Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Oral Dilemma - Training Day

 I don't think Roxanne intended to become a personal trainer do you? Luke is persistent, and gets what he wants.  But, what does he want?

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Training Day
 Ellie Mack 

“Come on, is that all you got?” I pushed him.

He wanted to train with me, was going to pay me as his personal trainer. I couldn’t help but feel a little giddy. The trick was going to be getting my workout in while training him but I didn’t balk at all because I was wondering how I was going to make up the difference in income when I went to competition. I figured I’d give him this first night for free, then go visit a couple of gyms and ask about trainer’s fees. I’d compare their suggestions to be fair before quoting Luke a price. 

“Why you pushing me so hard? I don’t see you pushing like this.” He managed through gasps.

“Oh really? What level are you on?”

“Five” He blurted out. 

“And resistance?”

“Three” Luke gasped.

“OK, well when you can casually stroll through my workout then you can give me shit about me not pushing. I showed him my settings of a seven and resistance on five."

He just looked at me shaking his head. “Where do you put it?”

“Where do I put what?” I asked. “We’re coming up on a wind-sprint in a few minutes are you gonna make it?”

“I’ll manage.” He practically wheezed out.

I chuckled as I got back in my training zone. It was only a few minutes before it was time for the sprint. “Ready?” 

He groaned.

I laughed. “Now! Push it. Give me a hundred percent. Don’t hold back on me now.” I watched him as I breathed through the sprint, realizing I was going to have to increase my resistance next time. I watched the timer until there were only ten seconds left. “Come on go hard, push, push, push. You can do it just five, four, three, two, and done.” 

Luke was dripping in sweat but he’d stayed with me the entire time. It wasn’t easy for him but he did it, I had to give him credit for that. "Don’t stop, but you can drop your resistance down, slow your pace down, just bring it all down now.”

He was breathing hard. “You are insane. I can’t believe I’m going to pay you to abuse me like this. I almost feel like I should be calling you Domme Roxy or something.” He had his hands on his hips wincing with each breathe.

“Domme?” I asked unamused.

“Hey, just kidding ok, don’t make me run laps till I puke. Was just trying to lighten the mood.” 

“Oh, a smart ass with a sense of humor? Great. I may have to charge you double.” He didn’t see my grin as I walked to the water cooler. “Get you a drink then let’s hit the bag.”

I grabbed my bottle to refill as I heard the groan behind me.
“Are you serious? Bag work now? You do cardio and training in the same day?”

“Uhuh” I slammed my water down. I was beginning to sweat and it had nothing to do with the workout. I was going easy on him today. I stood there checking him out as he toweled off, then came to get his water. I watched closely as he wrapped his hands, slipped on his helmet, then kicked off his shoes.

I tightened my gloves and slipped in my mouth guard. I held the bag and told him to go through his drills so I could evaluate.
He started with his right jab, then progressed to a strong hook and side punch, his upper cut was a little weak but his right cross was powerful. He went through another round of punches as my mind wandered, admiring his form, his stance. Luke knew what he was doing, but I could see that he hadn’t had a good trainer.

“Where’d you learn?” I asked as he finished a series of rapid jabs and hooks. 
“I just watched, not any Dojos in my small town.” He was sweating, and focused with an intensity I hadn’t seen in a long time. In fact only in Keith, my former trainer when he was in a match. I found it a huge turn on. He had learned all this from just watching? This guy had potential. He could really make it in the ring. “Ever thought of competing?”
He paused in his punches “Yeah, it’s why I want to hire you. So I can get in the ring.”
“What makes you think I can get you ready?” I asked quite curious. 
“Because” He leaned in real close to me, sweat dripping from the strands of hair, his breath on my skin. “ I saw you in the ring with Charline Downing. If she hadn’t thrown that cheap punch, you’d have had her.”
He walked away to the locker room as I watched him go. 


  1. Oh goodness, I can feel the attraction between those two! Can`t wait to see what happens next.