Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Perfect Retreat Part 3

  Perfect Retreat 
Part 3
Faith Ann Whitten 

Rose sees Jeremy walk through the door. She is immediately turned on.  His sweat making his shirt stick to his muscles, his arm muscles bulging out of his sleeves,  his hair sticking to his face. She looks over every inch of her man.  She seems to make out a mumble, some crap he says.

He runs past her and she follows him. ‘What odd behavior.’

 Jeremy is a lean man 6’2", 180 pounds, with curly brown hair that he wears long. He may be a lawyer, but he hasn’t worked out since he was running back for the Lions in high school when he and Jake both played for the same football team.

She reaches the door and presses her ear against it.  Rose hears him say “Hey love”.
She leaves the door, slowly walking down the stairs glancing at the pictures.  She finds her self clenching her phone. Letting go she mimics his “Hey love.” “Ugh! She clutches her phone again, then slams her hand down on the table.

'Of course his tramp! He has to say good bye!' She sits down hard at the table, clenching her teeth and texts Lily.  “He had to say goodbye to his whore. What an ass!”  Rose sits quietly and waits for him to come down!

Lily gets the text and snorts. “Sounds familiar” she whispers. She looks over at Jeremy, she is so annoyed with his attitude and his smirks that he has been giving her these past few days.  He has something up his sleeve, she knows it. But what does he know?
She says “They should be here any minute… Jeremy is finishing up a phone call and they should arrive any minute now.”

Jake stares at her, wondering what the hell her attitude is all about and snatches her phone.  He holds it over her head and reads the last message then hands it back to her, with a frown on his face.

“We are looking at a long drive. Do you think they will be fighting?" He asks.

Lily shakes her head no!

They see the SUV pull up at the same time and grab the bags.  Jeremy gets out of the car but leaves it running. Rose gets out and waits for Lily at the car door.

Lily goes over to Rose and they hug. Lily slips her hands down to grab her ass firmly.  “I missed your ass doll, I can’t wait to get my hands on you!” 

The women get in the back seat and Rose makes it a point to slam the door. Jake sees that, looks at Jeremy and he whistles!

“She has been in a mood since we left the house. I don’t know what is up. She hasn’t said anything.” Jeremy says.

The women see the men just standing there talking. Lily gets up and puts her ass in front of Rose and honks the horn. Rose uses this opportunity to put her hand in the crease of her ass as she says “I have missed your ass as well.” She rubs her thumb up and down, then moves her hands to her hips and sits her down. They laugh because the fellas are getting in and they almost got caught.

Jake looks at his wife playfully and he says “What is so funny?”

“Our asses!” Rose says “Now, take us some where so we can fuck!” 

Jeremy looks at Rose and busts out laughing.  “Now that is funny!” 

Rose cuts him a stare. He clears his throat, turns around and drives.

They pull up in the secluded roadway. It's a beautiful sight, just trees. 

The women are making cooing noises and the guys are looking up at the trees. None of them saw the owner step out onto the drive way as they were slowly pulling up. He was waving excitedly.  They park and are still engrossed with the view. They walk to the front of the owners house and the four of them run right into one another to avoid the owner.

He has a very heavy accent and they can’t understand him.
Wunt you come fell or mie fer aways en I will show yer where you be ssssleepin. Be carfe ful where you step cuz you boot er git stuct if er grund is wet.” then spits!  He puts his hands on his hips and stares hard. “Mie name er is Stump. If yer need sumpthin', well yer fucked, cuz I wunt help ya… fell or mie.” He starts walking. 

The girls move closer to the guys.  Rose whispers “What the fuck did you get us into? I couldn’t understand him.” They walk up the same path they drove in on and see the river, to the left is the cabin and a lot of trees. He gets to the door and unlocks it. 

De rooms are a lil dusty and need ter breathe abit, dunt kill anytin yer dunt plan ter eat cuz there be koons and those fuckers are mean.” He stares at all four of them with a confused look on his face “Can yer hear mie? Ah! We hav moma cerk up us sum food at 5er clok if you wan it yer welcum.” He stares, he is clearly pissed. He spits and grumbles profanity and walks away.
 They look at each other then bust out laughing.

Jake is the first one to go inside, Jeremy follows. The girls grab around for the light switch.  When they finish scrambling a light comes on. They look around, the girls decide to pick out rooms. They seem to find four rooms, two on one side, two on the other. A main room that looks like an animal skin shrine instead of decor. Lily rubs the skin on the back of the couch while saying “You think this is real?” and flips it over.

Jeremy looks around and says “You and I on one side? Them on another?” 

Rose says “No! Us girls on one, you men on the other!”

A mischievous grin spreads across Jake’s face “Oh yeah?”


  1. Hm.mother girls in one guys in one huh. I see trouble!!! Lol