Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Perfect Retreat

 Today begins a new series, Perfect Retreat, and the debut of our newest writer - Faith Ann Whitten.  Hmmm, sounds to me like while the boys are away girls will play.  

 Perfect Retreat
Faith Ann Whitten 

 Chapter One
'It's extremely hot this evening.' Rose thought to herself as she sits at her desk, she had been studying all weekend. She pulls her glasses off, lays them on her schoolwork, and rubs her eyes, glances at the moon and decides 'Right then, its time to do it. Yes they must.' 

nervously picks up the telephone and pushes number one, waiting eagerly for him to answer the phone. His brusque “Hello” immediately sends her cheeks into a flush. Rose gets aroused at the mere sound of his voice. She bites her lip, checks her sloppy bun and fiddles with her pen. She can never control her actions when he is around and she wishes he would feel  the same about her. 

"Um, Hey!  Can you come down to the office to discuss the retreat?" while bouncing her leg.

“You have me on the phone now, why don’t you just speak,” he says.

OK, well."  She hesitates nervously, her knuckles turning white as she grips the pen which makes her let go and flex her hand. "I think we should do as Lily suggested and go on this retreat. You are off for your vacation and I don’t go back to school till the fall. What do you think?” She says while bringing her knuckle up to her mouth. “We have to call now because they leave May 15st and will be gone the whole month.” 

“Will this make you happy? If so lets do it!” He huffs.  He gets annoyed as she squeals into the phone.  “Calm down! Jeez you’re 33 yrs old, no need to act like a school girl.”

She opens her mouth in protest.  “But I am…”

“I meant a teenager.” he says sarcastically.

“I love you.” she whispers to the dead space.  With a sigh of exasperation she looks up at the moon again. Putting her glasses back on, she glances 
down at the papers.  She pushes them away, quickly picking up the phone she calls Lily. “Hey, its Rose.” 

“Hey… you know the time?” Lily says. 

Rose shakes her head then realizing Lily can’t see her, she says “no.” 

Lily says “Well? Let me call you on Skyperpal?”

Rose grabs her computer, in an attempt to not fall, she slams the phone on the receiver. Shaking her hair about as she pulls her bun out, crossing her legs in her chair removing her shirt so she is just in a bra,
which gives it the perfect touch.  Lily likes it when she is shirtless. She has said so many times over the years. They used to get together every Wednesday and spend the night together while the husbands work long hours and the kids would have their fun sleep overs. Since the kids are now teenagers, and think they are too grown up for sleep overs, those are  a thing of the past.

Rose  has been missing Lily and can’t wait to spend a whole month with her.
Secretly she hopes that Jeremy and Jake both back out at last the minute and its just the two of them.

Lily and Rose, oh what a thought! Her panties dampen, she grabs
the inside of her thigh which makes the computer wiggle.  She snaps back into reality when her computer lets out a little bubble sound. Startled, she blushes and gets excited as Lily’s name pops up on the screen.

Rose clicks the buzz button,  she thinks the little icon is cute. She likes the new change.

Lily is almost naked when she pops up on the screen.  She has her robe open.  Rose can see it all. “WOW! You sure know how to get a girl wet!” 

Lily whispers “Why are you calling so late love? Do you want me to tell you how much of a bad girl you are?” She sticks her finger in her mouth to moisten it. 

Rose cuts her off and says “Spank me later! Jake says we can go to the retreat. Maybe we can ditch the boys and we can have our own sexual rendezvous in the woods somewhere.”

“HELL YEAH!” she covers her mouth and whispers “Hell yeah.”

The women giggle in excitement.


  1. Welcome to Storytime Trysts, Faith!

    Very sexy and enjoyable premiere issue. Well done!

  2. Great job!! Can't wait to read more!

    1. thank you ellie i am excited to write more!!!

  3. great story! I cant wait for more!

  4. very awesome sister.. when will there b more?

  5. i think today! i am not sure?

  6. seeing if this works!