Friday, August 9, 2013

Surrender & Salvation

Ten years ago Skye Monroe left St. Francisville and David Kincaid just as his career was taking off. Now she’s back to take photographs of the bad boy Country superstar on sabbatical as he tries to rehab his image and career. She could have turned down the assignment, but she didn’t. Was it curiosity, the need for closure or something more that brought her home? Whatever the reason, she can’t deny the fire he still ignites within her with just a look, but is she willing to give him another chance?

David Kincaid’s life started to unravel the day he got his record deal, which also happened to be the day Skye Monroe walked out on him. Since then no amount of fame, fortune or women can fill the void she left behind. When she suddenly appears on his door step for a magazine shoot, looking and sexy as ever, he realizes he’s willing to do whatever it takes to win her back. But is it too late to salvage their relationship and what’s left of his career?

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David stroked the soft skin of Skye’s back, slowly caressing her curves as she lay sprawled across him. He still couldn’t quite believe she was there, in his arms, naked, after all these years. He never forgot the silkiness of her skin, the way her body responded to his touch, her taste. When she gasped softly as another tremor coursed through her body, he pulled her closer, feeling his own body tense with desire. He wanted to take her hard and fast right there, but he wouldn’t. He just wanted to lay there, feeling the ebb and flow of her orgasm, hearing her soft mews of pleasure, knowing he was the one that made her feel that way.

“God, David, that was…incredible,” Skye sighed on a moan as she snuggled further into his embrace.

David planted a kiss on top of her head and snorted softly. “Glad to see I haven’t lost my touch.”

“Mmmm, far from it. There’s only one little problem. You still have clothes on.”

She shot him a wanton smile as she climbed over his leg. “I need to see you,” she purred, stealing the line he used earlier. She straddled him and reached for the hem of his t-shirt. His dick pulsed hard within the tight confines of his jeans. She was right. His clothes were a problem. He grabbed her by the nape of the neck and pulled her down, crushing her lips to his, his tongue tangling with hers. Gently tugging at the elastic band that held back her hair, he pulled it free and a heavy drape of golden silk cascaded forward. He moaned as she pushed away, lowering herself to kiss a trail across every inch of skin she exposed as she lifted his t-shirt. He reached his arms up as she pulled the t-shirt over his head, letting it fall the floor, the latest addition to their pile of discarded clothes. His hands dropped to her hips, gently pressing her against the straining bulge in his jeans.

“Mmmm,” she moaned, grinding her hips into him as she hovered over his face. “Looks like we’re going to have to do something about that soon, don’t you think?”

He thrust his hips up to meet hers in response. She was killing him, but he’d die a happy man.

She cupped his face between her hands and caressed his mouth with her tongue and lips. He yielded to her ministrations, allowing her free access. Her kiss filled every dark corner of his soul, coaxing it back to life with a gentle, pulsing heat.

She plunged her tongue deep, and as she did her breasts brushed over his chest. The feel of her skin against his nearly sent him over the edge. In one fluid move, that surprised even him, he had her cradled in his arms, carrying her across the room.

Skye squealed and threw her arm around his neck.“Wha-?!”

“Bed,” he grunted, his inner caveman floating too near the surface for him to formulate complete sentences.

“Ok, Mongo,” she giggled, playfully nipping as his neck.

Only she had this effect on him. She used to tease him about becoming monosyllabic when he was turned on, but right now it was nothing to laugh about. What he felt for her was primal, straightforward and real. He loved her, he needed her, and he was going to show her as much. 

David kicked open the door to the adjoining room and crossed to the canopy bed. He parted the netting and gently deposited her against a mound of pillows. As he stood back to shuck his boots, his breath hitched when he caught sight of her lying naked against the backdrop of the deep burgundy brocade pillows. Her thick, blonde waves created a halo effect around her gorgeous face. She looked up at him, bedroom-eyed, hot and bare, and her tongue darted across her luscious pink lips. He almost lost it.

“Why don’t you get out of those jeans and slip into something more comfortable, David?”

The wicked grin she gave him was the last straw. He kicked out of his boots, peeled out of his jeans, and dove into the bed next to her as she laughed and scooted out of his way.

He grinned as he rolled over and pulled her to him. “What were you saying about slipping into something?”

“Mmm, not so fast, Romeo,” she whispered, propping herself up on an elbow as she reached down and curled her fingers around his rock hard dick. “There’s a little issue of reciprocity I need to take care of first.”

“Recipro-?!” His body shuddered when her hand slid further down and cupped his balls. “Ahh, Skye,” he hissed, his hand sliding beneath the fall of her hair, pulling her lips down to meet his once again.

Their tongues danced and parried until she broke the kiss, nipping and dragging her lips over his chin and down his throat, pausing to lap at the hollow just below his Adam’s apple, all the time, continuing to stroke his cock to her own erotic rhythm.

As her mouth continued to roam down and over his chest, David’s hands did some exploring of their own. Finding her breasts, he cupped her perfect ivory orbs, teasing and plucking at the tips. She let out a jagged breath. “Not fair, David,” she moaned against his chest before her tongue swirled around his nipple, gently licking and sucking.

“God, Skye. Please,” he groaned. He was teetering on the edge and seeing her smile up at him with that bright, beautiful, cat that ate the canary grin, he thought he would burst.

She moved lower, her golden waves brushing over his chest and abdomen, her hand only slowing its rhythm as her lips came to hover over his throbbing dick. “Please what?”

“Your mouth. On me. Please.”

“Ahhh…” She smiled up at him one last time then lowered her lips, grazing them over his glistening tip. He sucked in a sharp breath as her mouth slid over him, licking the length of him and drawing on him the way she did those cherry popsicles she teased him with when they were kids.

Wrapping her fingers around his base, Skye took him deeper. Oh my God, this is too good. He tangled his fingers in her hair, shifting his hips, aching for more. “God, baby. Yes.”

Her mouth was relentless, hungry. Exactly how he remembered her and how he’d fantasized her to be all these years. He studied her face, the glow of her cheeks, her lips wrapped around him, and he smiled.  She’s mine.

“That’s so good, sweetheart. Just like that.”

He fisted her hair and she moaned long and low. She took him deeper, sucking him to the brink of madness. There was no way he would last much longer.

“Ahh, girl. That’s right… make me come,” he croaked. He ran his thumb across her cheek, enthralled by the sight of her. Her throat constricted around his tip as her hand stroked him once, twice and he was gone.

His mind went blank as his entire body surrendered in a convulsive, mind-blowing climax. Skye greedily took his long release, not letting him go until the last shudder had passed. When her lips finally relinquished their purchase, and she looked up at him, that gorgeous, cat that ate the canary grin was back.

“I guess I did good?” She teased as she slid back up and tucked herself under his arm.

“Oh, Baby Girl, there are no words to describe what you just did, but don’t get too comfortable, we’re far from finished.” He was still rock hard and the only thing that would fix it was to bury himself deep in her tight little pussy.

He kissed her gently as he rolled her onto her back. When he moved on top of her, pressing her body into the mattress beneath his, Skye sighed softly as he eased into her, inch by delicious inch. She was so slick and wet for him. He propped himself up on his elbows, and paused to savor the feeling of her wrapped so tightly around him. He kissed her panting, parted lips as she wrapped her long legs around his hips, fusing them together. Burying his nose against her neck, he began moving within her throbbing heat.

“God, baby, you feel so good,” she whispered against his ear.

She writhed and squirmed underneath him with need as he thrust in and out, deeper, harder, building up speed and urgency in them both. He lifted his head and stared down into the face of the woman he longed for all of these years and his heart swelled. He loved her. With every fiber of his being, he loved her.

“Skye, look at me,” he commanded, low and husky.

She opened her eyes and for several moments they just stared at one another. Their bodies pulsing to the same heartbeat, breathing the same air, sharing the same space.

He found Skye’s hand and brought it to his lips. He caressed the hollow of her palm with the firm pressure of his lips and tongue before he slid the flat of her hand to his cheek and held it there. His eyes stung as hers pooled with tears.

“I love you, Skye. I never stopped,” he whispered.

He started moving within her again, out and then in, hilting himself to her. Her body tightened around him.

Still he held her hand to his cheek. “Stay with me, Skye,” he groaned. “Stay.” Forever. He thrust into her deep. 

“Yes,” she cried out, bringing her other hand around his back to hold on tight.

His mouth crashed down on hers, claiming, capturing, plundering. He was never letting her go ever again.

He felt her start to come. She cried out his name over and again. He held her fast as a million searing sensations shot through him as he joined her, swelling, stiffening and finally erupting, pouring out his own release deep inside her.

They lay silent for several minutes, Skye’s tiny body wrapped up in his, savoring the moment. He felt her stiffen, and she rolled over to face him, an impish gleam in her eye.

“What’s running through that mind of yours, Skye?” He asked warily.

She smirked and waggled her brows at him. “I don’t suppose you actually do have some of that chocolate cake left, do you, David?”


  1. Phew! That was a lovely spicy treat!

    Nicely done.

  2. So many things you can do with that cake frosting....mmmmm!! ;)