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Butterfly Kisses-Finale

Butterfly Kisses: Finale
 Cathy Brockman
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Party night got here much faster than I would have liked. I wish I had more time to get to know the imp whose name by the way is Ivan. Obediah has avoided me like the plaque. Oh well I guess if he is happy being a drone to the queen when he could be my prince then more power to him. I don’t need a man than doesn’t want to be with me.
I really don’t want to just pick a man like I’m shopping for clothes. It just doesn't feel right, but mom isn’t giving me the time to go traditional and fall in love. I told her I would choose a mate tonight, I never said anything about setting a wedding date. Perhaps I can buy some time and get to know this prospective mate. If things don’t work out mom can always throw another party for me to choose again. She loves throwing parties.
As usual mom went all out and the party was spectacular. There were fairy lights everywhere twinkling in the dark like millions of tiny stars. Being out in the courtyard garden there wasn't a need for a lot of decoration since the garden was beautiful enough with all the fragrant blooms and the fountains flowing. There were several large buffet tables set up with a variety of foods for all tastes. There were vegan tables, vegetarian tables and a table with meats and cheeses for the carnivores. Something for everyone.
It seems as if everyone in Fae has come to the festivities. Not only was there a smorgasbord of food and drink but a smorgasbord of men. And that one was meant especially for me. I guess the other ladies of Fae were waiting in the sidelines to choose from the leftovers. The funny thing was I still didn't want to choose. I would rather fate choose for me but I guess that wasn't going to happen.
Since Obediah made it perfectly clear he had no interest in being one of the chosen, I narrowed my sights down to Draecon the dragonfly prince and possibly Faelord the firefly prince for the first part of the evening. It didn't take long for me to realize there was no way in Fae I could live with Faelord. The man was just way too flamboyant for me. I finally got away from  him.
Draecon bored me to sleep with all his tales of battles and the like. I just don’t see me in his dark kingdom watching him practice sword fighting and all his jujitsu, boxing and gladiator games. I’m not the violent type or the outdoorsy active type either.
I’m more creative and colorful and nature friendly. I like sunning in the sand, and have recently discovered I like fishing. Well I don’t like to fish. But I enjoyed watching a certain sexy Imp fish and tell me stories of hiking in the woods, bird watching and life in the woods. An Imp that didn't show up, which is probably good.
 If I was to choose an Imp my mom would split a wing. But she never said I had to choose an insect Faery, her words and I quote were ‘LaRae, it’s time you choose a mate, this weekend at the end of the ball you will give me your choice from the suitors in attendance, and I will make the announcement.’ Nowhere did she specify species.
I had hoped that Ivan would show bu, no such luck. I had not figured as much since he let me know he wasn't a party type person nor did he like crowds or big fancy galas. I didn't tell him about the big reason mom was throwing the party. Mainly I didn't want him to know that I was choosing a man like most people choose food or clothing, second I didn't want to think that the only reason he came was a chance to marry into the royal family. If he came it was to spend time with me, to meet my family and friends and no other agenda. I didn't figure in just a few days he would be interested in me enough to come meet my family since he told me he was too shy and just didn't do crowds.
The night was half over and I had no clue as to what to do. I felt like just running away. I was avoiding mom all I could. I slipped off to the back of the garden to a big patch of toadstools near a small cascading fountain. There sitting on a toadstool skipping pebbles in the small stream was Ivan.
My heart skipped a beat. He came. Even though he made it clear he even had panic attacks around a lot of people, here he is. Does that mean he likes me? I take a deep breath.
“Hi Imp.”
His eyes light up as he takes in my long, flowing, fuchsia dress that has a seashell bodice. His broad smile sends goose bumps all over me. What is it about this man that just revs my engines?
“G’d  Evnin’ Faery. You look lovely.” He grins impishly as his eyes rake over my body, he folds his large hands across his lap but I already noticed what he was trying to hide.
But does he just lust after me or does he like me? Will he run like a rabbit when I tell him the real reason for the party and that he is at the top of my list?
“Ivan I need to ask you a couple questions”
“Okay.” He goes back to tossing pebbles.
“Why did you come here tonight?”
“You invited me.” Plop, plop, goes the pebbles.
“You said you probably wouldn't come that you don’t like crowds or parties.”
He turns to look at me. Even in the pale moonlight I can see the glimmer in his gorgeous forest green eyes.
“No I don’t, but I like you.” Then like a slight whisper of wind, “I missed you.”
“Ivan, do you like me as a friend or would you be interested in more.”
“More as in what?” he keeps his gaze on my eyes. I can see how nervous he is and I can just feel a pull between us.
I tell him why mom has thrown the party. I tell him I like him a lot and want to get to know him more.
He smiles at me and nods. I take him by the hand.
“Would you like to go meet my mom?”
He slowly stands and nods again.
I swallow hard as we walk through the crowd. We stop at the buffet tables and I encourage Ivan to eat a little. I grab a cup of honey wine. I need a bit of liquid encouragement to face mom. I approach the Dias and mom looks up at me hopefully.
“Well LaRae, have you made a choice or do I get the honor.” She has a smug look on her face.
“Ivan, this is my Mother, queen of the butterfly faeries, Mom this is Ivan, my mate.”

Not the end, but a new beginning!

I hope you enjoyed My Faery tale. We had a blast writing it. If you missed the first episode you can find it here 
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  1. Well done, Catniss! Loved the ending and that she chose who her heart told her to choose.

    Can`t wait to read your next offering!

  2. Thank you Vicki this was very different for me but it was a fun change of pace!