Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Oral Dilemma Pt 2

Did you enjoy the first part of the new story?  If you missed it you can go read it HERE.  

Well, it seems Roxy has found someone that loves her for herself that doesn't care about the extra pounds. Isn't it great when you find that special person that values you for who you are?  Ready to see how things progress?  

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 Oral Dilemma Pt. 2 
Summer Blues 

Ellie Mack

Chad and I were crazy about each other. He absolutely adored me, and like I said he worshiped my body. If at any point I felt bad about myself or self-conscious of my appearance he was there to boost my ego and remind me just how much he loved my body. That’s the thing though. He loved my body, not me.

We dated throughout my junior year. Over the summer my dad got me a job at his company and I didn’t see Chad for three and a half months. My job was grueling, physical labor. From the middle of May to August I had dropped nearly 50 pounds and was fitting into a size 6. I was so proud of myself. In the evenings I ran two miles nearly every day to help tone things up. I was really feeling good about myself, and feeling confident. I couldn’t wait to see Chad. I couldn’t wait for him to catch me, twirl me around and say “Look at you. Wow” then kiss me deeply.
It wasn’t to be. Devon actually picked my sister and me up from the airport as mom was working. Devon was watching for us. He stood when he saw my sister approach looking around, he looked right through me. It figures right?  I knew I was invisible to him but ouch. 
It wasn’t until I was standing there beside them as they embraced that he looked up realizing it was me.  The shocked expression on his face was priceless. His jaw literally dropped as he gasped, his eyes growing large. He nearly shoved Tara aside to get to me. “Oh my God. Roxy. Look at you! “ He lifted me off the ground, embracing me,twirling me around. Right image, wrong guy. Then he added as he set me slowly down, looking at me like he thought about kissing me for a second. “Wow. Roxy I didn’t recognize you. Wow.” He hugged me again. But I knew he didn’t really want to kiss me. It did make me feel good that he at least noticed. We talked a bit like we did in the old times.
On the drive back to our house, he bought Tara and me a large ice tea. We talked casually  in an easy friendly manner. It was amazing how fast it was just like when we were kids playing in a fort. There was a comfortable ease with Devon. When we arrived at home he helped carry in our bags. Tara immediately called her friends to go out. Devon sat on the stool in the kitchen and talked with me, sharing ice tea.
It was really great, we talked like we used to before I got fat. Before I became the chubby girl at school that he didn't want to be seen with. It was casual, comfortable, without any awkward moments - an unforced natural rhythm.  I was about to ask how many hours he had logged in the gym when Devon started telling me about his job working for his dad’s contracting firm. He was noticeably bulked from what he had been before. Not that Devon was a skinny guy, but the added muscle looked really good on him. He could have easily been a model. 
I texted Chad to let him know I was home when I went to the bathroom, but he said he was at work and would come by in the morning. That was a disappointment. Sitting in the kitchen with Devon looking so hot kind of got me worked up, and well  I was hoping that Chad would at least want to come by after he got off work to get reacquainted. I washed my face trying to hide the flush of heat I felt. 
when I returned to the kitchen Devon asked if we could order a pizza, said he enjoyed talking with me. Who was I to argue?
We shared a pizza, ice tea, and funny stories about our summers. We sat out on the deck in the summer evening watching lightning bugs, reminiscing about when we were kids.At one point he reached for my hand, holding it like it was the most natural thing in the world.  A few minutes later he let go and took the empty pizza box inside to the trash bin.
“So Roxy, what do you see in that dork Chad anyways? You deserve better than him. “ He leaned in towards me as he sat on the edge of his chair.  He took my hand again, his thumb caressing over the small triangle of skin between my thumb and fore finger. 
I blushed. “He gets me Devon. He appreciates me for who I am.”  I could barely think with him caressing that little bit of my hand.
He stared into his glass swirling his ice tea. “ You know he talks.”
“Oh?” I’d talked about our relationship to Angie, the girl I worked with over the summer. “What about?”
Devon looked out over the lawn,  staring off into the distance.  A few seconds later he sighed and turned towards me, his eyes locked on mine. “He tells everyone you’re his slut. That you’ll do anything he asks. He doesn’t respect you, he's  using you Roxy.”
I couldn’t help but blush. Of all the people to hear this from I got to hear it from Devon. I suppose it was true in a sense. I was rather slutty with Chad, and had done everything he asked. I enjoyed all aspects of sex with Chad, but sitting there at that moment with Devon I felt dirty and cheap.  I wanted to crawl under a rock and hide.
“ He likes my curves.”
“You know Roxy, there are people that like you for you not for what you will do for them. “ He slugged down the last of his tea. He leaned over,  my hand in his and pulled me to my feet. “Don’t let him treat you like this. You’re better than that.”
He hugged me tight. Oh it felt so nice to be in his arms. We just seemed to fit. Of course if I hadn’t lost all that weight he’d probably never have even hugged me, certainly wouldn't have been able to wrap his arms around me like he did.  I felt safe, secure, and loved for that brief few seconds in his arms. For a minute or so it looked like he might kiss me, then he dropped his eyes down and squeezed my hand. “I, I’ve gotta go. Gotta get up early in the morning for work. “
I walked through the kitchen to the front door with him. “Thanks for picking me and Tara up from the airport. I really appreciate it.” I pulled him back for another hug."And for the company and the pizza."
He held me for just a couple seconds then sighed. “It’s great to see you again Roxy and you look amazing.” He kissed my cheek then left.
How is it that Chad kissing me, and doing everything else we did together didn’t move me like that one simple kiss on my cheek? I must have stood there for ten minutes staring after him.

                                               *                                                         *                                                                 *

Sunday afternoon Chad finally called. Our flight arrived on a Friday afternoon. I expected a text or something, I was anxious to see him. It had been three and a half months! I was on the back deck talking with Angie on my cell watching Devon mow his parent’s backyard shirtless. Come on, you would too. I’m telling you those extra pounds of muscles were truly a work of art. It was like a marble statue come to life.  His six pack abs were visible from my deck and my fingers ached to touch them.  His skin glistened in the sun from his perspiration and I wanted so much to taste the saltiness of his skin.  I imagined him holding me like he had Friday evening only shirtless.  I was barely conscious of agreeing with Angie's monologue.  I didn't notice the sliding glass patio door open.
I dropped my phone. I ‘d been caught ogling Devon. “Oh hey Chad. I missed you.” I stood quickly and threw my arms around him waiting for the spinning turn, and ‘wow baby you look amazing’. I stood there for several seconds before realizing it wasn't going to happen.  Hmm, at least Devon had been happy to see me.
He stopped about two feet from me. “Where’s the rest of you?”
“ I told you I’d lost a little bit of weight Chad.”
He combed his fingers through his hair. “Damn. You said a little weight not half your fucking body.”
“Huh?” I stopped my movement towards him.
“You said you lost a little weight. How much fucking weight did you lose Roxy?”
“About 50 pounds total. It was a lot of hard work. The job was grueling and I worked out like crazy trying to tone up and be sexy, but I feel great.”
He stepped towards me finally, pulling me into his arms, kissing me hard. It felt awkward and forced.
His hand slid down my back to my ass. “Roxy, I can get all of your ass in one hand.”
“I know, isn’t it great?” I grinned wide. 
His expression remained staunch, his jaw clenched.  He mumbled something I couldn’t understand and hugged me tight. “I’m glad you’re home babe. Missed you.”
We stood there him hugging me. I’m not sure why I did it but I glanced over to where Devon was mowing. He’d stopped and was looking towards us. There I was standing with Chad’s hand on my ass. I felt guilty as if I were betraying Devon but that made no sense whatsoever.  Chad was my boyfriend.
“So you want to go grab a burger and shake and go over to my place?” he asked quickly, before kissing me again.  "Then maybe you'll let me get reacquainted with your new body."
“Sure, let me get my shoes.” I had to just take one last glance at Devon. He was throwing something and having a real mad fit. I couldn't quite make out what he was saying. I wondered what was going on with him. 
We grabbed burgers and shakes just as he promised then went to his lair.  It was what he called his basement room.  His parents basically let him set up his own apartment in their basement, even had a small kitchen.  Not that Chad could cook.  We were never interrupted.  
That afternoon as we were getting reacquainted, it was if he was trying to prove something.  Two seconds after he unlocked his door, he had me pinned against the wall.  He jerked my top up over my head. As he looked down he saw the tan lines from the bikini I'd worn over the summer.  "What's this? Showing off for other guys were you?  Letting them see my property?" 
"What? I wasn't showing off to anyone."
He roughly unfastened my jean shorts and jerked them down, seeing my piercing on my belly button.  "What the hell is this?" 
"I thought you'd think it was sexy.  See it's a little moon."  I tried to show him the crescent moon and dangling star that I'd gotten because he would quote that bit of Shakespeare to me about the moon. "don't you like it Chad?"
"NO!  I don't like it.  I don't like you parading your body in front of other guys either."  He shoved me down to my knees roughly and unzipped his pants.  He took his cock out.  "Suck it bitch!"
There was a moment that i felt he was using me just like Devon had said.  But we'd played at being rough before.  I'd done this for him many times. I began stroking him, caressing that velvety smooth flesh. 
"I didn't say stroke me I said suck it."  He pulled my hair, then thrust into my mouth.  I gagged a little, but went along with it.  He thrust hard into my mouth with a running dialogue of  how he was going to punish me for being away,  punishment for losing weight without permission, punishment for not taking care of his needs.   
I obeyed, wondering if this was some new fascination he had.  if perhaps he intended to take our relationship into some bdsm  thing.   I sucked greedily, loving the taste in my mouth.  It had been a long summer without Chad. 
He jerked my ponytail back as he thrust hard into my mouth, an expression of anger on his face.  I didn't' understand.  why was he so angry with me?
He pulled me to my feet by my hair. "You're such a nasty little  slut."  He slapped my ass cheek as he pulled my panties down, then attacked my clit with his mouth.  
I moaned as he sucked,  dipping his finger inside me.  He lifted me up to my knees forcefully.  He continued his assault until I came.  I grabbed the pillow, moaning into the pillow afraid his parents would hear us.  
He slapped my ass again, hitting square over my slit.  The stinging sensation on my already swollen clit was enough to send me back over that precipice.  I was already coming when he entered me.   I was on my hands and knees and he was getting really rough.  Pounding me hard, as he spanked my ass cheek.  Chad went on and on about punishing me, as he used me roughly.  
He stopped rather unexpectedly  but pushed my head down into the pillow. 
"I think I'll have to teach you by proper punishment."  He spanked my cheek again then licked me.  "Were you this wet for other guys over the summer, huh slut?"
"No, there was no one this summer."
"Are you sure?   Waving this ass around in a bikini?  There had to be someone."  He slapped my cheek hard, leaving a sting.  His tongue was on me, inside me plunging into me driving me wild, pushing me towards the precipice again.  
I moaned, reaching for him.  He slapped my hand away.  "I'm not done with you slut." 
He grabbed my hand and held it behind my back.  then he leaned over to get something from his gym bag and tied both my hands together behind my back.  I'm going to teach you just who's slut you are, Do you understand me?" 
I nodded.  I had to admit I was beyond aroused.  I was so damn horny.  I'd waited all summer,  thinking about being with him again.  if I hadn't been so out of my mind horny, but i was.  At that moment he owned me. I had lost myself to him, had given up my will to be dominated by him.  
I felt his tongue slide over my tight rosebud.  That was something new that we'd not tried before.  It was oddly exciting.  A part of me felt we shouldn't but a part of me, I guess the slut part of me wanted it.  His tongue teased the delicate skin there.  Feathering swipes of his tongue teasing then pushing into me.  
 I gasped as his tongue entered my ass.  "Oh wow, baby."
 He spanked me again. "Is there anything you don't like slut?"  
I didn't know how to answer,  because at that moment I craved his touch, craved the affection, wanted more of what he was doing.  I shook my head and weakly managed to squeak out a " no nothing. "
He reached into his bag and squirted something, rubbing it into my ass.  soon he had two fingers inside my ass working me slowly, I could see him stroking himself as he fingered me.  He  bent down licking over my nub, across my slit and plunging his tongue inside me.  I groaned into the pillow.   
He positioned his cock while he worked his fingers, scissoring inside me stretching me.  If I'd have had half a brain at that point I would have wondered how he knew what to do as we'd never done that before.  but I didn't even have half of a brain cell working much less half my brain.  I just knew it felt amazing and I wanted more.  He eased in slowly,  being amazingly gentle considering how rough he'd been only a few minutes earlier.  "How do you like that Roxanne?"
"Wow.  Feels so good baby." I didn't lie.  I never imagined it would feel like it did.  I had imagined something painful and unpleasant, but it was really hot.  Especially since he was being so gentle.  Well, at first anyway.  After just a minute or two he sped up, and started getting rather rough with me. 
"Who's slut are you Roxanne?"  He thrust in deep and hard.  
"Yours Chad.  Only yours."  I could barely get the words out as he fingered my slit while he pounded into me.  
A rough slap to my ass cheek as he yelled.  "NO!  I want to hear you say it.  Who's slut are you Roxanne?"
"Yours Chad."  I said a little louder as he pounded into me, his fingers working faster. 
"NO!  Damn it Roxanne.  I w ant to hear you say it.  Want you to say, I'm Chad's slut."  He slapped my cheek again.  I imagined that my behind was pretty red at that point.  He flipped the lamp on, and pounded harder, deeper, rougher.  "Now say it!"   He grabbed my ponytail as he thrust into me.  
"I'm Chad's slut!"  He had me repeat it three times before he came inside my ass.  Then he pulled out this rubber plug and shoved it up my ass.  
"Now, I want you to keep that in for the rest of the evening with my come inside you to remind you you're mine."  He kissed me hard before he strode to the shower.  
I was so in shock, I obeyed.  I did as he asked.  I found myself in a state of bewildered 'doing what he said' over the next few weeks.

                                                            *                                           *                                                *

For the two weeks Chad and I were together once school started his friends began hitting on me. It was flattering of course as they’d never given me the time of day before. But the strange thing is that Chad almost encouraged it. Then Joey Maldonick took me aside and told me Chad was nailing his sister and was trying to pass me off on his friends.
I never cared for Joey, and his sister was fatter than I ever was. I didn’t believe it for a second. Not until three days later when I walked behind the weight training building at school, where Chad usually parked. I was going to surprise him but it was me that got the surprise. Christy Maldonick was straddling him in the driver’s seat bouncing for all she was worth. They weren’t exactly quiet about it either.
“Oh fuck Christy. Yeah like that. Oh baaaaaby ride my cock.” There was no mistaking Chad’s voice. 
"Yeah Chad. Oh fuck you're good.  Make me come then fuck my ass. "
I stood there like an idiot with my mouth open gawking. So that was where he learned it.  Finally, I came to my senses and turned around. I ran back around the building. If I hurried, I could still make the bus. Tears were streaming down my cheeks as I ran past.
“Roxy, wait.” It wasn’t Chad’s voice. I turned gasping for air, tears flowing, my nose turning red.
“What’s the matter sweetheart?” It was Devon. He ran towards me with sincere concern in his eyes.
“I just saw Chad and Christy.” I stood there clutching my books. His arms were wrapping around me. His sweaty muscular arms, and I didn’t mind.
“Were they talking? Flirting?” Devon asked calmly.
“NO! They were, . . . they were fucking in his car!” I dropped my books and covered my face with my hands as I burst into tears.  I cried and bellowed, using Devon’s shoulder. I heaved great sobs soaking his sweaty shirt. He didn’t seem to mind, in fact he held me tightly and said “I’m so sorry Roxy. I knew he wasn’t good enough for you.”
He held me till I stopped crying. It was long after the buses ran. I bent to gather my books hiccuping a little, my eyes swollen. He lifted my face to his and kissed me. It was gentle, tender, soft and I wanted more. My books fell again from my suddenly limp arms.
Devon Miller was kissing me and I never wanted him to stop.