Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Oral Dilemma Pt 3 - Roxy's Back

Are you enjoying Oral Dilemma?  Guess Chad wasn't Roxy's true love after all. Good thing Devon was there for her.  The pain of seeing it first hand  must have been awful.  What do you think she will do? 

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Oral Dilemma Pt 3 
Roxy's Back
Ellie Mack
(Storytime Trysts does not own the rights to this picture.)

    Devon quietly held me until I stopped sobbing. Even seeing it with my own eyes, it was hard to grasp the reality. Chad was a lying, cheating dog, and Devon was right all along. OK, well maybe in the heat of emotions I jumped to conclusions because he never actually lied. 

He told me often that he loved my body when I was larger. His comments since I'd returned home had only been that I was too thin.  And technically he never lied about cheating - he just failed to mention it. Probably a wise move there. 

Devon drove me home, and never pressured me to talk. We sat in the driveway for a long while as he held my hand. “Look Roxy. He’s a dog and he was using you. I’m sorry sweetheart, you deserve better. You know he's been posting videos of you and him doing it.” 

My jaw about hit my lap. "He what?" Oh my God, could life get any worse?

He lifted my hand in his.  "I didn't watch them. I couldn't Roxy. But I thought you should know."  He lifted my hand to his lips. “Maybe we can get to know each other again. It would be nice to have my best friend back.” He lifted my chin and looked me in the eyes just before he leaned over for the kiss.

I searched online for two hours to find the videos Chad had taken. He had an elaborate recording system set up in his basement. I was determined that somehow, I would destroy it, destroy him. 

The next day Devon drove me to school and accompanied me to my locker. He squeezed my hand as he walked to his own. Chad was waiting for me. Of course, he didn’t know I knew. He’d called me three times the night before.

“What do you want Chad?” I opened my locker leveling him with my most venomous glare. 

“Why you so upset babe? Why didn’t you return my calls? I thought you were going to come over so we could um, study?” He was smooth. If I didn’t know better. . . But I did. 

“Oh and by study you mean, what?” I glared at him. How was I ever taken in by his charm? He was never that smooth, never really charming. I was a fool. I allowed myself to be played because I was so self conscious about my weight. Devon's words that I had made my weight a barrier rang through my head.  There was something to it certainly but I didn't have time to examine that just now. I would keep it in mind for later.
 “Don’t you think Christi might object to that? You spending the evening” I made the air quote marks. “Studying.”

He looked around a little nervous. “Babe, you’ve got it all wrong. They are only rumors. I worked with Christi over the summer is all.” He reached for my hand. I drew back.

“Rumors? I think not.” I set my books on the shelf and took out my new tablet, which was easier to see than the small display on my phone. 

“Hey, what’s with you? I’m trying to talk to you here, can you put your new toy away?” The irritation obvious in his voice.

“Well I would, but my new ‘toy’ is helping to prove my point.” I glanced around to check for teachers before pressing play on the short video. 

A small crowd quickly gathered to share in the viewing. There was nothing much to see other than the back view of Christie bouncing up and down; the old beat up car getting a workout of it’s shocks; but the audio was priceless.

As the small crowd stared at Chad and slowly turned away whispering, I began. “Well, I think that speaks for itself.” I carefully set the tablet inside my locker and closed it. Couldn’t have someone steal it while I was laying into Chad. 

“I hope you are happy with Christi.  I hope the two of you find happiness in each other’s arms.  Because, I swear to God Chad, if you so much as make an attempt to even touch my arm, or my hair I will defend myself. I don’t want to, you aren’t worth it. But if there is no other option I will. You used me, made me think I was worthless without you, you displayed videos taken without my consent and degraded me as a whore and a toy. 

I should kill you, but I am better than that, better than you. I am giving you this one chance to walk away, to leave. You walk away, we never speak again and we don’t have to do this. You have exactly five seconds to get your sorry ass out of my sight.”   

 My body moving as I talked, fluid and relaxed slipping into the side stance I favored. Feet shoulder width apart my back foot taking next to none of  the weight as it pointed to my right, I rocked on my toes feeling comfortable.  I’d been practicing with a sparring partner over the summer slowly preparing both in technique and confidence to try some unpadded, full contact competition fighting, testing my skills and my ability to react to styles other than my own. 

I turned my neck, stretching a little, bouncing on my heels.  "Five, four"  I began counting.

“What’s your problem bitch?” Chad actually had the nerve to say that to me. 

My lips clenched.  “I don’t want to do this but I know you wont give me any choice. Just remember, you asked for this. I’m sorry.” Bouncing on my heels, I took a shallow breath and almost instinctively my stance changed and my right foot arced around his head and snapped into his temple with a sickening thud, I noticed it was different to sparring with padding. The resistance I expected wasn’t there, acting purely as rehearsed so many times now I followed the crescent kick with a side kick, driving into his knee as he stumbled, the crack echoing through the corridor.

The cringes and winces of the audience mere background noise now. I saw him go down in a blur and then I let my anger take hold; my pain and what I thought was love turned to hate. Rather than letting him get up, I watched as he tried to push himself back onto his broken knee and up.  I stamped on his hand hard. A move that would get me banned from the Dojo’s sparring ring and censured in all but the most brutal mixed combat arena’s and I stared into his eyes as he looked up in horror. 

The last thing he saw was my instep smashing into his nose as he tried to beg for a mercy I wasn’t prepared to give. He lay in a pool of teeth, blood, and what I assumed to be urine. I launched a final boot into his ribs for good measure and looked down as he groaned. 

“I don’t hate you Chad. To hate you I would have to care for you, take an interest in your life, your actions. I pity you, you are insignificant and you will die alone despised by those around you when you reach the point where you cannot hide from the things you have done.”

Satisfied now I had said my piece but feeling guilty that I allowed my anger to take control, I turned and walked back to my locker, grabbed my bag, my tablet, and leaving the shocked crowd behind. The only evidence I had been there was the photograph of Chad that I had taped inside my locker, that now lay on the floor discarded. Not torn or defaced, just left as I moved on and away from the one who had used and abused me. I had moved on and I was far stronger than any watching had imagined.

The anger with myself for allowing it was another matter.  Devon turned down the hall as I walked in his direction. "Walk me to class Devon?"  I asked calmly. 

He stared behind me.  "What happened? Roxy?"

I glanced at the crowd that stood around Chad.  No one had moved to help him. "Looks like Chad fell down. I think he ran into something." 

I smiled at my wittiness, and the resolution that I would never allow another person to use me like Chad.  I had just proved what Keith had been telling me all summer, I was strong.