Monday, September 2, 2013

Just Another After School Special

With the start of September not only is fall just around the corner, but it's back to school season as well. So sharpen your pencils and hold on to your seats, a new affair is right around the corner! 

Just Another After School Special
Part One
Eva Rayne

From the very first day, I knew this would be like no other math class I had ever taken. I was a junior in college, a sociology major, and I was just now getting around to taking college algebra. I hated math, I had put it off as long as possible. I had even gone to my adviser to see if there was any way out of taking it. There wasn't. But the good news was I just needed this one class. If I passed with a B I would be home free.

To further fuel my unpleasant feelings toward this math class, it was my only morning class, and the only class I had on Fridays. Our first day of classes was a Wednesday and I groaned as I drug myself out of bed hours before I would have to otherwise. It was hot, even in my air conditioned dorm room. Our summer would stretch on for another several weeks.

I pulled on a pair of yoga pants, adjusting the sparkly, bright blue top. I had just pulled on a black sports bra when my suit mate opened the door to our shared bathroom and popped her head in.

Hey, can I borrow your curling iron? I think I left mine at home.” I chuckled, Tori was a sorority girl, and while normally I couldn't stand them, she was sweet and I was glad she lived next door.

It's in the first drawer,” I said, gesturing towards my dresser. “Hey, toss me a tank top will you?” I asked as I ran a brush through my hair. Tori snagged the curling iron from my top drawer then rifled through my tank top collection in the second.

Here, this will go with the rest of your outfit,” she tossed a me an aquamarine tank top that I was pretty sure had been a swim suit cover up at one point. I pulled it on, adjusting slightly so that even though you could see parts of my sports bra it wasn't super obvious.

Tori stopped by the bathroom door and gave me a quick once over. “That looks good, now, please tell me you're gonna do your make up. I mean, I know it's early, but come on.”

And, you can go now Tore,” I said, tossing a throw pillow from my bed at her.

You know you love me!” She stuck her tongue out at me then ducked back into our bathroom before I could launch another pillow. A quick glance in the mirror though told me she was right. I looked about as exhausted as I felt. I shot an angry look at the door Tori had disappeared though, but grabbed a tube of liquid eyeliner anyway.

I walked into the class room forty minutes later and dropped down in a chair in the back, near the door. I watched the rest of the class trickle in while doodling in the margins of my notebook. Every once in a while I'd fidget, adjust my tank top or pull at my yoga pants. It was incredibly hot and the air conditioning in the part of the building was just barely putting out a breeze. Class hadn't even started yet and I was already hating it.

And then this guy walked in, back pack slung over his shoulder, and my interest was immediately peaked. He was tall but not freakishly so, his dark hair was messy and he looked like he had just rolled out of bed as well. I shifted in my seat, sitting up a little straighter and running my fingers through my hair. My eyes quickly glanced at the seat next to me, part of me hoping that's where he would sit.

But he didn't.

Instead, he dropped his back pack on the table in the front of the room and wiggled the mouse of the computer on the podium. Several of the other people in the room looked at each other confused as well, but then mystery hot guy spoke.

"Hey guys, I'm Nick Meyer. I'm a business and accounting major with a physics minor. I'm in the graduate program and teaching beginning math classes cause, let's face it, we all know tuition here is killer. So, on that note, welcome to Math 1000 and I'll be your teacher this semester.”

I groaned inwardly, I was in a world of trouble.

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  1. There are worse things to endure than hot teachers. ;)

    Great start!