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The Dom's Diary: Cypher Text

It's one of those bittersweet moments, the kind you look forward to and  yet it makes you sad.  This is the last  post for The Dom's Diary.  Abyrne will be taking some time off to work on his book deals that he signed!  YAY!  This means you can read more from him soon!  
But don't abandon our Wednesday posts just yet, we have something up our sleeve that I think you'll all enjoy.  

The Dom's Diary: Cypher Text
Abyrne Mostyn

            She was here when I arrived home, I knew it the minute I had walked in.  The day had run long, but not overly so.  I could smell the crisp notes of sea spray and sand from a fragrance she favored.  I had asked her to wear it.  I needed the respite from the dank of the city and the illusion of the coast would work.
Beta had met me at the door, tail wagging his hind quarters in a full show of affection and undeniable happiness.  I loved coming home to this dog.  The day could take me to the razor’s edge of wanting to slit mine and other’s throats and Beta would just stand at the door and all but soil the floor in happiness because I’d arrived.  Was I a sodding bastard because I wanted a woman who did the same?  I truly didn’t think so.
Lucy would be a dream to come home to every night if she were willing to give up her carefree and the other women.  She was Marilyn Monroe with soft brown locks and a libido that hadn’t said ‘no’ that I could recall.  Prompt, punctual, eager to please, and willing and able to cum on command; and that was just five of her assets.  She would never settle down though.  She loved as she wanted and went whichever way the wind blew her.  I suppose I should count my blessings that she came when I called.  I had thought often about entertaining her and one of her gal pals, but had decided against it as I was fairly certain that my territorial nature would kick up and ruin it all.
Clearing the foyer and part of the main hall, she was right where I had asked her to be, just as I had asked her to be…waiting for me.  Watching Cla’vis display the other night had been an exercise in torture.  She was free with her display and obviously enjoyed anal play.  I had thought, before I had taken time to think, that I’d return the favor to her soon, but I had realized that same night as I stood on the pier that Cla’vis and I were only dancing, and the music would eventually come to an end.
Snapped back to the moment, I had taken a deep inhale of Lucy’s scent and knew I was not with Cla’vis.  Only Lucy could smell like this and I was not so far gone to think of another when I was with someone.  That was a line I would not cross.
I stood in the doorway to the small space of my home office, drinking her in as she leaned over my desk, the handle to the anal key glinting between her rounded cheeks with the crackles of fire from the hearth as the flames licked at the dry tinder she had lit there.  She was water to my parched soul as I had stood and simply let my eyes roam her figure.  She hadn’t moved, though I knew she was aware of my arrival.  Beta’s tapping on the tile and soft howls would have alerted her to my presence.
As always, she was exactly as I had requested her to be.  Tall enough in her heels to be the right height, hair up off her neck, her skin had glowed rosy from the recent buffing in the shower that she had taken when she arrived.  She had worn nothing save the item I had requested.  I had trailed my hands down her back and over the luscious curves of her hips before giving the key a turn and walking off to have a shower of my own. 
Returning a short while later, she was exactly where I had left her.  Walking around the desk to see her face, she had worn a smug smile, knowing she had done well and I was pleased. 
“I see you wore your key.”
“As you requested Sir.”
“Tell me girl, did you do as else I requested?”
“Everything is as you wish it to be Sir.”
“Good girl.  How should I reward you first?”
“As you wish to reward me Sir.”
“A very good answer.”
I had taken her hands, which she had merely rested on the surface to the edge nearest me, fixing her fingertips over the carved lip before moving around to the opposite side behind her.  Still in my towel, I had dropped to my knees on the soft foam she had placed as directed, sliding my hands up the backs of her thighs to knead at her cheeks.  The small puckers of flesh ran in dots up her legs ahead of, and behind the trail of my fingers.  Pushing down on the small of her back to force a greater arch to her hips, I had kicked her feet a bit wider with my knees.  The tiny fist of her ass had grabbed tight to the key and flexed around it as I positioned her.
Leaning in, I had lapped at the tight accordion with darting flicks of my tongue, pulling the cheeks of her wider to get the whole of my face between them.  The tang of metal was not what I had hoped for and while visually pleasing, it was not a taste I wanted.  Pulling back, I removed the key from its pocket…slowly.  It finally popped free and I set it aside before resuming my rimming of her, spearing my tongue forward to replace the key in the small void its removal had left.  The fine sheen of perspiration dotted up her back and released the ocean scent around her.  I continued my consumption of her flavors, drawing the scent in and letting my mind travel beyond this room.
I had lost track of time.  Neither of us had seemed to mind.  I was only remotely aware of it as I noticed her scent changing over from warm beach to something the same but also different.  There was a distinct air of fresh cunt mixed with the heated water and summer smell she had been wearing.  Threading my hand up between her legs, I had run an index finger straight up her core, finding the strand of pearls tucked neatly within, giving them a stir before adding a second finger.
I could feel the contraction of the kegel muscles around my fingers and the slide of the pearls against the walls of her sheath before she released.  Only once, as instructed, she didn’t move otherwise.  Thrusting faster with my tongue, I felt myself winding tighter, but I wanted to savor her thoroughly so I did a bit of flexing of my own to stay the hard on I was gaining from the taste of Lucy.  I had known when she was close by the soft mewling she was no longer in control of.  Shushing her to quiet, I knew she was fighting to be compliant.  She was losing.
Pulling back, I had run my hands back down her thighs, sorry to be letting go of her ass as I was fighting the urge to stand and fuck her just where she was.  I had something else in mind when I had called her though, and she had come prepared for the play that I had suggested.  I could always claim her ass later.  Tapping her legs to shift as I commanded, she was the pinnacle of efficiency in her movements, knowing exactly what I wanted.
“Up girl.  Show me that pretty pussy is wet and ready for me.”
She hadn’t spoken, but had turned over and hopped back in one fluid movement.  I was surprised to see that glorious snatch of hers had been shaved clean.  She had always been well groomed, but this was new.  I approved and leaned down to bite her just above the apex as she was settling her legs, additionally pleased by the soft hitch of a gasp.
“For me?”
“Not originally no, but freshly today for you Sir.”
I could see the trails of cream that had run across her lips and the iridescence of it clinging to her soft folds.
“I approve.”
Moving her feet to rest on the arms of the chairs on either side of me, I was further impressed at the thorough job she had done.  Not a single hair remained.  All I was looking at was a shiny, naked pussy with a pearl peeking out from within the center of her.  She scooted her hips toward the edge of the desk without being told to do so, though I would not balk at it as it aided my quest.  Leaning back in I had taken a long, dragging lick up the center of her from tail to top, suckling the button at the cleft, savoring the throb of it against my tongue.  The tips of her breasts were pebbled tight and hefted with each breath she took.  They were not pants yet, but they were shorter than they had been when we had begun.
Settling in, I had enjoyed catching the trails of nectar that had run unchecked against my tongue and chin, teasing her clit on random passes to the peak.  Her breathing had increased and shallowed.  I had then pushed her knees wider and set to the task I had asked for.  One by one I had sucked, or speared my tongue forward to grab, each tiny pearl, running them up the sensitive center fold before grabbing the next on the strand.  Her milky release was thickening and her thighs had begun to shake.  Moving faster, I had liberated the entire strand, sucking the thick cream from each bead before her core began flexing in orgasm.  Dropping the pearls and my towel, I stood and slammed home as her release broke free, using one hand to pull against her thighs and the other to wind the knot of her clit to draw the release out or bring the next one right on its heels.
Lucy had never failed to satisfy and her rocking and flexing had kept pace with mine nearly until my own release poured forth.  There was nothing left to give when we were finished, and I was again surprised when, after helping her down, she initiated the aftercare of cleaning me before I could go and get a cloth for her.  I had not considered my shower towel, but she had and had used it.  She was exactly what I wanted, but somehow couldn’t find.
“Why can’t I find another one just like you to be mine alone?”
“Sir, if you could, you would have no need for me.”
“True Lucy, but you don’t want what I want.”
“Also true Sir.  Perhaps until then, we can just be for one another what is needed in the moments we have.”
I would have replied, but as I opened my mouth to speak, the chime of my phone went off from my jacket pocket over the back of the other chair.  I had forgotten it was there as I had watched Lucy leaning over my desk earlier, the perfect sub.  Pulling it out, tapping the screens to get to the message while watching her leaning back against my desk watching me, I must have worn a strange expression as she offered to get us drinks, moving away from my line of sight.
When she had returned, I was seething.  I was also stiffer and standing taller than the girders in the Sears Tower downtown.  She didn’t speak, but set aside the drinks before she sank to her knees before me, sucked the whole length down and quickly began to convulsively swallow against the crown.  I was so astonished by her actions, I didn’t think to hold back.  A few moments had passed in my shock before I could speak, my sac drawing tight.
“Lucy girl, if you keep that up, I’m goi…”
Just like that, before I had a chance to finish speaking she was sucking and milking the release down without a pause.  She had pumped a few times with her mouth and licked the tip clean before she disengaged.  I was fascinated.  As she stood and commented offhand that she needed to go, nodding at the clock that stood easily an hour past the time window we had agreed to, I could only nod and growl.  Her thumb and pinky wagged out at me as she mouthed, ‘Call me again soon lover’ and was out to the wash room with a hard sashay of her hips.
I had sat in stunned disbelief, though not because of Lucy.  No, Lucy had been par for the course of Lucy with her turning tables to have the last lick.  I was stunned at the text message.  There wasn’t enough there to cipher out a coded message.  All I could do was take it at face value.
“You’re late Maisu.”

Watch for The Dom's Diary in full coming in October 2013 to Amazon KDP.


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