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Butterfly Kisses Chapter 2

Butterfly Kisses Chapter 2
By Cathy Brockman
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We arrive at the castle change into our more human forms. I switch into a short black strapless dress with thigh sex-me-up all night boots.
“LaRae!” Obediah grabs my arm. “Where is the cream dress.”
I chuckle and swirl switching back into the cream color dress and pretty golden sandals that lace up my calves.
“Tell me Obie, which did you really prefer.” I pull him close and whisper seductively into his ear.
“Honestly LaRae, I like this one.” He pulls away, taking my hand like a good little royal escort.
“Seriously?” I can’t help but wonder if he may be not into women.
“Yes, I like the slit up the thigh and the sandals instead of the boots. It shows so much more of that sexy leg when you walk.” I shiver at the feel his hot breath on my neck as he leans so close and whispers into my ear. OK so I guess he isn’t gay.
We reach the dining room decked in all its springtime glory. It is always beautiful but I love the transition from the icy blues of the winter decor to the soft pastels of spring. My wings ache to be released to go flutter about and explore the budding beauty waiting just outside the window. I decide a fly will be great release after one more lecture with mom about the birds and bees. I glance at Obediah and think it would be nice to practice the lesson with him.
“LaRae, must you always keep me waiting? Thank you Obediah. I shall reward you with extra honey for having to put up with this one. You may return to your hive and take a break.” She smiles sweetly at Obediah. After he leaves she turns back to me. Her smile has turned upside down.
“It is time that you grow up and except your responsibilities as a princess. It is time to come out of your cocoon.” She takes a sip of her nectar.
“Mom. Be more specific. I have lots of responsibilities to assume which one is it you are harping on today?” I roll my eyes as if I don’t already know.
Her favorite subject lately is me mating. Giving her lots of pretty little caterpillars to control, I mean spoil.
“By the way, you look lovely today.” I’m not lying. She always is beautiful with her long yellow hair and buttery soft wings. I must get most of my coloration from my father.
“Thank you but you’re not getting off by changing the subject. It is time you choose your mate or I will choose one for you. I am going to throw a party this weekend, Sunday morning you will give me your choice and at the farewell banquet we will announce your decision, or I will announce mine.”
“But mom! A weekend isn’t time to get to know someone! It takes time to fall in love!”
“No buts. This love fantasy of yours is for the doves. You’re a princess. You have beauty, power, money, and the world to offer. What man wouldn’t love that?” She says with finality.
“I want them to love me, not my money, or power, or even my looks.” I push back my plate of fruit and flower petals, no longer hungry.
I know who I want but after years Obediah still barely looks at me. I doubt I can win him over in a weekend if I haven’t in all these years. Heck we were practically raised together.
With resignation I decide I will have to move on. But how do I find someone to love me in just a few days? I swirl and transform into a butterfly and flit out the window to go to my favorite waterfall and think.
The happy gurgling sounds of the stream beckon me from miles away. I can feel the cool spray of the falls on my skin. I can vision myself laying on a smooth flat rock, the sun a warm caress on my damp body after a dip. I can feel the golden sand between my bare toes. I can smell the soft scent of the water- lilies. Finally I see it the beauty breathtaking as always.
I flutter over the beach and pause above a shallow part of the stream. I start to swirl in a kaleidoscope of color as I twirl and twist. Creamy golden wings and a smooth black body soon becomes a long mane of silky black hair swinging in the breeze, floating around, wrapping around my pale bare body. I relish the peace here. I walk to the falls and wash my hair, plucking a Lilly blossom; I slowly begin to wash my cool aching body. The flight felt like a long one.
After a nice long shower under the cool flow of the falls I walk along the stream, kicking and frolicking. Oh how I love this place. My home away from home. No mom breathing down my neck. Just me and the precious gifts form Mother Nature herself. And an Imp? Looking up at the falls I see a rippled refection that seems to be gazing longingly at me. Or Gawking.

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  1. This is such an adorable, playful tale! I love it!!

    1. Thank you its kinda fun to write too LOL