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Fate's Kiss Chapter Three

Fate's Kiss
Chapter three
By Cathy Brockman

After seeing to my daily duties, I go inside and wash using  my best smelling soap, my brother’s wife had  gotten me form a street vendor. I want smell and look my best for my love, not smell like a horse stable. I readied my mare Delilah and have her waiting for my ride.
 I ride deep into the woods; the rich earthy scent relaxing me. As I near our usual meeting place, fear and disappointment grip me. Where is she?
I ride a little further to the nearby stream so I can let my horse drink. I sat on a nearby rock and watch Delilah; pondering why she hasn’t shown up. She is always awaiting me. Has she changed her mind about me? Found someone else? Has her clan left?
“Nee-co-li! The man than steals my dreams,” Her rich voice sings through the air sending shivers straight to my soul.   
I spin at the deep sultry drawl of my name. How I love the way my name rolls over her tongue so slow and sensuous. Just the sound of her voice does things to my body, making me ashamed for her to see me. I fold my hands over my lap to hide my arousal wishing it to fade, but knowing as long as she is near it will do nothing but grow stronger and harder.
Turning to face her, my heart falters at the mere sight of her. Long, raven hair cascades in waves over her olive brown shoulders that peek from under the white blouse that shows off her womanly figure. Big brown eyes glitter in the sliver of sunlight that filters through the trees.
 The way she looks at me, as if I am the only man she has ever seen, makes me feel on top of the world. Right now, for the next couple hours it is as if only the two of us exist here in our private little kingdom.
“Do you truly dream of me, Illia?” My voice comes out thick and faltered, betraying me, as does my body.
“Would you like me to show you what I dream of my love?” She glides forward gracefully like a wild-cat stalking its prey.
As much as I want her, even though I hear rumors that her people don’t hold sacred the values and morals as do we, I will wait for her. I will show her that to me she is more Lady than any in the town, Hell the entire world, to me. I can wait.
“Come sit with me love. Tell me about your day. When we are apart I feel as if part of me is gone.” I wrap my arm around her as she sits next to me leaning her head on my shoulders.
 I gently stroke the silky tress and soft skin on her shoulder. I try to ignore the pain that nags  me in my loins, but it gets more difficult every time we are close.
“You are such the gentlemen, Nicolai my love. So charming. I don’t want to waste precious time talking when I would much rather feel your lips on mine.” She slides her hand slowly up my knee heading into very dangerous territory. I long to feel her hands stroking my most private place, to feel her hands on my bare skin, but I know this is forbidden. If I ever give in to just such a small temptation, I will be doomed like our forefather Adam after he tasted the forbidden fruit. I can wait. I must wait.
All of a sudden she is in my lap. Her skirt pushed up high on her thighs so she can wrap her legs around my waist. She leans close her body pressed so tightly against mine only the fabric we wear separates us from being one. I can feel the warmth of her body against my groin even through our clothes. Her lips bind with mine, first softly then harsher, more eager. She wants me as much as I do her. God help me. Give me strength to resist this temptation. Give me patience, no not patience but will. Mother always told me to never pray for patience.
“Illia. Heavens woman you will be my undoing.” I pant breathlessly, my voice resembling the squeak of a mouse as I put my hands on her narrow hips and try fruitlessly to dislodge her from my lap. She is much stronger than she looks and very determined. And alas I am very weak. I find it hard to think, much less form words. I know we need to talk but my mouth would much rather be kissing her, tasting her.
Her lips press against mine again, the wet silk of her tongue caressing my upper lip seeking entrance. I surrender to her for a moment. I manage to find a pittance of strength and ease her back slowly.
Love, we must talk. Father has chosen a wife for me. He is adamant on this and is having a dinner this weekend, for our families to meet and make arrangements.”
Anger flashes through her dark eyes. She grabs my shoulders tightly, fingers digging into my flesh. “No! You belong to me. I will cast a spell on her entire family!
“Illia you mustn’t say such things. The towns people fear your clan already, don’t let them hear you speaking of such untruths.” Fear tries to force it’s way over my desire.
“If you want me for your wife you must understand our kind. We can do things. Some of us are more powerful than others. Some of us can evoke the Dark Ones, most of us know better.” Her body still trembles lightly, though I am unsure if it is anger or need.
My hands tremble more now, partially from fear mixed with my earlier desires. I take her into my arms. Her deep brown eyes now stormy and darker than night. My lips still ache to kiss her. She pulls away.
“We are what we are Nicolai. Does that frighten you? Can you love a witch?” Her voice is now soft as a whisper of the wind through the leaves.
“Illia I love you. No matter what. Let’s not waste what little time we have on this.” I reach for her again and she melts into my arms like the butter on my flapjack this morning.
This is what I have longed for all day. All night. We stand folded into each other’s arms, it seems as even the wind has stilled.
“What will you do about your Father Nicolai? You can’t defy him. I can’t bear to see you hurt again.” Her lips graze the side of my face, her hands carries my back, fingers trailing over my muscles like tiny serpents sending my nerve endings into turmoil.
I try to get my body and mind into one accord. We need to talk, make a plan, but my thoughts are like mist. I pull her off me and take her hand leading her to a fallen tree that serves as a settee. I pull her onto my lap folding my arms around her relishing the feel of her body against mine. The more I have these moments the more I long for them.
“When have you seen me hurt?” I whisper into her silken hair.
“I have watched you for a long time. I see how your father treats you different from your brother. I have seen the scars on your back, the hurt in your eyes. Sometimes it is hard to not wish a curse on him. But I know you love him and would hate me if harm came to him through my people.”
“I could never hate you, love but please promise to not curse my family.” I pull back her hair lightly nipping at her neck, causing her to tremble and giggle.
She stands up and turns around facing me. Throwing back her had she chuckles.
“Even a witch doesn’t give a word she knows she cannot keep.” She holds her hands out to me as I stand she pulls her into her arms crushing me with her lips. Long slim fingers trace along my nose, my jaw, my lips, as her eyes search mine. I try to breathe.
“You are so handsome Nicolai. With your dark hair, dark skin and your name, you could easily pass as one of our clan.”
“Do you really think so, Illia?” An idea come to me.
“Of course my love, only you cannot see how attractive you are. All the women look at you, want you as I do. It makes me want to turn them into bugs and stomp them.”
I feel color rise into my cheeks.
“No, silly woman. I mean could I really pass as one of you? Would your clan accept me?” I brush the hair from her shoulder and kiss it lightly savoring the salting taste on my tongue.
“You would truly give up all this for me?” She waves her hands encompassing the land my father owns. The sky begins to darken I know it is getting closer to time for us to part. My heart weighs heavy.
“Illia I would give my life for you.”

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