Thursday, May 16, 2013

Perfect Retreat Part 2

Did everyone enjoy Faith's debut piece?  Well it seems that the girls aren't the only ones with secrets.  Let's jump in and find out. 

Perfect Retreat
Part 2
 Faith Ann Whitten

Read Part 1 here

Jake stood there in the opening of the door.  His eyes widened while watching his beautiful wife touch herself. Oh… the beautiful Rose, grabbing her breast then putting each nipple in her mouth, Lily moaning as she began to climax.  He knows that sound oh so well his mouth, is getting dry as he rises in excitement.

heard Rose whisper to his woman “you can come now doll, you have my permission.” 

Lily climaxed, her whole body shaking in pleasure as Rose watches her,  giggling.

He enjoyed every second of it watching one of his fantasies play out. He didn’t even realize  he stroked his own cock until he felt the urge
for release.

Jake raced to the bathroom to release his load, letting go in the sink.

Breathing, heaving, suddenly feeling a little dizzy he puts his hand on the mirror to steady himself.  While running the water he looks at himself staring at his face, and his eyes; the hardness, the blue hue they hold, the lines and shape of each cut he received from the footballs smacked into his face, and remembering the whistle sounding.  Then his mind wanders back to the sight he just witnessed.  Secretly wishing he could of been apart of it.

'The women fuck! Both of them are so sexy', He runs his hand through his hair.

He went downstairs to tell her that he had spoken with Jeremy, and wanted to give Lily the good news that they both will be going to this retreat. That's when he stumbled upon the most amazing sight he had ever witnessed. 

'What would the women do if they knew that he knew their very sexy secret?' 
A big smile spreading  across his face knowing he will want to be a part of it.

The next morning Rose gets the girls off to school, texts Lily just to remind her to schedule the date as they only had a few days to confirm they are going.  She shoves her phone in her purse and is off to work.
Lily is staring at her phone as Jake walks in and sees the smile on Lily’s face
He asks “So who was that?"
Lily replies “Oh, Rose . Just checking in to see if we will make the reservations for them. She wipes her hair out of her face and says "Oh, I forgot. Rose called last night on skyperpal to let me know she and Jeremy will be going with us. Isn’t that exciting?”
She walks over and puts her arms around his waist and lays her head on his chest.
He gently puts his hand on her head and he says “This will be so much fun” with a big mischievous grin across his face, making plans to keep them apart just to see how well they will do without each other.


                             *                         *                        *

The next week seemed like a breeze to Rose, she was excited and couldn't wait to spend every second she can with Lily.

Jeremy loads the last bag into the trooper and can’t believe he will be leaving his electronics locked away for a whole month, wondering
if he can sneak a touchscreen cell phone in and sneak a few calls to Joyce, as he will miss her very much.

Joyce, the woman he is planning to leave Rose for, is taller, smarter, her ass is rounder and she is much thinner than Rose. She is different than anyone he has ever met.

Rose is quiet and doesn’t like to fuck or explore her sexuality like Joyce.
He knows he doesn’t love her, but what does love have to do with anything any way?

The kids are grown and now that Rose and him have more time together, they seem to just avoid each other.  He needs excitement, he needs sexual excitement, he needs . . . Joyce.

Jeremy goes inside to get Rose, telling  her to call Lily to find out if they are ready. 
He feels his phone vibrate in his pocket.  He knows its Joyce and  rushes past Rose to answer the call upstairs.  He answers on the steps then goes into the bedroom.

Breathlessly, he  whispers “Hey love, I have missed you. I have no idea what I am going to do without you, and I can’t stop thinking about the other night. It was the best way to keep my thoughts on you while we are apart.”

She cuts him off “Jeremy, I am quitting. I am leaving you!”

He sinks into the door and runs his hand through his hair.  “What?” 

She explains “I don’t love you. I don’t want you to leave your wife.  I don’t want to start a life with you, I just wanted to fuck you. I just wanted a fling. I'm only 23.  Dammit, I don’t want babies and old smelly men waking up in my bed. The other night was the perfect way to end our relationship, and besides you need an old woman to settle down with like your wife. You should really think about her on your couples retreat, maybe you will fall back in love with her.  I am a hopeless romantic.  Well, I gotta run.  It's been fun.” 

He hears silence on the other end.   “Its been fun? Its been fun?!”  He rakes his fingers through his hair then turns off his phone and tosses it in the drawer. Stomping down the stairs aggravated, he turns towards the kitchen to see his wife sitting at the kitchen table with a huge smile on her face.  

She looks up at him and says “Are you ready cowboy?”


  1. Ooh LOts of turns of event here cant wait to see what happens next though now i dont like jeremy very well LOl!

  2. =) its gonna turn again! i really hope u enjoy cathy i am so excited!

  3. Well, the twists and turns keep coming! Nicely done.

    1. thank u very much! i hope i get the end just right i am having a hard time picking which ending i want i hope u enjoy chapter three!