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Butterfly Kisses - Episode one

hello everyone ! with spring approaching , flowers springing up , butterflies coming out of hiding I  thought I would try my hand at something very different. This month's story will be a lighthearted,sweet and slightly sexy romp in the land of Fae with a butterfly Faery princess.   Enjoy!

Butterfly Kisses
 Cathy Brockman
Butterfly kisses post one LaRae for Ellie

In a land far, far away. Oh wait! That’s a different fairytale! This is my story and I am truly a Faery Princess. I’m absolutely nothing like in THOSE stories. Don’t get me wrong. I love a good fantasy, especially a good dreamy, lovey dovey, fairytale. But life is seldom like that. Even for a true Faery princess.
By the way my name is LaRae and I truly do live in a land far, far away. Yet so close if you were Fae you could reach out and touch it. Literally. I can just reach out and make a portal from my land to almost any land I wish to travel to. But I have to be in my butterfly form to actually go from world to world.
Ahh. I forgot to tell you that part. I am a Butterfly Faery. Neither my physical form nor my butterfly form are my TRUE form as some shifters claim to have one form that is more them than the other. Both of my forms are an equal part of me. I’m not going to launch into any of the other species and their existence, because I am selfish and this is MY story. So I’m gonna talk about ME. At least for today.
Now that you know who I am, what I am, and where I’m from I will move on to my big problem. I’ll fill in more of the details of the afore mentioned things as we get back to them.
 I told you before that I am a princess. Well I’m not actually a princess since my mother isn’t called a Queen. She is the Monarch of the Butterfly Fae(no pun intended here). We have one true Queen, well actually two; there is a Seelie and Unseelie court. Each type of Fae has their own ruler. There are more types of Fae than I can mention here so I’ll just stick to the ones relevant with my story.
 We have our own place among the land. Our castle, if that’s what you want to call it, is in a lovely garden in the Seelie Queens court. My mother is actually one of the Queen’s daughters.
 My Father is the king of the butterfly Fae. A true Monarch. (Sorry I couldn’t resist that one.) As you see I have a twisted sense of humor.
 I am very flirtatious, and like pulling pranks. It gets me in a lot of trouble. Which leads me back to my story. As you see I also ramble another of my traits.
A bee buzzes through my open window then landing on the edge of my bed, quickly changes into a young man. A very fine young man, I must admit, as I gaze upon Obediah dressed in tight fitting black trousers that more than hint at all his assets, a golden tunic that accentuates his slender chest and slim but firm arms. His face isn’t the most handsome with its sharp features, black eyes with golden rings and rich dark black hair. I have always had a thing for him. Well I have a thing for all alluring men. Especially the more unique looking ones.
“LaRae! You better hurry! You know how your mom hates to be kept waiting.” He crosses those long luxurious legs at the ankles as he looks me over unappreciatively.
“No! No, no, no, no! I will not escort you to her like that! She will pluck my wings!” He hops up animatedly from the bed, flourishing equally luscious arms.
“What? You don’t like my skirt? Or is it the top?” I turn and twist in seductive poses, brushing my hands over my slim but shapely hips and rather voluptuous breasts.
 The gold rings in his eyes get smaller and smaller leaving the rest almost black, indicating his feelings are very different than that of his words.
“Besides your wings grow back quickly.” I move closer and closer, until I’m leaning against him.
 He tries to back up but falls back on the bed. I climb up straddling him. He turns his head so he isn’t gazing up my very short skirt; that at his angle will hide nothing.
A quick flutter and he changes back into a Bee and lands next to the open window before changing back into the gorgeous man that he is.
“We don’t have time for your games. Now change into something befitting a visit with your Mother and let’s get moving?”
“Obie! You know you want me.” I purr.
“And I tell you for the millionth time. There is no point in me wanting something I know I can never have. Not in a million or more years. I am not a prince, I have no hope in having you, not as my wife. I serve the Queen.  That’s what I do. When she chooses me a mate, I will do my duty and make more baby bees. So change, now!”
“I love it when you get all bossy with me, Obie, wanna spank me?”
“LaRae, please.” His honey thick voice now pitches higher, pleading. His resolve as always firm.
Yeah no point wanting something I can’t have. Besides I like my men more forceful, not so subservient.
I sigh and swirl; my clothes changing into a cream colored gown, that though it still drapes nicely over my body has a more demur effect. As demur as I will ever get anyways.
“Better?” I huff.
He nods and we both exit through the window; a Bee and a Butterfly heading off to see what it is my mother is so impatient about. As if I don’t already know

to be continued...

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