Wednesday, September 25, 2013

This Night: Afterglow

  Can someone turn a fan on?  It's  quite hot in here!  Things progressed quickly last week with Sophia, Antony and Brandon and left us in a puddle of goo.   Will Sophia regret her decision? 

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 This Night: Afterglow
Eythan Rogers


“Hey, Soph. Focus here.” 
Kim’s snapping fingers in her face literally snapped her out of her daydreaming. She could feel the stupid grin on her lips too. There was no hiding it. Good thing she never played poker because you could read her like a damn book.

“Sorry. I was just..” 
There was no good excuse and nothing believable came to mind. Sophia kept pushing her ketchup and mayo mixture around her plate with a now cold French fry. She had come to lunch with her best friend like they always did on Saturdays. Except this time it wasn’t just their normal everyday talking. Kim kept pushing her about her unforgettable night. She knew Kim and there was no stopping her pushing but she honestly just wanted to let it go and keep it as the memory that it will be. There will be no next time. Hell, she didn’t even get their last names or cell numbers. Talk about never wanting to see her again in black and white. She snorted to herself and shook her head. She was such an idiot, like she expected anything more to come of this? She knew coming into that night that it was going to be once. And they knew the same. So why was she even analyzing this right now??

“Sophia Lynn!!” She jumped at Kim's Domme tone and her hand that slammed against the table.

“Alright! I’m sorry. I don’t really want to talk about it. And don’t you see enough of that stuff at the club? My night was probably nothing in comparison.”

She watched as Kim sat back in her chair and with a cocky smile crossed her arms over her chest. Her already huge boobs being compressed together and practically spilling out causing the bus boy to nearly loose his bucket of plates. Sophia rolled her eyes and just shook her head.

“Well, I have seen many things but none of them interest me as much as this does. Both Brandon and Anthony said they had a great time.” She smirked again and there was no doubt Sophia’s face gave her away again.

“They told you what happened??”

Kim shook her head and sighed with disappointment. “No., they didn’t have to say anything. They can keep their mouths shut better then anyone I know. But it’s not hard to know when a man, or men had a good time when they walk around with the same stupid smile you have. Yeah, yeah, make up whatever little excuse you’re trying to in that head of yours. I’m no idiot.

Her stupid smile was coming back and she could feel it. Damn it! She had to stop that. No good ever comes from looking back and hoping for something that can never be. Ugh! Sophia let out a sigh happy that Kim didn’t know all the detail from that night. As much fun as she had she wanted those memories to be hers alone. Even her best friend was going to be left in the dark on this one.

“So enough about me, how’s the club business going. Whip anyone good lately?” Sophia winked and went back to eating her feelings, er food. Kim gave her an irritated look but took the change of subject for what it was.

“No, not really. It’s been a bit slow actually. A lot of the members like to play out in the open when the weather is nice, so there’s not much need to come in. Once the weather gets cooler we will be full again. Perfect timing. The new extension will be done by then so more kinky fuckery can continue.” Kim winked and Sophia groaned. She knew damn well how much Sophia hated that damn book that which shall not be named and she loved digging it in whenever she had the chance.

“Cute. So what’s this new construction all about?” As Kim went on in detail about all the new toys and fun furniture that the club is getting Sophia’s phone went off in her pocket. She checked real quick to see if it was important before picking it up. Nothing pissed her off more then when you were out to eat and socialize with friends then when you see people texting at the damn table. When she saw the unknown number she furrowed her brow and was quick to hit the fuck you button. Her heart started racing and she shoved the phone back in her pocket. The last time someone called her from a number in that area was…

Sophia nearly jumped out of her seat when her phone vibrated again telling her she had a voicemail. Kim’s hand covered hers that was gripping the side of the table so hard her knuckles were turning white.

“Soph, look at me. Sophia!” Her head was spinning and Kim spoke to her calmly trying to keep her from freaking out further. “Who was that? I haven’t seen you this on edge since…” Kim just about jumped out of her seat when Sophia stopped her.

“ I don’t know who it was. I just saw the number and, and. Fuck!” With a shaking hand Sophia pulled her cell out of her pocket and looked at Kim.

“I’m here. Maybe it was just a wrong number. Do you want me to listen to it?” Sophia shook her head and laughed nervously.

“No, it’s fine. You’re probably right.” She didn’t want Kim to know how terrified she was to listen to this voicemail but she knew her poker face said it all. She held her breath as she hit the voicemail button and put her cell to her ear.

“Hey Sophia, it’s Brandon….” Her heart nearly leapt out of her chest when she heard his voice. She took a deep breath and Kim sank back in her chair and smacked her arm.

“I told you it was nothing.” But it wasn’t nothing. Brandon had called and asked to talk to her soon. How the hell did the guy even get her number? She knew then that Kim had over heard the voice mail because when she looked at her best friend she just shrugged and gave her a go get em smirk. Sophia was going to kill her; just as soon as she was done listening to Brandon's smooth husky voice that has been stuck in her head all week.