline across her cheek or forehead.  She had been dreaming that she was in London and had found Baden at a pub with friends, walking up behind him ‘Buy me a drink?’ she’d whispered, smiling long and deep when he turned to scoop her up and continue the celebration with her muttering goodbyes to the company and finding a quiet spot in the corner.  The phone was blinking a message she knew without checking was surely Baden calling for her turn to start the festivities.  With her resistance to leave him in her dreams, she had missed it.  The lingering headache she had, a surefire reminder that she’d been crying, she resisted the urge to dial him up not sure of the hour in London.

Fumbling her way to the bathroom not bothering to check the mirror, she knew she needed hot water and soap, STAT.  She washed quickly, drying off and brushing her teeth at the same time before knotting her hair up out of respect for the open flames of the ceremony and moving into the spare room to dress.  She noted the table clock and the hour, grabbed her phone, texting instead of calling due the hour...
            I dozed off.  Starting late.  Wish you were here to light the log with me.  Thinking of you.  Blessed Yule.  ~Sav

She was startled by the pingback several short moments later…

            I wish you’d been here too.  Anywhere, just together.  Blessed Yule.  ~B

Sighing, she finished her preparations and headed out to the small grove behind the house with her arms full of things for the celebration and ceremony.  The night was quiet and remarkably still.  Not a cricket chirped as she wound along the path to the small clearing.  Rounding the last bend she knew why as she saw the ring of candles already lit with Baden standing in the center.  Dropping everything she ran to him, belatedly realizing she’d caught her hem on a candle flame as they patted the fabric out with their hands.

Taking care to put out the candle flames one by one before they returned to the house so she could change, she was flying.  Changed in a less festive gown but appropriate to the night and the season, they stopped at the small hearth and lit the waiting Yule log together arm in arm.  They watched the bark catch and the flames roar to life before they set the screens and headed back out to the grove.  Relighting the ring of candles carefully before they began it was a perfect moment.  The night seemed to stand still as they, arm in arm went through their rituals and concluded with the ribbon of gold silk that they used every year to recommit to their handfasting and renew their commitments for the next year to come, together.

The earlier fallacy of a ritual by the phone, for him, had been a disappointment and a total ruse, but also all he needed to realize and remember that if it is within ones power, one should never be apart on the holy days.  Hindsight was always 20/20.  He had probably killed the budget for the next several months to get a last minute seat on the red-eye west, but seeing Sav in his arms dancing amid the candlelight with the word ‘Heisman’ faintly smudged on her cheek, he was right where he needed to be.

Today's story is from Abyrne Mostyn. His book Swingers was featured on our blog, and is still in archives. The completed book is available at Amazon.

Abyrne can be found here as one of our feature authors, and at:!/AbyrneMostynWordEnthusiast

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