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Fate's Kiss Finale

Fate’s Kiss Finale 
By Cathy Brockman
My head seemed to be swimming as I rode through the now dimming light of the woods. As we kissed our farewell my whole being ached. Leaving her is harder and harder. She will talk to her mother about me tonight and tomorrow, one way or another, we must leave. I cannot go through with meeting this woman my father wants me to marry. It would not be fair to either of us. I can’t live as my brother does, pretending to love a woman for the wealth and prestige. I can’t bear too many more nights alone in my bed. The ache I feel within me for Illia deepens with each touch, with each kiss.
I take my time grooming Delilah not relishing the unpleasant conversation at dinner. I just need to bear one more night. After dinner I went to my room and read, though I couldn’t focus on the words. All I could think of was soon Illia and I would be one. She would be mine forever.

I can barely think as I go about my day’s doings. The evening won’t arrive soon enough. It seems as if the sun is stuck in the sky, barely moving. The family takes their time at dinner also. Why must they talk so much? I didn’t think Father would ever retire for the evening. I once thought of climbing out my window but finally I saw the light fade from beneath Father’s door. I don a loose white shirt and a nice pair of trousers and set out on foot through the woods. The moon smiles upon me casting a soft golden glow lighting my way.
She wasn’t at the tree where we usually meet so I moved closer to the river bank. My entire body stiffened at the sight awaiting me. Illia awaits me on a flat rock her bare feet trailing paths in the cool water.
“Ahh my love! I was beginning to fear you weren’t going to come.”
She is even more  lovely in the moonlight, the soft glow gently kissing her bare shoulder beneath the loose white top. My lips ache to taste the soft golden skin.
“Nothing could keep me away. I thought for sure Father would never go to bed,” I sigh. Approaching her I can see her face is hiding a secret behind her forced smile.
“What ails you, Love? You don’t look too happy. Your mother said no I fear.”
“Ma-Ma has no backbone. She will never stand up to Pa-Pa. She fears he would not understand. He too has his own plans for me. It seems he has bargained with Rahj, another clan leader, for me.” She stands gracefully, her hips swaying as she moves closer to me.
“Let’s just go away Illia. We don’t need them. You do still want me, yes?” I touch her cheek with my lips, breathing in the fresh clean sent of herbs and citrus on her neck and hair.
“Yes Nicolai. More than ever.” Her warm breath on my neck causes me to tremble.
My mind races from the heady mix of fear, anger and desire. I can’t seem to decide if I want to take her in my arms and love her or run with her.
“Nicolai. Take me now. I won’t go home tonight without being made yours.” Her mouth consumes mine, as she pulls me down to the rock. I give in to her request without a fight.
“We should get out things and leave.” The words sound as if a million miles away as her hands unfasten my shirt. She trails long sharp nails across my bare skin, circling my hardened nipples, pinching. I cry out as her mouth replaces her finger, my body arching into her mouth. All hopes of being honorable are now gone. My hands follow suit pulling her blouse over her head, her round globes glittering in the pale moonlight. I take one into my mouth, sucking and nipping. The feel and taste is so exquisite, I can’t get enough. I  lose my patience wanting to taste more as she tosses her head back in pleasure. I trail my tongue down her warm stomach pausing long enough to raise her skirt and escape underneath the thin fabric. I ease my tongue into her hot moist body and savor the taste of her, unlike anything I have ever tasted. Sounds of her speaking a foreign language mixed with soft curses to every God and Goddess known, along with my name is like music to my ears. Her body begins to quake, her moans louder. I stop and rise above her.
“Illia my love are you alright? Have I hurt you?” I curse myself for letting my desire run away with me.
“Ahh, my love you have many secrets. I see you have accompanied your brother to the house of ill repute.” She whispers between broken breaths.
“Why would you say that?” My eyes roam over her nearly bare body; my cock tries to break its way from the thin fabric containing it.
“How else would you learn to please a woman in such a manner?” She gazes at me through heavy eyelids.
“I have dreamed of this moment for so many times.” I run my tongue over my moist lips taking in ever last bit of her essence. I ache for more.
“Show me more, Nicolai. Take me. Make me yours.” She bunches the skirt up above her hips pulling it below her exposed breast, showing me the glorious feast I have just partaken in. I practically rip the fastenings off my trousers trying to get them off. She giggles as I stumble in my haste.
“In a rush my love?” She lets out a gasp as she takes in the sight of my bare body. My cock is thick and full and dripping with my need.
“Thank you gods and Goddess for blessing me with such a glorious man.” Her full lips turn up in a mischievous grin. “Come; let me taste you as you did me.”
“I fear I would not last through that Illia. Let us save it for next we meet, when we will never have to part again.” I slide a finger into her wet warm passage and almost lose what little reserve I have left.
“Then take me now Nicolai quickly! Stop torturing me and take me! “ She doesn’t have to beg me twice. I slide into her gently at first. The feeling is so exquisite, like warm honey, softest velvet, and the hottest heat I have ever felt. I fill her completely then lay on top of her careful not to crush her with my weight but wanting to feel every inch of her possible and to kiss her. As our mouths meet she starts rocking her hips mumbling ‘move, move’, into my mouth. I grant her every wish. I will never deny her anything especially not myself. Sooner than I would have liked, my jewels tighten and I feel heat seeming to pour into my veins coursing through me erupting into her. We both scream out and tremble. I lay and hold her in my arms not wanting to ever let her go.
“Let’s just go now. We don’t need anything. I can slip into my room, grab my funds, while you saddle Delilah and be into the next town before dawn.” I gaze into her eyes knowing I cannot let her leave me now. Expecting her usual spunkiness I was shocked by her demur nod.
I help her up and we wash in the cool water partaking of each other once more before returning to the shore. I Help her put her garments back on as she does me. Our arms are wound tightly about each other, our tongues tangling again when I feel a sharp blow to the back of my head.
I come to hearing Ilia begging a tall angry man for mercy. I try to stand but it is as if I am bound tightly though I can see no such bindings.
“He awakens.” A dirty hand jerks my head up harshly. I try to lash out, but my arms are ensnared in unseen bindings. The tall man storms over to my striking me.
“No Pa-Pa! Please!”
Damn! This is not how I had planned to meet her father.
“How dare you defile my daughter as if she is a mere animal?” He throws back his head and begins chanting. Excruciating pain explodes through my veins. Through the fog of it I can see Illia fighting trying to free herself from two strong men. She starts screaming for her father to stop.  He takes something out of his pocket and the man with the torch steps forward. He holds the object to the fire as one of the men holding me rips the sleeve from my shirt and bends my neck down. Her father presses the searing hot object into my shoulder blade. He and the others chant as Illia screams and begs, “No! Please no. Not that Father. I promise to never see him again, but don’t do this. Please! Please!  “Her screams are deafening.
He grabs my face and spits. “I curse you to walk this earth for all eternity as a monster. You will feed as the animals. You will hide in the shadows. All will hate and fear you.  Your God won’t want you and the Devil can’t take you. Your soul shall be doomed for all eternity.”
The others are still chanting as Illia screams. All of a sudden, I feel two sharp thrusts into my body. I thought the hot object was bad, but the knives were worse. I could see other men marking symbols on the trees with my blood.
  Illia breaks loose and runs to me. She pulls my bloody body into her arms and kisses me and whispers in my ear, “I will find a way to save your soul. Even if it’s a thousand years from now I will find you and give you peace. Always remember how much I love you”. 
One of the men grabs her and I could hear screaming as they drag her into the forest, promising to find a way to free me from her father’s curse. Then, nothing as I slip into utter darkness. 
I hope you enjoyed this story as much as I have. If you would like more of Nicolai  you can find him in my first release Love Bites~ First Bite coming this summer!
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