Friday, May 3, 2013

Fate's Kiss Chapter One

Fate’s Kiss
Cathy Brockman

Hello everyone and Welcome to our new May stories. This month I am featuring my first historical romance Fate’s KissThis is the prequel to my Love bites series. If you’d like to see How Nicolai became a vampire and a sweet romance of first and fated love, Join me each Friday in May.
The warmth of the sun softly kissing my closed eyelids gently awakens me. I bound from my bed eager to get my chores done so I can take a ride through the forest. As much as I love riding my mare and exploring the beauty of the forest, I would be lying to myself if I didn’t admit the real reason for my eagerness.
Illia, will be there foraging for roots, berries, and whatever it is the Gypsies use for food and making the magic elixirs they sometimes sell in town. And looking for me I hope.
Her family is an odd lot, but she is the most beautiful, fun and interesting Lass I have ever met. She is nothing like these starchy, arrogant Ladies at the church socials, or daughters of my father’s wealthy friends, that he is hell-bent on me marrying. Some of these women are easy on the eyes, but none tug on my heart or touch my soul the way the lovely Gypsy girl does. Every time I see her or even think about her, my heart beats faster and I can’t help but smile. Everything I see makes me think of her beauty that nothing can compare to. Everything I hear makes me think of her laughter, her soft musical voice.  She is my breath, my sustenance, my life.
We have been meeting in the woods or at the river for many moons. I am sure she feels the same for me as I do her. Almost every day we end up seeing each other somewhere. It has to be more than a mere coincidence.
I know deep inside me that she is my one and only. She is my destiny or perhaps, my fate; my Soul-mate. It will definitely be my fate if Father ever finds out I am consorting with a peasant girl behind his back. A Gypsy at that.
She is my first thought of the day and my last at night. Even as I sleep her image pervades my dreams. Long Raven hair, deep, dark brown eyes, round angelic face, thick luscious lips, soft womanly curves, and sweet musical voice that makes my heart and body come alive. I cannot seem to get her out of my head. I do not even wish to try. There must be a way to get father to understand how I feel, though my brother seems to agree that feelings are not as important as the power and prestige that come with marrying the proper lady.
I awaken, my body aching to see her in the flesh and not just in my dreams. My heart begins to ache mere moments after we part. I know this is the love Mother spoke of in the tales she always told my brother and I at night before we went to bed. Ah, how I miss her. If she was still alive she would know what to do. She would deal with Father and tell him to let me make my own decision. She was so different from father. Alas, the angels took her from us when I was but a wee lad, so I will just have to figure this out and deal with Father on my own.
For now, I will just have to hurry and check on the livestock and make sure the hands are doing their duties for Father and relish the moments I will have later in the woods. I pull on my breeches and boots. Every nerve in my body burns with the thoughts of seeing her soon. I ache for the touch of her soft skin, gazing into her chocolate eyes, hearing the way she whispers my name and perhaps stealing tender kisses from her luscious, full lips.
I rush down the stairs to breakfast. The sooner I get my chores done, the sooner I get to look for her.

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  1. Great start to what I know will be a great story!