Monday, August 19, 2013

Immortally Mine - Part Three

I had gone off to school, stayed away for four years, but no matter how hard I tried I couldn't get Tyler Van Camp out of my head. Now that I was home, I both dreaded and looked forward to when I would see him again. I never thought that the first time I did would be completely by chance, a run in at a bar. A run in that led us to the back seat of his car in the absolute middle of nowhere. 

Immortally Mine
Part Three
Eva Rayne 
I found myself at our town's only bar that night completely by chance. I hadn't been home twenty four hours and my mom and I had already gotten into it twice. The first argument was because I didn't want to join her in our family realty business, the second because I simply had no desire to stay in the small town where I was born. I was twenty two, fresh from college with a degree that wouldn't help me start a career and no ambition to do anything other than see the world.

I left my childhood home frustrated, starting to wonder why I had bothered coming home at all. My question, along with those I had never voiced, were answered half an hour later when Tyler Van Camp slid gracefully onto the bar stool next to me. 
“It's been a while, Katherine.” His voice was dark and seductive, drawing me in but also hinting at a hidden danger. “What brings you to McKinney's tonight?”

“You remember me?” I asked dumbly, mentally kicking myself the second the words fell out of my mouth. Good job, Kat, I thought, You've only been hoping for another shot at this for four years and you're already off to a wonderful start.

How could I forget?” he asked with a chuckle. “You were sweet, an unusual mix of alcohol and innocence. Your heart beat almost as rapidly as a hummingbird's under my lips.”

I sat there for a moment, what he was saying was impossible. Okay, so maybe he had seen the alcohol on the deck and guessed that I had been drinking, but innocent had never been a word used to describe me. He had only kissed me the once, along my collar bone at the base of my neck. That day had been so long ago, was it possible he had me mixed up with someone else?

“No, Katherine, I assure you, my memory is impeccable.” That coy, dangerous, smile that had been visiting my dreams for the last four years was back on his lips.

“H – How did you do that?” I had only had one drink, and I hadn't even finished it yet. There was no way I could blame the booze for the strangeness of our conversation today. 
“But don't you remember?” he asked mischievously, “I'm hurt.” His smiled turned almost sinister and I watched his teeth sharpen. Were those. . . Fangs?

I quickly looked around the bar but no one else seemed to notice what was going on. I took a long sip from my  previously forgotten drink before asking, “What – What are you?” in almost a whisper.
He laughed. Like before, it wasn't a cruel laugh. It was more like I had done something ridiculously adorable; like I was a puppy who had tripped over his own ears or fallen over chasing its own tail. 

“My dear, I think you already know the answer to that.” He rested his hand lightly on my knee, sending chills running through my entire body. 

 “But, how is that even possible?” I asked, trying to focus on anything other than his hand on my skin, suddenly very aware of just how short my skirt was.

“Honey, you have no idea what's possible. I could show you though, that is, if you haven't changed your mind about me.” He raised his other hand, getting the bartender's attention, “Another round for the lady.”

I had known Larry, the owner of McKinney's, my entire life. He raised his eyebrows at me but filled and slid a new glass over to me anyway.

“Now, what was I saying?” Tyler asked as I swallowed what was left in my original glass.

“Um, something about showing me the impossible,” I said, trying to be off hand about it, my finger circling the rim of my new glass.

“Ah, right. So, what do you think?” he asked, his voice husky as he leaned toward me, his hand sliding up my thigh, leaving a warm, tingling sensation in its wake. His touch wasn't what I expected, but then again, I didn't know what I had expected. I couldn't describe the sensation but it certainly wasn't the cold, unpleasant touch you read about in horror novels. In fact, it was awakening things in me I had never felt before.

I-” I started, but I didn't know what to say next. I don't do dead things? Now that just sounded rude. I'm not that kind of girl? Flat out lie.

You're not the quiet, small town girl your mother wants you to be, but you're not the big city party girl you've been trying to be either. So, what exactly are you Katherine? Where do you draw the line?” He spoke softly, his mouth close to my ear, his warm breath sent shivers down my spine. The words were coming out of my mouth before I even knew what I was going to say.

My house is empty, my mom just left for a realtor's convention. She won't be back up til next week.” 

Tyler just chucked.  “I have a better idea,” He quickly finished off the rest of his drink – I followed suit – left a few bills on the bar between our glasses, wrapped his large hand around mine and led me out of the noisy bar and into the night.

And that was how I ended up here.

I was naked, laying on my back in the backseat of his Escape, the leather interior surprisingly warm against my skin as Tyler hovered over me. Everything about him screamed power, from the muscles in his arms and chest to the strong line of his jaw as his mouth found my skin once more. He chuckled softly as I wriggled under him, shocked by how much I wanted him.

Raising his hand he started writing on the steam covered window. Looking up I could make out the one word, written with strong, bold lines.