Thursday, April 11, 2013

Chocolate Love

 Are you ready for a tasty treat?  Why not dive into some Godiva or Ghiradelli's? This girl loves her chocolate. Why don't you read while I check on the subbie?

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 Chocolate Love 
Ben Hannigan 

The girl grinned to herself as she dipped her toe into the bath.  It was warm and offered no real resistance to her entrance. It was perfect. She had one hundred and ninety minutes to prepare and she would need every last one.

She checked that that A4 size plaster on her lower back was still in place and smiled to herself before she slowly slid her toes into the melted chocolate mess. This was a special formula that would coat the body, but would dry to an almost lycra like finish meaning that she could still walk and move whilst covered from head to toe in this rich delicacy. It was a recipe designed for the gold dancers and the human statues who appeared to be plated, the plaster there to stop her from mimicking the Bond girl, suffocated by her own skin.

Slowly, gracefully, she slid down into the bath and set a timer before she began to lose her mind. The liquid was warm. That comfortable engulfing warmth that soothes a woman to slumber, but with that warmth was something new, something intense, the feel of the chocolate definitely not like water. The ripples and waves caused by her movements lapping at every sensitive area of her body. The back of her knee kissed gently, her nipples as they sunk under the waterline, a hot wet mouth sucking at her, engulfing her in a gentle way. The ripples around her wet slit were much more intense.  The ripples a rolling tongue lapping at her hungrily as she spread her legs needing, craving more. The chocolate soaking into her skin, feeling like she was almost dissolved into the liquid.  This warm dark mouth consuming her body and soul.

She lay there for minutes, or maybe hours, she wasn’t sure but what she did know, the only thing she knew at that moment was the feel of the chocolate coating becoming tacky, her body absorbing until it was saturated. The chocolate conforming to her delicate form, sheathing each toe, each finger and each raised bump on her body. She blinked and gasped in shock. “FUCK FUCK FUCK” she screamed, losing her voice into a breathy howl as her body, outside of her control, now rocked up into the air. This rolling movement sucking the now solid blocks of confection that filled her wet folds, as she rocked up and into this new finger of chocolate that had filled every contour of her willing cunt, she bounced back onto the bottom of the bath, feeling the shock of the toy in her backdoor that was shaped to strike every erogenous zone.

What started as a treat and a tease for her lover had become some exquisite torture. Her whole body on fire and used by this candy lover. Her spasms rocketing through her legs allowing her to hook the bath plug cord and feel the mouths on her cunt, her clit, and nipples becoming so much more intense. The draining adding a hard, rough, sucking to the fucking she was so eager for. The bath empty she slumped drained on the stained white plastic panting heavily. Looking lazily at the timer she had set she had another ninety minutes to recover her strength and shake off the afterglow, assembling the bows and bindings and stepping into the cellophane wrap cut the day before. She grinned as she looked forward to being bound in position, legs together tied by an elegant bow, hands placed demurely at first glance, covering her sex. Revealing only on closer inspection the location of the pressure of the heel of the palm, painting an expression of naked desire on her chocolate painted face. She imagined the delicious torture of being sat waiting, riding the chocolate toys with just a subtle clench as the treat dried harder on her skin eventually binding and setting rock hard.

She wanted everything, wanted it all.  The faint pressure and constriction of the ribbon at her throat, the chocolate dried hard almost painfully binding her clit. The toys sat blocking her entrances, appearing that she was cast of chocolate. Standing she carefully applied the white chocolate accents, the lips painted with a brush, the lashes done gently and the hint of the soft peach-fuzz thatch at her crotch dusted with the dark cocoa powder appearing as stubble expertly applied by the confectioner. Her nails white chocolate, long and elegant. Finally she decided she was ready and she went and sat on the bed, all bows and ribbons. A short sharp blast of sexual pleasure as she pulled the ribbon just tight enough to make her breathing something to enjoy. Her eyes bright with submissive lust as she pulled the cellophane up and around her like a tent, She was finally ready, all she had to do now was wait. Wait and hope she didn’t pass out from desire. Struck by that notion she finally remembered, as the world went fuzzy at the edges to yank the plaster off, immediately the pressure at her chest eased as she scooted back hiding the giveaway patch of bare white skin. 

She waited, nervous, the last thing running through her mind was “All women like chocolate right? So a chocolate covered submissive should be ok, right?” Overcome with worry and arousal she waited for her mistress to come home.


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